brotherjohnfBrotherJohnF’s discusses this week’s plunge in Apple, and a new anti-silver video that has recently surfaced and gone viral in his latest Silver Update:
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    • Tyrone,
      Any event, whether big or small will trigger the financial collapse even sooner. Apple for instance is a clue to tech stocks falling out of favor very rapidly and Apple has the highest percentage on the Nasdaq. I don’t believe that the Silver shortage is the cause for Apple’s stock to decline, but other internal issues and competition by Samsung. Samsung apparently has no problem with aquiring the silver needed to build even better products now than Apple is producing.  There is so much Bullshit being put out about the recovery that is afterall not happening and the mainstream media supports and reports anything the government tells them to report. Earnings reports are not accurate in the profits reported. I believe that many didvidends are being paid out of corporate capital acounts rather than earnings. This is another false venue that corporations display as they have hopes that the economy will actually improve. General Motors produces 70% of their automobiles in China which buyers are not aware. What I am saying in short, there is a mask over, pave over by the major corps and The U S government to keep the ball rolling on a basis to make our population believe that all is well, and it is certainly on a fatal course of financial collapse of a great magnitude. Watch (DXY = U S Dollar in a basket of currencies) and the 10 year Bond and you will see that the interest rate is going gradually higher which of course means the Treasuries are selling off. You can rest assure in my opinion that the dollar will evaporate by spring and or sooner with any Black Swan event and there are many out there in the financial world that could happen momentarily. For example JPM has 2 Trillion in assets and 79 Trillion in derivatives that are becoming worthless day by day, Bank America, Goldman Sachs and the Big 4 or 5 banks run a close second in derivatives 20 times or better of their assets. Remember this also that the banks are required to buy U S Treasuries so the Fed can pay a profit to the U S Treasury.
      When the collapse happens it will be an overnight event. Banks will shut down, credit card companies will shut down and all Hell will break loose! Shadowstats currently shows a -2.10% GDP growth rate, the government shows almost 2%. GDP growth rate. Go figure who is actually telling the truth.

    • SLV added  571.63 tonnes (183 million ounces) of silver. 
      HSBC -SLV Custodian- in 2012, secured $876 million worth of silver from KGHM -Polands super silver producer, one of the top 3 in the world- which at market prices is maybe around 30 million ounces…
      That leaves around 150 million ounces of SLV’s new silver unaccounted for.
      Hopefully some of the silver sleuths out there will pursue this as its a big deal. Maybe HSBC just pulled an MFGlobal and pilfered all of COMEX’s registered and eligible silver stock. <sarc> The CFTC would only shrug its shoulders so why not.

  1. I’m afraid once again BrotherJohn only sees what he wants to see.   A much better take is the Silverfuturist.
    Ask yourself the questions.   If there is so little Silver why is there so much of it at junk fairs and auctions going for less than spot?   Why are there no high street shops begging to buy people’s unwanted Silver?
    Oh!   of course,  it’s a giant conspiracy and everyone is in on it.   All the big players at the Comex who could take delivery in an instant are just doing what they are told by Mr. Big.
    Wake up.   The Silver Conspiracy story is good for the business of all the people selling Silver.
    I like and own Silver but I’m a realist and don’t see it as my lottery ticket to the good life anytime soon.

    • I can see it skyrocketing in a panic followed by credit collapse, way shown by Exter’s pyramid. And there will be shortage of good money especially of silver then, if not already.
      Anyone saying there can’t be shortage is lacking ability to comprehend the scale of divergence between possible supply and potential demand. There’s only 1/7 oz of physical supply per world capita per year. After industrial use, 1/20 oz that is.

    • Lots of silver sites telling about the silver shortage. But they also buy and sell silver, why don’t they talk about any issues that they might have with obtaining silver to make and sell their rounds?

  2. Hi-Pardon my ignorance (should have paid attention in economics 101).  
    I just purchased some metals/got out of stock market and have read most of the articles on this site.  
    From my perspective, the current U.S. administration controls almost everything in this country-media, newspapers, banks, money printing, the masses, etc.  
    If I understand things correctly-They cannot control the price of silver and gold and metal prices could go way up and there is nothing they could do about it?  And it could happen soon?
    Thanks for any possible clarity anyone could provide.

    • You’ve got it. They can’t print metal and especially silver is so tiny market. Doubling of physical  investment demand from 150 million oz to 300 million oz would break the world market for shure. In example, if every tenth of the chinese people want an ounce. Or 1/2 of US citizens. 
      1oz per chinese citizen would eat more than world supply. Also every North American wanting 1 oz would do the same.
      There will be a panic to wealth preservating, counterparty risk free assets, and that will guarantee the moonshot for silver. And once it occurs, it will stay there for some time.

  3. I watched the original video on YouTube  yes the points you raised are correct, although his argument about the percentage of the world crust is interesting. I don’ think he has thought this through though. Isn’t 2/3 of the world covered by Ocean? Therefore most of the silver is inaccessible. For a man who says do the analysis, he didn’t quite ask the right questions, my first question would be, how much per Oz will it cost to get the harder silver that’s in the crust from the ground? 68th most abundant  I looked at some British statistics, the Brits have been doing Geological research for a lot longer and this is the list they come up with, according to the risk list 2012
    PDF download here.
    This highlights what metals are most at risk through supply. If you notice, Silver and for that matter Nickel are much more at risk of becoming short in supply for manufacture than Gold. This is why Nickel is being taken out of coins at the greatest of knots and being replaced by Iron.
    So maybe we should be stacking the Nickel as well, oh and as for a kicker, copper which is just there at the bottom of the list. 🙂

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