BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
Central Planning


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  1. BJF mentions two thing here that I thought were really important. 1. Islands of socialism: This is the very reason that socialism/communism must have global domination. Just as there can be no competition in markets there also can be no competition in ideas. No one can be allowed to see a side by side comparison of ideologies because they know their system of slavery to the state is lacking and would eventually be rejected for free markets and natural law . 2. Bullion dealers hedging: If dealers couldn’t hedge then would they have an on again off again business model that couldn’t be sustained? In order to profit they would only sell when they could cover costs and make a profit. That is where stackers are isn’t it. Who would sell at a loss? No One.  I don’t think hedging makes them part of the problem with respect to manipulation. I certainly don’t want them out of business. Question: If they didn’t hedge they would of course be forced to sell always above their own costs in physical regardless of current prices. Would that result in physical buyers not being able to take advantage of volatility in the market? IE one could rarely buy on a dip. Just thinking

    • What if you are correct RRG, and they can’t run the model any longer…  Suppose they then become a consignment intermediary or the like, matching buyers with sellers and verifying authenticity as well as acting as an escrow to the transaction… Or, suppose they become just a large stacker much like a retailer, through volume discount they are able to distribute at an inflated but more continuous price above what they are able to procure bullion for… or suppose the dealers have accounts through the shanghi exchange, and are able to hedge as they currently are able to on the comex…

  2. I really don’t understand any of this as an issue for Gold and Silver value. Heck I have my large stack of both, but still
    in no man’s land wondering about the future values. Charts to me don’t mean a thing and manipulating charts is about
    as blatant as the Cartel’s manipulation of metals prices to keep currencies strong. Has anyone ever thought what Solid currency
    would be allowed to trade Gold and Silver? if and when the dollar fails? As long as the central planners of the world still
    make the population believe that their currency will buy homes, groceries and other necessities, fiat could possibly last forever
    in this game we play. It is true however that FIAT currency has never survived in any country worldwide for more than 235 years
    and we are now beyond that tale in time. If Gold is to be a new standard of sovereign debt and trading, no country would be
    on a level playing field if their Gold reserves were less than others. How would that work? Who would set the value? People
    think that the West has the most Gold Reserves???? That needs to be proven beyond any Tungsten forgeries. I believe the truth
    is that there are lies beyond what is believed to be true.

    I am aware of all global factors that affect our economy as the expansion of credit 50 years ago which gave way to the buy
    now and pay later generation was exposed to credit cards, and the governments and banks saw the advantage. 

    So, where do we go from here?

  3. We need to get back to Our Constitution and get away from these Socialist ideas that are ruining this Country with the help of the Elite and bought off Politicians and the planned 21 Agenda which includes Comprehensive Plans in towns and cities across this Country and those towns and cities where paid of with cheap loans and DEBT by their prospective States. Makes me puke.

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