Unfortunately, NY and NJ residents are currently experiencing collapse-type scenarios as large portions of Manhattan and New Jersey have now been without electricity, gasoline, heat, and available food and water for nearly a week.  Should a long-anticipated US dollar collapse ever materialize, the rest of the nation will likely experience very similar disruptions in the supply chain as the East Coast is currently experiencing.

The time to prepare is NOW.  To that end, we thought it was apropos to bring back this video documenting the likely chain of events during the first 12 hours of a US dollar collapse.


  1. After reading the retort on this page and sorting out my sock drawer while eating
    candy that I had forcefully taken my share of from the neighborhood kids last Wednesday night. 
    My thoughts turned to more sharing! Not only sharing, but job creation as well. Gosh, all I
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    My wife was so excited when I told her that we were going to be rich, that she just knew she was
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    • The actual truth may be much worse. Before the end of 2013 there will be cities on fire across America. The resuscitation of this country will miserably fail, and the potential dissolving of America into smaller country states is not out of the question. At such a time as that, gold would soar to $15,000-$25,000 and silver would be somewhere between $1,000-$3,000/oz. Oil would be $2,500/barrel, gas would be $30/gal and milk would be $40/gal. A new world environment I see is on the horizon. A world none of us will be prepared for.

  2. the two main triggers that I recognize are the yuan gold backing and Opec stops taking dollars. only they wont take euros but they will take German Marks if Germany can get some of their gold b ack, or steal italy’s. By the way, does anyone know where Italy keeps its gold, Ill bet we can guess NYFED or BOE  haha China.

    • The yuan will be a non entity for years to come. A dictatorial form of government has a hard time being accepted by the rest of the world. OPEC turning from the dollar will surely take place soon. It will send shock waves throughout the economic world. No doubt it will be time for a orchestrated war manufactured by the (you know who!)

  3. Coinflation.com corelates the ‘melt value’ of presently circulating Mint coinage which indicates a relationship to banknotes that most folks don’t comment on, if in fact they recognize it. The recent decade’s series of ‘dollar’ coins have a metallic content value of about six to seven cents, corresponding to the real residual value remaining in the American banknote.

    While contemplating a working plan for micro-economic continuity immediately following banknote self-destruction, I saw that the customary numerical relationships between goods and banknotes ought to be accommodated; principally, in order to minimize psychological confusion arising from suddenly facing a huge disparity between rational precious metal values and familiar ‘pricing’. The fact that very few people knew to secure precious metals before-hand, adds still further complication, portending all the ‘social unrest’ other observers simply presume. That outcome can be completely averted if equivalent coinage immediately replaced the paper!

    So, it appears pretty evident that a ‘contingency’ has been in place to balance coinage with banknote deflation, in periodically realloying ‘dollar’ coins accordingly. By replacing failed banknotes with these  ‘dollar’ coins of the same true worth, wages, prices and accounts all remain in the same rational inter-relationship. Manufacturers and merchants, whose main object is to maintain existing trade ratios of their goods to money, won’t have cause to raise ‘prices’ and wage earners won’t experience any corresponding deprivation on their revenue stream.

    Not long ago, folks were denigrating the Mint for continuing production of billions of these coins despite bank rejection of them, Maybe, it seems, there is method in their ‘madness’.

    Now, interestingly, in the macro-economic realm, it currently takes about 500 of these ‘dollar’ coins (in ‘melt’ ratio) to secure an ounce of silver. Will tenth-ounce silvers then be the replacement for 50 ‘dollar’ banknotes?

    • Maybe the 100 ‘dollar’ banknote, Pat Fields. At this point in time we do not have a true measure of what an oz of silver is actually worth. All we have is what a few frightened individuals have determined and allowed silver to be worth. Their influence and control is not yet done, and unfortunately no one here knows when this carnival will end. So far, I have not even read a good honest educated guess, not even from the touted silver gurus some here promote. What I am amazed in is; how these lauded gurus are soooooo consistently wrong, yet no one seems to have the backbone to label them for what they are!

    • These new “golden” dollar coins weren’t able to replace the dollar bills so because of that, they were unsuccessful. To get rid of these dollar coins, we have to remove the dollar bills from circulation so that people will only have the option to use dollar coins.

  4. What’s interesting to me in this programming movie from 1981 is that the date for the dollar hyperinflation is 19-21 December 2012. This is also the ‘end of the world / new beginning’ which has been drummed into the entire world in books, internet, documentaries, etc, for decades. That seems more than a coincidence, and I believe shit will hit the fan in some significant way in late december.

    • @Chief If I’m correct in my assessment that the math progression underlying the 100% banknote scheme is in fact not amenable to current interest rate adjustment (I haven’t the time to derive a formula or research all the data points to test my thesis) as I believe the bankers had presumed it could, then a certain date ought to have been ascertainable right from its initiation in the mid-1960s. No prophetic mumbo-jumbo is involved at all … just calculation of an exponential series to arrive at a pretty accurate ‘dissolution point’.

      As an interesting aside … deciphering of Mayan text is rife with Russian influenced interpretation (propaganda?) and suffered setbacks as a result … dating from the 60s and 70s and this whole ‘Mayan Calendar’ bruhaha dates from just that era.

    • @PatFields … maybe the dissolution point is predictable, but I believe they do have control over when it finally goes off the edge. I base my belief on the fact that this Mayan thing is so widely publicised and the fact that the election is over in 2 days, and that the dollar seems to be nearing the end. Also, I believe that gold and silver prices will stay put until the dollar hyperinflation, and will become priceless overnight, so there’s no predicting when based on Au/Ag price (I have heard this stated by some influential people, like Felix Zulauf, and 2 more that i can’t remember). that’s my 2 cents, anyway! But I have been wrong alot, and I have left a damning trail of evidence to that effect on silverdoctors!
      I didn’t know the Mayan thing had Russian elements, nor that it originated from 60’s/70’s – that fits with it being yet more BS, which I firmly believe.

  5. I think at this time some of you here should read the Georgia Guide Stones and who the people are who believe in the scenario the guide stones promote. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

    It is a Ten Commandments of a new world ruled by _______  written on tablets of stone. I wonder where in the hell they got that idea? 

    The first commandment ought to scare the be-devil out of you!! 

  6. @snowrider … “At this point in time we do not have a true measure of what an oz of silver is actually worth.”

    That’s HIGHLY debatable and on compellingly logical bases … which folks HAVE been discussing for a number of years now. Simply because you choose to categorically dismiss them all, apriori, doesn’t diminish their worthiness of consideration. Personally, I cling to the Daily Wage’ standard that evolved to remain in place for three centuries prior to the 20th; which almost no one seems to discuss, though its inherent elements of Labor Supply-Demand acting on that of circulating media is undeniably of palpable ramification. Perhaps it’s too ‘Adam Smith’ for today’s ‘sophisticated … modern’ students of economy.

    You should take note that there are underlying consistancies in the rational inter-relation between depreciated banknotes and constant worth of goods which can be unveiled by ‘valuing’ banknotes at seven cents (1912) and comparing that figure to nearly all current prices of common goods. For example … a gallon of gasoline in the early 20s was about 20 cents, or about 3 banknotes today; and the same can be done with myriad other goods.

    To claim that values are indeterminate isn’t at all credible.  

    • Pat,
      I think you will find that the manipulation of silver did not take place in just the past 100 years. If the case be true, then even your figures of 1912 are tarnished by your conclusions. Remember my wording: “a true measure.” Is your figures consistent back to 1,500 AD? or 1,000 AD? Or, are you only comparing a small window of human history to come to your conclusions? The fact is, I remember watching my father buy gasoline in 1967 for $.21/gal. If your figure on gas is correct, then the price of gasoline never rose a cent for 40 years. Which is hardly the case. If your conclusions are as far off as your gas price, then you are no where near what the actual silver price could be calculated at. The truth is: WE DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH! No matter how in depth your figures are crunched, if you start from a different event horizon, you will come to different conclusions. I can go back to 1,500 AD, which would be a much better time reference, and come up with a more realistic price equation. Even going back to 1,000 AD and you would then come up with a different conclusion. So which reference is correct? NONE OF THEM! We have been denied the privilege of knowing what the truth is as it pertains to the silver price. All any of us can do is guess, or estimate a number based upon flawed figures that have had the madness of manipulation’s finger prints all over it. To claim that values are indeterminate IS VERY CREDIBLE because the conclusions one comes to changes based upon the time reference chosen.

    • A gallon of gas used to cost about 0.25$ before 1964. That means back then, it took a quarter to only buy a gallon of gas and that coin was made out of 90% silver. Today, I can still buy a gallon of gas for 0.25$ with a pre-1964 quarter. That’s the preservation of purchasing power!

  7. @Snowrider

    Snow said>”At this point in time we do not have a true measure of what an oz of silver is actually worth.”< Yes we do.

    “Worth” = the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration. So now you know what worth means.
    “Value”=the material or monetary worth of something. So now you know what value means.

    Labor = Value, One mans labor in exchange for another mans labor is the value. The fruits of mans labor, 
    the fruits of their labors: reward, benefit, profit, product, return, yield, legacy, issue; result, outcome, upshot, consequence, effect.

    The whole purpose of a monetary system is when there is an imbalance of exchange of labor.

    Now how much labor dose it take to get an once of silver out of the ground and refined today. Now you must remember all the other labor cost involved.

    I know I know you will now want to flip the scrip to get worth in a dollar denomination or some other manipulated monetary equation.   

    • Worth? Based on whose value equivalent? Here lies the fly in the ointment. The price of silver for your information is and has been manipulated for more years than you or I know. Your definitions may cause your intelligent quotient go up in your own estimation of yourself, but; as I have already stated, “a true measure” is what none of us know for sure. The fact is nothing is worth anymore than someone is willing to pay. But does a person’s willingness to pay provide evidence of the worth of the item they have purchased? Only in the eyes of the one who chose to pay the price. Now for a more effective English lesson on the subject of the definition of words:
      Worth: having monetary or material value.
      What is silver worth? Today $31/oz. Why? By whose standard? Based upon what data? How was this figure arrived at? Could there be any tampering with the worth of silver? After answering these questions did you come to “a true measure?” 
      Value: a numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement.
      What is the value of silver? How did this value come into being? What are the determining factors that lead to this value? Who was responsible for the conclusion? After all these questions are answered did you come to “a true measure?”
      Labor: the expenditure of physical or mental effort to accomplish a task. 
      Here is the one thing that can be somewhat measured because we can calculate the costs it takes to mine an oz of silver from the ground. However, the costs fluctuate from one mine to another. So the costs will vary from one operation to another. Would this provide a consistent labor costs? Does the cost of equipment, diesel, leases, and man power vary from one mine to another? Will the labor costs be equal in each case study? Once you have answered these questions, did you could to “a true measure?”
      The fact is you will not and you cannot because the determining factors are so unpredictable. Therefore, your argument is porous at best and totally flawed at the worst. With all things equal and the value of silver was able to establish its worth unencumbered, do you believe that the price of silver would significantly change? If you believe that, then we do not have at this time “a true measure” of what silver is worth. What we actually have is a manipulated FALSE MEASURE based upon deception and dishonest practices.


    • @Snowrider
      Well think a little longer snow after all the babbling you agreed that labor is the “only some what in your opinion consistent  measurement” 
      The fact is now your question is flawed With all things equal and the value of silver was able to establish its worth unencumbered,”

      And you started this thought with Worth going back to the beginning of time lol ha ha ha what a joke. Snow you are dealing with a limited resource How can you question ever please you with an answer All things are not equal there is a lot less silver today than say 3000 years ago.

      All things equal Labor = Value plane and simple  

    • PS: the only reason I put in all that “worth” BS was because you used the word and I did not want you tecking it as not meaning Value.

      Labor=Value one mans labor in exchange for another mans labor is the soul reason for a monetary system. 

  8. IMO, early on, the Ancient Egyptians were correct, and had SILVER valued higher than Gold. Then they were able to produce or find more Silver, and it slipped a bit. Gold was easier to work, and most used it in the construction of their sarcophagus. Except 1 Pharoah, who had a SILVER Sarcophagus.  Pharaoh Psusennes I defied the odds, and used Silver. HE DA MAN!!!  

  9. @Chief … “maybe the dissolution point is predictable, but I believe they do have control over when it finally goes off the edge”

    Control? As I extrapolate effects of the progression we see ticking off around the world, the ‘car’ is already over the ‘cliff-edge’. Along that analogy, in the sense of hitting the brakes to rotate in one direction, or reving up the wheels to rotate in the other … yes, technically, that’s all the ‘control’ I’d ascribe to their choices now. The trajectory, however, is nevertheless an arc … with a specific termination that’s within a few seconds of angular approach.

    At least … that’s how I see things … right or wrong. 

  10. @Snowrider … “Worth? Based on whose value equivalent?”

    @427 … ”  “Value”=the material or monetary worth of something”

    I’d put to you folks that regardless of connotational nuances, terms like ‘value’, ‘worth’, estimation’ and ‘price’ all render down to ‘ratio’. That essential data point applies to labor, precious metals or any other good-at-market. Regardless of what one or any number of people imagine and however committed to their view, a specific quotient is ascertainable which unavoidably bears upon their perception. Only when their actions are … responsive … to the rational interplay of things in consideration, can results be kept ‘harmonious’ within the larger sphere.

    In that mathematic crucible, all things subject of exchange between people have inherent fundamental supply-demand features imparted by constantly varying natural circumstance, or definitive fundamental ratio … only thereafter ‘negotiated’ upon through personal sensibilities and wherewithall.

    So. the thrust of my contention here is that if the economic precepts underlying those negotioations ignore or downplay elemental ratios over which they’re attempting to build a financial construct, the resulting outcome is proportionally ruinous … apriori. 

    The bottom line in common parlance? The amount of silver in BOTH natural abundance AND readily attainable volume is still FAR below what’s mathematically indicated, compared to everything else .. so nature’s ‘signpost’ directs our logical effort toward AGGRESSIVE ACCUMULATION.

  11. @Snowrider … I think you will find that the manipulation of silver did not take place in just the past 100 years. ”

    I’m already pretty familiar with the seige against copper and silver money carried on by governments over many centuries.  The ‘base’ metals afford general populations of people economic independence from governmental dictate; so their use as money stands anathema to social elitists from time immemorable.

    Merely because you haven’t personally examined the records of price variances over the past few centuries, doesn’t negate them. In the metallic monetary scheme, prices have persisted for many centuries. That’s a FACT that you plainly delude yourself to reject.

    Also, Existentialism (signatured by recognition of no genuine reality) may be a fun intellectual toy to play with, but it makes for an ultimately empty existence of eternally incomprehensible … doubt. There ARE repetitively validated truths to be discerned from Cause and Effect in Nature whether or not you accept them.

  12. 427;
    You again assume what will underscore your hypothesis leaving out certain details to come to your flawed conclusions. And your elementary response of word meaning was surely BS!    

    You stated: “All things are not equal there is a lot less silver today than say 3000 years ago.”  
    Did you happen to think there were a whole lot less people too? The ability to mine although harder most likely was more accessible and more aggressive 1,000s of years ago, plus mining back then had 10s of thousands of slaves who by sheer numbers would move heaven and earth at the command of a king, or general, or prince, or a pharaoh. But, you did not even consider these constructs to come to a more reasonable conclusion. 

    You said that: “you (I) agreed that labor is the “only some what in your opinion consistent measurement” ” I suggest you practice your comprehension skills more often. I mentioned the many variables in the labor of mining silver which would NOT provide “a true measure.” Plus, you seem to ignore the crux of my argument: where is the evidence of: “a TRUE measure” for the price of silver. I’ll help lead you down the path I point to: Silver, ( IMO ) will at some point be worth more than gold or platinum. However, with all the restraints placed upon silver, we can not at this time come to a true measure of the value, worth, or price of silver; which ever word fits your definition 
    Finally, if you consider my study, research, and due diligence as nothing more than babble, please feel free to carry on a conservation with someone else. I am not here to hype, bash, mislead, lie, deceive, or fool anyone as it pertains to PM. I believe in the long run both you (427) and I are on the same team, we just have a few points of difference as to what we believe. I have no problem adjusting my beliefs as it pertains to silver, but I want the evidence before me to come to a new conclusion.

    • @Snowrider

      As I told you yesterday “Do you know much? Or do you just snipe others comments or the entier post. What are you looking for?”

      As Pat told you yesterday “folks HAVE been discussing for a number of years now. Simply because you choose to categorically dismiss them all, apriori, doesn’t diminish their worthiness of consideration.” 

       I also said ” How can you question ever please you with an answer”

      Lets get back to the Snipping, This is all im seeing in your post. You post snide comment on everybody’s post or the topic, just look above this and on your comment board. All this is for is to agitate others into into some sort of preserved debate where you crown yourself as right. Pretty arrogant and self absorbed personality in my view. I also see no one posting any sort of response within your comments most likely do to my above statement. Snow has all the answers in his mined so there is no constructive communication. So after all your snipping and you get someone to bite you proceed in an attempt to belittle them for your own self gratification. Im sorry you need this behavior to feel good about yourself must be a tuff life to live.

      I find your stament here funny Snow.
      ” Finally, if you consider my study, research, and due diligence as nothing more than babble, please feel free to carry on a conservation with someone else. I am not here to hype, bash, mislead, lie, deceive, or fool anyone as it pertains to PM. I believe in the long run both you (427) and I are on the same team, we just have a few points of difference as to what we believe. I have no problem adjusting my beliefs as it pertains to silver, but I want the evidence before me to come to a new conclusion.

      I don’t see us on the same team! Im here to lissen and learn and to help teach the ones that come behind me. Hang with friends, communicate whats going on in the world, stay abreast of current affairs.

      Ya we may both own silver, however that dosent put us on the same team. Team requiers working with others, give and take, seeing others views, respecting others. Snow your alone, you push others away with your arrogant and self absorbed personality. You are not a team player and do not play well with others.

  13. Look 427;
    I ask questions because I have that freedom to do so. 

    Edward London said:   a very entertaining Wellesian piece done by the pump and dump boys from the NIA.         Nov. 3.

    I asked the question: Really? 
    I went on to say: Unto what would they pump, and how would they dump, and what would they replace it with so they could determine what they would in the long and near term consider valuable.

    I simply asked for clarification to why Edward said what he said.

    Suddenly you show up and say: Do you know much? Or do you just snipe others comments or the entire post. What are you looking for? You question my intent for my posts then go on a accusation campaign against someone you have no knowledge of. Nevertheless, you are quick to toss mud, but it is you who stands with dirty hands. Your comments are judgmental, mean-spirited, and condemning. For what reasons? Oh, because according to you, I am arrogant, self absorbed, not a team player, self gratified, O’ and finally I post snide comment on everybody’s post or the topic. EVERYBODY??? Well that sir, is nothing more than a bold face lie!

    The very things you have accused me of you PRACTICE with a unrelenting barrage of self-righteous rhetoric. I ask questions and you make accusations because you have no answers. And you are right on one point. We are definitely not own the same team and I don’t want to be after your unjustified name calling. 
    This will be my final response to you. And by the way, if I was actually looking for something, or as you say, “snipping” to get into some diatribe against whoever would respond, I would keep this discussion going, but this conversation is over. Good day sir! 

  14. This is an old video by the way. I’ve seen it one year ago which was when I first started to stack some physical silver. I still like to watch it because the music in the background puts more drama on the situation in the video. That video encouraged me before at stacking more precious metals.

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