BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:  Silver Conspiracy

  1. Hey Dude!!  LMAO That guy sure is off the wall, young and I wouldn’t call that constructive. To me that’s was pure harassment and lots of anger in his voice and a lot more than crude. It’s the problem we are facing when it comes to the internet, every fool thinks they are smarter than who they are listening too.
    Now they have youtube  to voice their opinions which I guess is one of the freedoms we have left. Freedom of Speech.
    The guy also sounds if he stoned or something. LMAO

    Keep going Brother John you still have at least one follower. Thumbs Up

  2. Hi BJF.
    99% of us watch your silver charts, and get your point.  Your explanations of price movements are clear and understood.  Perhaps this 1% paper trader ridicules, because his ability to make massive profits will expire with the greater exposure of the manipulations.  Keep up the good work and ignore these imbeciles.

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