We find it only slightly ironic that while capping gold and silver with its left hand, Uncle Sam’s right hand is giving 30% tax credits and rebates towards solar power purchases, of which a large component is of course silver.
Did you ever think you would see a federal SILVER SUBSIDY?
Federal subsidies which increase demand for PHYSICAL SILVER.  Just one more bullish factor for silver.

Just like subsidies for ethanol sent the price of corn soaring, subsidies for solar investments will drive silver prices.

Excerpt from Dr. Jeffrey Lewis’ latest:
Thanks to a tax credit worth 30% of the solar panel purchase price from the US Treasury, and low-cost, long-term financing, more companies are getting into the solar lease business.  Google will fund a $300 million residential solar panel investment.  Bank of America raised a $2.6 billion fund to do the same for commercial buildings.

Through 2015, the silver industry now has a very artificial, but beneficial, price floor at the current price of $35 per ounce.  The tax credits for solar expire on December 31, 2015, though there is little resistance to continuing the program under the guise of energy independence.

Should silver prices double in the same time, the net-effect on solar panel costs will drop through 2017, when solar panels are expected to cost just $1 per watt.  As silver is consumed in solar production, the price for silver will rise, even as solar panel investments make more sense in a low-interest rate environment.

We stand by the reality that inflationary pressures will drive future silver prices.  But now silver has a new outlet, propelled by monetary inflation and the necessary rise in energy prices that come with it. 

This is a no-brainer for silver investors.  Just like subsidies for ethanol sent the price of corn soaring, subsidies for solar investments will drive silver prices.  Silver is, after all, the only component in solar panel developments that is rising in price.  Get ready for the next move up.

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  1. Solar is such a scam. They charge you $30k for a "solar system" which costs them about $3k in solar panels and parts. Then they tell you "It's worth it because you get back 30% in tax credits and rebates." I've got a better idea. Double the price of the solar panels and parts (i.e., to $6k) and sell them to me for that price without any fricken government "tax credit or rebate." Then I'll "go solar."

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