QE to Infinity…..AND BEYOND!!!!

Multi-trillion plan to save the eurozone being prepared
European officials are working on a grand plan to restore confidence in the single currency area that would involve a massive bank recapitalisation, giving the bail-out fund several trillion euros of firepower, and a possible Greek default.

German and French authorities have begun work on a three-pronged strategy behind the scenes amid escalating fears that the eurozone’s sovereign debt crisis is spiralling out of control.
Their aim is to build a “firebreak” around Greece, Portugal and Ireland to prevent the crisis spreading to Italy and Spain, countries considered “too big to bail”.

According to sources, progress has been made at the G20 meeting in Washington, where global leaders piled pressure on the eurozone to fix its problems before plunging the world back into recession. In a G20 communique issued on Friday, the world’s leading economies set themselves a six-week deadline to resolve the crisis – to unveil a solution by the G20 summit in Cannes on November 4.
Sources said the plan would have to be released as a whole, as the elements would not work in isolation.
First, Europe’s banks would have to be recapitalised with many tens of billions of euros to reassure markets that a Greek or Portuguese default would not precipitate a systemic financial crisis. The recapitalisation plan would go much further than the €2.5bn (£2.2bn) required by regulators following the European bank stress tests in July and crucially would include the under-pressure French lenders.

The second leg of the plan is to bolster the EFSF. Economists have estimated it would need about Eu2 trillion of firepower to meet Italy and Spain’s financing needs in the event that the two countries were shut out of the markets. Officials are working on a way to leverage the EFSF through the European Central Bank to reach the target.
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  1. These numbers are getting truly dizzying. So where is the so called money REALLY coming from? I don't see how this can't be massively inflationary if not hyper-inflationary. Maybe both, as in a one-two punch; first expansion of the money supply (inflationary), then loss of faith in that money (hyper-inflationary).

    Yes, I know there are significant deflationary forces to counter, but we are openly talking trillions now. What else is not spoken of?
    Maybe the deflationary forces will counter the money expansion, until…..the loss of faith in said money supply….then….look out.

    And if the shoeshine boy, me, can see that much, how can they not? It really makes me wonder as to design and intent.

    And it may be early still, but where is all the noise à la 2008?


  2. everyone, be careful. I LOVE silver, but TRILLIONS in Debt in EUROS will drive people to the dollar, along with the rising of the dollar, silver drops alot. PLEASE consider this.

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