gun“The dollar devaluation is right around the corner!…The US Navy in the Persian Gulf is already being forced by the Saudis to use SILVER BULLION to purchase fuel!
Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie
joins the Power Hour for one of his most shocking interviews EVER on this Absolute Game Changing Development for the Dollar:


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  1. lol

    Yeah noted this when I 1st heard it and though it was funny…..not likely true, but funny still just the same. It would beg the question: “Where does the Silver come from?”

    Rory Hall been asking that question for three plus years now. It is a fine question too, don’t ‘cha think??

    • Yeah, like the Navy carries around a load of silver bullion, just in case the smelly Sand-coons want it for fuel… LOL!!!  Willie is a pretty sharp guy, but he is getting a little nutso… I cancelled his newsletter after he started talking about aliens giving out advanced tech… and picking winners and losers… and keeping Marshgas Swing in the trunk of their spaceship…

    • @4 oz


      Yes, I do think that a fine question and one well worthy of an answer.

      Agree with your reservations on this and for much the same reason.  Added to this would be the question of, “Why silver and not gold?”.

      When the US military buys something, they buy a LOT of it.  How many tons of silver would it take to refuel a ship or the planes on a carrier?  Probably a good many.  With gold?  Not so many.  With the G / S ratio now at 74:1, 2 tons of gold and 148 tons of silver have the same purchasing power.  Now just imagine this at the fleet level.

      I did an Internet search on this “story” and found zero confirmation from other sources.  Until there is some confirmation, this story is highly suspect, IMO.


    • New title: The Golden Jackoff UNLOADS on Audience, SPRAYS TRUTH about SILVER ALL OVER YOUR FACEOMFG1!!!/?!?!

      I also love that Willie and “The Voice” (in his head) can spew profanity in every interview posted here, yet I can’t say FUCK without having my post edited. Bravo, SD, bravo.

  2. A US Destroyer takes over 500,00 gallons of fuel.  The US Navy was fiddling around with biodiesel for a while at $26 a gallon but if fuel cost $3 a gallon in SA, then we’re talking about $1,500,000 to refuel. You’re looking at around 83-85,000 ounces of silver at $17 an ounce to buy a full tank.   That’s over 2.5  metric tons of silver


    Pay these sons of bitches in gold   At $1,250 that would be around 1,200 ounces  Two partially full ammo cans.  Carriers are nuclear powered but their jets fly on JP 8  That costs around $3.13 cents a gallon   One mission and you best have some serious shiny in your pocket to pay Akhbar for that go go juice.

    • You know dog, if they used the propulsion systems that the aliens have on their moonbase think of the bullion they could save. They use special crystals from the planet zontar called “scheissdollars.”


      p.s. deutchebank is set to collapse imminently, and we are going to have a new financial system imminently ( imminently is anywhere from 3 weeks to 90 years ).

    • @AGXIIK


      The Arleigh Burke class destroyers have gas turbine engines rather than the old oil burners of the previous classes, the last of which was retired in 2005.  Not sure what form their fuel is in, though.  LPG?  But at an average fuel consumption rate of about 1,000 gallons per hour, they need some serious fuel reserves for their 4000+ mile range runs.

    • @JustThe Facts      Nice. This sort of attitude among Americans is what lowers the regard “foreigners” have for them……….and that’s putting it diplomatically.

    • @JustTheFacts: Blind obedience to bad government is NOT patriotism. The United States Government is the largest terrorist organization in the world. I am not proud to be an American in view of the criminal terrorist activities undertaken by this NWO controlled government.

    • world war two started when commodore perry forced the Japanese to open it self up for trade at the point of a gun standard yankee diplomacy


    • “

      The Perry Expedition was a diplomatic expedition to Bakumatsu period Japan, involving two separate trips, by warships of the United States Navy, which took place during 1853–54.”

      That must have been a terribly traumatic experience for Japan, coming almost 90 years BEFORE WW-II even started.  Not saying that this could not have contributed to the start of WW-II but that it seems unlikely to have been the cause of it.


    • Agreed @mexrph

      I appreciate the Mark Twain quote that seems related to this.  Twain said, “I am a patriot, so I love my country all the time and my government when it deserves it”.  It is unfortunate that our government seems to deserve it less and less of the time. :-/

      Or is that just me getting older and more crotchety?  😉

  3. Banksters taking it down> Asians  playing arbitrage yuk yuk yuk yuk >Comex players being ‘ratted out, they are singing  like Canaries ,thrown under the bus, while beans are being spilled theCat has got out the bag,but you can turn off the lights the Comex party is all over. Put a fork in the crooked Comex its  Done!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He has a contact who works on MT. Graham at the vatican observatory. A guy he call le voix ( the voice in french ) picked up a dispatch from the planet zontar talking about it.

  4. If the Saudis wanted silver so badly they would just take the dollars the navy pays them and buy silver with it. The Navy does not carry giant hordes of silver. This is stupid.  Only a Willie fan could view this latest claim as anything but retarded. You should all be rounded up and put in one of those secret undersea prisons.

    • @Vegasidler


      No, man, you got this ALL wrong!  US Navy ships have been using many tons of silver as ballast in their ships for years and years.  The US Gov did not know what to do with their vast hoard of silver from melting down all those US silver dollars, so they came up with this plan to “off-shore” it all on US Navy ships.  Off-loading a few tons of it when they take many tons of fuel on-board is only natural.  😀




  5. @uglydog @canadiandirtlump  Douchebank just offered new deposits of 10-50,000 Euros a rate of 5% if they lock up their money for 3 months

    DoucheBank   Roach Bank?   Euros check in   and that’s all she wrote

    Reminds me of the sign spinner I saw out in front of the Bunny Ranch Brothel, Bar and Grill as I drove to the range last weekend

    Buy one full price; get two  free.

    We  know what depositors will get with DBank—screwed

    But my curiosity was peaked by what you get for a full service and what the free ones were.   Betcha they’re better than anything inside DBank    $10,000 at DBank gets you nothing   $10,000 at the Bunny Ranch.  Whoohoo.  But I resisted the temptation.

    Funny though, I did see a character walking in the front door. Pretty bald and a really large cranium.  I guess it’s worth flying in from CR for the freebies.

  6. I am starting to wonder why I look at this website.

    Perhaps there should be a stranger than fiction menu on the website where stuff like this is put.

    Some of us are looking to read thought-out contributions.

    The Comex this and that, it is a futures arena where players (have to use the word) gamble against each other. The player with the right hand in the right conditions wins. Same as currencies, stocks etc. Fundamentals stopped ruling exchanges long ago, too much cash washing around for supply demand to dictate prices



  7. Everyone trading the Comex is well aware there is no Silver or Gold in it. They don’t care as long as they can collect lots of currency. I’ve seen many posts with the vain hope that Comex traders wake up and stand for delivery. They won’t. They don’t care.


    • Agree in general but also suspect that agents working for China and Russia are standing for delivery and are serving as transfer agents to ship both silver and gold to these Asian countries… no doubt using neutral 3rd party countries as transfer points.

      The Russians and the Chinese are not stupid.  They know that the big gold and silver ETFs contain a large amount of metal all nice and conveniently piled up in a few handy places, and… they want it!  They also know that if they make a big public show of wanting these metals, the US Gov and other Western forces will do what they need to do to prevent them from getting it.  Hence the need for doing all this in stealth mode.


  8. I know what happened Caitlin hooked up with some real loser aliens four galaxy’s 180 degrees due super south of earth and they just happened to be chalk full of silver bullion!!!!   They gave it to the navy after Caitlin puppy monkey baby and the grand repper we’re caught giving reacharounds on each other!!!!!!!

    Just the though of that makes you want to hurl!!!!


  9. Reading the comments here, I’m reminded of this thoughtful quote,

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    Whatever. Some people are still ridiculing those who question how an office fires makes a skyscraper tumble to the ground.

    Good Luck with that normalcy bias.

    DF out……………………….


  10. It is amazing to me how many people have fallen for the propaganda that the COMEX is a physical market and will run out of metals and collapse. Total nonsense as it is a futures market and functions just like any other commodity futures market. They are used for hedging and by traders who never want to take delivery the same as traders in the oil futures market who don’t want to take delivery of a tanker full of crude. That is why the majority of trades are settled in cash and the contracts to inventory ratios are meaningless. You can tell that the individuals who promote the COMEX collapse nonsense either have no real world trading experience or they are the PM promoters spouting fear porn to market their wares. Willie has lost all credibility and you can tell with each new interview has desperate he has become attempting to sale his subscription service by the way he verbally attacks all that have a different view from his. Everybody has different opinions on almost all subjects and normal people accept the opposite view without verbally insulting someone even though they may totally disagree. This is how a normal mind functions in the real world! Now the most expensive part of the US military is actually supplying the US military. This is how the military industrial complex really makes it’s money because it is on going day after day, month after month, year after year. The navy has a whole fleet of supply ships including a huge tanker fleet that do nothing but re-supply. The majority of these supplies are purchased from entities that are part of the complex and they certainly don’t want any outside competition plus the fact the military would have a whole host of security issues making sure nothing is contaminated including fuel. Enough said!

  11. Oil beginning to be cut down in rance, a my station you can take no more than 129 euros, it’s not so bad but i supposed ti will rpidly getting worse. And MSM say it’s because of a strike in rafineries, but what i learn elsehere is that Putin cut oil and gas towards Europe because europe speak about renewing sanctions on Russia in July !!

  12. Sorry, for the comprehension of all, I was speaking about France and not rance… and the situation is worse than I noticed : 20% of the oil stations seem to be empty, a lot of them do not deliver more than 5 or 6 gallions per client..

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