Submitted by Morris Hubbartt:

Once the neckline on the dollar index chart breaks, a target of 73 will be activated, and gold should begin to rally aggressively.
The general attitude from Wall Street about the gold bull market is disbelief and denial. From the standpoint of contrary opinion, this viewpoint is bullish for the precious metals.

The longer gold takes to break out of the current “power house” consolidation, the more explosive the move is likely to be.    
I believe that gold and silver are on the cusp of entering a “new price era”.


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US Dollar Countdown Chart


  •  I am looking for a pause in the movement of the dollar, for about 3 weeks.  Note the large head & shoulders top on the chart.


  •  When significant top patterns are in play, traders should ignore buy signals given by technical indicators like CCI and Stochastics.


  •  The right shoulder needs time to build symmetry with the left one, and the 3 week consolidation should do it.  From there, I am projecting that the dollar attempts to penetrate the neckline, near 78.50.


  •  Once the neckline breaks, a target of 73 will be activated, and gold should begin to rally aggressively.


Gold Power House Chart


  •  The general attitude from Wall Street about the gold bull market is disbelief and denial. From the standpoint of contrary opinion, this viewpoint is bullish for the precious metals.


  •  The longer gold takes to break out of the current “power house” consolidation, the more explosive the move is likely to be.


  •  On this key monthly chart, note the action of “Slow Stokes” (Stochastics) indicator and the Ultimate Oscillator (UO).  The UO incorporates longer timeframes into the basic formula that creates it, which makes it very dependable.


  •  It has a spectacular record of calling exact bottoms in gold, and the Slow Stokes tends to reliably confirm these turns.


  • Note how similar this market rally is to the one that was born at the 2008 lows.  I believe that gold is on the cusp of entering a “new price era”.


Gold Ultimate Channel Chart


  •  This daily chart shows that gold has been in a solid uptrend since bottoming in May.  A double bottom formed, and now a wide channel is in place.  The indicators are positioned nicely.  My target is $1850, and it should be acquired early in the new-year.


GDX Bull Divergence Chart


  • Both RSI and the UO are showing strong bullish divergences with the GDX price, in the short term.
  • There is also a channel forming that is very similar to the channel that has formed in gold itself.


  • I have a $58 target for GDX, and I expect it to be acquired later in January, as the bearish consolidation in the US dollar comes to a close, and a new leg down in the dollar helps push gold stocks higher.


GDXJ Blue Sky Chart


  • The UO and RSI divergences are as bullish for GDXJ as they are for GDX.


  • Note the drop in volume that has occurred all through this correction.  The volume pattern suggests that a powerful rally should occur, and my target is $28.


  • Technically, for junior gold stocks, the sky is blue!


Gold Stock Sentiment Chart


  • This chart is courtesy of  You can see that of all the stock sectors on Wall Street, gold stocks are the least favoured group. The current sentiment occurs with prices about 20% above the May lows, and that is setting the stage for a significant rally.You can see that of all stock sectors on Wall Street, gold stocks are the least favoured group. The current sentiment occurs with prices about 20% above the May lows, and that is setting the stage for a significant rally.


Natural Gas Target Chart


  • I brought Nat Gas to your attention about a month ago, and projected a correction would occur, with a target of $3.


  • It is now approaching that price, and I don’t expect it to move much lower than that target area.


  • The inner Fibonacci arc and the 50% retracement line both coincide with the $3 level. Investors should feel comfortable placing some buy orders there.


Silver Performance Chart


  •  Rather than staging a dramatic “blow off top”, silver is now outperforming gold in a measured fashion.  From a fundamental standpoint, silver’s price action may foretell coming inflation. With all the money printing and deficits, this should not be a surprise.


  •  Silver is the best performing precious metal now, which is encouraging for gold stock investors. When silver leads, the other sectors typically follow!


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  1. Mr. Hubbartt sure does some nice work. With all that’s going on regarding paucity of circulating physical availability and unprecedented global currency inflation, his readings damned well ought to be reflecting a genuine set-up for new year’s fireworks in the PM sector. Moreover, if rumors of an imminent global gold-backed currency regimen turn out to be true as well, the ‘show’ will be an inconceivably brilliant spectacle, indeed.

    • Doc, you post some solid and very relevant articles on this site. Why are you degrading its quality by posting trash from Morris Hubbartt? He does nothing but draw lines on charts and claims conviction in his forecasts.   

      Do you guys remember this gem?

      Even the weather man has enough common sense to pull a forecast out of his ass by stating a range of possible outcomes. $44 silver sometime in January? If it only hits $43.50 will he cry “manipulation” for being off.  Why not $44.04, ass clown?

  2. No disrespect to the author of this article but it’s total BS.  Nothing is more tired then a chart analysis especially in the metal markets.  The environment is so completely corrupt that all these technicals are rendered meaningless.  Here is another guy that is believing in the dollar index having a influence in the metal prices.  This is simply not true.  There has been many trading days that the dollar has gone down with the metals or the metals have gone up with the dollar.  They are not correlated like many of these analysis think. 

    Any chart analyst see this coming?  Where were all the so-called experts that called this move?  What indicators would see this coming?  What actual event occurred to make this happen?  Bin Laden death caused silver to dump 6 bucks in 12 minutes?  This single chart proves that these guys using these technical indicators are wasting their time.  This movement can happen anytime of the day or night with absolutely no warning.  This is the financial environment we are living in. 

    • Great advise duckvision. And now what? Do we learn something new from your post? Morris at least gives some insights in his thinking which I appreciate. And why are you so sure the price drop in May 2011 had to do with Bin Laden? That’s total BS to state something like this. Nobody except the guy who shorted silver at that time knows so far. Is this your only explanation? And of course the $ price has to do with the price of the PM’s, as PM’s are measured in $. If the $ loses value, you have to pay more for everything. How can you not understand this concept? And you are showing a technical chart with a “sell line” to explain technical analysis is tiring.  The next time you post something in this blog you may try to be more value adding. 

    • Zoggl-Wow did you miss interpret what I posted about Bin Laden.  It was tongue in cheek about silver dropping about Bin Laden death.  Try to keep up.  The metals are measured in all currencies not just the dollar.  Gold hit all time highs in the Euro and Rupee this year.  Have you seen the metals drop with the dollar this year?  It has happened many times.  Have you seen the metals go up with the dollar this year?  It has happened many times this year.  Look it up.  This dollar index theory that you amateurs keep harping on is proved to be false.  This indicator doesn’t work in a manipulated market.  That is the point.  Therefore you charts are rendered meaningless.  All these technicals get blown up with a movement like May 1st 2011.  There are many more examples on a daily basis that Silverdoctors shows about cartel hitting the market.  What about GATA proving that there is manipulation in the metals?  You can almost set your watch when New York comes on board that the metals gets dumped.  Do you think that has to do with the charts telling them to do that?  It has everything to do about keeping the metals in check when it comes to price.  They don’t dump 50 million oz. of paper silver on the market in minutes because the chart is seeing weakness.  Do you think the desk at JP Morgan looks at these charts to see if the metals are bullish or bearish?  They move the price when they want and how fast they want it to move.  It totally a rigged game.  So how in the hell are these charts meaningful?  The simple and logical answer is that they aren’t.

    • Over a longer timeframe there is a historical correlation between the dollar and precious metals. You are correct in the examples posted however your timeframe of just a year or two is not long enough, at least for me…

    • Pbppbp-I’m not trying to convince anyone.  I can give examples to prove my point but it’s up to you to formulate your own opinion.  No hard feeling will be felt on my end.  Can we agree that the global financial markets are completely different now with all the central bank printing and buying of the new issued debt around the world?  Can we agree that global debt to GDP is at 350%?   How can we understand all of this but not understand that the fundamentals of the financial markets have completely changed especially after 2008.  It’s simply amazing that people get these basic understandings but won’t or can’t correlate that the old tools used to predict future trends have been rendered meaningless.  With the HFT algo’s, plunge protection team, QE, LTRO, OTC derivatives and all the operations by the central banks, you think this dollar index or 100 day moving averages are still relevant?  Best of luck to you if you believe that.  I equate technical analysis with tarot card readers.  They both sell the idea of telling the future.  Both are full of BS.  
      You are better off with this to tell the future of the markets.

  3. @Duckvision charts are useful and are effective 60% of the time. The reason it isnt higher is because current events effect it more. Investing in Silver today is like investing in Rhodium between Dec 2001-03. Eventually the cartel will lose control. They always do. 

    • StackerX please provide this 60% effective rate with some facts.  What is the time frame of this 60% effective rate measured in?  Those kind of responses are very vague.  How are they useful in a manipulated market?  Are these short term trends or long term outlooks on these charts?  That single chart I found on May 1st 2011 simply states that all these indicators are rendered meaningless because not one single expert could call a movement like that.  When you can sell 100% of annual global production of silver in minutes to smash the price down, how can charts determine these future moves?  I understand what is gong on in the markets and silver is easily the best hedge against a global financial meltdown but it doesn’t validate these people using charts to predict future moves in the markets.

  4. I do not mean to subtract from the discussion but I have just made an important spiritual discovery concerning us PM investors. I was doing another Bible Study and I have come to find that Silver represents Blood in the Bible. Silver was used as the socket points to support the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. The Mercy Seat was made of Pure Gold. It is interesting to note that the Blood of Jesus is what the Ark of the Covenant sits on; represented by Silver.

    Also, keep in mind that all betrayals in the Bible involving money were also in exchange for Silver. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 Shekels of Silver. I am not saying Silver is intrinsically bad; I am showing you that Silver is often used as the medium to betray not only the Son of Man, but Mankind; as all Bullion banks are using it as their medium of manipulation as they know Gold and Silver are proxies of confidence in the Fiat Systems currently in use. Judas has some Economic incentive for the 30 pieces of Silver. The current application in today’s world is that the Cartel Banks and the Fed all stand to gain from the lure of not owning Gold and Silver, but of manipulating its true value; therefor profiting at the expense of mankind.

    So, just as Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces (Shekels) of silver 2000 years ago; we pro-Gold/Silver “Money” supporters are being betrayed today by the current Judas (aka the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the current Admin, most politicians, giant Multi-National corporations in favor of fiat and the status-quo, Cartel Mega-Banks in collusion with the Fed’s manipulation, and last but not least their intellectual spokesman Buffett and his sidekick, Charlie Munger)……

    I can stray from speaking to you guys about the spiritual impact and you can call me a bible thumper all you want, but the truth is that we are all the pawns and prizes in a cosmic battle for our soul and whether you realize it or not Satan’s strategy involves manipulating money so that we ‘vanguards’ will not spread truth to the lost sheep.

    You see, silver was used as the redemption coin in ancient Israel (the silver shekel) in the temple. Silver was also valued by most Bible historians and scholars at a silver-gold ratio of 15-1. Silver represents honest money just as much as Gold and they are both the people’s money (although I am a little more biased towards Silver as I believe it has more upside use and potential than Gold). Satan, using the current mechanisms of Freemasonry to distort truth and reality goes back to the Rothschilds and other notable families that created their sinister plans for controlling society through the control of money creation will ultimately lose out of course; but it takes perseverance, determination, faith, and most of all wisdom to hold on through the reverberations and fallout. 

    I am sorry to say, but there is 1 over-riding theme when it comes to our world leaders….. almost none of them are God-Fearing individuals that are held to a higher order of power. Almost all of them view themselves as molders of men with their own machination of god-like intellect.

    This is why we are in the Economic, Social, Financial, and most importantly Spiritual “destruction era” we find ourselves in. We have no leaders at the helm of office to hold true to the ordination of God’s law and harmonic nature of honest money called Gold and Silver. 

    Just a random musing from your average Joe. 

  5. This is like a rerun of Dec. 2011. TPTB are going to do what they are going to do. When the central banks decide to keep PMs in a certain range thats where they will stay because they have unlimited currency. When their fiat currency system crashes and the paper is worthless that’s when they lose control. When that day comes we won’t be using paper currencies to express the value of PMs.

  6. All things being equal charts/techicals are great indicators for projecting moves.ALL things are not equal today.Today in the Silver and Gold market you have a cabal of Global Banksters intervening in the futures market and manipulating price at their leisure and in the process making fortunes while concurrently screwing the small and medium investor.
    Charts and technicals will have relevance to me when one event transpires……When the physical market overwhems the paper market and or we have a loss of confidence in the dollar things will continue as they are.I look forward (with reticence) to that day.
    .will happen no doubt about it!The only variable is time.How long I hav’nt a clue ..maybe within the next year.
    Think about it..what else will bring an end to this manipulation. The fed prints currently prints unlimited amonts of  money out of thin air and provides it to the Banksters who in turn naked short.There is no monetary restraint on the banksters abililty to continue naked shorting.They cant lose ..unless the cost of printing press ink becomes a victim of inflation.
    Even when the day of capitulation arrives these scumbags will still come out smelling like a rose.Im sure at that time they will have procured huge supplies of the physical over the course of the manipulation.
    I cant beat em But a least I can protect myself and profit by buying Silver at artificial low prices.
    keep stacking.

  7. Charts are a useful tool in a normal market, (if there is such a thing), but when a years supply in “paper silver dumping” can happen in a heartbeat, charts become almost meaningless. The real indicators in this fiasco are visible all around us. Bankster Bernankster will bring this plan of devaluation to it’s fruition and it is beyond being well underway, it’s more like well under foot at this point.
    The hockey stick chart of the US money supply is the only chart that truly indicates the advance of metal prices. PM prices do not go up, the dollar goes down and that is continuing at a fevered pace. The PM long term charts are in direct correlation with the dollar devaluation chart and the two will continue to correlate going forward. As the quantity of currency goes parabolic, so will the PM pricing. It’s a given in my opinion.

    • Charts are a useful tool in a normal market, (if there is such a thing), but when a years supply in “paper silver dumping” can happen in a heartbeat, charts become almost meaningless.
      That is a perfect example because we are no longer in a “normal market” anymore.  These two charts are good but the first chart shows money supply but not money velocity.  Money velocity has slowed down as the money supply has gone way up recently.  The money isn’t getting to the people to spend.  The money supply is only for the central banks to produce to give to the commercial banks to fill holes in their balance sheets.  The new money issued has really no direct effect on future production because it’s not getting to the public.  Therefore, this is why the FED is saying that inflation is still low.  The FED needs to keep the money velocity down not the money supply to curb inflation.  People like myself see inflation everyday with food and energy going up but this doesn’t matter to the FED.  They only worry about inflation in which they measure it in. 

  8. @ich1baN
    I for one believe in your believes, that why I started Stacking Silver. The voice from within overrides the voice from the outside and if people are stacking or trading for profit then I feel for them as it won’t help them in the least. Being prepared to survive is my only motive and charts won’t help me or others when everything comes crashing down but Silver will head straight up, hence a chance for survival if your thinking is Right and if it is, then NO outside conditions can harm you. Keep Stacking.

  9. Obviously, Morris is showing everone he has a sense of humor.He knows darn well these charts can not be used to predict future prices.As Ed Steer says JPMorgan will put silver prices wherever they want too.They laugh at charts.
     I have been  watching silver for 2 years.Every month someone like Morris or J. Turk or Egon, or J Embry, etc., say “oh the shorts are in trouble.The shorts are going to get squeezed!Silver is going to surge.Soon.” But,the price drops or goes sideways.There is no surging.
      However,I belive in stacking.Take the phyzz off the market.It makes it harder for the banksters to play these paper games.Every week I buy silver.I stack like my life depends on it.It well might.

  10. Ich1baN  Don’t worry about quoting your beliefs and what you find in the Bible.  It’s relevant to this site and so many others because those truths disclosed in Books of Faith are as true then as today, perhaps even more so since men have found considerable more ways to express their evil intents that 2,000 years ago. What was true then is true now. Gold and silver are still very much part of these themes. Discounting their effects are unwise.

    I’m pretty much in the middle ground when it comes to religion and belief.  Call me a heathen for it and I’m ok with that label.  My appreciation extends to those who are willing to make their beliefs known and worry not about criticism.  Their perspectives, when taken from the Bible or other book of faith, helps us understand what we face today.   God has been pushed and shoved out of many people’s  lives.  The killings in the school on Friday is a strong message to us all what when we deny our faith, evil will move quickly to fill the void.
    I have been reading Don McAlvany and his newsletter, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.  His thoughts and advice on precious metals, the politics of the day and grave concerns for our souls and the soul of this country are undeniable.
    I enjoyed his quote of Psalm 11:3 and 12:8   “When the foundations are crumbling, what can the righteous do? The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored amoung men.  That says much to our misgivings and revulsion about what is happening in this country.

  11. Duckvision has it straight – charts are irrelevant in this market.  The system has been gamed, it’s plain to see. 

    However, people need to make a living and charts used to mean something, so Morris needs to show you his bread and circus.  Lots of people just do stuff because that’s what’s worked for them before, and it’s their reputation to uphold anyway, so they motor along and show you charts.

    Isn’t life like this?  People spouting off this theory and that, most of it just to hold place to secure your career and reputation, with the hopes it will make you a bit of money. Humans are master B.S. artists.

  12. As several have said charts mean little now when we see the ultimate aim of the banks and our so called government. Destruction of the way of life this country was built on. You can bet they are all stacking as fast as possible so they can still be on top when the dust settles. But karma is a bitch and I think they will be lucky to survive what may be coming. People who are totally ruined will have nothing left to lose and bankers and government officials who helped them will be targets.

  13. Nice debate but irrelevant as you will be assimilated by J.P.the BORG.
       Sometimes you have to use TA like a tracker.  “INDICATOR that would show this” ? WFT duckvision, are you HFT’g me?  If you don’t switch measures and combo’s faster than the Enterprise fighting off a Borg “Shield Frequency Adaptive” Attack, you can just skip TA and use tea leaves.  To defeat the J.P.the Borg’s TA geek masters you have to be faster than Bruce Lee & Jack Chan.  However if  you follow the wisdom of the Crone in “13th Warrior”, you sometimes see that the ability to defeat a monster like J.P.the Borg, is not immediately in attack but rather planning and repose instead of ripost.   Remember what MEATLOAF said ………….Read the rest in my
    blog-  later this week  !
    The crone gasps: ” KING whispers the wind…….” as they try to hear her words

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