Gold liesBrotherJohnF discusses the German gold repatriation (or complete lack thereof) as well as China’s gold demand soaring to new record highs in his latest Silver Update:
Gold Lies

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  1. This is only one minor aspect of gold mono-metalism that I revile. The ‘value’ is ascertained under conditions of covetously hoarded amounts, the … claimed … volumes of which are politically manipulated.

    In the poly-metallic scheme, where natural ratios of abundance are more easily determined from mine recovery figures, values of the monetary metals pivot around those metrics … keeping each of the metals in fairly consistent ranges against each other.

    And, I agree with Brother John, in that gold’s banknote value ought to be ten times the present … ameliorated by adding in silver and copper for ‘small money’ … and further structural ‘load-spread’ into platinum and rhodium, above gold.

    • I suggest that the value of gold in banknotes should be MANY times higher than it is now, not merely 10 times higher.  Of course, there is no law that says the value of the gold and silver we have should equal the amount of banknotes that have been printed but having an equilibrium there WOULD settle any number of financial imbalance issues.
      The abundance of silver being about 9.3x that of gold suggests that silver should be worth about 1/10th that of gold or so and not the current 1/60th or so.  Not sure about copper, though.  There is a HUGE amount of copper out there.  So much, in fact, that its mining is reported in tons rather than in ozs.  SGTReport used to publish the total amounts of various metals produced around the world and these figures were updated regularly.  For some reason, though, they stopped doing that.  :-/

  2. There could be a lot of conspiracies thoughts here. Gold should be at $12,000 an ounce you say. I believe there is actually 3 prices for gold out here. The big governments price I bet is actually over $10,000 an ounce. Then there is the paper price banks an governments use to dump an flush the price down instantly. 1 ounce real to 100 paper making it paper price worth for the governments in the excess of $12,000. Then there is the public price $1,300. The leasing game is nothing more then a toilet paper factory making 1 ounce to 100 sheet to a roll of paper. China is buying all this gold in mega huge volumes an the price is actually been going down. Tip here is its all governments are in on the gold scam. Trust me here its just getting laundard there in china. Then next stop is  the NWO of world banking. It seems to me all the gold warehouse stocks are being depleted an turned into paper form. So the next plan for them here would lodgicaly be to make the pm all but disappear so to cause it to default in the comex. They need to make all there pm secrets disappear. Like the gold in fort knox, The manipulation of the pm, And the Shorting of the price of pms an who made the illegal money on the puts, And why they robbed the American people an the rest of the world on the pm price scandal. And to do this the stock market is the answer. They will have to dump hard an take the comex with it into a default. And then the government comes in an freezes prices an even make it against the law to own again. And by doing this all is covered up. An there is an open door now for the new one world currency. Germany didn’t want there gold back? They would of just asked for the dollar value of it so then they could of bought it on the open market. Could all this be over 50% true an the other 50% the future stock market crash coming?

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