The long anticipated Gold & silver short squeeze has begun as gold has exploded after retesting $1300 overnight, and my-shorts-on-fireis now up nearly another $20 today to $1321.
Silver has been even more impressive, up nearly $1 on the day to a high of $21.38.
Should silver be able to clear $21.50, an astonishing short squeeze would be likely- potentially propelling the metal to $22.50-$23 before pausing.
As both metals appearing to be launching another vertical move to the upside, Friday is shaping up to be an explosive trading day to end gold & silver’s massive week!

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Metals Date Time (EST) Bid Ask Change Low High
Gold 02/14/2014 09:43 1319.25 1320.75 +17.45 +1.34% 1299.95 1320.10
Silver 02/14/2014 09:43 21.21 21.31 +0.77 +3.76% 20.46 21.27

Gold demonstrated an absolutely classic bullish move through $1300: after testing the level twice Thursday afternoon, gold shot through $1300, retested the previous resistance level, and promptly moved strongly upwards as $1350 appears to be pulling gold like a magnet:


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Once gold cleared $1300, silver absolutely exploded to the upside, with a 5% move in under 24 hours:


With 2 months of trading and nearly $150 to the upside in gold, it is looking more and more like The Doc’s December 21st call that gold & silver would place a final bottom within the next 10 days was correct, and that the next stage of the bull market has begun.

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  1. It has been so long that I forgot what days like this felt like. The bears are still calling this a short term ‘dead cat bounce’ but I beg to differ. Some of the miners I follow are up more than 40% since December. The easy money days of shorting the miners and gold appear to be over for now. 

  2. Well, PM’s are certainly up but ‘exploded’ I’m not quite sure on that. 1% is noticeable; wake me when it’s 20% or better.
    No panties in a wad here either over anything.  I’m waiting for some major paper dumping on the market to slam Ag/Au back where ‘it should be’.  We’ll see.

    • PMG, Silver is up well over 1% this morning.
      Since The Doc has not given us that famous image of the gold ball rising up out of the ocean, allow me to submit the following:

  3. Im trying not to get too excited but I think this time is different.I can not recall since late 2011 a run like this.
    Maybe this is the inflection point that we know will ultimately come at some juncture.
    I guess 2.5 years of unrelenting price manipulation by the Gov/Bankster pukes can cause one to be somewhat cynical.I hope this time my cynical suspicions are dead wrong.
    Regardless Im going out Sat am and buying a few ozs of the shinning stuff.
    This could result in a few more bankster skydiving accidents.Hope so.

  4. Ouch  that video is like nails on a chalk board.  Bimbo muppets and bow ties just chap my butt. 
    Rogers was a doofus in this and Lyster looked like she was trying to pump him for something that would save her stack of FIAT.  Painful to watch.  Ag land?  Rubles?  Yaun?  as the best investments.
       I serious doubt if Rogers is going to do his imitation of Green Acres   he’s no Eddie Albert.  Lyster won’t replace Zsa Zsa Gabor.

  5. Bear in mind folks, not to poop on the party but this may be the last big pump and dump before the shorts truly let go. If it is, I am still happy because I too have goals that would be easier achieved if prices stay lower longer. It’s hard for me to believe that they just let it go up all of a sudden without an ulterior motive.

    • At this point, I’ve stopped hoping for a rally. I know one will come one day, but until the shit hits the fan or they decide so, the cartel full of asshole bleaching criminals is in firm control.
      In other news, that file picture of burning underwear is typically how I dispose of my nutslingers ( they spontaneously combust frequently or I throw them against a wall and they shatter like glass. LOL.

  6. Its only going up because its tax time an the government wants people to sell and help pay taxes. Any way when it hits $30 an ounce the government wont even have to sell the toilet paper weekly flushing. The people will sell at this price. They feel stuck since the pm price has been down for so long. They will want oh mighty cash is king.

    • Speak for yourself, nobody I know is even thinking of selling unless it tops $100 then a few might part with a little if they need to buy something.

  7. What the fuck I can’t believe the bears are still out in force.
    Don’t you people know what’s happening? Yesterdays DMA 100 ($20.40) and 200 ($21.14) are being shot to shreds and it not people selling to get Fiat for their taxes. Give me a break and WAKE The Fuck UP or your going to miss the boat.
    Hell I just bought some Minors and I’m up 60c up already and I will probably sell if I see a hint on Tues. of them falling but today, a nice little profit for more Fiat to spend on the Physical. Keep Stacking and it’s also called Diversifying. Lol

  8. Marchas 45. Bullshvick You actually bought into a toilet paper warehouse. A true precious metal follower would never buy used toilet paper mining stocks. You might as will buy into the ETF s then. An be bathing into a hot tub of aka ELECTRONIC TOILET FLOAT. Up to your neck in it. You should go by the number one law of capitalism. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it. Marchas want to make a small side bet on what the prices do my the end of march 30th. Say 1 real ounce of a sd coin. Worth $25 I will bet the price of silver wont be over $25 on march 30th. Are you going to bet?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • O! Damn Dang I don’t have any Physical to bet with, Shit I wish I did but alas I already give into your bet. Ok! You win, as I don’t believe it will be over $25 either as that is one of the STRONG Resistance points coming up.
      And by the way THIS STRONG PHYSICAL STACKER did buy into the MINORS and I’m not a True Precious Metals FOLLOWER, I STACK IT. Keep Stacking.

    • @Marchas45
      Don’t sweat it, Charlie.  A TRUE stacker doesn’t let ANYONE tell him whether or not he’s a stacker.  WE decide that.  It’s OUR money we’re using for investing.  Every time I hear talk like that it makes me wonder if the speaker knows jack about how money is made.  I strongly suspect not.  Once it IS made, THEN it can be used to build a VERY nice stack.  You, AG, and I are living proof of this.  No one is in any position to tell us that we don’t know WTF we are doing unless they have a bigger stack than we do.  I don’t think that many do.

  9. Yes I will not post any more only look at the site. Promise if by the end of march the stock market doesn’t crash an take the comex with it into a default or the price of pms in silver reaches $30 I will be gone

    • Dang I have been frustrated also as well as a few of the long term Stackers have been for the past few years but my friend believe me, you have not seen nothing yet and when this crazy world falls apart then you’ll be glad you have your Stack as it’s going well over $30 so don’t give in yet and Stack more than your PM’s because your going to need it.  Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45
      You got it, Charlie.  If – WHEN – the SHTF, we won’t be able to buy gold or silver with fiat unless we just happen to have bales of it.  The days of cheap PMs will be over and the days of ever cheaper fiat will be upon us.  Those who still have their stack will have no shortage of goods to buy, including food.  No, not from some other guy who needs it for his family but from companies that MAKE goods to sell.
      People have either forgotten or never knew this but during the 1930s, goods were plentiful.  What was scarce was MONEY.  Anyone who had money could buy virtually anything they needed.  In those days, money was predominantly gold and silver coins.  My grand parents were young adults back then.  They had very little in the way of gold… maybe a $5 half eagle now and then… but they did have a little silver.  Gramps was a farmer, so sold his produce, wheat, and beef to the local grocery stores and butcher shops.  He also cut and delivered fire wood.  When that wasn’t enough, he made bootleg corn whiskey… moonshine it was and there was ALWAYS a market for that.  He didn’t make a lot but he did make enough to keep the farm going, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs.  Gram tended a LARGE garden, about 50 chickens, churned butter, and sold butter and eggs in town.  She also did sewing work for ladies in town.  They always had food but not a lot else.  They learned how to make things and how to make do.  Those are skills that are seriously lacking these days.  My wife doesn’t get it when I spend hours repairing something rather than just buying a new one.  I need to learn how it works and how it’s made.  That’s the real pay-off.  Once I know that, I can build or repair an item ever after.  That’s a good skill to have in hard times.

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