SGTReport has released a MUST LISTEN interview with Rob Kirby of Kirby discussing the epic fraud of the DTCC – and their claim that $36.5 Trillion in securities have been compromised by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy. Rob discusses the implications and asks, “WHY is this even a story at all??” We also cover the breakdown of capitalism and the rule of law, which thanks to 9/11, naked shorting, and endless other epic crimes, is now nearly complete.

Part 2

  1. C&P from FB side …

    Mr. Kirby’s closing remarks on his suspicion about this ‘water damage’ bruhaha probably having an interconnection to gold and silver ownership provenance is very likely the truth. It’s ALL about gold and silver after everything else is stripped away. ‘Follow the money’ … the REAL money.

  2. Banks overseeing Banks WTF When Is This Country and the Rest Of The World Going To Wake Up and Hang These B%$#a^%( along with the Politicians? Man this was so depressing to listen to. JUST FOR THE GREED OF FIAT as Ron Kirby Says “Makes Me Sick To My Stomach”.
    I’m a Naturalized Citizen for 45 years, military for 14 years and this is the first time I’ve had thoughts of going back to Scotland but it’s just going to be the same there. At least I have my guns and ammo here for now and I will die an American if I have to defend OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR RIGHTS which looks as if it’s going to happen. Sad To Say.

    • Sadly Marchas45 you will need to tear it out of the grasp of the banksters who stole it and then wake “We The People” up to defend it from all future threats, foreign or domestic.
      Your closing picture reminds me of something a wise man once told me……”Beware those who march under the sign of the eagle”. 

    • Don’t give up and keep educating the others around you about the truth. We are actually making progresses at waking up people to the fundamentals of gold and silver. The mainstream media is also losing their powers to brainwash the others.

  3. I’m not sure if the pedophiles begat the criminals embedded in our  corrupt financial systems or the  rigged criminal empire drew the pedophiles to their ranks since they are brothers under the skin. It does seem that the complete lack of morals, ethics and a belief and reverence in God is undoing this country and many others.  This pedophilia seems to be a theme constantly coming up within the paradigm.  I’m not sure if we mere  mortals will eventually be able to combat this foulness.  Maybe we can or maybe it will be the wrath of God that scours out the evil in our midst.

    What’s missing from the word ‘rigged’   The letter F

  4. This story has my BS meter pegged.  If this was a real problem, wouldn’t the BIG multi-billion dollar hedge and mutual funds be ALL OVER IT?  Would they not have an army of Rottlawyers in the fight to recover their property and that of their millions of clients?  Damn straight they would!  If this happened for real and they didn’t, they’d never see another client dollar, ever again. 

  5. Last night I heard something else that really made me want to leave the USA. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I see bloodshed in the next 2 or 3 years if not sooner unless Obama is impeached and some serious scandals in the banking system get exposed.

  6. The only reason why DTCC did this fraud is because they don’t want this amount of dollars go to the majority of the investors. Also, I don’t even how can a simple water flood destroy 36.5 trillion of dollars in securities. Aren’t these securities supposed to be located somewhere even more safe?

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