paper goldAs Ron Paul succeeded in forcing the Federal Reserve to admit in the clip below, the Federal Reserve does not own gold, only gold certificates valued at $42.22.

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  1. U.S. Treasury, not the Fed, ‘owns’ the actual gold bars in Fort Knox and West Point.  Gold on Fed’s financial statements is paper gold.  Gold in the basement of the NY Fed belongs to other countries.

  2. This video of Ron Paul is almost 3 years old.  Since then our government has not cared one iota about transparency nor has it any concern about U.S. citizens being told, warned or even given a hint as to the benefits of owning precious metals.  The IMF says we should have a new world reserve currency.  Is it that hard to put 2 and 2 together?  We are told not to own P.M.s and yet our dollars are about to become practically worthless.  TPTB have the sheeple of the U.S. so blinded to the facts of what lies ahead it is utterly amazing. 

  3. This is turning into a current favorite cite any more …

    16 CFR §8. Obligation or other security of the United States defined”

    “The term “obligation or other security of the United States” includes all bonds, certificates of indebtedness, national bank currency, Federal Reserve notes, Federal Reserve bank notes, coupons, United States notes, Treasury notes, gold certificates, silver certificates, fractional notes, certificates of deposit, bills, checks, or drafts for money, drawn by or upon authorized officers of the United States, stamps and other representatives of value, of whatever denomination, issued under any Act of Congress, and canceled United States stamps.”

    The banks are actually complicit Strawmen we ‘yokels’ are supposed to rail against … and beg government to ‘control’.

    • Pat, I would almost bet my March Madness bracket that they are one in the same.  So do we rail against the “controllers” of the government?  Or, the ones that are supposed to be controlling the government?

    • Feed me the bull … “So do we rail against the “controllers” of the government?”

      Well, I can only agree with the guys who instituted America and their Enlightenment influences in Europe before them … government itself is … what … we best rail against. While it’s a ‘necessary evil’ for the construct of civilization, our maximum effort ought to be put toward shrinking the institution down to an absolute minimum size and scope of influence. Most of our anciently normal day-to-day inter-personal disruptions are better handled by the old Community Court System arrangement (Quarter Sessions, Oyer and Terminer, etc.). As Sovereigns, we’re Of Right to Hold Court any time and anywhere before 12 unbiased adults of fine community reputation to bring their Verdict on a Cause of Complaint according to Common Law Process. No governmental administration necessary there.

      It’s this Pavlovian conditioning we fail to resist, making ourselves feel subservient to government rather than Natural Law and Nature’s God, which we ought to concentrate on studying … and enforcing.

    • So the Gold Certificates at the Fed are the Security for the Phyzz at Knox (if any exists) and the Treasury is the Custodian … this just means that the Owners of the Fed Shares are the Owners of that Gold, and the People pay for the Security Detail to guard any of it that is actually left in Knox.
      When all the Gold was Stolen by the Govt in 1933/34, OWNERSHIP RIGHTS were turned over to the Fed to collateralize the Fractional Reserve Banking System (for the Fed Owner Member Banks …JPM, City etc…) and the Govt used the difference on the Gold Price Increase after the USD Devaluation to ‘stimulate’ the Economy with Public Works building a whole bunch of sh*t that was mostly not worth the investment.
      Thus the Banks gambled and created a massive Bubble in Bonds and other Securities, the market inevitably Crashed, We The People became mostly unemployed, FDR robbed us and recollateralized the Ponzi-Central-Banking-Cartel, and then they all loaned the Govt OUR currency (Value) back so that the Govt could Directly Invest in centrally managed public works projects. FDR was our Stalin.
      It’s like being Punched, Kicked, Stripped Naked, Raped, Dumped in the Gutter, and then your attacker asks to be thanked for the service… all of which would never have happened without Central Banking, and we are repeating it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! except we now use Trillions instead of Billions.
      If there was no Central Banking there would be steady and constant downturns and upturns to root out speculators, and people who don’t manage their Capital properly would have to go to the back of the line and start all over again, just the way it should be… instead the Govt hands SOME Banks special licenses to rape and pillage, and the rest of us are the prey.
      Watch them go for Private Gold once again … also Silver … they will come for the shirts off our backs this time. Any digits any of you have in Bank Accounts are low hanging fruit, consider it gone if you have not transferred it into something tangible and tradeable real soon.

    • WillNotBeASlave  … “So the Gold Certificates at the Fed are the Security for the Phyzz at Knox (if any exists) and the Treasury is the Custodian”

      Not as I recon; the whole concoction is purely government paper Credit. Remember, the Certificates, and everything else enumerated in 16 CFR §8, are defined as merely “representatives of value“, not ‘claims to money’, even “drafts for money”. Whatever bullion is at Ft. Knox, is by statute then, inaccessible collateral only technically ‘backing’ all the Credit (‘official’ as of the ‘1971 Nixon Shock’). The Fed Shareholders are Licensed (as a business corporation Agent) to deal in the Credit, garnering dividends in and on it. The Treasury is better identified as a Trustee to the ‘citizens of the United States’ (DC municipal city-state).

      All Statute is Municipal. Meticulous (law dictionary intensive) reading of the 1933 Emergency Banking Act and subsequent Executive Orders on its authorities were all particular to ‘federal’ (DC municipal city-state) jurisdiction, so only those in Polity Membership or other (Direct or Indirect) Nexus to DC jurisdiction ever were, or can be, actually liable to such confiscations.

      Again referring back to 16 CFR §8, the ‘Bond Bubble’ is the doings of the (DC) government. The bubble in Equity Shares is the result of sticking those T-Bonds and Notes on the banks, in a Deby Saturation environment, leaving them no other outlet but to Shares and other Derivatives (not to even allude that they’re ‘innocent victims’ … they’re entirely complicit in the crimes).

    • @PatFields
      Interesting take on things. I guess the 1971 Nixon Shock changes my 1934 definition of ‘Owner’, and as you say, DC Federal Municipality is where the true power is at the end of the day; thick as thieves with the Banksters, but never the less, in control of the Mace. I still believe however the Executive (Pres.) is a puppet controlled through a gang from the City of London … Pilgrims Society etc…
      Who actually owns what and what ‘it’ is actually worth seems to have become a running joke, an Accounting Abortion. There is no way anyone with a modicum of common sense could study the goings on of US Economics and come to any other conclusion than it is out of control and slowly dying the death of a thousand cuts due to its own new found illegitimacy where Value has been removed from Tangibility and the term Intrinsic Value has been turned into a Does-Not-Compute to the average ‘trained’ economist and accountant, and of course the average Consumer.
      The Fed says it is increasing the Taper, meanwhile Trillions of off-balance sheet loans are being made to chosen financial organizations … so are these Private ‘Partners’ of the Fed Syndicate directed to buy up the short fall in Govt Securities? In order to make it look like the ‘Taper’ is working? … it’s all so illegitimate I don’t know where to start anymore, but I guess this is exactly what ‘they’ wanted all along; the general public to disengage from economics and accept their particular role on the Plantation, each man/woman with his/her ration of Plantation Scrip in hand (after total taxes and loan usury removed of course).
      “But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting 1991
      Oh yeah, World Bankers are surely able to control each others penchant for terminal greed … LOL.
      David Rockefeller = Plague.
      He is a poster child for the Snake on the Tree in Eden … GEN 2:17 “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” … and they will! Regardless of what they believe!

  4. Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve? Accounting for Trillions in Off-Book Activities
    This video shows that the investigating Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has been trained to be callous beyond measure to any attempts of giving in to any questionable activity.  WOW, she is good. 
    I would imagine this story has been bled to death here.  But it goes to show that if they havent revealled anything in almost 2 years, we might as well face the fact that we the public, are not going to get a speck of info about the workings that are being conducted by the Federal Reserve.

    • Haha … more of the same in that vid. Daisy Chain responsibilities and ‘investigations’ … sorry … ‘reviews’.
      I could sum up the entire Keynesian Economic World we live in as EPIC ACCOUNTING FAIL!
      In fact I believe even Keynes would refuse his name to be used to describe the modern economy, this is not KEYNESIAN it is REHYPOTHECAN; the slaughter house phase of the modern economy.

  5. This may be a silly comment…. but arent gold certificates supposed to be redeemable in physical gold ? Or at least cash value for what gold is trading for at the time (to replace that gold on the open market)…why are they valued at only $42.22 ?

    • They were redeemeable in the past, but those days have long sailed, you see gold and silver notes trade for close to their face value often.  I havent done the research but it would appear that a deal was made to transfer the gold in exchange for $42 and change per ounce, in effect they never collected that money so it sits as a receivable, and they’re probably not even charging interest!

  6. @spaniel  The gold certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury and held by the Fed are denominated in dollars and are not redeemable in gold. They look like bills, think those old $2 silver certificates. If the Treasury revalued them it would create a nice gain for them(the Treasury)on paper. The gold certificates were part of FDR’s gold expropriation in 1934. The gov’t got the gold and the Fed and the banks got the paper. The real power behind the scenes is the ESF controlled by the Sec of the Treasury not the Fed.

  7. Mr. Ranger. I beg to differ  a bit with Dr. Putin’s diagnosis.  While the patient does appear to lack a spine, I’m afraid it’s much worst then that. The problem is not the lack of a spine…the problem is… he is a ‘dick head’. Thank you.

  8. Sorry Folks, but the REAL price of an ounce of physical Gold according to YOUR government IS $42.22.
    Now, for those of you whom are new to this revelation, I can’t go into it now but please look it up.  The data to prove this will be a bit difficult to locate because they really don’t want you to know this.  Why you axe? Well if and when they Nationalize Gold and move to confiscate it, they (according to Law) are only obligated to pay you $42 and not the London Spot price! Pretty good deal, eh? Also, there are some precedents set on this.
    Back in the nineties, a shipment of Gold was lost in transit ($300-oz) and one of the shipping companies (UPS/FEDX) was sued. Well, they got smart, did some digging and didn’t have to pay the London Price, they only had to pay the $42.22! So don’t be surprised that when that day comes they will only pay that price…if they pay at all!
    Keep stacking Folks, they’ve got this thing down to THEIR science, not ours.

    • TheRedPill … “Sorry Folks, but the REAL price of an ounce of physical Gold according to YOUR government IS $42.22.”

      Not to negate the overall thrust of what you’re getting at, in which I’m fully sympathetic, but to ‘iron out the wrinkles’, I should say that the government entity of which you refer … isn’t ‘ours’ … it’s that of the ‘Government of the District of Columbia’ instituted in 1871, which is a lawfully foreign entity to the federated States of America under the 1787 Constitution for the United States of America.

      “The United States Government is a foreign (municipal) corporation with respect to a state.” Volume 20: Corpus Juris Secundum, (P 1785: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.Ct. 1973, 41 L. Ed. 287)

      Moreover, the Constitution (either the Original Trust or truncated DC city-state version) is a structural blueprint for … government … not private Society. So, for it’s own internal administrative ‘policy’, it can ‘price’ anything at any level, or in any terms it can concoct. It’s government specific. Statute is municipal. Outside its jurisdictional nexus, the ‘policy’ is inapplicable At Law.

      The only gold or silver which government has any true authority to ‘value’ or confiscate is what’s ‘under its seal’ and/or jurisdiction. So, the obvious correlation to the ‘lost gold’ suite from the 90s you’d highlighted, is that the shipper operates in and under exclusive jurisdiction of the DC city-state.

      The knotty question to fathom is … exactly what parameters form nexus to that jurisdiction. The answer is the door to Liberty.

    • I have a bridge in London I would like to sell. Only $1000. I will only take Cash; briefcase or shopping bags (CIA style) is ok with me, I ain’t picky … LOL.
      @TheRedPill … Also if you have any Gold for sale at $42.22/oz I will gladly buy it at even a 300% Premium 😛 Better in my personal safe than on a ship to China.

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