Our friends at Demonocracy have released another excellent infographic, this time detailing the shocking failure of the Federal Reserve’s money printing policy of QE∞ to bring any semblance of real recovery to the economy.

The Federal Reserve’s Money Printing FAILURE: The Infographic



  1. If we can see all this currency why can’t we see the fed and Fort Knox gold?   I know, I know. It’s not there any more.
    BTW, I voted for Romney  Where my free stuff? 

    “Listen up boy, you ain’t gettin’ nothin’  Got it?
      Da’ prez.

    • I don’t why you voted for Romney but you should’ve vote for Gary Johnson. By voting for Johnson, he can end the two-party system. All Gary Johnson needed was 5% of the total vote so that his party would get more attention. He’s a Libertarian by the way.

  2. Handing all that cash to those banks, propping up equities, corporate welfare and windfalls for the very rich while we are on raman noodles and supermarket beer.  And to think that our grand children will flounder in debt until the end of time..
    Nauseating. The voices in my head are starting to make a lot of sense.
    I need a time out. CYA tomorrow.

    • The future generation will become the banksters’ debt slaves by using most of their income to pay off the debts by taxes. One thing I’ll never do is sell my precious metals to pay off my taxes even if I’m not capable of paying all the taxes. I mean why should I use my precious metals earned during childhood to pay off taxes? It’s like taxing my childhood when at that time, it wasn’t supposed to.

  3. They are not printing all this currency, it is created digitally and transferred to the banks via. electronically. Oops we accidentally added an extra zero, no harm, just keep it, we have more zeros where that came from.

  4. Yeah the money isn’t necessarily printed, it’s electronic at first, but it DOES enter the economy.   The Fed is repairing the balance sheets of banks and giving them dry powder to buy assets and make loans, so the money DOES become real currency when the rubber hits the road.     This $40B a month is all money they didn’t have before and it will be used to chase assets.

  5. Quick! Kill it with fire before it spreads across the nation! Oh too late! 🙁

    In my opinion, the real good way for the Federal Reserve to boost the economy is by giving all American citizens some cash instead of giving them to the other private banks. This cash can be spend on any products that are made in the USA.

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