Congressional candidate Dennis Linthicum joins Metals & Markets to discuss the blueprint to ending the Fed, as well as:

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With special guest Dennis Linthicum is below:

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Dennis Linthicum Following Ron Paul’s Sound Money & Abolishing The Fed Vision






The mainstream media will maintain that gold and silver bounced back on account of rising tensions in Ukraine or any other number of off-target factors.  Truth be told, the momentum sellers exploiting the cues and direct official sector selling recognize the floor established by Asian demand for physical precious metals, and the need to pull the short covering trigger at moment’s notice when prices dive to the bottom of the trading range we’ve been laboring within for months.  With increasing geopolitical tensions and continued weakening of the dollar trade and reserve settlement status, fundamentals only grow stronger for gold and silver by the week.  The bumpy ride will continue, but we trust you have your seat belt on!

Sound Money;  End The Federal Reserve

Ron Paul’s greatest legacy may very well prove to be the critical role he continues to play educating the American public about the evils of a central bank issuing credit pursuant to private banking interests.  Ron Paul’s advocacy has launched a movement, and a new crop of political leaders seek to push Congress towards a restoration of sound money and the end of the Federal Reserve.  The precious metals community understands the importance of supporting this movement, but how to translate ideas into political change isn’t always clear.  That’s partly why we’ve invited Dennis Linthicum to discuss the problem, and political solutions.

Mr. Linthicum is a Constitutional Conservative.  He faces a David vs. Goliath Republican Primary battle against Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, who arguably is among the top ten most powerful Republicans in the House of Representatives.  Mr. Linthicum has strong grass roots support.  People in Oregon’s second Congressional district respond favorably to a platform including a pledge to work toward auditing and ultimately abolishing the Federal Reserve.  With a bit more in campaign funding over the next couple of weeks and grass roots support on the ground, Mr. Linthicum may very well pull off a primary contest surprise of national consequence.

The Doc and I talked to Mr. Linthicum about the problems our monetary system is creating.  The discussion touches on both big picture and local impacts Mr. Linthicum wrestles with while he currently serves as a commissioner in Klamath County.  We hope the conversation is enlightening.  Should you care to explore his ideas further and perhaps even support his campaign, you can visit  The precious metals community should support candidates championing sound money.

Outlook On Next Week

Given the carnage of Thursday’s intraday trading and upside reversal, odds are that the downside is over for the time being.  But as we noted on last week’s show, we’re probably not going to see the chance for a sustained bull run until May.

If you’ve been following the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada, we highly recommend Dave Kranzler’s analysis served-up at The News Doctors.  Click here to read the story.  TND will also air two interviews that relate to the situation, including an interview where I pick Mr. Linthicum’s brain given his experience dealing with public lands policy.

Have a great weekend — Eric Dubin

    • Price will be they rot in hell, and once people know what they did they will be hunted for what is left of their miserable lives

  1. This is a link to a wild web site on the Depository Trust Company. My read is that this private company is owned by the same guys who own the Fed. and issue every stock certificate, digital only, and our stock is collateral on the debt owed the Federal Reserve. There is something fishy going on with the NV rancher, bought off or part of primary election season like Benghazi was part of 2012 General politicking.   A WaPo Post that finally got posted. Posted here because it appeared WaPo was blocking it. Maybe not.  John McCain’s most deadly Vietnam bombing run occurred when he panicked getting ready to take his plane off of USS Forrestal and dropped his bomb payload on the deck and then ran below to watch his devastation on closed circuit TV. McCain’s life a continual repeat. This McCain immaturity and klutz personality he has taken to the Senate and is comprised of deadly bombing run after deadly bombing run on the Peeps’ US finances because of McCain’s call for War after War. Since 1991 the US now owes the Fed parasites $17 TRILLION for McCain demanded wars collateralized by  every share of stock of every company issued and owned by Peeps in the USA and held by the Depository Trust Company, owned by the same parasites who own the private company named the Federal Reserve. No wonder the BRICKS want to get as far away from the US financial system as possible. No wonder the parasites get fascist losers like McCain reelected who for generations send bucks2 the military complex and put the US Trillions more in debt owed the parasites. The parasites want the US to default on the illegal US debt owed them so they can claim the Trillions in stock they have as collateral on McCain built US War debt. What has the $17 T Fed parasite lame War scams given the US Peeps? 911, GITMO Illegal torture, TSA, NSA, SandyHook, Aurora, WaPo, NYTimes racism, commicare, politicians 4life, Benghazi, HarryReid, Drones, Cancer causing Depleted uranium Ammo, violated USConstitution, 11M Illegals, Agenda 21, Ponzi dollar, price fixed down Gold, class warfare… Forrestal McCain recently visited Norway, Estonina…and writes our allies want the US 2War Russia. 80% of the American people didnot/ do not want War with Syria. Why doesn’t McCain suggest the US have a referendum and let the US Peeps’ vote whether or not the US Peeps want War with Russia? McCain knows the US is a Dictatorship run by the Fed parasites and the parasites could care less what the DirtyFilthyPeeps say/want. McCain says a bunch of he said, she said, bout Russia. Why did Russia implode and lose many countries, now part of USA’s NATO, McCain says now want the US 2 War on Russia? Fed parasites lowered price of oil to $12/ barrel and Volcker raise interest rates to 20%= Russia implode. McCain has an interesting take on right and wrong. US sending $5B to Ukraine NGOs to steal Ukraine Govt and run like dictatorship. Legal. US $17T Wars on Iraq, Afghan, Pac, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Serbia= Legal. Crimea Peeps vote to rejoin Russia, Crimea part Russia since b4 US a country= illegal. US referendum on W3 Russia= illegal. OK class war Trollers earn this month’s food stamps and Obam cell phone time, Belittle me. 

  2. Ha! You must have been holding all of that in for some time?  Look bud, I don’t like Mc’Cain, and I’m conservative.  I personally think he’s a warmonger; 
    I’m a Navy vet.  I seen the original footage of the “Forrest-Fire”.  They show it to all sailors in boot, prior to “shoring” class.  The fighter was all by it’s lonesome, and BOOM a rocket detonates on the deck.  The first death was a Chief petty officer who ran on scene with a portable extinguisher after a second ordinance exploded.
    Was Mc Cain on the U.S.S. Forrestal during the Calamity of July 29, 1967?  I cannot say for certain.  It was hell keeping that ship a float fighting for life and limb during a weeks long firefight.  I understand politics however… this is likely a smear campaign, the odds of John being there during the fight for Forrestal’s life is slim, the odds that he had ANYTHING to do with the exploding ordinance is slimmer, especially as I said…. I seen the footage, as did the reviewers not to mention the film speaker…. as they focus on the jet in question that started it all.  Mc Cain or anyone found responsible would have fried in a court marshal from hell.  However the explosion was not found to be a fault of human error.  – The quality of firefighting preparedness however was.

  3. Here’s a solution to everything.
     Have the US Foresty Service manage the forests.  
    Within 5 years we’ll have deserts.
    Then have the BLM manage the deserts.
     In 5 years we’ll have a shortage of sand, resulting in new forest growth.
    Lather, rinse and repeat. 
    It’ll keep these moron bureaucrats occupied for decades and hopefully out of our hair

    • @AGXIIK
      “It’ll keep these moron bureaucrats occupied for decades and hopefully out of our hair”
      So would a short rope and a long drop.  No need to deal with them continuously and then fork over fat retirement bennies.

    • Amusing BS will be when someone takes out your life because you pissed them off, playing with fire in here and you will get burnt

  4. Happy that got fixed. Other Saturday regulars I listen to were pretty dis-interesting … enough so I just didn’t bother even clicking on them at all. Thanks for keeping the day from being a complete wash-out.

    • @JerseyJoe
      “Kyle Bass had an interesting call on Yellen for June July on YT”
      I always appreciate reading and hearing Kyle Bass’s comments.  He really is one of the sharpest financial minds out there.  If we had a few like him in the gubmint, maybe things would not be so fockered up.  Yeah, his cut in pay would be staggering but the results for the country would be fantastic.

    • Thanks, JerseyJoe.  That was an excellent presentation… long but well worth the time.  I was struck by Bass’s comment on the strengthening of the USD over the next couple of years.  That seems not to bode well for gold and silver prices in that time frame. :-/

    • Yep Ed that thought wasn’t lost on me BUT when you consider the artificially low prices we are witnessing during this latest round of price suppression…marginal. 
      I’m not a tech guy but know enough that WS pays attention to tech issues.  Having said that, to have Gurwitz (linked above) from “one of the world’s top research firms” – specializing in tech modeling, come out and say ALL 17 of their models indicate a bottom for gold in June…I would be nuts not to take notice.  
      If you have not watched/listened to the Gurwitz discussion – I would strongly recommend it.  

  5. best interview ever; best guest ever …….. thank you for TACKLING THE REAL ISSUE !   i went in to a gas station a few months ago & told the young black man behind the cash register that when i was a kid i paid for a gallon of gasoline with two thin silver dimes & this young man said to me,  ” WHAT IS A MONETARY SYSTEM ?”   BLESS YOUR HEART, DOC !  

    • The education of a lot of young folks these days sucks monkey butt.  In a lot of cases, it is so bad that I can’t believe what is coming out of their mouth when they speak.  Forget about them writing anything.  That comes across as illegible and incomprehensible.  The difference in the education that was received by my generation in the 60s and 70s is HUGELY better than what the kids are getting today.  There simply is no comparison.  This is a superb example of devolution, IMO.  But then… when people are “dumbed down”, they are just so much easier to lead and control.  JOHN CONNOR, WE NEED YOU!  NOW!!

    • @lynnybee – Thank you for your kind words. 
      Tackling real issues and addressing what everyone here can do to help change our situation is productive.  We all know how easy it is to be cynical and to think political efforts lead to nothing.  The deck is truly stacked against the interests of average Americans.  But that’s no reason to not at least try fixing this mess.  Ron Paul really hit on a key issue with his focus on the Fed all these years.  Our monetary system has become the enabler of most of our other problems and everyone in the precious metals community needs to help get people into Congress that can end the Fed.  It’s doable.  The coalition to make it happen is growing.

  6. The “download” option seems not to be working.  It just plays the mp3 file like the “play in a new window” option.  Is there a way to get the actual mp3 file for later review / play on a mobile device?

    • Ed, you sure you’re clicking the “right mouse/touch” button?  It’s working for me.  What you describe sounds like you’re clicking the left button on your computer.

    • Why would anyone do that?  Isn’t the DOWNLOAD button for downloading?  The right mouse button gives info about the file, opening it, or opening it in a new window, but there is nothing there that even remotely suggests downloading or saving the file.  Tried it on 3 different PCs, 2 desktops and a laptop, with the same results… which is to say no “download”.  Download should actually download, IMO, not play, and the left mouse button is for selecting / executing an action.  :-/

    • Ed, clicking on the right button results in a pop-up of many options.  Depending on the browser, you’ll see “save link as” (Firefox), or “save as” or whatever.   Left clicking on one of those options will then save the file to your hard drive.  Generally speaking, clicking on the same link with the left click button will load it into a streaming version and played on most browsers.  This has more to do with the client side and what browser someone is using — not

    • OK, gotcha.  Had a “failure to communicate” there.  When someone tells me to “save the link”, I am thinking that the URL is being saved, not the sound or video file at that web address.  lol  Got it.  Thanks.

  7. lynnybee
    John Conner won’t be around for a few more years. Skynet isn’t fully operational
    But there are plenty of Kyle Reeses in the wings

    Ed_B  Here is an idea.

     Since I’m a rotten SOB, I prefer the guillotine.  
    There’s something really neoprimitive about that system.
     Did you know that once beheaded, the person’s head,  without a body, may remain conscious for up to 30 seconds, able to see and hear. 
    One could draw some wicked satisfaction from picking up the head and looking the soon-to-be-dearly departed in the face, winking,  and with a big ole’ smile, say something really pithy.
      I read that in the French Revolution this was common practice.
    Alas poor Jamie, I knew him well,  Horatio.

    • “John Conner won’t be around for a few more years. Skynet isn’t fully operational”
      When time travel is involved, the WHEN of things can be highly fluid.
      “Did you know that once beheaded, the person’s head,  without a body, may remain conscious for up to 30 seconds, able to see and hear.”
      No, I never heard that from anyone who had the experience and could relate it.  Sounds reasonable, though.  😉
      As for my own primitive side, I prefer the fine art of impalement, as practiced by Vlad the Impaler in Transylvannia in the 1300s.  Although, to be fair, there is also room to include disembowelment and roasting alive.  Perhaps a combo?
      “One could draw some wicked satisfaction from picking up the head and looking the soon-to-be-dearly departed in the face, winking,  and with a big ole’ smile, say something really pithy.”
      Indeed… like, “I’m going to heaven when I die, so this is the LAST time we shall ever meet!”.   😉

  8. Scientists discovered a new hunger hormone called Ghrelin.
     It’s produced by the stomach and makes you hungry
    The Fed  beat the them to punch.
     They found a new  hormone called JYellin.
     It’s produced by the hippocampus and makes you hungry for FIAT. 
    Speaking of the hippocampus, scientists discovered this hormone by testing Janet Napolitano, the new president of the UC college system. But that’s another story.
    The best antidote to JYellin is silver.

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