For those haven’t seen the evidence of Tuesday’s blatant silver manipulation (which we expected beforehand here), where the cartel sold 250,000,000 paper ounces of silver (1/4th of Global world silver production) in 1 minute to smack down silver, prepare to have your eyes opened.
5 times the volume of all silver mined in the US annually was sold in 1 minute to knock silver below $40.
We have said repeatedly to expect the cartel to become more and more like a caged animal as the silver manipulation end game nears.

  1. Excellent information. Doctor, really thank you very much for that noble work they do on this site. My friends and I, every fortnight keep buying physical silver, paper money is perpetual impoverishment.

  2. That was a highly informative and dramatically revealing video! Thanks Loads! I suspected that the 'announcement' of defunding Treasury Open Market Operations was a feint! This pretty well proves that. You know, there's an eerily poignant aspect to the fact that copper and silver are anti-bacterial. They not only kill physical parasites, but those infecting economics as well!

  3. That was awesome Doc! Appears to be pretty cut n dry as far as the manipulation goes. They truly are getting desperate! I hope one day they pay for their crimes and we finally have a legitimate market. What a bunch of scumbags.

  4. Which month silver contract are you looking at here? Looks like September? But if it is I don't have that volume spike on my charts.

    Regardless the Comex is full of crooks for sure as Andrew Maguire has shown.

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