BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
LIBOR Lackeys

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  1. Quite a while ago, I was very active on Doug Gnazzo’s ‘Honest Money Report’ website (a bevy of commentators easily as fascinating as this group) and it was Doug’s view also, that the Japanese Yen is the single most revealing of the currencies to watch for ‘the flag of surrender’.

    • Yeah I doubt it too.

      Bond market is about to implode. All the idiots leased out silver at 0% interest rate will be scrambling to cover soon.

      LOL this will be hilarious

  2. Glad to see Brother JohnF up and running again although I’m sad I didn’t win any of his OZ’s Lol I see the Yen being changed pretty shortly to a new currency as they default and as for the Libor scandle there is a lot going on there we don’t even know about yet and their trying to keep it under wraps but I think it’s going to explode and we are going to be shocked at the outcome. Tinfoil Hat and all.

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