flash smashWe have well documented the fact that over the past few years, gold and silver are smashed on the FOMC release, with the smash nearly always culminating early Thursday morning. 
The April FOMC meeting proved no exception, as silver has been smashed to an $18 handle this morning, and gold below $1280. 

After support at $19 held throughout the overnight Asian and London sessions, silver smashed to $18.77 at 8am NY time:


Gold smashed below $1280: 

We are looking for a reversal shortly, as the cartel pattern is for the post FOMC raid to finish early Thursday morning, with a reversal and rally throughout the afternoon Thursday and into the week close Friday.

Perhaps coincidentally, the “conspiracy theorists” among our readers would point out that today’s smash occurs on May Day/ Beltane, the illuminati high holy day of the year, and also essentially the anniversary of the 2011 silver drive by which saw silver smashed by $6, and marked the beginning of silver’s now 3 year long correction. 

While gold is still $100 off its 2013 lows, silver is now only .25 off the 12/31/13 low, and only .75 from the entire bear market low placed last June.

Will the bottom hold? 

    • Do you understand the difference between Bullion and paper futures contracts?  If you did, you would never make such a remark.  The country is now in the hands of corruption and there is no requirement to post Bullion when trying to take the metals market down, this was guaranteed by the appointment of yet another insider yesterday!

    • buddy, I have been hearing this paper vs. physical story since the beginning of days.  it just ain’t cut it anymore. 
      I thought mines were supposed to stop when silver dropped below $20.  I also heard that there isn’t enough silver to go around for Indians and Chinese and the Russians.  Well, it appears that there is so much silver, you can shove it up your butt and nothing will happen.  Personally, i’d like to hear something more solid, factual.  Not that “oh, they are dumping paper” shit.  You are delusional.
      It’s about time we all start questioning the “fundamentals” that were fed to us over the years.  Them fundamentals are worthless crap and don’t hold no water.  Bring out something new and credible. 
      And as the saying goes – LMAO, keep fluffing and don’t bite it.

    • I agree with you volksturm, there is plenty of silver supply to go around. I know of someone personally that made a massive purchase of silver last year at the exact time when everyone was shouting from the rooftops that dealers were running short and that there was huge delays. He made his order with ZERO delays and got his full order within 2 weeks. When you are selling a product the first rule in sales is always make the case to act now before its gone, the sense of urgency! If in fact it is just paper contract, well when you have an unlimited supply of paper and the underlying product is priced in those same dollars and the exchanges are controlled by those same people and is backed by the government then they can play this game for a very long time. All of these so called” EXPERTS” another favourite word of mine, calling for an imminent explosion in price and tight supply’s and manipulation theory’s are just plain dead wrong. They have been dead wrong for many years now.

    • Actually……   If you shove it up your butt it will act as an anti-bacterial!!!!   Feeling better already!!!  🙂  🙂
      I keep stacking because of US national debt that will never be repaid, a market that is soooo rigged I won’t go near it with a 10 foot pole and the fact that Ag has never been worth zero while paper/fiat has.
      Of course, YMMV greatly.  It’s great you don’t have it or want it and maybe all the stacker’s will be wrong someday who knows right now.   Not sure why you’re here if you don’t like the stuff though.

    • Yes, they are having a heckuva time keeping it under $19.000 
      Hoping it holds! But if not, (and the mass of my buying was @$17 dca)
      and I go “underwater” I’ll just be more likely to buy more, as funds allow, 
      and “DCA Down” like everyone tells the noobs to do  😀 
      IMO a feller like @Ed_B is in a great position, he can still buy “dips” with 
      his vast reserves of “dry powder” and his “Deeep Pockets”  😀
      We were discussing this last year, I believe, and I thought he was in danger 
      of losing the “dry powder” in a Crash Scenario. Seems he did the right thing!!! 
      Props, Ed_B! PROPS!!!

  1. The delusion is yours volk. How does ANY institution with ANY semblance of fiduiciary duty dump these contracts in thin trading, guaranteeing the worst possible price, seem plausible to you? There is only one reason, to affect price, period. Just because those who manipulate can manage to keep this going for years doesn’t mean it’s not occuring. When there is finally a disconnect between the paper and physical price you will be suddenly enlightened.

  2. I can tell all you phys “stackers” paper has nothing to do with it. I have travelled from OH to FL in the past few weeks and have had no problem buying under spot at numerous pawn shops, jewelry shops & gold shops. Sure if you go to a LCS you will pay a premium for the shiney new stuff the guy just bought with high shipping rates, but if you want to simply stack, 15-16 has been my buying range. Simply put there are many more sellers than buyers in the phys market right now.

    • Hmmm……  Nice piece of info.  I’ll have to try that this week.  Thanks!

      Actually, I should walk in with a brick of 22LR and see how that will trade. I’m mainly chasing 90% currently. Don’t need shiny stuff – it only dulls.

    • @jiggysmb , what form of silver are you buying – generic rounds, ASE’s, Canuk Maples, or junk?  Are you honestly getting all 4 of these for $15-16/oz?  My LCS is actually a jewelry shop and up until 2 years ago, he was selling junk at spot.  But those days are gone.  And when I recently called a local pawn shop, they told me they sell all of their silver on ebay because they can get more for it there, than selling to walk-in customers. 
      Hard to believe you but rather than disagree, I will first scout around locally and see whether anybody around here is willing to part with it for $15-16/oz.

    • @mammoth I buy whatever they have. On a recent trip to NC I found numerous sheets of silvertown 1oz bars in a pawn shop for $160 a sheet, 10oz bars seem to be common in the $150-170 range. I have bought philharmonics from a jewelry shop in FL at spot and just yesterday bought a few 2.5 & 5 gold eagles for gold weight. The common thing I hear is the gold & silver just isn’t moving. Even my LCS is buying for 20-25% under due to fear of no buyers. He used to have a steady flow but now sees 1-2 customers a day and is shortening hours. Most cash 4 gold shops in the 2 closest cities have closed up over the past year. I guess this is good for buyers but I refused to pay premiums years ago and now refuse to pay spot. Makes the drops in price a little more tolerable. Does everyone sell below spot, no, but Im not buying unless price is 10-20% under. Sure I don’t buy everything I would like but when we hit 14-15 this summer I wont feel as badly about that.

    • You can’t buy Silver at $15-16  as Mammoth mention sell it on Ebay the World’s largest Market I buy Silver  coins from all Over the World ..MYSELF AND 10,000 others like to know your Pawn shop?

    • @jiggysmb – I really hope you are buying all you can at $15-$16 and immediately flipping it for a nice profit. I personally have not been able to find anything below spot but you do occasionally find people willing to sell to you at or just below spot. In these cases it is people who are in desperate need of cash or they have no need to hold onto the “old coins” that they found in their grandmother’s attic. But $15-$16? Seems extreme to me. 

    • @gogetter1132 I don’t think 10% under is a bad deal for anyone, buyer or seller. Seeing the shops paying out 20-40% under spot, supposedly to cover overhead is understandable, but if a seller can get 10% under from a guy without a shop or the shop cant move it and sells it for 10% under, they are still making a sizeable profit to cover “overhead”. Luckily I am able to find sellers not willing to take the 20-40% haircut and have successfully found a common ground with many. You can pay referral fees to shops to refer the people that don’t take their offers and you can also locally advertise, both cost some money but save you money in the long run.

      This site should be title, promote doom or go away. Don’t worry you will be able to buy as much as you like for 15-16 in the near future. I simply offer a way to pay that now.

    • @jiggysmb  – I do not doubt that some folks come into pawn shops and sell under spot just like people do in the “Cash for Gold” shops. What I don’t understand is why they are willing to sell it to you for so far under spot. But in any case it is a great deal for you and if I had the hookup like you I would be making a killing between the spread. 
      I don’t doubt we could see $15-$16 silver this year but the large majority of us will not be able to buy it at that price no matter what avenue we use. Premiums will most certainly rise and most stackers will still be paying around $20 even at $15 spot. Best of luck to you. 

    • Might as well just sell to a refiner if you can’t get more than spot for your silver. You’re full of SH** . In Canada silver sells at or over spot everywhere.

    • Not really sure where you are finding prices like that for. I went to a pawn shop a few weeks ago when spot was around $22.00 and he didn’t want to sell me any silver until I quote “The price is back up around $40.00 per oz.”

    • You must be one of the few still overpaying or a SD shill. Do you get a discount here if you make childish remarks like Bay of pigs. Oh sorry I forgot you all are the same person “supporting” the new venture. Go pay some premiums and make someone else rich with fiat.

    • Fuck you jiggy. Doc, why do you let this guy post this garbage here? There is no way in hell this guy is telling the truth. He is a blatant liar. I (and many others), have asked for names and places he buys from and he never says a thing. Why is that? I will tell you why….he is a troll.


    • Here’s how to do it, @canadianstacker
      PS: Fellas, I know a guy just like Jiggy, and he hits all the LCS with CASH, catch them on the right day, right mood, etc. and you can walk out with a deal like he describes. It’s possible, and with a circuit of stores, even repeatable. I met a guy, maybe it is him? 
      But odds are against having too many like it! Why waste time on SD? 😀

    • I’m not gonna say it is impossible. You might find someone willing to part with their silver for some greenbacks that could happen. I am gonna say going to multiple shops in multiple states sounds like Bravo Sierra to me…There are deals to be found in the world but in general they are few and far between like the day I went to the mini-golf and the counter guy handed me some pre-1964 quarters. I bought everyone in the til for $11.00 in cash face value…Now that is a good day…Some kid mugged his dad’s coin collection and probably got a butt whippin’

    • @Rogersan

      This guy I met is a traveling coin dealer, wholesale. But I doubt anyone is selling Eagles below spot. 
      I have a place I can get +$2.25 over spot. I think most reputable shops pay Spot or Spot + anyway!

  3. Has the American leaders completely lost their mind!

    I was born in Brooklyn in the beginning of the 1950’s, and grew up in the countryside in Norway. I always have been proud to be an American citizen, but now I am just stunned of Americas dum leaders.

    Earlier everybody in Europe dreamed about American cars as, Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Cougar, Pontiac Firebird , Mustang, Plymouth, Cadillac, Continental etc. etc. It was the Europeans’ and Norwegians dreams. Many still do that is why we have Am-Car clubs as this one http://www.lista-amcar.no

    From 1973 to 1976 I was a carpenter in Norwalk, Connecticut, and to my astonishment European cars was the rich people’s prestige car as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. Even greater was my astonishment when I saw Americans buy Japanese cars. I – a simple carpenter from the Norwegian countryside realized that if the Americans continued on this path you would destroy your own proud car industry. I told the Americans that it was like sawing off the branch you are sitting on. But nobody listened to a simple carpenter from Norway. The result we all can see now – Americas pride – Detroit City is bankrupt!

    I also witness President Nixon’s trip to China where he signed the fatal trade agreement with the Chinese. As a result, U.S. companies moved their factories to China – American workers were unemployed – and you idiots started to imported American products – manufactured in China – back to the USA?!?! To finance this stupidity you began to borrow money – a lot of money. The result we all can see now – you dumb Americans have debt over your ears you never can repay – and now you want to borrow more money, or print more worthless paper dollars? QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4, QE??? – Bankrupt! Are all of the American official’s retards?

    And now your retards leaders manipulate the gold and silver prices (Comex) to keep this stupid scam going a few more weeks or months. Meanwhile, the wise man from the East – the Chinese, India, Russians and the Arabs buy your gold and silver on sale, paying you with worthless dollar bills you unrestrained have been printing. Have the American leaders completely lost theier mind? Your leaders acts like retards? The whole world is laughing of them! We can all see that the former mighty America is bankrupt, and we do not understand that the people let your leaders continue this obvious scam.

    Before you had Gangsters, now America is governed by Bangsters supported by Washington that scams all its citizens.

    Finally, I would like to thank your retards politicians which did is possible for me to purchase many thousand oz of physical Silver Eagles and hundres of Gold Eagles very, very, very cheap – I even paid with your (very soon) worthless paper dollars – and secured me and my children’s future.

    Yesterday a friend of mine purchased 500 Silver Eagles and 500 Maple Leaf + some other silver coins -on SALE – here in Norway!

    Today I purchased 1.000 more Silver Eagles on BIG sale – and my 92 year old mother purchased 100 Silver Eagles – thanks to the stupid banksters a-holes in America selling your gold and silver on sale to the whole world in return for (soon) wortless paper dollars!

    • The US political and corporate class is rotten to the core and if they pledge allegiance to a country it isn’t the USA. It is across the ocean and enjoys special status. Mostly they pledge allegiance to their own pocket books and the idea of world domination with all of us just smart enough to push the button at work but too dumb to ask questions.

  4. There is no doubt tightness in the physical market which doesn’t necessarily mean a shortage. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t see rationing of supply and wait times for orders, which over the last year, we have. End of story and anyone who argues that is a **** ******* ****** **** ***.
    That being said as I keep saying we’ll see a move up when it is a disorderly move up so bring on the crash so stackers can finally stop being treated like the bitches of the financial realm.
    I said look out below yesterday because I picked up a bunch LOL.
    p.s. may the banksters and politicos behind this report tot he nearest fire and die in it.

  5. For those that continue to insist that paper has nothing to do with the price action in silver. Please take a look at the number of paper short contracts dumped during the most illiquid trading hours. That is all the evidence you need really. But for some reason the bears seem to always avoid addressing this fact. Why? It is what it is so report it as so. Anyone who has been following the silver markets for any length of time should have known that there would be a post-FOMC paper raid today. I was actually surprised that gold wasn’t down $25 or more this morning when I woke up. I suspect TPTB will continue to bash the metals into this summer as the stock market has just breached new highs and is likely going to continue higher. IMHO $15 spot silver is a real possibility over the next couple of months but good luck buying any physical at that price. 

    Regarding shortages….there is a silver shortage right now and the miners will continue to produce as the price falls because most of them are contractually obligated to do so. Use this opportunity to build your stack at much lower prices than you would have been able to in a normal functioning market. 

  6. The celebratory braying by the bears is really a celebration of the crony fascism displayed between the regulators (government) and their pals at the banks.  Everyone (except the usual muppets) knew this was coming today.  I am frankly surprised to see it just below $19 today, and expect more dumpage before Friday evening.
    The CME is now considering a 1% per day trading limit be applied to gold and silver. Why now? Have they gone as low as they can and now maneuver to put a daily limit on the upside?   They live in fear while we sleep like babies.

    • Conax – maybe TPTB will make is so we can ONLY sell silver like they did during the Hunt’s brothers fiasco. Their goal is to kill the price of metals and ALL countries are in on the act. We all like to think that it is only the US but the truth is all countries are based on fiat now and all countries are in collusion against their people.  Revelation 17:12,  “Also, the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers who have as yet received no royal dominion, but together they are to receive power and authority for a single hour, along with the beast {Antichrist is the “beast”}. These [rulers] have one common policy, and they deliver their power and authority to the beast.” The WORLD is now divided into 10 super nations just as the bible told us would happen. This reorganization is occurring as the result of a CONSPIRACY amongst the 10 rulers, for the express purpose of handing their newly acquired authority over to the Antichrist. Our next currency will be digital and they will have COMPLETE control over us. I wish it were different.

  7. Volksturd,what kind of asshole goes to a silver site and mocks everyone who likes silver? And I’m calling BS on jiggy who I have suspected a long time is a plant. You are not buying silver for $15-16 much less Eagles. The People of The Lie live. Like Yellen and Tim Massad.

    • every place around here buys eagles for spot plus one LOL. Some asswipe claiming to buy them for deeply below spot is the same guy who brags about being a millionaire, dating super models and being hung like a mule.

    • CAD, you just described me to a ‘T,’ except that I can’t find ASE’s below Spot and am not a millionaire.
      Here is one of those supermodels I’ve dated.
      (Well, she used to be a supermodel, anyway…)

    • Hey man I’d let her have sex with me and I wouldn’t even charge her my normal rate
      I’m like that skeleton who mans the boat on the river styx charon. If you want a piece of the dirtlump you need to buck up 1 silver coin to take the ride LOL.

  8. An NBA owner named Sterling
    Got a large controversy a’twirling
    His judgement was lax
    He demeaned all the blacks
    He was smacked  down by Commissioner  Silver*. 
    *Don’t you hate it then you realize that silver doesn’t rhyme with any other word in the English language
    But what the heck, we can take a poke at the humor in  the words ‘silver’ and ‘sterling’ instead of agonizing over their bumpy price actions.  Cheers.

  9. I have most of my savings in Gold and Silver.   I must be honest and say I rarely read the articles on Gold and Silver sites.   I didn’t read the above article either.
    I just skim through the sites looking at the headlines.
    When the headline says:-  GOLD AND SILVER GAIN 1000 PER CENT OVERNIGHT.    I shall read the article.
    Until then just reading the same old smack-down and jump-up plus Comex ‘conspiracy’ articles are just a waste of time.

  10. Talk nice people, and quit lying about there not being a shortage of precious metals.  There is a shortage of trust in the government which makes it appear to fools that there is plenty of silver and gold to go around.  One individual could buy up all the silver inventory, if the government would allow it!  Ask the Hunt brothers!  If this is not the last smack down it is close my friends!  What a great opportunity! 
    If you want to know what righteousness is, or even a free market, I can help  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OvZ6pgml-o

  11. folks seem to say there is no shortage, why then is there a $2 universal charge over spot, if silver is worth less than $19?  I can’t buy silver for less than $21 an oz.  I did today 🙂

  12. The Petrol-Dollar is living on borrowed time. That’s all one needs to know. Until it’s pulled off of life support, the banksters will control the price. See price for what it is: an illusion.

  13. If real shortages existed at industrial level, they can get as many 10oz and 100oz bars fro the doc at hardly any premium at all. It’s not like the premium on silver is something an large industrial is going to worry too much over. To them it’s a have or have not kind of deal.
    HOWEVER, when the slightest news or black swan manifests, and either/or smart and dumb money pile on physical, shortages can happen quickly. First in pipeline, then in stockpiles. The market is tiny, and only a few stubborn stackers are hoarding. And us being in it, gives silver an even worse reputation. 

    • It is so tiny that the “Evil Putin” could destroy these paper schemes like swatting a fly, yet he does not.
      All governments have a hand in the fiat money paradigm.  They can create bogus paper at will, outlaw the truth, rage around stealing this and confiscating that but there’s one thing they can’t do- conjure up real silver and real gold.  Gold is strictly monetary, destroy sentiment and it can fall easily enough.  Silver is consumed, however, and therein lies their Achille’s Heel.
      That is why we wait and watch.

  14. I am really sorry for crashing your little silver-worshiping club.  It sure is fun stroking and jerking each other off and denying alternative opinions.  Tough shit…
    Just to clarify, I am not a shill, I own over 70kg of silver but I am stuck with it and I can’t sell for well over three years now.  Because it is under water.  I have visited this site religiously and read every single article and reference.  Everything seemed to make sense back then.  Now that I lost a ton of money, I want to know the truth.  I don’t want to be part of the circle-jerk, sorry.   Everybody has the right to express his opinion, even if this opinion contradicts what you want to hear.
    There is no shortage.  Even Doc is selling the shit at 69c over spot on the main page.  ha ha ha ….
    The more people express their opinions and bring real life examples, the more credibility this site will have.  This article has already generated a significant amount of real comments, which is great, because you can see all sides of the stacker community.  Again, enough of this Marc Farber, Eric Sprott shit. 

    • You say you have over 70 Kg of Silver (2,500 oz)… and you’ve now lost “a ton of money”.  You do not understand Silver or money.  Gold and Silver = Money.  Dollars (FRN) = Currency (of the endangered fiat kind).

    • Honestly, you haven’t lost fiat until you sell it.  You purchased Ag and you still have it at the same price; unless you sell.
      Ag for investment?  Only if on paper but Homey don’t play with paper.

    • @Volkscum

      Look, I told you the last time you ranted and raved about us here at SD, and that you are “losing your ass”.  You have lost NOTHING, you are losing NOTHING.  Because the price of silver is down from where you bought it, is meaningless.  Until you ACTUALLY sell it below the buy price, you then will be losing money.  Simple.  And as far as us here being this or that, the one thing we are “guilty” of is trying to ensure that when the SHTF, we have a commodity (no pun intended) that will provide us with a viable source to procure what we want through sale and barter.  As for us SD’ers have a similar view toward PMs, that’s our opinion.  You are still entitled to yours….until Obozo takes it away….So, try to be civil.  I know that coming from me is laughable, but I’m in a good mood, because I just bought silver for $15-16 per oz ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • @volkswagon…perhaps you’re right.  The Fed buying over 70% of the U.S. debt at each and every treasury auction is a good thing.  Add in 20+% unemployment, and half the population on gov’t assistance.  Things are looking up.

    • Guys, @Volkstrum is just frustrated and that’s quite understandable. When I started stacking I never imagined that silver would be trading at $19 bucks in May of 2014. I’m sure most of you here felt the same way. Most of the gurus have been shouting about “an imminent price explosion” for the past three years but the price has continually gone down over that period of time. All the while the stock market has consistently been hitting new highs. Add all of those things up and it’s enough to frustrate even the most ardent stacker out there. 
      Do not underestimate TPTB, they can keep the charade going on much longer than any of us suspect. The best thing to do is to have a balanced approach to investing in conjunction with stacking. To me these silver prices are a gift but I know the price can certainly go lower. If it does I will simply buy more, that’s the beauty of dollar-cost-averaging. Do not go all in and do not put more into silver than you can afford to have to sit on for a while. It may be years before we get true price discovery in the metals but it is a real possibility. I am not one for predictions and I no longer play in the paper markets. If you can buy for well under spot as some here have claimed then buy all means buy as much as you can. Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime! 

    • @silverrrrr
      He/she is not losing anything since shills don’t actually have any skin in the game, it’s all in their minds and trying to get in our minds. They don’t understand silver stackers. I’m guessing 19 years old and hasn’t left the computer in 12 years.

    • The difficult part to accept is, for me as well as volksstrum, is to have had a profitable investment (which is what these positions should be, not a religious artifact or holy grail, which many stackers seem to view it as), and then let it slip into a loss.  This is a cardinal no-no of trading and investing.  It’s called a trailing stop.  When silver hit $50, and then dropped through $40, anyone trading a classical stop loss of 20% would have gotten the hell out.  And guess what – THOSE were the smart people.  You can hope, wish and pray all you want for silver to get back to 30, 40, 50, 65, whatever, but in the end, it’s no different from people that you put down for holding onto Apple as it dropped from 700 down into the 400s.  They’re called poor traders and investors, simple as that.  I know – I am one.  I drank the Kool-Aid just like all the other fools like Jim Sinclair’s minions, Turd Ferguson’s army of rabble, you name it. 
      Even had you not stopped out at $40, or $1750 in gold, once the weekly and monthly charts went solidly into sell mode (and just look at a classic MACD, that’s all you need on a chart like that), there was still the opportunity in silver to sell out at 40-44 AFTER the initial dip to 32, and to sell gold at 1750-1800 (Oct. 2012) after the drop to 1525.  But all the one-way wishers were convinced THIS was the new rally to new highs.  Apparently nobody can read a simple weekly or monthly chart.  I saw the sell signals, and did hedge (should have just sold half my physical position and would have had the other half basically for free – THAT’S good investing), but got bullish again back in the 1500s, and around 30.  Fortunately didn’t buy any more gold.  Did buy more silver at 30, how STUPID was that?  Not to wait for SOME sort of monthly buy signal.
      The recent rally in gold has triggered a weekly buy signal, but no a monthly.  So new lows could still be coming.  They’ll certainly have divergence, just as this silver drop is now triggering.  Still, once the buy signal happens, there will be PLENTY OF TIME to get long!  I see it every day trading short term using the same indicators. 
      So much lost opportunity.  A friend of mine bought silver at 20 as I did, and sold at 40 or so.  I said you’ll be sorry.  He was so much smarter than me, as has been proved.  Having sold at 40, now he can buy double the amount at 20, or 15 again.  THAT”S smart investing, not watching windfall profits disappear, and on top of that, continue to add to a losing position.
      Buying gold and silver may not have been the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, but not taking off half the position for a good profit, and watching it all disappear is pretty much up there.  And all because I listened to idiots like Sinclair, Sprott, et al.  The CHARTS ALWAYS TELL THE STORY.  They’re all I look at now.  The rest is just BS.

    • Its personal between jiggy and I Mammoth. He decided to call me out today so I’ve done the same. He remains silent on his boastful comments, and provides no documentation to back anything up. I will not recognize or apologize until he shows us some information that can be verified as honest and truthful.

  15. If your buying Silver for Wealth and Profit then I feel for you. Hell I’m buying for Survival and don’t give a shit about price. Bloody hell people look around you and see what’s happening, the world is F***ing crashing and when it does you be glad to have your PM’s instead of that Paper Fiat you call Money which it ain’t. Keep Stacking

    •  from pladizow & zh:   “Suspicion toward a currency,once awakened, develops insomnia” James Dimes           “The fate of a nation is inseparable from the fate of its currency” Milton Friedman    “Gold and economic freedom are inseparable” Allan Greenspan 1966     “In effect, there is nothing inherently wrong with fiat money, provided we get perfect authority and God like intelligence for kings” Aristotle     “All paper currencies are toilet paper, the dollar is simply two ply” Thomas Caplin       The “value” of my insurance policy (my short stack) to a hit today. O well!! Thankfully, it wasn’t needed today                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  16. I’m tearing up with all the love here. If I hear another person say you haven’t lost money till you sell, I think I will blow chunks all over my shoes. The VolkMiester is just pissed like I am because unlike some, I really believe I lost money over the last 3 years. Remains to be seen as to whether we will be vindicated, but as of right now I look like an idiot to most of my buddies that I was preaching to several years ago. Another thing kool-aider Jonestowners, the Fed as of this moment are the genius’s and we are the chumps(chimps if you like,to the evolutionists). That truth may change sometime in the future, but as of now, it’s fact. All the QE to infinity crowd needs to suck on a lemon right now. Cheers from a jilted silver lover. 

    • @Bradford – I know that I have lost money due to the fact that I sold a lot of stocks I was holding at the time and rolled the profits into physical silver. Of course my timing was horrible as this occurred mostly between $28-$35. Had I simply let my equities ride I would be sitting on multiples of those profits right now. 
      By the way….piss poor job by the cartel today. They couldn’t even manage to close silver under $19. WTF?? C’mon guys you can do better than that! 

    Paper Silver is going down and those hold Physical need to remember the Dow is at an all time High the players are more worried about timing there exist and hoping they can sqweeze that last 10% before the bubble pops. Now we all know that when we see the Dow drop 1500 points in a week the players will come running back to PM’S to get back in and watch silver pop from 15 to 21 in one day and then it’s our turn.This time around 50.00 will be nothing in fact it will hit 50 in weeks once it starts. Guy Remember the Big Picture why you got in this in the first place. .

  18. Excellent point, you have no idea how many people I done forwarded this stupid “silver bullet, silver shield” pdf to.  I am so glad they thought I was crazy and did not listen to me.  Otherwise, I have no idea how to even look into people’s eyes.  Clearly, “end of the world” story would not cut.
    One very important thing a lot of people completely miss is called opportunity cost.  Three years ago same amount of money invested into stock marked would have rewarded an investor handsomely and if sold today and rolled into the metals would have been a REALLY nice play.  In the meantime, I had all of my money frozen for three years with no prospects of pulling out any time soon.  I do need some money at the moment and, yes, I am very pissed off that I can’t even sell any of my stuff.  I will die starving but I will not take a loss.  People need to always look at the whole picture.
    Like i said before, regardless of what people said about Bernanke, he did have full control and he played his cards so nicely.  Time for gurus to accept that Bernanke outplayed them all.  I am still waiting for that to happen.
    Let’s keep this forum open and honest and cut the hype and fluffing.  I want to hear real stuff.

    • @Vollksster:  I hear you pining about losses, opportunity losses, etc.  Look, you say you need money and are reluctant to sell your silver at a loss, okay, I understand that, but then you need to go to option 2.  That, for you is ??????. I don’t know, but if you think you should be in the market, then that is a play you should do.  Hell, be happy where you are, do what you need to do.  But maybe you have to ask yourself the question:  Why did I get into silver in the first place?  For most of us, its an insurance policy.  If the get-rich-quick scheme was your aim, well, I guess your screwed then.
      If you want to move some of your silver, just speak up, there are many of us here glad to take it off your hands.

    • Hell I took a loss selling some gold and silver to pay my taxes but I’m still ahead because I have a bunch left and Fiat is not that important to me except to pay bills. I would rather save silver than fiat and that’s a fact. Keep Stacking.

    • @marchas45 Charlie…That must have hurt to part with gold and silver to pay the unconstitutional “voluntary” “income” tax.  You want to hear something that will make your blood boil.  My deadbeat brother-in-law, I’ve mentioned him before, the one that hasn’t worked in 18 years.  Well he files and gets a refund when he hasn’t paid in; some tax credit he qualifies for.  Thanks for supporting him.  He appreciates your generosity.  Now get back to work.  My brother-in-law thanks you for your efforts on his behalf.

  19. Hello fellow stackers (and others!). This is my first post to this forum so will provide a bit of background. Am invested in silver in one form or another with about 50% of my retirement stash. That works out to just into the six figure mark for a silver investment. My average cost is just above $21. Enjoy reading SD forum and comments. Really believe in silver as a long term investment but the past while has been difficult with the price being what it is. Know about the difference between paper and physical markets but do not think there is any shortage of physical silver at this time, which would be one catalyst to drive the price higher. Hard to believe many of the primary silver miners will make much if any profit below $20 and it is too bad they still sell into the market but guess they have bills to pay just like everyone! At the same time, everyone is chasing yield and the stock market is still up, which I find incredible given all the valuation and other metrics are so poor. Like others, I will just wait until the tide turns, which it surely must because I don’t believe TPTB can re-write the history books or change basic economical fundamentals. I will continue to buy more, and dollar cost average down if the price allows. Am comfortable with my investment because history tells me what I have is  safer than many other investment options that are out there. Some kind of reset is coming, what and when I have no idea but I will be ready when it does. Good luck to all! 

    • Interesting thoughts, and one thing that comes to mind is the TPTB ARE TRYING to change “basic economic fundamentals”! 
      They are trying to change PMs place in the monetary structure, but that is impossible without changing the overall scarcity 
      of PMs in the first place. If they found huge deposits of Silver and Gold somewhere, or a solid Gold and Silver asteroids, then 
      maybe PMs would be thought of as less “precious”… but until then, KEEP STACKING! 
      @CDNPlata good post!

    • undeRGRound … “If they found huge deposits of Silver and Gold somewhere, or a solid Gold and Silver asteroids, then  maybe PMs would be thought of as less “precious”
      You just cut the Gordian Knot. The fundamental ‘value’ of the money metals is in their fairly constant rational ‘harmonic positioning’ along the supply demand ratios of all other goods-at-market. Trade is quintessentially barter. Metallic money media stands as the highest evolution of barter.

      ‘Price’ is a ratio of abundance between any two items and the only way to appropriately gauge the elements of myriad, widely varying ratios, is through another item (the metals) that tends on average to keep place in its own supply-demand characteristics.

      A grain harvest may be huge or paltry, depending on a number of variables, but the rate of mine recovery of metals has been practically unchanged over millennia. So, the optimal reference point for judging ‘price’ for the example grain at market is a money metal. That fact and temporary effect disturbing it, by a large ‘new’ find of those metals, was worked out in the mid 15th century by the ‘Spanish Scholastics’ while observing silver and gold influx from Central America at that time.

      The ‘mystical’ beauty of the metallic money scheme, is that the universal ratios between them is a natural phenomenon. Suns make the same amount of elements in their Nova events, leaving the abundance of them fixed by laws of physics. Orientation of human interactivity along these natural ratios is simply ‘Vulcan Logic’.

  20. Most people don’t watch their 401k day in and day out, especially if they are many years from retiring; so why stress about your silver/gold investments being under water?  As others have said – you didn’t sell so you didn’t lose money.

    Every piece you add is another brick added to your empire, JUST KEEP STACKING AND DON’T LOOK BACK ON THE FIAT. 

    • +1 @Randy!
      I don’t watch my 401A except quarterly, (which reminds me, got a statement yesterday) and I don’t watch SILVER daily unless I’m here @SD chewing the fat… 
      As for the “brick metaphor”, some bricks are cheap, some are a bit higher, but you gotta keep building until you’re done!

  21. I believe that what’s happening on the COMEX is that there’s an intensive move on the long side that started these past 10 days, which is being ‘stopped out’ by HFT programs. The Exchange Stabilization Fund wants no longs in the Futures at all. That’s obvious by this CFTC ‘rule change’ that will further strengthen the capabilities of the HFTs to methodically trigger sell-stops by limiting the volume of tickets they’ll have to deal with on any day.

    What all that clearly reveals is, the anticipated point of insufficient physical bullion availability, portending massive ‘failures to deliver’, has finally come to a head. If the longs are big and persistent enough to absorb the sell-stop defensive mechanism, the COMEX is headed for a ‘London Gold Pool’ sort of disintegration.

  22. DanDaley   
    Datta P Huge is a man who’s quite bold
    He knitted a shirt  of triple 9 gold
    When asked why not silver
    He was heard to a’ver
    The ladies like yellow, or so I’ve been told

    • @AGXIIK , I have seen numerous photographs of that (dot-) indian dude with the gold shirt, and all I can think of is…

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