SGT has released a new interview with Chris Duane of discussing survival prepping, silver, and the White Knights who Ben Fulford and David Wilcock claim will soon take down the banksters.
Duane states that ‘the only White Knights coming to save us are us, not ninjas.
My awakening happened when I realized that they do not have any power over that which I did not give them.
I put myself in debt.
I joined their military.
I listened to their media.
I empowered them!
When you realize the independent power you can have IF you take responsibility for your actions.
This is the way out of this cyclical nature of debt and death cycle.’

Part 2

  1. More of the same from these two guys. Always worth the time.




    Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those
    moments when we are influencing the future.
    —Steve Jobs

  2. “When you realize the independent power you can have IF you take responsibility for your actions” – So true. Change after all starts with each of us. So many people want to see a better world, but is not willing to change and/or to change their habits. Most of them have little and/or no sense of responsibility and like to hide behind so called public opinion, political correctness, etc.

  3. AGXIIK Keep it up. It seems that you’re on a roll. I fully agree, it is wise to go with a variety. Personally I’ve got at least a year’s worth of food supplies stored away, I’ve started my own fruit and vegetable garden, I am armed, etc.

  4. Love it, he said “Be careful where you get your information” I live by that and I Always, Always, Double Check.

    I disagree Chris when you said They Don’t Force You To Do Anything, No but the reason you start doing those things like credit card debt, join the military and the other things, is because they have brainwashed you already. Only when I realized what was happening was the day I changed.

    As for preparedness I’m nearly there, plenty of Food but still stocking, Guns, Ammo and working on my Medical supplies, O! and plenty of Silver and still buying. Stack, Stack, Stack.


  5. Hey Boys

    The wife and I have been stockpiling and rotating a couple months worth of food for some time now. We live in the pacific northwest so its generally for earthquake preparedness……BUT

    I’m trying to decide what brand of  dehydrated food to buy a years supply for economic collapse induced shortages.

    Any recommendations are welcome

    Mountain house seems to be a popular brand

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