The idea of wealth accumulation though the machineries of bank-orchestrated loans and accounts is fools gold.

Silver is the breaker of addictions to false gods of paper and FIAT currency. 
Gold is the foundation to wealth accumulation without the ministrations of the banker elites.

I’ve concluded that gold and silver scares bankers like nothing I’ve seen short of a vampire or zombie scaring a small child.  My case is a good example.

It took me 3 years, from 2009 to 2012,  to break my habits of the banking paradigm,  considering digital debt and currency being a good thing, piling it on even a better thing, either for me or clients,  replete with tons of FIAT currency and personal guaranties that would scare a saint.
Breaking the addiction of easily tradeable  paper assets was also quite hard, much like the addiction to drugs or anything else that provided a ‘hit’.
The idea of owning gold and silver was difficult for me to accept since it required a real commitment, a long term time-line and patience holding an asset that produced no discernible income, just the cost of storage. (ZIRP fixed that concern)
Being embedded in the paper empire of banking, brokerages and financial institutions is very seductive for those without the intelligence to see what they have become; what they do(intentionally or unintentionally) to themselves and others.
It is very easy to remain trapped in that empire, like a bug in amber. It’s very comfortable to continue with business as usual.  Or at least until business stops dead in its tracks.

If you want to see someone who has real problems facing reality, you should see a banker who has lost his 6 figure income and not a single skill set to offer another employer. Some bankers I know have worked for 6 different banks within a 4 year period, often ending up with their old employer when their new bank is bought out by the former bank.
Bankers live in constant fear. 
Fear of keeping up with the sales of at least 6 high profit product lines, keeping up loan volume,  making sure the customers don’t rip off the banker or figure out how to gain an advantage over the bank,  being sure that customers are current on their loan and not going to default on a loan the banker made, fear they will lose their job to any one of 10 other unemployed bankers who will  take his job and work for less.
Other than a decent paycheck, a title  and a credit card with which to take clients to lunch regularly (bankers are generally rotund—me included) this is a high stress job. It occurs to me that bankers are offered the feed bag credit card as another addictive mechanism, keeping them docile, saturated with fatty carbs and alcohol courtesy of the ubiquitous JPM Chase card.  Got serotonin?

These are general musings but it is clear that Chase (JPM and its machinations) fears gold and silver.
Silver the breaker of addictions to false gods of paper and FIAT currency. 
Gold is the foundation to wealth accumulation without the ministrations of the banker elites.
The idea of wealth accumulation though the machineries of bank-orchestrated loans and accounts is fools gold,  in my opinion. 

  1. So, looking ahead to that utopian time when fiat/fractional is no more… we need practical plans ready to hit the ground running when the old system crashes.
    We either transform our whole country into local hubs where everything people need can be obtained locally so they can pay directly with PMs, or we find a practical, simple, and secure way to transfer funds at a distance.

    • I think the option number one is the best right now which is to “transform our whole country into local hubs where everything people need can be obtained locally so they can pay directly with PMs”. Because that way, people will learn to work together as bartering instead of swearing and fight with each others like today. Nowadays, I only see people working on their own.

  2. Amen AGIIK!  I am a credit union president that woke up about two years ago.  I always had this nagging feeling ever since I started in finance but just needed some real knowledge to set me free.  Unfortunately, I am basically stuck in this profession since, as you stated, I do not have any skills of real value to offer anyone-at least that they can see.  I have applied to be a laborer and people look at my past experience and basically laugh and say there’s no way I want to REALLY work-even though I can actually work circles around most any laborers I know.  I am actually working on a payment system concept that I am trying to get off the the ground but am having difficulties with the hardware end of things.  It is something unlike anything that is being used in the US and the banks will hate it, so if anyone can help, please let me know.  I would love to have a chance to speak with AGXIIK as we share similar views but at different points in life-I am mid 30s and I think you are in the 60s?  We must try to innovate our way out of things before we are faced with force against us.  I wish I would have recorded the conversation I had with my state examiner when I asked him about holding metal as part of our reserves and I was met with some package government response.  I got into credit unions after working in banks and finance companies thinking that they possessed different values and business committments-I was wrong.  Credit Unions used to be for the people but they have slowly morphed into the little kid that just wants to be like his big brother the bank.  There are a few credit unions still out there operating as a credit union really should, but they are few and far between and cu funds are unfortunately and increasingly held with large banks.  It’s all connected now.

    • We are among the fortunate few who have a CU that is really good.  They understand that we are not their clients, we are their owners. Service is all they have to sell and they know it, so offer excellent service and no runaround at all.  I keep some of my phyzz in a SDB there and consider it about as secure as any other method available to us.  They have a very heavily constructed vault, monitored 24/7 video and sonic alarm systems with battery backup and off-site data storage, and a branch of the local country sheriff’s office just a couple of blocks away.  This would be the same sheriff’s department that won the state pistol shooting championship several years running.  😀

  3. To quote Billy Joel “we didn’t start the fire.” The bankers did. We didn’t light it, but we on the Silverdoctors website are trying to fight it! Keep up the good work everybody. Remember if God is with us, who could be against us.

    • “Remember if God is with us, who could be against us.”
      The legions of The Damned?  😉
      That’s OK, though.  They will fare no better than Lucifer did against St. Michael.  Our boots will surely meet their butts.  😉

    • Well said! That “fire” is still not big enough to get everyone’s attention but it is growing at a fast rate as we move on. Our physical precious metals are like shields that protect us against that fire. If people don’t wake up right now, then that fire will “burn” them.

  4. All great points AGXIIK.  I certainly see the world in a different light since I have started stacking.  I see the people and the trappings of supposed paper-credit wealth and now always in the back of my mind, “yes, but is it paid for?”.

    I am in my early thirties and have a decent stack but thankfully didn’t buy into the whole buy-your-life-now-and-pay-later scheme.  It seems the idea of working twenty or thirty years to get a house went out the window along with many of the real jobs shipped elsewhere.
    At a party, people were discussing an extended family.  One was a “successful politician” (who had little skills outside his political career) and his supposedly less successful brother who had only a small house, a modest car and family but did have plenty of hands on skills.  I asked them if I were to liquidate all of my assets in order to get a loan and put a down payment on a four bedroom house and new Dodge Ram truck if that would make me “successful” too?  They didn’t really have an answer for me.

    • I hear you fonestar.  It is interesting to see the deer in headlights look when you pose a question like that to one of the sheep.  Don’t get me wrong, I was much the same way for many years.  I was forced to take a year off when I tried to expose corruption at my former CU and was blackballed as being too honest but then wound up at another CU that was in the aftermath of major fraud and corruption and was looking for an honest player.  It gave me time to read A LOT and allowed me to step away from it all for a moment at least.  It was a hard thing to deal with really-you have to accept some things that are completely against the brainwashing you have been subjected to since birth.  One of the best things I ever did was turn off the TV.  I have a roku player that I use to watch old shows on Netflix and documentaries but have not really watched “mainstream” TV for a couple of years-people treat me like an alien when they try to talk to me about useless info on celebrities and TV shows and I just say I don’t watch or follow any of that.  TV has just entrenched society into a highschool mentality of making everyone feel as though they need to “feel cool” and be just like the “in crowd’ of mindless drones.  Myself and God know my heart and real intentions and that is all I need-everything else is just useless.

    • Good to hear guy123.  I have been television free for several years, I enjoy computing and programming (as opposed to being programmed) in addition to reading and research.  I have come to view television, the mainstream media, Hollywood and all major label record companies as being the propaganda wing of the banksters.  I can’t stand the pre-fab pop stuff, I have actually changed my shopping habits in order to avoid stores and chains who insist on bombarding their patrons with mindless, incessant noise.

    • I also look at the world very differently than before ever since I first started to buy some precious metals. Before that, I wasn’t that much interested in new gadgets and fashions and I almost never watch television. I never try to convince fully the others about buying physical gold and silver because it’ll take too long for me to explain the fundamentals and it’s not worth my time and because the others don’t listen to me.

  5. guy 123  Keep the day job.  Working at a Credit union means you are more on the side of the good guys. I’ve knows quite a few CU employees and   CUs are one of the few remaining honest groups. You have a bully pulpit to see the paradigm for what it is, continue to stack and maybe even help a few folks see the system for what it is.  Continuing education is vitally important, whether you are the teacher or student.
      I’ll shoot an email to Doc to route my  cell number to you.  I’ll be out of town Dec 1-16, back on 17th.  Cell phone is always on.  My time zone will be Hawaii during that time. I’m searchng out some silver mines in the lava tubes. 

    • Thanks for the kind words AGXIIK.  I will probably be here until it all unravels.  I try to inform as many as possible without getting fired-although that might not be the worst thing.  I am not popular among my peers for my views but again, I am okay with not being the “cool” kid.  I have had luck with a few folks but it is difficult to essentially add to the problem everyday in conducting my work duties-I just want to tell them all to take their funds out and buy gold and silver!!!-I AM supposed to be here for the good of the members/people.  It is a fine line to walk but I am blessed to be working and will persevere in the end.  I look forward to talking sometime and hope you have a productive trip.

  6. Interesting article AGX. I repaired electronics for 27 years and in between electronic jobs I worked a few manual labor type positions and getting hired was hard. They were always afraid I would leave as soon as I found another electronics gig. But I am a jack of all trades type, I have built houses, wired, plumbed, did concrete work…

  7. Its good to have sultiple skills  Knowing how to handle anything electronic is very valuable.  Being handy with all phases of construction is a really vital ability. I still have the one basic skill of assessing businesses and finding loans for them. And maybe writing posts for silver doctors.  That is much more fun nowadays

  8. Excellent piece AGXiik,
    We are all struggling to navigate still being in the minority amongst the many still in the denial phase. @RocketsredGlare; thanks for the emedded video; it echoes the useful point about how best to help others: discover the truth for themselves vs. us bombarding them with the truth. After all, we have all been conditioned to interpret the truth as just someone’s opinion, at least until it can be verified; lol! Motivating someone in denial to begin seeking the truth is the trick; but they have to want to seek it for themselves.

    I started stacking in 2007 and went through the 5 phases of awakening well described and presented by Chris Duane in his Sons of Liberty and SBSS series. I didn’t realize I was suffering through the stages at the time… I enjoy reading this site because it is still uncluttered with trolls and spammers, and I hope to have time to add some content if it seems worthy.
     FWIW, I moved all my paper accounts into a credit union; including mortgage, etc several years back and have been slowly drawing down my accessable retirement accounts and coverting into the stack. Sadly, many of the large employers no longer allow you to withdraw from you 401k; only ‘borrow’ from it. I consider that portion of my earnings will likely get expropriated at some juncture.

    I’m very lucky to be working as an engineer with good salary in a good area of the economy; and I very been spending most of my free time working towards building a slef-sufficient hobby farm with my wife. Reaching the acceptance phase; i support Chris Duane’s effort to stive for abundance via acquired skills an knowledge of self sufficiency; how people took care of themselves and their families generations ago. The yearly cycle has become: Maple Syrup production in Feb; berries in the spring and early summer, garden tending and fall harvest; with approx 15 different fruit trees producing now… We started with chickens five years back, and will try our first broilers this spring; prepping up the pen now!We’ve got several acres of treed land and I found an old bandsaw mill on craigslist last summer; set it up and ran it to build my woodshed last fall, and am heating my home with mainly deadwood off the land the last 15 years.  If you can live the life of abundance or srtive towards it if you desire, your health improves, and you are becoming a better example for those whom may still be stuck- but searching for ways out of the current paradigm. Good luck to everyone here, it is great to read the comments posted.

    • Now it’s good that we are all fortunate enough to be awaken unlike the 98% of the people! In my case, I didn’t went like the five phases of awakening because I knew nothing about financials which is good because I wasn’t brainwashed about that subject. I started to become awake and buy some physical precious metals on November 2011.

  9. @Ed B:

    Ed, Ed, Ed!  You KNOW the old saying: “If you don’t HOLD it, you don’t OWN it!  Hey, if they said your CU vault was second to Ft. Knox the only thing you could be sure of is that your stash is ALREADY gone!

    PLEASE get your stuff out of that trap!   

  10. The banksters are fearing from gold and silver because if people starts to buy them and use them for their daily transactions, it will end their corrupt paper fiat system which means that they won’t have the control over the people anymore. The banksters might soon tell the president to ban the ownership of precious metals.

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