big resetIn his latest interview, David Morgan discusses the big rally in the metals and his view on the sudden deterioration in the bond market.
Are we seeing the beginning of the end for the US dollar?  David Morgan says yes, and it has already begun.

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    A “regular” political wonk (Dick Morris, of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush fame) Hosted, and ENDORSES the view of his guest, stating that we are nearing:
    Regular politicians and their advisers are getting on board! 
    Dick Morris is an extremely smart policy guy, he guided Clinton and Bush, and really knows his stuff, POLITICS. 
    This is what makes it so credible… We already know it is coming, but now the sheeple are about to heed a new 
    voice with outstanding credentials! Like him or not, (Morris) but don’t ignore him! 

    • DICK Morris is about as slippery and slimy as they come.  History may well show that it was people like him who were responsible for The Great Collapse of 2015 and the billions of deaths that resulted.  Watching this guy on TV makes my skin crawl… literally.

  2. On Thursday the VIX index was down 7.4% on a day where we saw some nice upward movement in the PMs.  It didnt take long to figure out  that the volitility was weak on a day their prices went up.  For the past several months, when I would check this index, a lower index meant a drop in the price of the PMs and higher prices on the S&P.  This is almost a shock to see.  Going into the weekend with another Friday of higher prices looks likely.  This change in the index is a 100% turnaround and just might be meaning the safe bet is now on PM prices rising.
    @UglyDog and Ed.  3% will be fair on your investments.  (I’m sure the checks are in the mail) These charts are finally looking like what we’ve been waiting for them to look like.  Each 13 day MA drop in price should be short lived with a fairly quick advance above what the high was before the drop, if this is a true reversal.   disclaimer > the Fed could change the rules in the middle of the game again, but I think they are stuck with their decision to taper.  Its looking good for our team.
    50 years ago a (silver) quarter bought a gallon of gas, (yes I remember).  Today a (silver) quarter will buy a gallon of gas.  Six months from now, a (silver) quarter will buy a gallon of gas.  Thats when our gold and silver will look good on paper, but its not going to buy much more than what it buys now.  The good thing is that at least we will have something thats worth its weight.  The quarter will be the scale to base where we are, once the sh……….
    by the way, patience is a virtue.

    • “by the way, patience is a virtue.”
      Indeed it is and it is something that Asian culture has excelled in.  We can learn much from those who have been civilized for FAR longer than we have.  Yes, I know that many would claim that we are still waiting for that to happen, but, like much else, it IS a relative term.   😉
      Agree on the value of silver but also of gold as well.  These things are stores of value and when the S HTF, silver and gold will still be money, as they have been for millennia.  They will be accepted as money again when paper once again proves that it is not money, even if it is currency.  
      My silver stash is not something that I expect will make me rich… but I do expect it to feed me and my family when we need it most.  
      A farmer can grow more food than he and his family can eat.  At some point he will want to sell or barter his extra production and he will want something of real value in exchange for his labor and goods, which are also of real value. Wildly inflated and devalued paper currency will not be very attractive, so other means of payment will be desired.

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