Our friend Sean of SGTReport.com has brought on writer & researcher Susanne Posel of occupycorporatism.com to discuss recent court rulings declaring it LAWFUL for banks to use YOUR money to pay THEIR debts and bad bets. It’s all in place now with legal precedent, so if you lose your money to these banks in the future, just remember YOU WERE WARNED.

Susanne also explains that the global “Elite” don’t really ultimately care about your “money”, they PRINT the stinkin’ money! What they are really after is our SOVEREIGN debt and the land of our entire nation; ALL tangible wealth pledged to them, FOREVER.


Part 2: The Global Elite Wantes Your Land, Country & Sovereignty

  1. Why do police agencies use hollow point bullets?  Because they do maximum damage to the target with less over-penetration that could harm innocents beyond the actual target.  That said, it is pretty amazing that so many government agencies are ordering VAST quantities of these “dum dum” bullets.  Social Security Administration?  What?  Are they in fear for their lives that the elderly will descend upon them in vast numbers and assault them from their wheelchairs and walkers?  Bash them with their canes?  It’s ludicrous!  No, orders like this are being spread out among ALL Federal agencies but they will not be used by the agencies who are ordering them.  It is the TSA that is the current Brown-Shirt (BS?) group, it is they who will be using this ammo, and it is only a diversion that unarmed agencies are “buying ammo”.

  2. Yes, Ed_B, they are afraid!  The current welfare, food stamp, and SSA recipients will not be able to buy their medicines, food, and gas on the stipend they receive from the gov’t.  Once inflation takes off, those social security checks will be worthless.  The SSA knows there are going to be a lot of very angry dependents very soon, and some of them will be angry enough to walk into the gov’t offices with guns.

  3. If you connect the dots is certainly seems like somebody is getting ready to rumble.  There is no reason to stockpile massive amounts of ammo unless there is a use for it.  I don’t think they are supporting the gun and ammo industry.  I’m thinking the powers to be know something very scary and are getting prepared for any civil unrest that may result.  They know there are a huge number of 2nd amendment supporters and probably 50% of households own a firearm.  Our veterans if rallied would be a sizable army equivalent to some of the larger countries in the world.  I am saddened that it is coming down to this as a tempest seems to be brewing.
    I hope all military remember they took an oath to uphold the constitution of this country and its citizens.  Any orders to the contrary are illegal orders and should never be followed.  Knowledge and the power of the pen and well written words are still the best method to inform the masses and make them aware of the facts.  The other way is last resort.

  4. I intend to repeat this ’till I’m ‘blue in the face’ … those millions of rounds of hollow point bullets aren’t just for ‘re-education of the masses’, they’re intended to steal the entire military apparatus by eliminating the ‘protectors’ and replace them with ‘revolutionaries’.

  5. Good thing that I only keep 20$ on my bank account while the rest is on gold, silver, copper and old dollars bills. What’s next? The whole population is forced to have a bank account and they always do transactions with digital dollars because cash is removed. Owning precious metals become illegal and people don’t care about it. I’m telling you, don’t be surprised that when precious metals become illegal in the future, future generations won’t care about it cause they’ll think that their fashions and their latest gadgets are more important and has more values. I’m telling you that with my experience. So, teach your kids about the values of fiat currencies and precious metals.

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