Silver has just regained the $34 level, and gold is working it’s way back above $1765 after the overnight raid on the Asian market which saw silver smashed to $33.50.

Silver is breaking out from a mini inverse head-and-shoulders that formed this morning on the daily chart, and has now regained $34, after being capped at the level all night.  If $34 can hold here, buyers should emerge sending silver back towards $35.


Gold is trying to claw it’s way back above $1765 after it’s own overnight drubbing, as the cartel appears to have bought themselves another day or two of sub-$1800 gold.

We suggest you take this opportunity to STACK THE SMACK!! in physical, non-10 oz PAMP bar form, as we don’t expect sub $1800 gold and sub $35 silver to remain for long.

  1. The cartel’s power are becoming useless! Even after all that paper silver supply dumped into market, silver still went up. Yet, QE3 still didn’t happen and prices are already going up. It’s amazing to see the power of the supply and demand! 😮

  2. People are becoming aware that PAPER <> SILVER or GOLD.  We are witnessing 1st hand the de-coupling of metals and paper that supposedly represents metals.  It is a slow process but the end result IS in sight now… and it ain’t pretty for the paper pushers!

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