Polny2The Gold & Silver ‘Washout’ began with a Short Squeeze.  
Continue to expect a higher price target this month as the short squeeze is not over just yet!
After the coming Summer Low, the ‘Washout’ ends with a Moon Shot to $2000 before Year End!

Submitted by Bo Polny

Gold exploded higher Thursday closing up $42.80 on the day at $1320.50 squeezing all the Gold and Silver shorts!

The Gold & Silver ‘Washout’ began with a Short Squeeze that will run into a June Intermediate Turn Date top and to be followed by a reversal back down into a Summer Low, a Long Squeeze on all who buy this ‘False’ Breakout.
After the Summer Low, the ‘Washout’ ends with a Moon Shot to $2000 before Year End!

Cycles precede all Events and yesterday’s 6/18 FOMC announcement (an Event) changed NOTHING as we all see today!
The current Gold Cycle is UP into an Intermediate Cycle Turn Date top that arrives before the end of June 2014.

Expect Gold to climb until the June Cycle Turn Date top arrives. Continue to check back throughout the month of June at www.Gold2020Forecast.com and the June Cycle Turn Date Top will be posted when that exact day arrives.
This coming June Cycle top will be the Final Turn Date to be posted.

From the New York Kitco Interview, Gold is expected to ‘rise in May/June and make a TOP in June before a final Summer Low’.
The forecast for a Top in June STANDS UNCHANGED! Gold broke through the Blue Line of Overhead Resistance as illustrated in the June 5, 2014 Gold chart update and also on Page 2 below and shot up today $42.80!
Continue to expect a higher price target this month as the short squeeze is not over just yet.

In Summary: Cycle analysis indicates the direction is UP in June, then back DOWN into a FINAL Summer 2014 Low.

This current June Break-Out is a ‘False’ Break-Out ending as a ‘Whipsaw’ back down!

My June 28, 2013 Gold Bottom call at $1180 will hold as THE FINAL BOTTOM; however following the expected June Cycle Turn Date top, I will comment on the Summer Low price target range. The expected Price Target and Date is exclusive to subscribers.

The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the ‘Buy’ of a Lifetime before a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end…something BIG must be coming!



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  1. If I had an Oz for everytime Ive read this type of crap in the last 3 years I be rich.It must be when I hear that term ‘moonshot” that i turn off.

    • I know what you’re saying, I’ve felt the same way. This guy hasn’t been any better than all the other experts ,like the KWN experts, who’ve been cheerleading for the  Gold bugs since  the 2011 downwave began.
      BUT…in this case I do actually like his forecast here. I think this Is a ‘false breakout’ , we will see another down wave to make a better test of the 2013 bottom zone.  and  it might well be the last bargain  chance to buy. I cant say we will see a blast to 2 thousand.  by end of 2014 , but   the 2013 bottom seems a good bargain  to buy.

    • Ok. well, I managed to listen  to him in the video until the part where he said miners will  soar  more than gold….  its enough already, listening to this  the last  3 years.

    • Well, Bo says he has been doing cycle work for his subscribers for only one year.  He has basically come out of no where.  He charges 13000 dollars for his yearly subscription service.  Where did he get a reputation that commands this kind of premium?  And, why does Jim Sinclair like this guy? There is just no information on him.  Anyway, I hope he is right about 2000 dollar gold by the end of the year.  It would be a great break.  I have serious doubts.  Even Eric Sprott has doubts about his 2000 dollar gold call.  It is just too late in the year for this to happen.

  2. I think silver will hit 21.00 and then be smashed down under 12.00 ounce. I will be enticed to stack up on that. After that who know? 22-24 ?? hover around that for the next 20 years, or so? Can’t see it doing much better than that. Such a shame..  At 50yo I don’t see to much to invest in from here on out? What to do, My fiat is shrinking faster than I can save for old age.

    • inlikeflynn
      From the looks of the way things are unraveling round the globe. I may not have to buy T Bills. The Government will be converting our fiat accounts to T bonds for Us. Probably sooner than We think. But at least I will get a “guaranteed” return on My hijacked Money?
      (did You know that during the Gov. shut down last year they looted the TSP of 300 billion to keep the Gov. going? They quickly printed up the funds and paid it back once the shut down was over. That’s how FRAGILE the Federal Government is)

  3. Here is a sure fact, no human knows the future!
    Here is a sure bet, take the money you would pay this guy for his newsletter and buy some silver!
    Oh, and there is no charge for this advice either   🙂
    Keep stacking friends……….

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