super spikeAltInvestors have released an interview with BrotherJohnF on the outcome of the fiscal cliff deal, and BrotherJohn’s outlook for silver in 2013.
John discusses the similarities of the US debt crisis to Japan, and why he believes we will see a massive super-spike in silver during the next bull rally.

Full interview below:


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  1. Will this be the “super spike” that BJ finally gets right?  How many times does someone have to be wrong before you people stop listening to them?
    BJ’s been claiming every up move was the start of the next big run for nearly two years.  Does he get a pass, or when he finally gets one “right” will his constantly-wrong calls be swept under the rug?

    • How many times does a member have to bash the site before before other members and readers stop noticing and caring? Do you have anything positive to add here? Hmmmmmmmmm???? Are you one of those disgruntled $49 purchasers by chance? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    • Basically, since this website is part and parcel to a budding bullion selling operation, what you will find here are silver pump stories followed by stack more phyzz comments. Many have come and gone challenging them, to no avail. Oh, and if this were possible, and it is, despite known manipulations, if you disagree, you are a basher. Now you know. There is good info here updated regularly, like who has time to search for and data mine articles, and you may get a few nuggets from the comment section as well. Nice array of stories, but let it be known, this is a business selling silver bullion, so expect pumper stories and sycophants.

    • @Thomas … Look, I don’t know what the deal is with you. Either you’re a marxie collectivist, mentally tortured with deep green envy, or innocently but very economically immature.
      EVERYONE is ‘selling’ SOMETHING. The most humble … their raw Labor. The more sophisticated … goods-in-trade. The most sophisticated … mass produced bulk merchandise. To begrudge ANY of them is just sheer ignorance of life as it’s been conducted since the dawn of civilization.
      So, what would YOU have in the alternative, Thomas? That we revert to hunter-gatherers?

    • What is your problem? The silver market is illegally manipulated. All predictions for silver taking off in 2012 were incorrect. This is complicated stuff predicting silver prices in light of illegal price manipulations. Right?
      So Doc Investment LLC is in business to sell bullion. Is that your problem with me? That I point out this fact? That it is good business to post stories on Before Its News to gain readership at this web site? To offer news, comments, and bullion all under one roof?  More power to him and his partners.
      My problem is people pumping bullion with a perceived bias towards the above mentioned. Either some here pump for Doc or they do not. 
      If you are a free spirit agreeing with and find company with like minds is one thing, but to pump this business and have a direct vested interest without a disclaimer is another.
      Or is it disagreeing that mindlessly stacking because of whatever reason is the only strategy available? I own silver, bought a lower premiums than Doc, and am not ashamed to say I am looking to double my fiat off the metal price moves.  

      BTW, I made more money in TRQ in the last 12 market open hours than I have holding gold and silver eagles the last 6 months including the purchase price. Go figure. There are other opinions and being a free spirit, all are welcome.

    • @Thomas my ‘problem’ is that your incessant rant is founded in a non-issue arising from a normal market condition … ‘Buyer Beware’ has been a Maxim of commerce since time immemorial.
      Maybe you’re not aware, but the bullion trading part of this website was started to defray the cost of the site’s maintenance, well after its initiation … not the other way. In the time period BEFORE the advent of the bullion operation, the general tenure of the articles and commentary were exactly the same, The participants here don’t NEED any sorts of ‘disclaimers’. Since the beginning, the folks who gravitate here had already become pretty well familiarized with silver’s fundamental forces and featured chartists like BrotherJohnF, simply help examine what additional data comes into discussion from their unique thought processes. That they ARE unique stands by testament as to how they’ve accumulated followings. In given short terms, they’re ALL WRONG, but over the longer term they’re ALL PERFECTLY CORRECT. Regardless of how compelling any of their suggestions are in those short terms, the wisest course is to volume average according to one’s capacities. 
      I think the decisive factor in this question of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ calls on the thoroughly corrupted silver ‘market’, lay on the supply side of the equation, which is showing increasingly frequent signs of rapidly dwindling. When a critical quantity of people recognize the utter futility of keeping ‘faith’ in banknote viability to retain value, they’ll convert to the only really logical alternative … silver. No angel will descend from the heavens to announce this occasion to the world, it’ll simply happen and VERY soon thereafter … perhaps mere hours … no silver will be circulating. Here again, we can only guesstimate as to when that … eventuality … will occur, thus ‘timing’ is a fool’s errand at this juncture anyway. So, what if silver claim tickets on the COMEX drop to ZERO ‘dollars’ (hey, free ‘silver’!), if the ostensible ‘offers’ are ultimately proven as completely bogus … where’s the ‘gain’? Only the hopelessly Pavlovian dunderheads who BELIEVE that the COMEX actually ‘sets competitive price’ on real silver will  be the losers, because elsewhere, folks will be trading in its rational value. Those of you who end up with worthless Plantation Scrip will have FINALLY learned what ‘Buyer Beware’ means. All your lifetime of work and effort to ‘buy money’ made of imaginary ‘value’ will evaporate.

    • I do not buy into your answer. According to the US Mint, one must jump through some hoops to be an authorized dealer. Noteworthiness in the field for 5 years, and liquid assets of one million cash, if I recall. Cash alone will not get you approved. You need to be a local dealer or a published expert, to be certain.
      I have a web site. I am a glass artist. To get incorporated and on the web cost 2000.00. I have a merchants account to take credit cards and pay 50.00 a month, Pro Package, to offer 500 products. I do not have dedicated servers or need to hire a programmer. I do it all.
      I grossed 100k.
      If you are paying 10’s of thousands of dollars for a web blog, with proprietary programming and a dedicated server then have to start a bullion selling business to defray costs, I suggest a different business model or be honest on what you are doing. This web site had to have been created to lead to being a bullion dealer with full US Mint authorization.
      That said, I am holding, looking to buy more due to historical 77-100 week price moves in silver…next up in March. (I saw a chart some where,lol).

      So the message is to be honest with us, do not gouge cause everyone else is, and be surprised how people will go out of their way to buy from you…and pass on your name by word of mouth. Negative publicity will kill a startup…B4IN works both ways, so drop the moderation threats. There is no reason for it, you made my point.

  2. This was just released by Peter Schiff.  He lays out how he expects the election of a new Japanese Prime Minister is going to play out.  Interesting reading….



    By Peter Schiff
    With the return of Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party to power in Japan, the market for US Treasuries may be losing its last external pillar of support. Re-elected on September 26th, Abe has quickly set a course for limitless inflation, saying Japan must “free itself from deflation and the strong yen.” This is significant to the global economy as Japan is the largest foreign power left with a strong appetite for US Treasuries. If this demand falters, the Fed may be the only remaining buyer of new Treasury issuance.
    Abe’s Plan
    This election marks Abe’s second turn in the premier’s seat. He first held the position from 2006 to 2007, when he abruptly resigned as the first of a string of unpopular one-year premierships. Notably, in the intervening time, the LDP lost its lower house majority to an opposition party for the first time since its formation in 1955. The victors, the Democratic Party of Japan, had been formed in 1998 on a platform of reducing corruption and making Japan more progressive.
    Unfortunately, as we know from our past century of experience in America, progressivism is not the cure for an ailing economy. The DPJ was predictably unsuccessful at reining in the bureaucracy, but did manage to push through a damaging doubling of the national sales tax and additional entitlement spending.
    Similarly to President Obama’s 2008 election, the Japanese people were sold a lot of rhetoric about hope and change and, lacking any sincere alternatives, decided to give the new guys a shot. The results were equally disappointing on both sides of the Pacific. 
    While American voters decided to throw good votes after bad in 2012, the Japanese preferred to return to the devil they know. The only problem is, he’s still a devil.
    Abe has essentially promised to return to the failed but feel-good policies of LDP government for the last 3 decades; namely, he will prop up failing industrial giants and attempt to print his way out of an economic slump.
    Saving Grace or Pain in the $%&?
    The yen hit a post-war high against the US dollar in 2011 and has remained strong. For sound-money enthusiasts, this has been cause for celebration. But for Keynesian demand-siders, it’s a crisis.
    Rather than attribute decades of sluggish growth to an interventionist industrial policy, Abe and his cadres are blaming the strong yen. In response, Abe has called for the Bank of Japan to target at least 3% inflation.
    For some time, the only saving grace for Japanese citizens who are unable to find jobs or secure financing has been that prices have been stable or falling. Abe intends to rob them of that salve while doing nothing to address the underlying infection.
    While some Americans may feel a self-interested sense of relief that one of the major dollar-alternatives is being undermined from within, they are misunderstanding the knock-on consequences of this move.
    The Last Major Pillar
    For the Treasury to continuing having successful auctions at current rock-bottom interest rates, someone has to be purchasing. A lot. 
    Before 2008, most of the demand came from foreign central banks – especially China. Since the financial crisis began, China and many emerging market banks have dramatically reduced their purchases and even become net sellers. 
    The deficit has been made up by the Federal Reserve, domestic personal and institutional investors, and a few foreign holdouts led by Japan. In fact, Japan is about to overtake China as the largest foreign holder of US government debt.
    This is significant in that the other two sources of funding – Fed and US domestic – are essentially intertwined. The more Treasuries the Fed purchases, the higher inflation becomes, which harms the US economy even further, which leaves domestic funds less wealth to invest in Treasuries. In my view, the foreign influx of capital has been the key third pillar that has kept this vicious domestic cycle from playing out in full.
    How It Crumbles
    Prime Minister Abe’s plan to devalue the yen could thus be disastrous for both US and Japanese government finances. As the yen devalues, Japanese domestic investors – who make up the bulk of owners of Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) – will be under intense pressure to sell out and find higher yields elsewhere. 
    This flight of capital will threaten Tokyo with default, so the likelihood is that the Bank of Japan will begin directly buying JGBs on an even larger scale (as our Fed has done since the financial crisis) instead of buying US Treasuries. They may even become net sellers of Treasuries in order to finance their bailout of Tokyo while controlling inflation.
    This will, in turn, put tremendous pressure on US Treasury investors. As the outflows mount, the Fed will no doubt announce another program to buy Treasuries under the guise of promoting economic stability. If the Fed becomes the permanent crutch of the Treasury, we can expect inflation to get higher and higher – driving more and more investors out of Treasuries.
    Decoupling Continues
    It is clear that Washington and Tokyo are but two sides of the same coin. Japan’s debt-to-GDP is about 212%, while the US has just crossed 100%. Both are highly dependent on domestic investor interest in government debt to keep the charade going, and neither have prospects of paying their debts without real write-downs for investors. 
    Unfortunately, neither government is using the time before this real crash strikes to even attempt to shore up their positions. The platform of Shinzo Abe seems poised to undermine Japan’s ability to continue subsidizing US government debt. Left without any significant external supports, Treasuries will be in an extremely weak position when attention shifts from the EU sovereign debt crisis to the our own tattered finances.
    Fortunately, there are ways for investors to escape Abe and Obama’s tandem cliff-dive. Recent data shows that China continues to build a viable alternative. The South Korean won and Taiwan dollar are now significantly more correlated to the movements of the yuan than the yen or the US dollar. These booming economies will sustain demand for commodities as they build real wealth. With the old statesmen of sovereign debt compromised, I expect the up-and-comers to continue to turn to gold and silver in droves.

    •  just love this Bullshit. Silver being slammed right now along with Gold and other metals. Silver futures down right now
      $1.18 and when it spikes up twenty five cents from the low, the friggin Gurus throw a party!!!!

  3. M45  your vidblog was classic. I am still laughing.  And the nail painting was a topper. 
    If it suits you I would like to send you a bottle of your favorite SCOTCH.  If you live in the US, of course, since the US Customs would probably snorkel the entire contents before it hit the Highlands. Maybe I’ll send some Morgans and you can pick out your favorite tipple.
    Bro Jo’s prediction may be right. And I may get a 60 year old one eyed fat man sandwich with the two VBaller hotties.  Come to think of it I think I’ll do a sandwich with two stacks of my silver.  At least they won’t complain about performance.

  4. SilverSlicker says:
    January 3, 2013 at 7:26 PM

    How many times does a member have to bash the site before before other members and readers stop noticing and caring? Do you have anything positive to add here? Hmmmmmmmmm???? Are you one of those disgruntled $49 purchasers by chance? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    1) I don’t bash anything.  If you want to refute the facts I present, please do so.
    2) I believe truth is positive.
    3) I sold out of all my silver save about 10% in 2011.  The last purchase I made was at $26.25 in June of 2012.
    4) What of my comments about BJ?  Does his lack of accuracy give any of you pause to believe his next prediction?  Would it help to post a timeline of his incorrect calls?  Maybe a reposting of his bitcoin videos?

    5) And, to date, as I continue to “bash” (your words), you could have waited to buy, right along with me, as the storytellers jammed people in on every TINY move down. If you think it’s a bad idea to buy lower, to wait, and to pay less than the premiums sold on this site, so be it. That’s not for me. I like the fact that I get lower prices, better premiums, and think for myself.

    • My point is as Thumper from the movie “Bambi” best phrased it….“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all”
      What is the purpose of your “bashing”, or redirection, if you prefer? Are you trying to save us from our perceived folly? If you sold 90% , what are you doing here if not to bash. You new “redirection” guys are so obvious!

  5. I just love this Bullshit. Silver being slammed right now along with Gold and other metals. Silver futures down right now
    $1.18 and when it spikes up twenty five cents from the low, the friggin Gurus throw a party!!!!

  6. M 45
    With Jack Klugman and Charles Durning going on to their great reward, I see an opening in the character actor realm.  With one take video I’m guessing,  a Scottish burr,  and phyz like yours I see Hollywood.

  7. Currently selling my semi Numismatic coins as I type this. FleaBay is getting listings beyond listings. I am still buying Bullion, but now shifting my silver from Numismatics to Bullion. I am in this for the long term, Numismatics are just too god damn fiddly. Plus two years and those little fiddlys are currently going to make me a 30% profit, which I will invest in pure silver.
    As for another Sermon on the mount by Brother John, hey the man has to sell silver, its his business, have faith.
    There will be no silver spike, there will be no problems whatsoever anywhere in the world. Will Silver go up, yeah of course it will, just stack at a reasonable amount and rate suited to your circumstance and chill out. Its all good.
    Buy silver, wait for the silver gold ratio to decrease, then convert your silver to gold. How many years……10! no more no less.

  8. Why is this article accompanied by an image of a  volleyball player spiking the ball into the ground.? A volleyball spike is a powerful thrust smashing the ball DOWN  .  Perhaps we should expect a sharp downward spike in silver?  Is that what the image was designed to convey? I am sure this not what most people in the pm community understand by the word spike.

    • Agreed.  The term ‘spike’  is misused by most everyone.  What they really mean is ‘surge’.  A ‘spike’ is a sharp up, then down chart pattern.  You end up where you started.  A ‘surge’ is a chart pattern that moves higher in a rapid, unrelenting fashion.

  9. I have been saying this over and over again. The powers that be will not let the prices of precious metals go free until they let it go free. Everybody has been calling for a rapid or spike or rocket launch for over a year now. The beleive they will smash the prices down much farther from here and keep them down for some time to come, They have the money and ability to keep playing this game much longer than anyone of us can imagine.

    • The silver price will surge higher when the futures market no longer controls the price.  Until then accumulate.  When the COMEX or the LBMA fail to deliver that will trigger the shift to a cash market.  People that already hold a physical position will be the only ones that will benefit from the sudden price surge.  Probably won’t be for a while.  TPTB have the cards and they are playing out the entire game.  I doubt they will fold early.  But, when the end comes it will be sudden, like over a weekend and we will have a new much higher price for physical silver. 

  10. When Rahul opined that neither Japan nor the US stood out as ‘any way to run an economy’, I cringed and shuddered. What the hell is a ‘right way’ to ‘run an economy’? That’s the pre-conceived goofiness that perpetuates all this crap we suffer!
    There IS NO ‘right’ OR ‘wrong’ way to ‘run an economy’! The flux and flow of circumstance in supply-demand is what dominates the economy and so like flying a plane through air currents that occur in vague response to solar radiation, the CORRECT stance to take is what’s called entrepeneural arbitrage.
    Apart from that, silver (and, I ‘ll continue to contend, copper) are THE paramount metals to accumulate among ordinary folks. For the well situated among the readers here, I also STRONGLY suggest a VERY serious examination of platinum, palladium and the truly (silver, copper level) outstanding ‘value’ play on that side of the spectrum, rhodium..

  11. The only super spike that’s coming anytime soon is down. The FED needs to strengthen the dollar to help bring the price of oil down. One way to give the “perception” of a rising dollar is to smash PMs. High oil prices will kill economic growth and the FED does not want a stalled economy right now.
    BJ will, once again, be wrong.

  12. there will be no spike until a physical order can not be filled because there is nothing left …. then the paper market has no value whatsoever… and silver will leap…. given no one knows how much physical silver sits in the comex no one can pick the glorious day …

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