finishAccording to dealers and wholesalers, the silver demand generated today via the co-ordinated May 1st Buy Silver Campaign is completely unprecedented- with sales even surpassing those placed 2 Monday’s ago as silver was slammed to $22!
It’s time to step on the bullion banksters’ necks, and FINISH TODAY STRONG!!



Let’s finish strong today! Five suggestions that might help with ‘the process”


1. Buy some silver (duh). This might be just one coin you purchase for “symbolic” reasons. Give this coin to your grandchild or maybe as a graduation gift to the nice young man who lives next store. Or, if you can, buy five “Monster” boxes and go ahead and fill up your safe!

2. Talk up the effort. Maybe even link to my columns on the topic at (and and “like” them on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Consider making some comments on popular websites and media sites. Big ones that reach a lot of potential buyers include Zero Hedge, Daily Paul, Townhall, your local or state paper, other silver and precious metals sites, etc.

4. Maybe e-mail some media “content managers” and respectfully request that they give this effort some coverage. Might point out to them that there is currently an eye-opening run going on in the planet on “physical” silver – this while the paper price is plummeting. “What’s up with that?” you might ask.

5. Pat yourself on the back for at least trying to make a statement – a protest really – about the crazy economic policies that threaten our quality of life. One message is that silver IS a “safe haven” asset in such a world and, if nothing else, a “insurance policy” in case an epic economic crisis occurs.

One more suggestion: If one of our goals is to recruit new buyers to the market – or at least get more people to do their own “independent studies” on precious metals – it’s probably best to employ a civil, respectful tone in your outreach efforts. That is, don’t turn anybody off or reinforce negative stereotypes that might exist about “silver bugs” or “gold bugs.”

For my part I’m saying things like:

“Hey, everyone, you might not know but today is “Buy Silver”Day. Scary times might be ahead and buying silver could be something that protects you and your family during possible times of hardship. If you are interested in this topic, there are a couple of good articles on” Or:

“You might not have ever bought silver for yourself or your children, but I bet many of your grandparents did. They did this for a reason. Some of those reasons are listed in these articles on”

As I write this column Wednesday morning, I notice that the price of silver is – again – falling off a cliff. People, we’ve been given a gift. Silver is on sale on the day we go to town to buy!

We might also want to send a thank-you note to the futures traders who have allowed us to “buy low” today.

Finally, if the effort doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference in markets and fails to generate any new headlines, don’t despair.

This, after all, is a “process.” It will take time to raise awareness among the masses. All we can do is all we can do.

This said, here’s hoping we finish strong today!

Note: Bill Rice, Jr. is managing editor of The Montgomery (AL) Independent. He can be reached at [email protected]



  1. What do you mean thank you for buying low today. Heck the dealers all have High Premiums and they don’t have very good options for payment when your trying to keep your costs low. So what do I do? Find the Weak Hands and Buy. Bought today from Weak Hands and will Buy tomorrow if other Weak Hands surface. Keep Stacking

  2. All this buying, yet the price goes lower.   If the buying was that strong, the physical inventory would be empty, that is not the case.
    There is only 300 million ozs of new silver available for investment each year for the whole world, or around $8-9 billions,  this is a micro drop in a ocean of money, it just amazes me the whole world can’t buy up more physical silver.

    • I’m a bit paranoid @snowrider… but not that paranoid! Gold is flowing out of vaults and no one is raising a stink, that tells me they’re all getting their gold. Not much silver flowing out of vaults which supports zman, demand for physical is not that strong. Demand for small oz bars and rounds, that is a COMPLETELY different story.

    • @Zman
      I am new member here but I have been reading this blog for some time. I came across several of your responses. You don’t bring anything of value to this community/blog. Mate, give yourself a brake and leave this blog.
      It is so obvious – You are troll. 

    • Facts are facts Henasau. The price continues to flounder because this foolish idea of buying enough silver to make trillionaires blink was ridiculous. I am somewhat amused that every time someone speaks to the negative of what actually is happening, they are labeled a troll! Really, is that the best answer when faced with the fact that this idea was hatched in kinder garden class? 

    • @snowrider
      This is very true but any fact can be turned to an advantage. 
      I have red enough ZMAN posts to form my opinion. All posts carry negative/ discouraging scent.
      He might be skillful what he is doing but I have no doubts he is a TROLL.

    • Henasau,
      Sometimes people vent because they are losing their lunch money as the price goes down. There are just not enough people here to justify a troll wasting their time trying to discourage a few investors. I have had a few here who have made strong accusations about me that could not be further from the truth simply because what I said they did not like. One young female here would almost respond to every message I made until I got tried of it and ignored her. I would like to be a source of reason and help to those who are new, but only with facts, not hype. The idea that a handful of buyers on one day could move this market was moronic. On this site their are just a few who seem to respond with an intelligent financial mind, and it won’t take long to figure who they are.

  3. My contribution for Silver Day 2013 is complete My local coin dealer was kind enough to part with his PM for fiat. Premiums are ridiculous but i consider it a worthy cause . Carry on folks. Stack for the long haul, and pity fool who dosent!


    Testimony before the CFTC
    Public Meeting to Examine Futures and Options Trading in the
    Metals Markets
    March 25, 2010
    Mark Epstein
    Individual Trader

    p. 2

    “I follow the prices of COMEX silver futures and the prices in the physical silver
    market. Near the end of 2008, there appeared to be a divergence between the price
    of the COMEX silver futures and the price of physical silver. So, I bought some
    silver futures, took physical delivery of 1,000 ounce bars, melted them into 100
    ounce bars, and sold them in the retail marketplace.   This price divergence lasted
    for a couple of months, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. The warehouse
    stocks of physical silver at COMEX dropped about 20 million ounces as people
    realized the cheapest way to get physical silver was by draining the inventory from
    the COMEX. Currently the COMEX silver warehouse stocks are down to about
    115 million ounces.

    • Exactly how a physical delivery market should work!  Good for him for recognizing the divergence and using the system to force some convergence.  If only one person noticed he’d make big margins.  If many notice the competitive nature of us will drive the premiums down to more reasonable levels.  That is why I am against this ‘buy physical’ day.  One day of mass purchases only serves to drive up cash premiums and allow more people like Mr. Epstein to make large margins.  Orderly flow to physical over time allows premiums to correct themselves more quickly.

    • Mr. Epstein stated in his testimony to the CFTC that he achieved a profit margin of $2 to $3 when silver futures were trading at about $8.50 per ounce.  (either part 1, 2, 3, or 4)

      The main weakness in the silver cartel is the LMBA.  There exists an arbitrage opportunity at the current time to buy silver and convert it to smaller sizes.  Since the bullion bank has 100 to 1 silver fractional reserve banking it would not take much to cause a default.  A determined company or individual could cycle their silver purchases until the 1000 oz bars are gone.

  5. I did my part. Don’t have much fiat at the moment, but bought 2 ounces for “symbolic reasons”. Took the words right out of my mouth. Picked up a Maple and a Panda to add to the hoard. Put it on credit card…exchange plastic for physical…haha.  Here’s some other words, f*ck the Cartel…LOL!

  6. The worldwide consumption of silver for investment purposes is just about the same level as the silver demand supply differential.  Silver demand—-1.2 billion oz  Silver supply—-maybe 800 MOZ. The investment demand is 300 MOZ   Our stacking makes the difference.  We could easily squeeze out the silver users, commercial and industrial.  If they start feeling a REAL hurt on their silver supplies, the job we are doing in buying regularly could be the proverbial straw on the camel’s back.  Keep stacking.

    • not at all. but then again if you bought today it was by and large symbolic as we just dont have enough people awake to just how important our actions are. their loss our gain keep stacking !

    • NY Market:       -$.70
      Overnight mkt: -$.02 more
      Keep Buying all week, I AM! 
      Got 6 sweeeet 90% dollars, 4 Morgan, 2 Peace!
      Stacking the 3 lesser PMs, Silver, Lead, Brass  😉

    • @snowrider
      Quixotically, the answer to your question is in the common lament we’re hearing reports of, from ‘retail dealers’ worldwide … “no one is selling, only buying”. Therein lay the burr under the saddle of the bullion bankers. Regardless, whether they plummet the prices of their stupid claim-tickets, or raise them … no one is selling … only buying!

    • Pat, that may be true for the most part. However, I chose to sell at $34 and returned at $24. 10 weeks ago I told XC skater it was not time to buy. 
      I made it clear that after silver goes below $25 I would buy another monster box. Its not rocket science. It is the behavior of the beast. It has become very predictable. Case in point; in most weeks the best day to buy is Thursday, and the best day to sell is Friday. I have watched this for a long time. Most Thursdays the price tanks and then the following day rebounds. And there is a reason why they do this. Just remember to buy on Thursday AFTER they have started to move the price down. And don’t be surprised if the price hits $18 real soon. That will be my next entry point. Just FYI. Charts and all the investment tools I read about never address the intangible: human nature! IT IS DRIVEN BY GREED. I am not trying to make a fortune, just working on improving my position in silver. Works for me.

    • @Snowrider
      As with those who want their girl to ‘leave the hat on’ … we all have our ‘reason to live’. For me, that’s patiently hanging loose till one of my ‘monster boxes’ will net me 500 ounces of gold. In the end, I suppose we both ‘know what love is’.

    • You have a long wait on your hands, Pat. Our generation may not live to see that day, but if we do, I’ll still fly you in and buy you that steak I promised!!

  7. Silver is such a long a complicated story…the challenge is to get at much information across, in the least amount of words (pics are better), that actually get people thinking for themselves while offering the best general advice stackers have worked out over the years. It would be great if physical demand by regular people would wipe out inventories, and get the market dry as a bone for silver. Let industry feel it. You only get a new smartphone or tablet if you deposits at least the required amount of silver. So they can make another one. If you over-supply in silver, they can give you discounts on merchandise.

  8. Why would anyone buy ASE’s at these premiums??? And, there are counterfeits in circulation.
    Just buy Antelopes (best) or Bisons. Probably cheaper by now if you shop, and they’ll be from stock then. Next year or next, you swap them for 10-15% more ASE’s or 10% of the equivalent met semi-numi.
    I can sell Puma’s (2012, bought May for €25,40) today for €28, while Antelopes are €23. And Bisons are €22,50 or less. Unfortunately I am broke, and can’t get Antelopes for several weeks now, although I saw the premiums creeping up vs Bisons. Fewer EU shops offering Antelopes, and generally lots of premium already. Very few deals left, which makes them worth it even more.
    Koala’s, Kookaburra’s, are capsuled and at times cheaper then ASE’s. Come on! In 2 years, Koala’s will gain good collector’s premium. Get 100 Koala’s/Kooka’s/Antelopes/Bisons today, and in 1-2 years you can get 115-120 oz in fresh Koala/Kooka’s, whichever RCM coin they have on limited edition by then. I like that game, but it takes patience and commitment. Get the special deals, and swap them when the premium increase per year is at a good level, and other deals can be had. Like end of this year, you’ll want to get rid of 2012 semi-numi’s and pre-order Year of the Horse, if the premium is somewhat reasonable. When Lunars are best in terms of premium, I don’t know the rule of first for that yet unfortunately. With RCM coins such as the Wildlife series, it seems upon launch at least.

    Anyone know yet whether the Wildlife series will be succeeded by something similar for me to prepare for?

    • This video is malarky (or bulls**t if you will), since it presumes certain mathematical constants that are HIGHLY subject to HUGE variables. Also, It’s predicated on the … setting … of interest rates (cost of money) for desired ends, which is counter-productive to the NATURAL consequences of supply-demand REALITIES as they arise from un-predictable circumstances that rather PROPERLY … command … interest rates along an integral flow. This is why ‘Modern Money Mechanics’ is all mumbo-jumbo. It’s completely disjoint from the real world, floated on the ‘humanist’ illusion of ‘control’.

    • It very well could be bullshit but what is important is that if QE is continued it will have diminishing results.  We are seeing that right now.  The more liquidity the Fed is pumping is having a shorting shelf life.  They need to pump more liquidity at a faster rate to get the same results of the past QE’s.  That is really the point.  Like you said, there are many variables to act or counteract every move.  It’s very difficult to get a quantum idea of flows.  These are just programs or theories but you are seeing QE having less and less results.

    • @duckvision
      When viewed according to its fundamental construction, the banknote scheme can’t work the same as the specie scheme, which is what that ‘MMM’ clown-show presumes. The two are ‘quantum shift’ structural paradigms.
      Contrary to monetary wet-dreamers in the ‘interest free government issue’ cabal, paper ‘money’ MUST be floated at interest. It’s a matter of existential underpinning of human instinct. People simply do NOT lend more and more of their stuff for unlimited periods of time … for nothing.
      Given the above … because banknotes are LOANED into (either physical or digital) existence in PRINCIPAL amount, at interest (purely a math function), the ONLY way for interest servicing currency, itself, to come into existence is through further borrowing … in PRINCIPAL amount, at interest. See what’s established here? Infinitely inflating currency float at complex compounding interest on that float! In other words, an automatic reciprocal co-generation of currency and interest load, each by the other.
      One could call it a ‘Perpetual Money Machine’, except that the exponentiality of the equation makes it inevitably self-destructive because the world’s capacity to produce a ‘value’ of goods in excess of the eventual interest service burden causes it to implode … which we’re at the juncture of.
      That ought to further help you see how Keynes, the Chicago School Monetarists and Friedman acolytes are all so full of themselves in total delerium. AND, why Libertarian-Austrians TOO, are fooling THEMselves with their goofy notion of ‘competitive currencies’.
      Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

    • The infinite rolling over theory of money creation without consequences.  Totally illogical way of thinking.    I also understand the point about interest has to be given to a point that people will be willing to lend.  However, we are living a ZIRP and some cases a NIRP world.  These are temporary places to park your money for fears and other reasons.  People will not be willing to deposit or lend in this environment for very long.  It will be forced to change.  However, when you have OTC derivatives, off balance sheet accounting and not marking to market, you can hide all your bad loans and losses.  Balance sheets are worthless for a few corporations.  They have a different set of rules. Without the manipulation of the markets to keep the perception going, the economy would have been toast already.  I agree that the true fundamentals of supply and demand and free markets conditions of a honest interest rate will always overpower the thought that expansion of money supply won’t have consequences.  It’s been proven many times in history.  This time is a little different but soon the system will completely die.  Guys like yourself probably have figured this out years ago.  Thanks for the reply and history lesson.  You are a very smart man.

  9. Here is an interesting stat. There are 6,250 tons of Ag available for investment anually. In the first four months of 2013 The U.S. Mint has sold 572 tons in 1 oz ASE alone!  1 oz, ASEs are not their only silver product. Nearly 1/10 of the world investment supply, IN FOUR MONTHS! That is with only 1% of our population buying it! How much silver has America bought including private mints & foreign mints? Those stats are hard to find, but it is probably at least as many ounces as ASEs.

  10. Rockets  I read that the US mines produce 40 MOZ but with the RioTinto mine down, it might be as low as 34 MOZ.  The mint will use more than that. So we are at the tender mercies of the world wide silver producers.   If there was another large source of silver in the US I’ve not heard of it.  scrap and salvage does not seem to be a part of the equation in this country

  11. 20 x 2 oz Libertads and 10 x 1 oz Ox Lunar II , that was all i did.
                                                                                                                    Good luck to all

  12. This World wide Bankruptcy has to look Real to everyone! These evil people, know what they are doing. They have Republicans fighting with Democrats, the media is bought and paid for, Christians against all other religions,  Yada, Yada, Yada!  This is all done to keep everyone preoccupied as to enslave his brother to his point of view.. I’m a Christian, but I can’t win you over, by enslaving you. I can Only Love you and Pray for you.  How does taking some dope smoker, and making it illegal going to win him over, buy throwing him into jail.  You can not legislate morality! When you do, you violate some one Else’s common law rights.. Who did he Hurt? God gave us All Free will. Common Law can be brutal, and if you hurt someone by being stupid, it can cost you your life.  But until you do, your a free man!  You just work into the Bankers hands, by enslaving your brothers, and they count on it!

  13. Gentle reader. I feel I need to warn you of the dangers of stacking!
    This very afternoon I came home with my 12kg of May the first rebellion. Full of love for my family and flushed with excitement I announced “Silver Bitchez” 
    My wife and daughter, they do not read zerohedge, I’m left with naught but pain for promised joy.
    and a bigger stack. 🙂

  14. nsw2206 – either you’re from Earlwood or I’m reading too much into your moniker 😉
    Anyway, so you brought home 12Kg of silver worth about $9.7k Aussie, and your family didn’t quite appreciate your sentiments? I sympathise with your plight, and here’s why:
    If I discuss a 500oz purchase with my wife, and argue a good case with her, there’s no problem and we’re both happy with the deal. On the other hand, if I place an order for 25oz, regardless of the price, and don’t discuss it with her, domestic sentiment is not quite so mutually joyous if you know what I mean.
    Moral to the story: always discuss the potential investment with your other half.
    On a brighter note – good job!

    • Speros sounds greek to me, you could be a next door neigbour with a name like that lol.
      it wasnt the silver that dissapointed – it was the bitchez. in retrospect my daughters face was priceless. and she’s too young to try explaining it to.. oh well.  She’s right into the silver too by the way, checks the 2nd hand stores and finds little 925 trinkets, I’ve shown her the hallmarks that mean good things in the cutlery too.
      some of the non bullion I’ve picked up below silver cost.

    • nsw2206 – Yes it’s a Greek name alright, but it’s only the monkier I use on some forums hehe. I got the idea from the ‘Downtown Speros’ motel in Canberra that I stayed at a couple of times years ago.
      Anyway it’s good that things are working out with your silver acquisitions and your daughter’s education on the subject.
      I took delivery of the aforementioned 500oz a couple of hours ago, in the form of 5 x 100oz Johnson Mathey bars. One was very old stock, with a serial number on it, which the new ones don’t have. I also have in my collection a 100oz Royal Canadian Mint which I am informed is a rare one minted in the 1960s/70s and also has a serial number.
      Anyway good luck and see you around 🙂

  15. The 200moz of available investment Ag is going into the hands of 1% of the global population. 7,000,000 out of 7,000,000,000 people. This can only happen because the other 99% just don’t want it. They want the newest I-Phone, the newest 70″ 1080P 3-D TV, the newest 3-D blu-ray player. People trampling each other for the latest gizmo. I’ve never seen riots inside a LCS on Black Friday.

  16. Rockets, I think that number is 70,000,000 not 7,000,000….no disrespect. That means less then 3 ounces per person from that 70,000,000. Just think how much will be gone when 2% or 3% wake up. We can beat these luciferians just on shear numbers and also waking others up to buy a few ounces here or there. That is why silver is there achilles heel, it can just disappear, and if prices begin to rise  more and more sheep will wakeup and begin investing in physical silver. We just have to realize we are in a war and we must treat it as such, we must make strategic attacks(like May 1st) to gain the traction we need to watch this pile of shit they call an economy come crashing down around them. so we just keep buying what we can afford and bide our time!
    Silver Muppet

  17. Whiskey Six  thank you for providing such precise figures on silver production and consumption. If I continue your calculations,  with the reduction of 7.5% off the 2012 production we get a much larger shortage of 118,000,000 ounces of silver, a shortage spread of about 14% continuing into the foreseeable future   That is NOT sustainable nor can it be remediated by more mine production, a slow process at best and ridiculous to assume in the light of these extremely low prices for a vital commodity.  I heard that total consumption would be as much as 1,2 billion ounces in 2013 due to solar panel requirements as well as other industrial needs.  Nonetheless, either spreads is well in excess of 100,000,000 ounces.  That will pose difficult supply chain problems now and even worse in the future. 

  18. There is another thing that concerns me.  As much as I like to use the silver and gold surge in 1979-1980 period as a place in time when the average pereson realized the ravages of inflation and went to gold and silver in hordes.  I think they had a clue which means the light bulb question actually came on and worked it’s magic. 
    There is a better than average chance that the USA has become so dumbed down by the media, electronic toys, pathetic excuses for education, crappy low quality food with 47 million on welfare that people would not wake up to the vital aspects of  saving themselves  from debt and FIAT death with a simple plan of stacking.  That’s just a guess but Jeez H Chr. people seem to be dumber than boxes of hammers when it comes to the fact that this government we vote for (or not) does not have even the slightest degree of concern for the wellbeing of the average American.  It seems like we are just cattle; commodities to be herded into pens and milked until we’re dead.  This is what makes me fight and spend every day thinking up new ways to get people at least to the level of semi consciousness as it concerns what we are facing.  Something between  Brave New World and 1984  I think the government has tried Brave New World and it succeeded quite well.  We are so stoned on Soma that we don’t give a shit if 1984 comes crashing down on us, like cameras at every corner.  The gummint doesn’t need cameras in every room of our home.  We give Big Brother every thing they need to know through Facebook, Linkdin and our internet presence. 
    Our loss in this respect is not shared by the people in China, India and other countries which have not suffered the pernicious dumbing down that is actively and aggresively pursued by Western Government

    • Not to be critical (which you know I wouldn’t shy from if it WERE my intent) @AGXIIK  but this statistic comes up so often in pointedly derogatory usage elsewhere, that I simply wanted to take this opportunity to offer a slightly different facet of viewpoint on it … mainly for casual lurkers in an effort to keep their minds open to ‘other realities’ not ordinarily presented, as it seems. I’m talking of the  ‘47% on Food Stamps’ meme.
      Rather than presuming that folks who succumb to taking government dole are … ALL … ‘lazy bums feeding at the welfare trough’, we might allow that many of them have been driven to their situations by circumstances they’ve been forced into. Increasingly onerous taxes that (when they WERE in the work-force) crowded them toward ‘the edge’, increasing food and energy prices raising ordinary costs of living, higher fees for services like medical, electrical, plumbing and construction work that frequently arise as emergency necessities and a host of other common expenses each contribute to a week-to-week or month-to-month survival regimen. This is to say nothing of the production that’s been driven from America by crushing taxes and intrusive regulations that have left these folks ‘high and dry’.
      It’s easy for some of us to look down our noses at those who failed to put up greater savings, but many others were brainwashed into actually believing that ‘government backstops’ were sufficient to keep them from destitution and that the Wizards of Finance should be depended upon to keep periods of economic lull brief and ‘painless’. While that ‘backstop’ is soon to evaporate, they shouldn’t really be too coldly denigrated for accepting the ‘kool aide’, it’s only human nature to want to ‘be a part of society’ and that’s exactly what so very many of them did. In ‘normal’ times, we’d rather find that propensity commendable, wouldn’t we? Think about it.
      I don’t want to drivel on at length about this. It’s only that I think fingers are pointed at the wrong ‘culprit’. These folks are largely in their straights because of government propaganda aimed to aggrandize these criminals who’ve infested the public offices from school boards to the Oval Office and everywhere in between … three whole generations of it, no less … so please give your fellows a bit of a break. The old cautionary of ‘don’t judge till you’ve walked a mile in his shoes’ is apropos here.

    • I don’t doubt some are needy, but the system has clearly been gamed for far too long…people reproducing in order to get a bigger cut from the state is just not productive and is not going to end well for all parties. Some of these people on the fringe think they’re getting away with something and scamming the system, and they are to some extent, but when that hog trough gets cut back in a major way they’re going to scream bloody murder and not be able to stand on their own two feet. There will be suffering. They need to be helped, but weaned off at the same time.

  19. Roger that Pat Fields.  I know what you are talking about since the 47 million on SNAP and EBT cards are largely in that situation due to being forced over the edge by multi generational theft by a  rapacious government intent on their diminishment or a paucity of resources to stave off their present situation. I do think many Americans have forgotten what it is to be self reliant, even if they knew it once.  Many have come to rely on the embrace of government to see to their needs, convinced the government means them well. We, our family, are very fortunate to have avoided the worst that our government had to offer and quite lucky to be in our present circumstances.
     I am many things but not hard hearted.  Having been in dire straights as a kid and member of a family  before the welfare system came to be, when there is no safety net under you, the ground looks very hard.   The government presently spends about $1 trillion in transfer payments to those who are needy; even those whose lifestyles would not have become needy until this most recent depression and dearth of good paying jobs or even a job at all. That sum is extraordinarily telling.
    I’ll be more conscious of my wording in the future.
    No matter what a person’s situation, I don’t think they deliberately jumped into debt servitude or penury without a gentle shove from our ‘well meaning’ government, whether a hand at their back or a nudge to the head.  That includes those who have the appearance of gaming the system and using every means at their disposal to receive benefits from the government honeypot.  It’s pretty seductive when something has all the appearances of being free.  Often the cost is mich higher than they realized. The cost is often their soul.

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