Gold and silver have been smashed early in Friday’s Asian trading ahead of the US BLS Report, with silver down $1 to $32, and gold smashed $25 through $1700 to $1690.
The cartel will do everything in it’s power to prevent a weekly close in gold above $1700 and silver above $32.50.
After 10 unsuccessful attempts to smash gold below $1700 Thursday, the cartel has finally dumped enough paper on the market to see gold penetrate the level to the downside.

We suspect however that much to Blythe’s dismay, gold’s stay in the $1600’s will be brief.

Both metals are due for a pause and minor correction after nearly 2 weeks of gains, but we expect the dip to be met with substantial physical acquisition and accumulation.



Gold finally smashed through $1700:

  1. The two lowest circles of hell are waiting for these treacherous liars and
    thieves. Micro expressions on Blythe Masters’ face during her infamous
    client silver hedging interview show her at times as if she was staring into her
    freely chosen fate of eternal despair. All for a few pieces of silver did she betray
    her fellow man. 

  2. I like it when they mash the price! It’s on sale, I want it to stay on sale for awhile longer! Once it takes off it will be time to buy all the survival things we haven’t bought yet. @ 150 pay small creditors, @ 500 long term food that was just to expensive before…

  3. At 8:30 we will have the Non Farm payroll report. The market expects 130,000 jobs added. I believe the number they release will be positive in the medias eyes. My guess is that it will be around 170,000-190,000 jobs added. We know this report is B.S. The report will look positive to help Obama win re-election. Gold and Silver should expect another smackdown around this time. But I believe it will recover by days end to close at: Gold $1710. Silver $32.60. 

    Once the smackdown occurs buyers will probably step in to take advantage of the price dip so they could get more phyz before a possible QE3 announcement next Thursday. 

    • In spite of the BLS BS, it is not difficult to get the REAL info from the US Treasury.  They publish this info and anyone can access it, so putting the lie to any statement made by the BLS is not difficult.  This comes from their daily withholding info, so it is legit and current.  It does not rely on any stupid survey that is mailed out to a small fraction of current employers and which is then “corrected” once no one really cares about it.  BLS data is ALWAYS corrected, so it is obviously wrong right from the start.  Why anyone would give these jokers any credence at all is amazing.  They certainly haven’t earned any.  But, I forget myself.  The MainScream media will be right in there, swallowing their crap wholesale and smiling about it.

  4. I had a couple of comments this AM on the PM price spikes. 
    1.  The more I read about the national mortgage fraud perpetrated on the American people with false and counterfeited documentation and signatures processed by the bankers,  the more I think it would be a good idea to wage a mortgage strike. 
    This is an add on to Jim Willie’s comment that we need a housing inventory value reset.  The only way to do that is force the bankers to accept that significant portion of their loans were conceived in a fraudulent manner.   This would not be wise for someone who can afford their mortgage easily since it is your home we are talking about. 
    It would be for  those who are up against it and can’t pay their mortgage and other debts.  If you are up to your waist in alligators the job of draining the swamp is not top on your mind.  If you have no spare cash after home costs and are struggling to feed your family, then  paying the home loan, taxes, insurance and all the heavy overhead of your home may not be worth it.  If you are able to rotate some of that cash to buying precious metals, silver paticularly, then this could be the way to built a life boat so that you and your family can start over. 
    I may catch heck for suggesting this but the more I review the basis for many of the mortgages taken out over the last 8 years, the more I am confident of my reasoning.  Recent articles also suggest that Australia and Canada are in the last phase of a housing bubble and their markets are due for a major reset.  Spain’s housing market is a good parallel to our market and getting worse by the minute. The Spainards are voting with their wallets and refusing to pay.

    I notice that Fidelity is advertising heavily.  That firm would not be my choice since they pay nothing on savings accounts and rehypothecate everything in their and your portfolio. The investments of their Money market accounts are questionable at best. But if you want to earn .01% on your money, go for it. LOL
    In many cities are experiencing water supply problems and promoting recycling of sewage for drinking water.  They call it toilet to tap. I call it crap to tap.  No matter how you filter sewage there are elements that can’t be removed. 
    This reminds me of the Draghi plan just rolled out early this week.  The new bonds have two elements.  Unlimited and sterilized.  This sounds like recycling sewage in my opinion.  Any time a politician or banker says UNLIMITED AND STERILIZED in the same breath  that is a good code for ‘something’s not right and will end badly’  These goofy bastards just don’t understand the meaning of either word but they sure sound good.
    I give this new plan 3-4 months before this plan fails. The PIIGS can suck up $1 trillion a month so early 2013 will be interesting.
    Nearly 400,000 people gave up looking for work and disappeared into the BLS equivalent of Soylent Green. That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Miami.

  5. IMO the dual assault (by the Good Guys and China, whoever is buying heavily) 
    on the Silver & Gold markets simultaneously is giving them FITS! No way they
    can keep up, especially if this is the coming “Public Inrush” our PMBugs
    have predicted for some time. If so, too late to get the cheap stuff, It’s all
    going to be pricey from here until the crash…

    I’ll still buy as long as I can, but let me be the first to say it,
    “OUR PRIVATE PARTY has been CRASHED!!!” 

    Let the profit run up phase BEGIN!  

  6. Volatility is the term applied to wild up-down price fluctuations. 
    This looks like a start to a solid run up in prices, maybe. Hoping
    it does get slammed, (down) but every day closer to a crash means
    less possibility of manipulations and price drops.

    I am a bit concerned about price drops that are manipulations, however,
    because that is usually done so the big naked shorts can cover their a$$.
    It reduces the available wholesale bullion on the primary markets, but I
    do mostly buy on the secondary markets, 90% coin and fine rounds at LCS
    and gonna start yard saling it as well 🙂 

    This current run-up will bring out the sellers and weak hands, so be ready to hit
    the LCS and other places, some individuals put out online ads and offer a better
    (higher) price than the shops do. I’m considering that.  

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