Our friend Pining from TFMetals has released another excellent photoshop masterpiece, this time depicting the Federal Reserve’s Worst Nightmare…The Great Escape!

Don’t think for a minute that all of you people opting out of the “we can slowly bleed you dry” fiat currency status quo hasn’t upset a few characters…  and the more you talk central banking truth to family and friends, the more you educate others, the more upset those characters will become.  They know that a trickle becomes a stream becomes a flood… and at that point, the “create value for ourselves for free from thin air” paper printing central bank game is over

There is a reason they fight so dam* hard- over spot price, futures contracts, “regulatory” agencies, lawsuits, media narratives, & politics.


  1. “The more you talk central banking truth to family and friends, the more you educate others, the more upset those characters will become.
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    Actually, on the home front the response from my spouse is, “Stop visiting those blogs and reading all that negative stuff!  And don’t talk about it to our kid, either.”

    Some day she may thank me for stacking PM’s behind her back.      

    • Probably not a good idea to do anything behind your wife’s back.  Get her some books to read.  Peter Schiff has a short little primer that explains basic economics called “How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes”.  Start there.  Then ask if she would rather have a $20 bill printed in 1913 or a $20 gold piece minted in 1933.  Enough said.

    • I agree on not doing things behind a spouse’s back.  A good marriage is built on trust and deceiving one another is not an act of trust.  Somehow, and I admit that it can be VERY tricky, one must act in the best interest of the family but openly, if at all possible.  In our house, my wife is well aware that I stack silver.  But we also have a his, hers, and our money situation that many families lack.  It works really well for us, though, and allows me to “spend” “my money” on virtually anything I want.  Same goes for her.  I choose to convert a good chunk of my money into real money, aka silver.  Gold would work too but so far I have not bought any of that.  The REALLY interesting part comes when the SHTF and I have money but she does not.  Something tells me that this could signal a major change in our relationship… probably for the better, at least from my viewpoint.  🙂

    • Lol, Silverbeard… you could very well be right about that or at least about her attempt to change the rules.  Problem here is that she is a lot smaller than I am and does not know the combo to the safe.  She’s pretty tight with a buck, so would understand me being the same way.  Hopefully, it does not come to this, but if it does, then I’ll do what I gotta do.  😉

    • Oh that sucks and I know how it feels like when a person who is very close to you doesn’t want to believe your words. I tried to convince my parents on buying some physical gold and silver but they don’t listen to me because they think I’m too young so I’m just saying nonsense stuffs. 🙁

  2. @Mammoth it took me over a year and a half to convince my wife but she is right behind me now and now all her girl friends are talking about WTSHTF and she justs laughs and says, “You sound Just Like My Husband” Lol so the word is getting out especially when the wifes are talking about it. Nothing worse than a womans Scorn. Just joking ladies. Lol

    • Good to hear that the ladies are talking about the possibility of the SHTF situation.  If their nesting instinct is threatened by a SHTF scenario, they can become ferocious stackers.  😀

    • It took you over a year to convince your wife!? Wow that’s a lot! It took me about a month to convince myself that I should buy some physical silver. I guess when I get older, I’ll be able to convince people who are close to me easily because all I have to do is tell them that this is my experiences with silver since I was young so they should trust me.

  3. I was surprised there isn’t a petition to end the Fed on the .gov site that has the ones for secession, after going there to check one out and giving a quick read to the titles of the other 160+. Maybe someone here familiar with legal and financial jargon could compose the wording of such a petition and then the same or another brave/suicidal soul here could post it to the site. I have determined the level of activity I can expend and only have my life mostly jammed up; directly participating in this would take my quota over the top and I would be squashed:


    • Well, we can’t have you looking like a bug hitting the windshield of a semi, now, can we?  Squashed, indeed!  lol

      Yeah, an End the Fed petition seems good to me, although the secession petitions would accomplish that in one swell foop.  ha ha 

      As a resident of the US Pacific NW, I would like to see whole regions of the US secede.  Ours would include, OR, WA, ID, MT, AK, and the northern 1/3 of CA.  We could call our new nation Pacifica.  All US citizens would be welcome to come here and live / work, of course, but we would operate strictly by the Founding Fathers vision of how a free nation ought to run.  Hand outs, bail outs, and any other form of robbing Peter to pay Paul would be illegal as would any law that was retro-active.  Public assistance would be at need only, temporary, and paid back to the treasury once the person was back on their feet again.  Those running the show first would have to pass a general knowledge test, would receive a living rate of pay and benefits but no long-term goodies, and would serve a single 5-year term and no others… ever. This would be about serving our country and not ourselves.  As the FF envisioned it, this would be service to one’s country and not a way of life or to line one’s pockets at the expense of others.  Other former US regions are welcome to freely associate with us via trade and travel as are foreign countries that seek honest trade.  🙂

  4. Sounds good except I am stuck in the Midwest and would have no desire to stay here if that truly happens.  (Our region is responsible for the re-inauguration of the potus.)  So please, fellow enthusiasts, extend a hand and hold the door open if that ever occurs.

    • No problem, Silverbeard.  Those of upstanding character will always be welcome here.

      But don’t be too tough on your state.  Something tells me that the recent election result had much more to do with ballot box stuffing than with any state putting Obummer over the top.  Him getting 99% of the vote in some areas of PA, for example, really stretches the imagination.  Heck, 3rd world dictators don’t even get 99% at gun-point!  Also, that has NEVER happened in US history, so why would it be happening now?  Answer:  because it can.  I can live the results of ANY free and fair election but remain unconvinced that this was what we had in 2012.

  5. Ed_B – Please don’t include Idaho with Washington or Oregon. Sheesh. I used to have property in Washington’s San Juan Islands. Beautiful place but holy geeze the people politically in bonkerland! Perhaps that which lies east of the cascade mtns. in Wa/Or. I think I would go along with Alaska. N. Cal, maybe…..Yeah, agree with your take on the recent election results. We now live in banana land without the bennies…..

  6. When I first saw this article’s thumbnails in front of the homepage, I thought it was actually a real movie about the Federal Reserve that will be released soon in the theater! Anyway, the picture is nicely done! I want to watch the movie version of it! 🙂

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