By SD Contributor SRSrocco:

Backwardation of gold and silver have been going on since 2008 — the year the financial system died.

Today, I watch as the majority of gold and silver bugs get PULLED down by the constant MOPE and misinformation by MSM.  The Financial System died in 2008.  The Big Banks are Zombies walking around getting increasingly weak every day.  This is a huge disaster… and most in the USA have no clue.


The Great Global Supply Chain System is now starting to show signs of buckling.
The manipulation of the price of Gold & Silver as well as the miners is an attempt to keep this system based on credit and debt alive a little bit longer.  However, each attempt and manipulation has made the system even weaker.
I believe we are now BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN.


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Backwardation of gold and silver have been going on since 2008 — the year the financial system died.  I have to agree with Sandeep Jaitly and Fekete on the correct “Call for Backwardation”.  Even though I have some disagreements with Fekete as it pertains to silver and etc, he and Sandeep are masters of monetary science when it comes to “Trading the Basis”.


The Great Global Supply Chain System is now starting to show signs of buckling.

In this article from ZeroHedge:

Wal-Mart Situation “Getting Worse” New Leaks Reveal

The problem is not just the worst FEB SALES since 2006, but Wal-Mart’s inability to keep its shelves stocked coincides with slowing sales growthThe is very bad news going forward.  According to the article:

“There are gaps where merchandise is missing,” Cruz said in a telephone interview. “We are not talking about a couple of empty shelves. This is throughout the store in every store. Some places look like they’re going out of business.”

 Cruz, 41, who has worked at Wal-Mart for nine years and oversees the photo and wireless sections at her store, said it can take weeks or months for merchandise to be replaced after it sells out.

 “My camera bar hasn’t had cameras since early January,” she said. “They let the merchandise phase out but nothing new comes in to replace them. We’re supposed to have 72 cameras but we maybe have 12. What are customers supposed to buy?”


You see, the problem of the Global Supply Chain System only gets weaker going forward.  Basically, the world’s retail stores will not be able to keep stores STOCKED.  This also gets worse when we figure in the decline of NET OIL EXPORTS.

To see just how much INFLATION has hit the United States, take a look at the break-down in money printing at the U.S. Treasury:

Look how much more in $100 bills are being printed just from 1992.  Basically, the overall CURRENCY IN CIRCULATION is $100 bills…LOL.  Now these figures represent what the U.S. Treasury prints each year to replace old and lost Federal Reserve notes.


I really get a good laugh at the NITWITS who talk about DEFLATION.  The Western Central Banks only have one option:


Charles Hugh Smith wrote a very good article that is on ZeroHedge:

Guest Post: Why Central States/Banks Inflate Asset Bubbles, And Why They Implode

You see, American Wages have been falling for decades.  The US Govt realizes the only way they are going to get additional revenue is from assets profits and capital gains.  Thus, the reason why they are printing.

Now, on the other hand, if they stopped printing, its just more than a Deflationary Collapse…. its a DISINTEGRATION OF THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM.  Once the supply chain starts to break down… the cascading ramifications are just to horrible to think about.

The upcoming closing of hundreds and hundreds of BEST BUYS,  SEARS,  JC PENNIES,  RADIO SHACK and etc in 2013, is just the beginning.  This will spread to other big box retail stores as well as the whole RESTAURANT CHAIN SYSTEM.

What is taking place in Walmart is wake up call for what is to come.

The manipulation of the price of Gold & Silver as well as the miners is an attempt to keep this system based on credit and debt alive a little bit longer.  However, each attempt and manipulation has made the system even weaker.

I believe we are now BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN.  Deflation is the END GAME scenario.

Look what is happening in Greece.  They can’t get medications now.  According to another article in ZH, the Red Cross has stopped sending Blood to Greece because they haven’t received payments on past bills.  Can you imagine that?  RED CROSS shutting off assistance?

Unfortunately, this sort of outcome awaits the USA.  How long before we get there is anyone’s guess… However the signs are now showing more than ever.



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    • Being in the coin business, I’ve heard multiple reports that 90% is getting scarce out there. That dovetails with my experience too. It’s just not the same as 10 years ago. Hoarding is a natural reaction to printing money madness. Next, as supplies really get tight, comes the buying frenzy.

    • It IS getting tight (90%).  I bought 1428 fiat bucks worth of Merc dimes and Walker halves this morning at a half point BELOW spot.  Been doing this for months.  I’ve got 3 LCS in my area.  One shop I wouldn’t go in to take a piss if it was on fire, the other two are solid sources of material, but it IS getting tight.

    • Makes sense.  Who wants to sell PM at these current prices?  Where I live, you couldn’t find a gold coin if your life depended on it.  Importing gold coins is expensive due to tariffs in Panama.  Gold that is currently in the country is not for sale.  That always happens when gold goes down in price.  When gold is on a tear then you can find gold for sale fairly easily.  I know someone who travels back to the US and buys gold coins and then he brings them back and then sells them.  He asks 8.6% over spot.  I won’t pay that for them.   

    • I just checked Tul ving.  Sold out of 90% junk silver.  On Apmex they have them, but you got to pay 7.2% premium for the big bag.  They have 8 big bags, 10 $500 bags and 75 $100 bags as of 4pm EST on 2/28/13.

    • “One shop I wouldn’t go in to take a piss if it was on fire…”
      Good thinking.  You wouldn’t want to scorch the, uh, “hose”.  lol

    • There are a couple of scenarios where sellers won’t sell their silver. 
      1) Won’t sell at lower cost than purchase or margins between two prices is too slim.
      2) Supply and Demand. Can’t get the supply.
      3) Supply and Demand. Demand outstripping Supply.
      4) Wholesale costs are restrictive. Waiting for better buy options.
      Just out of curiosity, has anyone done any calculations on how many tons of silver is out there in 0.900 coinage? Maybe its being melted into bars. Great for numismatics.
      Maybe its time to switch to a different currency, Mexican silver looks good as does Pre-decimal British. 

  1. Since I cruise these large box retailers regularly for normal shopping,  I concur with the opinion that there seems to be something going on at Walmart and other larger businesses. Big 5 was pretty empty on ammo day. Shepler’s Western Wear was  empty yesterday.  Sportsmans Warehouse has filled with people just poking around, not buying much.   My LCS was empty.  Walmart seemed to have clerks than customers.  Costco was pretty busy but they have a different model that seems to work well even in tough times. (but the lines were short) There were not shortages apparent at Costco and I do keep my eyes open for that sort of thing because I’m always alert to things that are amiss at retailers. Empty shelves shout out that something’s wrong.   It’s kind in my nature to notice these things. Walmart did not seem to have emply shelves except for the guns and ammo section but the parking lots are not even half full. The is at morning, noon and evening.
    There is a good chance that as these large retailers, particularly Walmart, are seeing some large price increases in their supply chains, particularly Walmart since they are heavily reliant on Chinese goods are sniffing out problems.  The price of oil is up substantially. Gas prices  at Costco’s in my area are up SIXTY CENTS in barely 2 months.  This affects everything. That is like a large tax increase coupled with the large increases starting on Jan 1 2012.
      The Baltic Dry Index is lower than any time since it started as a measure of ocean commerce.   China is the odd man out when it comes to export pricing pressures  Their feed stock chains and wages have gone by up low double digits in the last year. This pricing and cost pressure can’t be held down forever.  Walmart may want to bleed off the cheaper inventory, create a sense of shortages so they can bump the prices of the new inventory when it comes it and do so without getting the Marie Antoinette treatment. 
    There is another matter that is going to hit us like a ton of bricks.  It’s the 29ers and the 49ers.  This is the newest phenomenon resulting from Obamacare.  Firms that can’t health insurance for their employees or would have to file bankruptcy if forced to pay the $2,000 plus in fines and fees are cutting hours of their full time employees by 26%.  29 hours is the maximum they will pay for. It keeps their hours just under the 30 hour level that forces an Obamacare insurance cost.  Many employees and employers are creating job exchanges in which a person will work 20-25 hours at one employer and then go straight over to the next employer and work 20-25 hours.  Think of that as a dual employer swing shift.  It’s getting that crazy.
    The 49ers are companies absolutely won’t hire that 50th employee or paying off enough employees to go to 49 in total employment head count.  Imagine what that will do to hiring.  Imagine what it means to employees who could be that 50th employee.  Will they buy a car, home or extra consumer goods? Not likely.
     Just a thought on this but when our local supermarket spent 6 months remodeling, the wonderously lower new prices that were attempted as a promotional effort to get customers back in were,  in reality, a good bit higher, sometimes low double digits higher.  They must have thought that moving the inventory categories from one side of the store to the other and then relabeling them as new low prices  would make use forget the about the former prices
    With the reality of much smaller paychecks due to large tax increases, the biggest of which fell on the lower to  the middle class, this is hitting the Walmrt types quite hard.   Dozens of major retailers are closing hundreds and maybe thousands of excess store inventories. This action will put tens of thousands of the low end wage earners on the streets, with little place to go for a new job. 
    15,000 of the 20,000  employees of  JPM  and its mortgage division are being laid off.  This is almost 5% of their head count. 
    If people making a substantial income in the high 5 low 6 figures sees the sequester–OR WORSE–affecting their safe government jobs, this will ripple like a tsunami through the economy. These people are in the know and have been warned repeatedly that their jobs are on the line.
    Even the McDonald type fast food restaurants are seeing small low single digit drops in revenues just when food inventory prices are increasing 10-12%.  This seems to be creating a perfect storm in retail.  2013 will be interesting IMO
    It does not matter who you voted for, BHO, Romney, Johnson or Paul, Steve is correct.  Things are starting to unravel even more at the edges.   And no matter what was on the minds of the voters,  it’s clear that the government can’t tax or spend the working class to prosperity. But the government can tax and spend us to poverty.
    My only suggestion here is buy whatever staples you can afford, even if you set aside stacking for a month or two.  The basics, canned meats, rice, beans, canned veggies and fruits, EDIBLE OILS AND SUPPLEMENTS, dried protein powder and cleaning goods while they are still cheap is a good plan. 
    If you can find one of the restaurant supply chains that are now selling to the public, your deals can even be better. If we don’t  yet see shortages, you front run inflation for a while.   If we do see short term shrotages, you beat the bet twice over.  Good hunting and good fortune to all the readers.

    • AGXIIK.  Panama is experiencing terrible inflation now.  They are not even being subtle about it.  We are not experiencing shortages on the shelves, just higher prices.  Seems to be regular.  In the supermarket the prices just go higher once they replenish the shelves.  Gas is over 4 bucks.  Buses and taxis have gone up a lot.  Wages are not going up.  Our electricity and water has gone up also.  Huge increases.  Real estate is gone up also.  There is plenty of jobs here but wages are very low.  12 to 20 dollars per day is the average wages.  Oh, rents have gone up a lot.  Used to be able to find a good house to rent for 150 bucks per month.  Now it is over 200 bucks for the same house.  Oh, these aren’t qaulity houses.  Hard to pay this much rent on the wages I just described.  I am noticing food qaulity in restaurants get worse and worse as they try to cut corners also.  Oh, the quality of goods is getting worse and worse.  Our Chinese goods are normally broken before we even get it home.  Clothing falls apart after only 2 washings for example.  I don’t think these people can take a whole lot more of this kind of abuse before they start protesting.  Not a good situation here. 

    • AGXIIK- Great post.  I also see a lot of what you are talking about here in Portland, Oregon.  There seems to be a slowdown in consumer buying.  We are witnessing empty shelves of ammo everywhere.  I actually got lucky recently at a Walmart and found some ammo on the shelf.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was a 3 box maximum.  Big 5 had 2 boxes of 40 cal on the shelf but that is all I could find anywhere.  No 223, 9mm, or 22 LR.  The coin shops are really low on their inventory.  Nobody is selling and the premiums are 5 bucks for ASE.  Very little junk silver left anywhere.  People are just not going to sell.  I have noticed that pawn shops have very little silver or gold bullion.   One place had a couple of eagles but they wanted 50 bucks for them.  What I do see all day long is sign spinners trying to get people to pawn their jewelry.  I’m sure most of these businesses will be gone soon.  People already have pawned their jewelry for easy cash.  People are really down to nothing that they can sell to keep it going.  With the payroll taxes, property taxes, and wages staying low, there is very little left from your paycheck.  You can feel a difference after the payroll taxes at the stores.  Little traffic and easy parking because nobody is buying stuff. 

    • No, it absolutely did not matter who you voted for in the 2012 presidential election.  The fix was well and truly in and the ballot box was stuffed according to the script.  End of story.  What this means, of course, is that we now no longer have the ability to settle our problems with ballots instead of bullets.  When the elective process itself is compromised to this extent it is GAME OVER for liberty, save for that which can be wrenched from the clawed hands of tyrants.  As was said in one of the Star Wars movies: “So this is how liberty dies; to thunderous applause.”
      As to WalMart… they seem to have well and truly shot themselves in the foot… or maybe a couple of feet higher up.  Their ammo supply sucks baboon butt these days and the MANY people, who used to go there to get ammo and pick up numerous other things while they were there, are no longer doing so. It would not surprise me to discover that as many as 1 in 4 WalMart customers are in this group.  Maybe more.
      Last time my wife and I shopped at WalMart, we looked through the sporting goods section.  There were probably 2 dozen boxes of ammo in a large case that could hold hundreds of ammo boxes.  They had several deer and elk caliber rifle ammo boxes and about 15-20 boxes of mixed 12 and 20 ga. bird shot shells.  That was it!  No .22 LR, no AK or AR ammo, no .308 ammo, and no 9 mm or .45 ammo… at all.  To top off all this BS was a sign that said they were limiting their customers to 3 boxes of ammo per day.  HA! 3 boxes?  Of what?
      This IS going to bite them in the butt and it is pretty clear that it is already starting to do just that.  Good on ya, WalMart.  This fake ammo shortage is a lot of BS and it IS going to cost you for participating in this charade!  Let me know when you get some Chinese AK-47 ammo back in stock.  THAT would bring me back to shop.  Until then, Hasta la screw you!

    • All part of the program, Duck.  Once people get desperate enough, they will pawn the guns.  Just need to turn the screws a little tighter is all.
      Nice to hear that you are from PDX.  I’m in the Couve… as they say.  🙂

  2. SRSrocco…Fekete was recently on with Max Kaiser, schooling Max on the importance of the gold basis and how it differs from backwardation.  As you point out it has been checkmate for the dollar for some time now.  FOFOA just put out a great piece on it. It’s the type of drill down that’s right up your alley. In fact I think your EROI work is the answer to FOFOA’s ‘puzzle’ paradox at the end of his essay.

  3. SRSRocco has a knack for stimulating some great comments here.
    While we are all beginning to see the status quo wear progressively thinner; it is sad to observe just how few of our friends, family, etc have done anything to prepare for even a minor distrubance in the supply chain. We know there’s millions living paycheck to paycheck, or now fully dependent upon govn’t subsidies.
    When the supply chain breaks, these folks with no reserves are going to turn to family and friends first. The vast majority of whom now ‘think’ they are well off because they are still functioning productively in this status quo with servicable debt/credit loads. There will be precious little in the way of REAL goods and assets set aside to lend amongst most whom now consider themselves ‘well off’; let alone when it comes time to offer shelter to those less fortunate.
    I recall many first-hand accounts from contributors here and on other blogs regarding how quickly things can change when the money dies… Agxiik; your advice is well given and we must do what we can to maintain and stock responsibly while goods are still relatively plentiful.

  4. Heck in my area the towns are trying to break up the school board and get their schools back in their towns hands. I live in a town of 1300 people and it costs us over 3 million for school taxes for about 100 kids max, it’s getting so ridiculous.
    Lots of towns here in Maine are going to feel the cutbacks when the time comes as Maine is the #1 welfare state in the union, hell we have people coming to Maine from Mass because they get better welfare benefits.
    People are just starting to wake up and down the road their are going to be a lot of very unhappy people when their benefits start getting cut. Keep Stacking We As A Group See The Shit Happening All Around Us and we don’t need anyone one to tell us because our eyes have been opened.

    • Indeed, Charlie.  One of the marvelous things about the SD gang is that none of us stops thinking once a solution is provided.  We continue to think about it, whether or not the solution presented will actually work, what will happen if the solution ends, etc.  Yes, I started taking my SS benefits last fall but if they were to come to an immediate halt for any reason, the generous portion of them that I have converted into silver and more recently gold will continue to support me for a good while.  Social schemes that offer payment of money for votes instead of being productive ARE coming to an end.  The SD gang sees this and is busy finding alternatives to  it.  Not that a lot of us are receiving free bennies but we know that those who are will get mighty upset when the Gov stops feeding and stroking them.  This is why we stack the essentials:  food, water, meds, ammo, fuel, and silver.  All will have their place when the SHTF… and from the look of things these days, it won’t be long.  Make stack while the sun shines… whatever.  😉

  5. Not only at Wal-Mart, but the ‘going-out-of-business’ condition with product stocks appears to be showing up at Target stores and places like Home Depot as well.
    At one Target store, when the sales guy was asked why all brands and styles of shower caps were completely sold out, he jokingly replied, ‘It seems everybody bought them when the rains came last week.’  So, weird things are finally happening that should catch everyone’s attention…

    • “So, weird things are finally happening that should catch everyone’s attention…”
      Indeed they are.  Many of these oddball things will not seem to be related but they are related in various ways that are not at all obvious.  Supply chain break-down will occur in various ways.  The Just In Time system is the most efficient way to resupply stores and businesses but it is also the least robust.  It is easily broken and like an old-time string of series-wired Christmas lights, once a single bulb goes out anywhere in the chain, the rest of the bulbs in the chain will go dark as well.

  6. I am even seeing it here in the middle of nowhere, local walmarts half stripped of product, what is there is 10%+ higher in price than a few months ago. Tomorrow I am on a primer and powder hunt to stock that area. Anyone has any small pistol primers to sell I am buying….

  7. Go to “” and check ANY type ammo and literally 98% of EVERYTHING is out of stock! Sellers and manufacturers have been restricted to filling orders for the government first, and since they are buying so much, there is nothing left for the citizens.
    Who needs gun control when you can control the ammo? By the way, Uncle Sam is up to 1.9 billion rounds now with no end in sight. Remember…it’s not the gun that kills, it’s the …..AMMO!  (snicker). Chris Rock did a bit on that…“We don’t need guns control, we need bullet control!”
    What a tact, it’s cheaper, (in government dollars), to buy up all the foreseeable ammo production than it is to disarm the public, and they end up with all the ammo to boot! Win/win for them. Just like guns and ammo, when it can’t be had, everybody wants it and prices double and triple, so will go the metal’s value.
    Food, water, metals, first aid, guns and ammo are paramount at this stage of the game……and I do mean game! God gave us brains to use them! Most on this site are using them already, just remember the essentials as it is likely going to get really ugly, pretty soon. Our society and economy are so much more fragile than most realize and almost nobody prepares for rough times. Most think the government will prevent anarchy……..good luck with that. If anything, they will be causing more anarchy.
    Live long and prosper…………

    • “Go to “” and check ANY type ammo and literally 98% of EVERYTHING is out of stock! Sellers and manufacturers have been restricted to filling orders for the government first, and since they are buying so much, there is nothing left for the citizens.”
      While that is no doubt true for some types of ammo, what about foreign produced AK-47 ammo?  It is made in Russia, China, and a dozen or so eastern European countries in HUGE amounts, yet it too is “out of stock”.  Not many US Gov orders out there for AK ammo and dedicating US ammo maker time and equipment to Gov contracted ammo doesn’t wash for this caliber either.  
      What about lowly .22 rim-fire ammo?  It is not used by the Gov, is produced in the billions of rounds, yet is virtually unavailable these days.  I’ve been wanting to buy a few bricks of these.  They used to sell them for cheap, yet suddenly, they are “sold out” or simply “unavailable”.
      No, this is starting to stink like last month’s fish.  This is NOT a shortage of ammo so much as a Gov pogrom against guns via choking off the supply of ammo and reloading components.

  8. Yes Silver Slicker and Ed B, it’s a common complaint about Walmart and the on line ammo sites. Gun shows and private party sales are the best places to find ammo today unless you’re a reloader.
    Mary B, try a gun show for primers. I’ve seen some at the last Reno show. I’m still amazed that these shows are still offered in California, not that I would cross the border to CA unless it was an emergency.
    As far as I am concerned the Walmart family, each of the 5 members worth about $30 billion, have probably sold their souls to the NWO to keep their place in line. But, give the devil his due, they do stock tons of 20 gauge shells. Each box is 100 rounds and costs $25. 3 boxes is 300 rounds, $75. That’s a lead future. Usable, tradable and good to have around
    A few trips and pretty soon you have 1,000 rounds. 000 shot can be found as Bg 5 and other places along with BB rounds. This is a good home defense gun but you avid shotgun shooters know it can work in many other ways. There are ways of modifying 7 shot shells to act much tougher.. If you’ve ever seen the you tube video about cut shells, a simple cut around the shell just above the shell cup line and you have a slug that’s filled with 7 shot. Check the video and see what happens when a cheapie 7 or 8 bird shot is turned into a cut shell. It’s devastating. There is no running away from that blaster. It hits like a ton of bricks and is the ‘poor man’s slug’
    Big 5 and other retailers have sales on the Mossberg 12 gauge but they will order a 20 gauge mossy with the two barrel package—18 and 26 inch. 12 gauge ammo is still pretty plentiful as is 20 gauge; for now. I hear that they don’t do a Brady check if you present a CCW.
    Don’t me wrong, I’m not waltzing over to the small gauge side of the street but my firearms trainer likes the 20 G. Women are more comfortable with the lower recoil and what the heck, one 20 G and 500 rounds of 7 shot and a few dozen 000 buck. You are pretty well stocked.
    I do like my Taurus Judge for the smaller 410 shells and 45 Long Colt but that’s a handful and not particularly useful unless you want to scare someone half to death. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

    • “Gun shows and private party sales are the best places to find ammo today unless you’re a reloader.”
      Indeed so, AG.  It is especially good when you KNOW someone who has connections!  😉
      “Don’t me wrong, I’m not waltzing over to the small gauge side of the street but my firearms trainer likes the 20 G. Women are more comfortable with the lower recoil and what the heck, one 20 G and 500 rounds of 7 shot and a few dozen 000 buck. You are pretty well stocked.”
      Yeah, I can see where you are coming from with this but man, I just GOTTA have the solid slam to the shoulder that a big load of buckshot or a slug has from the mighty 12-ga.  Damn!  All this talk about shotguns makes me wish I had my Gramps old 10-ga. goose gun.  Single shot, exposed hammer, 28″ barrel, 3.5″ of total whup-ass, good on geese at 80+ yards.  Now, THAT was a waterfowl gun.  😀
      “I do like my Taurus Judge for the smaller 410 shells and 45 Long Colt but that’s a handful and not particularly useful unless you want to scare someone half to death. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.”
      No, it’s not.  Looking down the 6.5″ barrel of my Ruger Single Six in .41 Remington Magnum would not be a lot of fun for anyone entering my home uninvited, either.  That sucker must look like the muzzle of a cannon when seen close up.  That’s about 1000 ft-lbs. of whup-ass x 6 and not to be trifled with lightly.

  9. A $100 bill, or as commonly referred, a dollar, will not even fill my truck.
    Like everyone, I shop sales for prep items.  With the ammo shortages, I see everyone milling around in a panic, money in hand but nothing to buy.  Sporting good retailers are frustrated.  Screw China-Mart and I live in AR.
    Any wagers Doc on what the first quarter GDP will be?  Contest?

  10. Sheep Dog   First Q GDP.   It depends on who is  lying to whom about it. 
    Official GDP announcement by BLSBS?  Probably a small,  seasonally adjusted, post hurricane Sandy positive print to counter the negative GDP number for last quarter. 4th Q was a  negative .1%.
     I’d guesstimate  First Q?  Plus .1%—-not too big a lie, just enough to pass the bulls*** sniff test and give the Obama team the talking points’  “See, you reelected me and all the bad stuff is behind us”. 
    The government can’t afford to show  two quarters negative.  But the reality of the situation is the 4th quarter of 2012 was  well over negative .1%.  Some say that it was more like 3% negative on an annual basis. 
    The real GDP decline for first Q will probably be worse than the fourth Q since Europe is having some really bad problems that are hitting the US and the earnings for the big multinational corporations. Some say they stink on ice.
    So I will guesstimate that we will have a real GDP negative on an annual basis that comes to about 4-5%. The budget problems, sequester, Obamacare reduction in force in the private sector, drop in equities, higher taxes and much lower consumer spending will  start hammering us by the end of March.  The second Q will be nothing less than a beast followed by a long hot summer. I would not be surprised to hear unemployment goes back over 8%.  Let’s just say 2013 will be negative 5% real world and the government will run some crap that it’s only 1.5% negative.  Blame it on sunspots, Republicans, sequesters, the war somewhere, Europe problems.
    Party on until the Soylent Green and EBT cards run dry.

  11. @AGX12K, 
    Agreed!  Pointless statement!  The number will be whatever they want to manufacture.  Everything is manipulated.
    How bout this for inflation – 24 months ago you could buy 1,000 rounds of 5.56/223 for $299.  This morning received my CTD email for the same rounds, 300 for $399!  From .30 cents a round to $1.33 per round.  
    Just wait till gas gets $6-7 gallon.  Talkin’ bout pooh hittin’ the fan!

  12. Sheepdog  
    Roger that  I got the same email.  Even though these were the green tip 62 gr penetrators, the price was ridiculous.  Same for the 45 cal.  I went over to the rimfire section and found Aquila 22 cal.  The price for a brick was reasonable until I checked the fine print.  This was powerless low weight bullet fired by the primer.  Wow!  nice for making noise but not suitable for long guns.  I think I’ll go to carson for an ammo run and maybe a 20 gauge.  I moved a 22 cal blaster yesterday to a friend so maybe it’s time to go bigger.  Gas prices?  That ‘tax’ is going to hurt as much as the 2% tacked back on to the payroll tax. I’m thinking there’s a breaking point.  Good luck in your search.  I’ve got email ‘wants’ at several sites, Natchez, CTD and Sportsmanguide. 

    • Taxes?  You want taxes?  I refilled my liquor cabinet with two 1.75L bottles yesterday.  One was Scotch and one was bourbon.  The two of them set me back $63, $20 of which was tax.  Dammit!  They went from State Owned liquor stores to private liquor sales last year, saying that the cost of booze would drop due to competition.  Maybe it did but they just about tripled the tax to make up for and then exceed the old prices.  There’s GOT to be a better booze filling station out there somewhere.  Nevada?

  13. Ed B  It frustrates me no end to see how tax grabbing politcians will levy a toll on anything pleasurable.  Alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, sex and anything else with one iota of enjoyment is grist for the tax mill. 
    In Nevada,  prostitution has limited legality in certain counties. It’s  highly taxed from what I heard but how they calculate this toll escapes me. Maybe they use one of those McDonald schemes.  ‘Over 1,000,000 happy customers served’.  Kind of a turnstile thing, maybe.
    Even more aggravating is the pompous  pious, holy-than-thou attitude of these twits, with their do-as-I-say, don’t-do-as-I-do, attitude spewed on the sheeples while they suck up every drop of alcohol, ounce of cavier,  piece of filet, cigars and as much sex as these porn addled jackasses can consume—and all done on the lobbyists nickel. 
    While I took up some modest amount of alcohol consumption after Ranger said he doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink, and if nothing else, I need to trust myself, the prices are an annoyance even with the reduced prices at the Costco or Walmart in Carson NV.

  14. PS  Cook County Chicago,  Illinois charges $6.67 per pack of smokes.  Now you know why the murder  rate is so high in Chicago. 
    And why Illinois bankrupt. 
    That does not explain why Detroit is FUBAR

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