black marketBy SD Contributor SRSrocco:

I don’t even care about the paper moves in GOLD & SILVER.  There is nothing else to put ones “SURPLUS WEALTH” into other than physical gold and silver.   You just have to be smart and save your gold and silver for the up coming BLACK MARKET.  That is where its real value will be seen.
If you are buying gold and silver and do not have a paid for home in the country… you are doing so at a risk.  If you are buying gold and silver without a 1-2 years worth of food… you are doing so at a risk.

If you have those two fundamental requirements… there is nothing left to buy but gold & silver. 

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Make sure it is in small denominations and not those 1,000 oz monsters.  You can’t trade a 1,000 oz bar of silver.  You can trade 1-10 oz more readily.

You will have to hold on to your gold and silver even if there is a confiscation.  Even if I knew there was going to be a confiscation… they have to give you something for it.  However, only 25% of Americans turned in their gold in 1933.

You just have to be smart and save your gold and silver for the up coming BLACK MARKET.  That is where its real value will be seen.
The falling EROI will make living in the large cities and the suburbs very difficult for those with marginal occupations.  Living in a small suburb near a farming or ranching community is better than living in a suburb near a large city.

This is what I will be discussing on my site.  Hedge Funds buying up large portfolios of Residential & Commercial Real Estate is a HUGE NO-NO.  These will turn out to be very bad investments.

The Martin Armstrong’s of the world are making it difficult for investors to stay FOCUSED on buying gold and silver.  It doesn’t matter if gold and silver go through a dip for the short term… what matters is the medium to long term.

I will tell you that Martin Armstrong does not know anything about the EROI.  He blames the collapse of Rome and now the western economies on Monetary Printing as well as Govt’s doing what they do best.

However, the FALLING EROI is the REAL REASON.  It is the fundamental problem in all empires that collapse.  Martin does not understand this.  Debasement of money and the Political take over of the public by Centralized Govts is a mere symptom of a falling EROI.

I will discuss this in more detail soon.


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  1. The future criminal in society will be the guy who is selling slices of precious metals in back alleys and in the dark corners of rooms. The Banksters with the help of “their Government” will declare the metals contraband.
    Hot air or prophetic? I do not know. We will see in time.

  2. Erhm, well thanks for that, I will stock 2 years of food. saying that mind, if the world really turns to that amount of s*it, would you want to live in it?
    Why such a defined number, what would happen if it was still bad after 2.5 years?
    You expecting Nuclear war?
    What if you live on a little Island off the cost of Europe?
    Black Market? Why has the market got to be black? Why not just the market?…what about barter?
    Would you consider ebay an outlet of the black market?

    Still thanks for the article, makes a change from the usual tub thumping of how Silver will be a quadrillion in a month.

    • Yes, I would still want to live in that world. At what point do you just take yourself out? If the shit hits the fan as mentioned, and things get that bad, I want enough food for me and family to hold up for at least six months, a potable supply of water and hunting/fishing gear to take over if that runs out. Same reason I want silver, insurance. No telling how bad things will get, we’ll have to see but better to have and not need than to need and not have…I’m just sayin’

    • Silverslicker, the problem with the hunting thing is that is every other rednecks plan. It has been estimated that the wild game would not last six months once the multitude of survivalist hunters start shooting. Besides, who wants to be tramping in the woods in camouflage when there will be many amateurs out there shooting at everything that moves.

  3. No problem, I’ll blurt out something…..BS!  You must buy a home in the country!  You have to have 2 years of food stored away!  The government is coming for your gold!  Newsflash, there have been various sites dedicated to these principles for decades.  How long do we need to wait for your predictions?  This does make for good entertainment though.

  4. Most people do not have the money to own a house outright.  No matter how much they might like to own a house outright they cannot.  To say that they should have this before they buy gold and silver is just plain wrong.  Only because it isn’t possible for most of us to own a house free and clear anytime soon.  What you shoud have said is that we should own a house free and clear if we can.  Try and get out of debt, especially credit card and car note debt.  And then we should prep.  Its not cool to speak of things that most people can do nothing about.  You also did not speak about spirituality.  That is very important.  Those folks that do not have a relationship with their higher power will have a very hard time when things get tougher.  Lets be realistic.

    • My question to ownership, is when does one own something? As far as I am concerned, I only own something if I can stop someone else taking it away from me, houses are very large and need no protection from me, but from the same argument, there is no way I could even pretend that I could stop a group of people from taking my home by force and living in it in a society that has been wrecked by social discord. even if I was armed to the teeth, I can only point my weapon in one direction, I also presume that they would be armed too, after all this isn’t the 19th Century and certainly isn’t Roukes Drift.
      Now back onto small ownership of gold and silver, I think we can all own this, and hide it away some place. I think this whole philosophy of must be big and strong to survive is wrong. I think we should be thinking more like a squirrel instead of bears. Hide that metal away and say nothing. Not a word. In fact, look like a sheep. Blend in. 

    • Not to mention that one will still have to pay real estate and personal property taxes to the county. These taxes will surly increase as time goes on.

    • BS anyone can buy a house. I watched and waited and snagged a tax auction for $500 and $300 in back taxes. Sure I have had to put a lot of sweat into it but that was done as I could afford it.

  5. SRS:  In the past, your articles have been solid, but there are a couple wrinkles in this one (about the house, and 2 years supply of food) just don’t make sense in their entirety.  Please explain.  Many thanks.

    • It is just Steve’s opinion. Personally, I think having the silver is foremost and everything else comes after. I can camp out in a tent, pan gold from the stream, and eat off the land for awhile if necessary. If it comes to survival of the fittest I am well ahead of the curve. Standing in line at Walmart and observing the crowd is enough evidence of it for me.

    • Hmm this is great in theory but in practice, getting the precious off those things is a nasty business. Too many chemicals for my liking. If we all started to do this sort of thing then the chemicals to reduce the boards to a form of usable silver would be as expensive as the silver itself. Also you are likely to kill yourself if you do too much of this kind of thing, in your back yard, those chemicals are lethal and will slowly kill you.

    • People that barter may take them as they are. Imagine taking a picture of it and putting it through a computer program that determines close value from a database that has been created for the purpose. I previously sold over $100 of CPUs and memory on ebay and bought silver with the dollars. When gold hits 10,000 an ounce I might run into you at the landfill digging it out. It is said that landfills will be the mines of the future.

    • The chemicals involved are acids, bases, several produce toxic levels of chlorine during the process. Only way to make money on it is industrial scale.

    • No worse than a meth lab ran by people that don’t understand chemistry. There are places you can sell any quantity with shipping paid by the purchaser and they send it to India and let them worry about the toxic effects of the chemicals. The boards do have value and will increase along with PM prices. Anyone that doubts this can send me all the free CPUs and memory chips they have instead of throwing them away. Check out Ebay and the going price of this stuff and report back.

  6. If you are going to buy into a black-market theory for buying PM’s then wouldn’t it make more cents..(lol couldn’t resist)  to stack in smaller denominations like silver dimes and quarters. It will be easier to make a barter in smaller denominations, smaller amounts make a person seem like a small player, a possible plus when attempting to stay below the radar. Just a thought!
    Also, I could be prejudice, since all my stacks are pre-64 coinage. I am wondering why would one buy Gold / silver  that are not widely recognized. I have an old college friend that I correspond with. He made a fortune during the Argentinian crash bartering  for gold and silver. If you came in and had an gold 1/2 oz bar he was only giving a weight value at 14kt or less, since acid for verification was all but unavailable. He said he always did a double take when seeing a common gold / silver coin eagle or canuck (these were few and far between from his POV) and was more willing to consider paying bit more since he could recognize, verify and assign a ready value to them since he was more familiar with them. Sure he could have been and very occasionally was taken in, but for the most part he was familiar enough with them he fared well. Not looking for an argument here, rather a discussion! Tiger

    • Crissy, Thank you, Likewise on you Computer PC parts. I have been collecting pc’s from familiy and friends for the past few years and stripping them then setting the boards, cards and drives aside. Just waiting for the right time, to turn them in. Tiger

  7. REPLY EVERYONE… This sort of reply would take pages.  However, it does not change the fact that the falling EROI will making it increasing DIFFICULT to live a marginal occupation in the large city or suburbs.  Again, this is something I will get into DETAIL on my website and future articles.

    • Listen to him first, before you start running away (and your mouths).
      He’s absolutley right.  And if you can’t follow his plan due to funds, improvise.  A RV or fifth-wheel will work in the beginning, even a van, to get to the country and buy a house with silver.  If there’s a will, there’s a way.

  8. Speaking of what form the silver should take, now this is interesting. I been thinking about this for ages. I have bought most forms of silver based on the best format to pass on and sell. The larger the bar, the lower the production costs, the closer to spot. The smaller the bar, the higher the production costs, the further away from spot. Then you got the whole dilemma of trust worthiness. Who do you trust to supply your silver? Hall marks are great, but I find anything over a 1 Kilo bar to be very suspect. Then you got coinage….American Coinage is okay, although the silver content is low when compared to the quality of British 925 sterling silver coinage. So where am I at with coinage. Well Pieces of eight were good enough for pirates and its good enough for me, so I opt for 1 Oz coins or 28 gram coins, if so required, they can be halved like they did in the old days. Nickels and Dimes are just too darn fiddly. Florins used to be the basis of the civilized world, first introduced in Florence Italy then copied world wide by nearly every nation. A Florin has about 11 grams of silver in it. 
    Maybe you can be just biased by the country you live in…My favourite coin? Has to be British Indian Rupees, 917 silver with a rough size of a florin.

    • Isn’t it all about the ability to recognized in a barter or black market situation. If you don’t know what something is, how can you assign value? Tiger

    • Well as long as the silver coin is made of no less than 90% silver, but less then 99.9% you can tell silver just by flicking it in the air, it rings true. OOO ARRR pirates life for me! 🙂

    • Right you are WFS, If only it was you I would be trading with in the town square or back alley post SHTF. Instead it will be Joe Blow who would not know a florin, rupee or hell even a Morgan from his ass and and a hole in the ground. No offense, just the populace I will personally be dealing with! Peace Tiger

  9. Roger your comments Steve.
    Food inflation will ramp up hard this year. Stockable and storeable food is still relatively inexpensive and readily available from low cost stores in nearly every city and town.. Costco and Walmart are good sources too. If guns and ammo tripled in prices in two months due to real shortages and food inflation could easily be 20-25% this year, stocking up to front run the costs certain to show up in our stores just seems like a good idea.
    I have 3 years of food for a family of four. It’s set aside for our family as well as 2 others. This might seem a bit extreme and I’ll admit it’s my overreaction to perceived situations. With extra food we can work closely with others who have things that are important to our wellbeing. They have skills and alternate sources of food such as hunting. These prepped items are not bought due to food inflation worries since we started stocking 3 years ago.
    It seems like a good move now.
    Even if someone stocks 6 months of canned and packaged food in one closet, they are way ahead of the game. Natural and unnatural disasters are too commonplace to ignore. Buying a little at a time adds up quickly.
    If we stack silver for all the reasons we discuss on a daily basis, food is even more vital.
    In the Euro periphery, Argentina and Venezuela people are desperate for food with price controls, hyperinflation, riots, dumpster diving and food lines they’re everyday concerns. These problems are coming our way and already into US families suffering from food insufficiency.
    The one difference between us and countries where the people have experienced these problems; we are not up to speed and well educated in the arts of barter and survival skills. Silver coins and junk bullion will come in handy. Skills on how to get by in hard times will be very useful too boot.

    • Agreed, food and the ability to grow more food in the future. The USA is well on its way to the biggest learning curve of all. That said, Silver (I love that metal) should be part of everyone’s preparedness solution.

    • AGXIIK.  I think it will begin to wake people up a little this year when we see undeniable food inflation.  We know that people will riot and loot when food consumes 40 to 50% of a family’s disposable income.  The US is so rich for the moment that a typical family only spends about 15% of its disposable income on food.  The flash point won’t reach the US for some years into the future.  This year we should see a higher than normal rate of food inflation as the affects of the drought work its way thru our economy.  Should the value of the dollar begin to decline for other reasons that will only add to the problem.  When food becomes scarce, folks will use every square foot of space in the yard to raise food.  Its only a matter of time.  But, still some years away at the present rate we are declining.  My assumption is that we will fall from grace slowly.  The slow burn.  China is in no hurry to become the boss.  They want to buy more gold and assets globally and they want them cheaply.  It would hurt China if the US dollar all of a sudden became worthless.  They have a long term plan.

    • And a years supply of basic bulk food items for 1 person can be bought for $200 or so, beans, rice, flour(or better grain), corn meal. sugar, salt, oil

  10. @Crissy, your comment about turning old circuit boards into Gold & Silver cracked me up, because I saved a bunch of old dead circuit boards when I used to work at a place that made them.  I’d buy these ‘clock-kits’ from Michael’s (an arts & crafts retailer), drill a hole through the circuit boards to make them into clocks, build a frame and SELL them fr $$$!
    So yes – there is wealth to be found in old circuit boards, indeed. 

  11. Black Market? The whole freakin world will be a Black Market to survive. I believe that stocking food, ammo, water and having a safety zone would only last a very short time no matter how much you have stocked up in preparation. REASON:? We could not handle the constant pressure of the unknown on a day to day basis period! In other words emotionally 90% of the population could not handle the problems that abounded. If you have small children that love McDonalds and french fries for instance, how are you going to temper the kid when the child dosen’t understand why school has closed, can’t visit friends, ride a bike, go to the park or even watch television? There will be no electricity, gasoline, food, or any comforts that you or your family that they have become accustomed to. Your best friend will kill you for whatever you have so he and his family can survive, but there we are sitting on our Gold and Silver that won’t mean Squat until the entire world is cleansed and we start over with who ever is left.
    Will this happen, Maybe! The problems first would spill over into America from the outside, governments would only control what they could control and not control for your benefit, so there again we sit on our stacks waiting on a new monetary system while people riot in the streets, die of starvation, suicide and outright murder. Think about what the “Elite”would do?
    Would The Elite have a special hiding place to put their worthless wealth to survive…Hell No! They need to eat and survive as well as the rest of us! Do you think that they have an inside to imported wine and goods and services…Hell No! Where on earth would they go to survive? There would be no place safe in the entire world, and the Have Nots would attack them wherever they reside. Step back and view The United States and pretend that you can see every state, every home, every business including the large corporations plus the people and think to yourself is thisreally a possibility oftotal demise? 330 Million people in the dark? starving?, no commerce?, no humanity? But we may still be sitting on our stacks.
    The facts my friends is that not one guru who posts here really knows from one day, one month or one year from the next what will happen to Gold, Silver, the dollar or the people behind it. Like you I have a nice stack as well.

    • My focus is being able to last longer than as many people as possible, so when society re emerges after a disaster, as it always will, I and my family maximize our chances to come out the other side.

    • I believe that given the possibility you just examined came to pass that 90% of the population would not make it three weeks. They would consume all the available food before passing so all you have to do is make it for about a month without being ransacked. After that you will need seeds, hoes and shovels, there will be plenty of houses and land to go around. Food stocks of six months may suffice. The ones that are left can form new communities. The elite will have been hung out to dry by then. I think the elite are playing a losing game for themselves, they will have the hardest time doing without their limos, single malt scotch, and Cuban cigars. There are many ways this could go, no one knows, but eating will be the main thing to surviving.

    • All…Collapse of the global financial system does not mean a Mad Max lifestyle.  Historically the GFS collapses every 40 years or so.  It happened in 1971 and before that in 1933.  Just means the global powers meet and negotiate a new system.  Commerce won’t evaporate.  However, wise to be prepared for a bumpy transition process.  This time around I expect the world will demand a return to a gold system in one form or another.  The world runs on energy and if it takes gold to buy oil, then a country’s prosperity and sovereignty will be tied directly to how much gold they possess.

    • Crissy, I happen to be stacking Single Malt Scotch in addition to Gold and Silver 🙂 Personal vice and will likely be worth it’s weight in Gold once everyone runs out haha

    • LastStraw, A bottle of Canadian Mist will be just as valuable to the masses. But if you find an elite to barter the scotch to, it is probably better to just put them out of our misery. You are right, alcohol, tobacco, can of green beans, will all have great value.

      Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I’m sure many of you guys were in the boy scouts and learned to be prepared.

  12. the coming implosion of society is baked into the cake after failed policy and corruption. It has exactly nothing to do with EROI.

    In some cases EROI is relevant, but to pound every issue the world has or will see into it is fallacious at best.

  13. You lot crack me up….lets get back to the economics now, my sides can’t handle any more of this. America is how old, young whipper snappers!…let Grandpa Britain tell you how its going to be…its going to be alllllright.
    Why do I tell you this? Well as a Briton we have fought every nation on the planet, we have seen every disaster both natural and man made thrown at us. We have been at the centre of admiral and unscrupulous things. We have seen empires come and go, become an empire and departed that empire as quickly as we entered it. Discovered most of the known world, created some of the most useful things in life.
    Whatever happens, it will never be as bad as you think. The only thing I would fear is a world war. But the next one will be so big that you can kiss your arse goodbye. You, your family, your foil tin hats and all your stored food will be blown to smitherins.
    So, lets get back to the real world..Silver is going down, Yes, Silver will go back up again…Yes….its not the end of the world, its just life pissing on you again, but its okay, it wipes off with a clean cloth.

    • Waiting, First of all I love  Britannia, not because we were once a colony, not because we we have much in common and much not, but because there but for the grace of God go I. Until after WW1 the English were on top much as America is now. You have many lessons from your history to teach us.  Only I suggest if our asses are on the line, we will drag the rest of the west with us. This includes the British. The BBC did give us Dr. Who, a definite high point in entertainment.

    • @Tiger.
      Living in the UK, it will take one small nuclear missile to take us out. Just one. I don’t think stocking up on tin food is in the equation really. Still we are a feisty breed. No doubt our leaders have got a super dupa plan. Hmm have we invented a TARDIS…maybe we have…but its top secret.
      One thing I will take no responsibility as a nation, we DID NOT INVENT IKEA!!!

  14. Now I don’t know the future.  However, I believe that the US is transitioning from 1st world status to third world status.  Probably a lot of you have visited third world country’s but most of you might not have.  They all look pretty much the same.  The problem for the US is that we have so much racial division and welfare family’s so when the plug gets pulled you are going to have riots and crime etc.  Once we get thru that phase then we can settle into our new role of being poor.  I already live in a third world country so I don’t have to go thru as large of an anger phase as the US will have to endure.  Take a look at what Cuba went thru when they lost all their Russian subsidy’s.  Those folks half starved to death but they got thru it.  Now they produce most of their own food and they are healthier etc.  This happened after the Soviet Union collapsed.  The US will go thru this as well.  We are going to be one big huge third world country.  People are just going to have to get used to having less.  A lot less.  Manufacturing will return to the US and we will make cheap plastic crap like the Chinese do now.  This is a transition period.  I believe it will be a slow burn.  And, for us old farts the results will be permanent.  Life changes.  

    • Oh really?  20th century? Come and visit me in Panama and I will show you a prime example of a third world country.  We have no middle class here.   The poor, or the working man here makes 12 to 15 dollars per day.  And, we use the US dollar as a currency.  A professional makes 20 to 30 dollars per day here.  Homes look different here.  Very primitive in comparison to 1st world country’s.  Everything you do here is done in third world fashion.  The customer does not come first here for example.  Folks pay all bills in cash here.  Everyone is running a game.  Trying to get over in all their dealings because survival or the next meal is never promised here.  Folks here shop everyday for food.  Ever seen a 4 oz bottle of cooking oil?   Ever bought 1 hotdog?  Do you buy a dollar worth of gas for your car?  The third world is alive and well and that is where the US is headed.  No such thing as the third world?  Lots of laughs.

    • A cursory look around the rotting cities of the US, the exploding poverty shows that it absolutely is being transformed from a first world country, to a first world country withe pockets of 2nd and 3rd world areas).
      There was a recent report that the % of US homes without working plumbing has gone up in the last few years… What the hell would make someone think that is a good thing.

    • Rural farm America is doing just fine, in many cases communities are better off than they used to be. Small population of welfare users so things collapse not that many to feed and or shoot when they commit crimes. Easy access to food, may have generators, 3 ethanol plants within 30 miles for fuel… and the will to work together like rural communities always have.

  15. Great topic SRSrocco all I don’t agree with the owning of a house part but it would be great if one could in this environment, gets we Stackers back to basics on why we are stacking and away from the ups and downs of the Paper Spot Price.
    We stackers have a feeling inside that a non stacker will never have and that is we know the efen world is falling apart and we are going to be ready no matter what and we will be ahead of the game. As for being biased because we are Americans, I thought this was an American site? Lol hence we talk about 90%’s and yes my favorite is the Dime followed by the Quarter, Half then the Dollar as it will be recognized more here in the STATES. Lol
    As for food I have 6 to 9 months worth looking to get to a year but it seems my Silver comes first, I need to put more commitment into that, thanks for reminding me Steve.
    It’s amazing the amount of people that attack stackers on their principles. My God knows mine and thanks for reminding me Polokeeper and you also Celia as for my silver, it won’t do me any good in the beginning WTSHTF it will be later and that’s why the other stacking. Keep Stacking, Stackers.

    • Marchas.  This site is used by people from all over the world.  Many are from Europe and Canada.  I am an expat who lives in Panama and there are tons of Canadians and Europeans who live here as well.  Costa Rica is the same way.  We are all in this together is this is a global transition where 1st world country’s will become third world countrys and vice versa.  People just need to know that saving silver or precious metals is just part of the program.  We are all going to have to make changes in our lives at some point in the future.  North America needs change right now.  Our politicians are reactive, not proactive so we must go thru this transition in order to affect change.  North America needs to decide if they want to be a pure socialist country, or go back to the basics and the Constitution.  I think there could even be civil war.  The Liberals are fully in charge right now or at least they believe they are.  I voted with my feet.  I don’t have that many years left anyway and it breaks my heart to see where our great nation is headed.  It is what it is.  

    • Hi! @Pollokeeper I know this site is used by people from all over the world, it’s just that I don’t like the bashing of some off them on what we stack here in the States like our 90% coins and what other things we stack for what we believe in, that’s all. So nothing against others outside of the States.
      Hell I know the world is in for rude awakening and God willing I want to be prepared for it, hence I’m a strong stacker of anything that will meet my needs for survival. I’m not in it for profit. Never have been, Never will be. It’s All Immaterial.
      I’m also an Ex Brit and have fought in two wars here in the States, or should say fought for the States. 18 years of military life until my beliefs changed and I got out. I’m also an ex cop and my beliefs changed on that also and got out.
      Everyone has their believes but I don’t attack them if I disagree, like others do on this site and I’m not mentioning names.
      I guess Freedom of Speech has gone out the window also. First it was my belief in Price now this. My Last Post, I Don’t Need To Talk About This Crap Anymore. Keep Stacking

    • I don’t recall anyone criticizing anyone for stacking 90%.  Silver is silver.  However, I firmly believe in stacking metal that can be recognized by the folks around you.  90% or junk silver is great in Panama since we use the US dollar and have for the last 100 years or so.  Everyone recognizes them if they stack.  Someone tried to offer me Israel gold coins a few months back and I said no because no one is familiar with those around here.  We don’t want hassles when it is time to use silver or gold as money.  In times of need, people are going to offer us way below spot if they believe we are hungry or desperate as it is.  

    • Silverrrr.  I live way out in the cuntry.  5 hours away from the nasty Panama City.  I live in a small town and for the most part it is peaceful and quiet.  People here are pretty docile and live simply.  This place reminds me of a different time, maybe the 60’s, where folks didn’t have much but were happy in spite of that fact.  I live right near the center of town.  I can walk to any part of this town I wish and do my shopping etc.  We have less, but we have more freedoms here.  No one bothers me.  It is hot year around so I don’t need airconditioning or heating.  I have no hot water and don’t need it.  I air dry my laundry.  My trans is a small scooter.   My neighborhood is far safer than any that I have ever lived in.  People come right to my door to sell me shrimp and fish and veggy’s almost everyday.  Not a bad place to hide.  Now, I understand that living in Panama is not for everyone.  But, for me it is OK.  I am far far away from the horrid new world that my children have to endure and be part of in the US of A.  

  16. “If you are buying gold and silver and do not have a paid for home in the country… you are doing so at a risk.  If you are buying gold and silver without a 1-2 years worth of food… you are doing so at a risk.”
    I’d totally agree.  A year’s worth of food is a bare minimum.  True wealth in the future is going to be a small, fairly self sustaining farm.
    Once you have those things in place, certainly stack it wide and deep, and continue to add to the prep pile.   I recently got 3,000 canning lids in from an online household goods dealer that had been out of stock of them for 3 months.
    Next Friday’s UPS delivery will be several more chainsaw bars and a whole bunch of chains.

  17. Forget buying the house in the country. You’ll most likely lose it anyway since it is a fixed asset and makes you a sitting duck. Best thing to do is buy the PMs and then, when the SHTF, you can buy a place to live for a few ounces.

    No, it would be better to have something portable, like an RV. Something like a trailer or fifth wheel that can be moved but does not need to move when you need to get supplies. There may be problems getting fuel to haul it around but it is a more flexible alternative for living quarters and you can set-up “house” when you find a safe place. If you must have a “store” of goods, get some raw land and build a garage or underground shelter. Nothing too obvious so it doesn’t attract attention. Another possible alternative is a storage unit in a outlying area from the city.
    Anyway, mobility is good and can help keep you alive when there are 300+ million angry hungry mouths walking around this country.

    • AGXIIK, I make mead.  Its easy, just honey, water, yeast, and time.  I made a 5-gallon batch last year and I can drink a gallon per week on a good week.  The last batch wasn’t sweet enough, so I added a little stevia when it was finished so that the yeast wouldn’t start back up.  Oh yes…. nothing better than home made booze in our ‘battle born’ life.

  18. PS  Pollo Keeper   We will be arriving at Panama City next wednesday via United Airlines. Please pick us up at the airport.  We are bringing our silver.  See you soon.
    Obama is crazy.  He rode the little yellow bus to school
    The French are no longer allowed to take more than 1,000 Euros from a bank at one time
    Diocletian diluted the Dinarius silver coin from 92% silver to 40% silver in 20 years.
    Charlie and Mammoth.  your junk bullion obsession is commendable.  I fondled my JB this even just to soothe my jangled nerves.

  19. SRSRocco,
    You have stirred many comments here, which I believe is a worthy accomplishment! My final thoughts are in close alignment to those of  “Supertramp”; the central actor in the film ‘Into the Wild’. He espoused that you needed very little physical posessions, and if you could live with little; much joy could still be derived. We must recognize it will not be a benevolent world during the anger phase ahead, and we must admit, it may come as a great surprise if you are actually successful in defending your worldly possessions and family as originally planned.
    I have much to defend, but continually challenge myself to acknowledge I may need to flee it all in order to live small, light and portable for a time if conditions warrant. A bug out bag is really just a starting point to jumpstart the contingencies… what and where and how to diversify one’s stores and retain access in time of need. Precious metals may work well in certain scenarios, but posession of a single solar panel and inverter may be worth more; or perhaps that last stash of seeds, or case of whiskey. Have some of as many forms of hard/working assets, and ability to defend via various weapons stashes. Perhaps the most difficult of most preps… folks close by we can trust as we navigate the nasty 6-9 months likely coming our way.

  20. Homes in small town USA can be had cheap, I paid $500 for mine on a tax auction with $300 in back taxes. Lot of sweat equity over the years as I could afford it. Small rural farm community, usually enough grain in the elevator for 4 years for the town. Deals with the farmers for meat as long as we provide protection if things fall apart. Small towns pull together to protect their own. Add in most are used to the garden/can/freeze food lifestyle so 6 months of food is typical.

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