CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on another epic rant this morning regarding the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff, sending a HEADS UP!! to the middle class, stating that all they’re after isn’t fixing the economy, it’s your bucks!
Indeed Rick, indeed.

Santelli’s full rant below:

  1. Rick is a distinct breath of fresh air in all that mumbo jumbo swill that is poured out by CNBC.  They are a pathetic lot, every last one of them.  One can only hope Rick goes elsewhere so the scum doesn’t rub off.

  2. Agreed silverrrrr! The congressmen and senators are no longer relevant. They have the mindset of a five year old in a candy store. LOL. Their time has passed and they just don’t know it yet. Republicans and Democrats alike will search for the same ends by different means. The president, well, not mine for sure but to say the least, just a puppet of the bankster’s. Look at the world as of this moment, run by technocrats rather than people. Money earned or or unearned, given to the banks and not the people. what kind of leaders would allow such insolence. why, all the leaders (allegedly) of today’s world. Pathetic indeed.
    Stack on my silver friends and stay aware.

    • Agreed! The congressmen and the senators are also corrupted because the elites and the banksters have influenced them by paying for them and the mainstream medias have brainwashed them. Ron Paul was a good congressman but now sadly, he is gone!

  3. I can count on one hand the number of politicians who care anything about our national debt and deficit. From 1980 to present day the debt has increased by $500 billion.  This does not include the $10 trillion in madates.
     This is a very convenient number BTW since it represents the amount needed annually to continue this country’s debt paradigm and illusion of the good life.  It’s all debt based whether it’s the state and Federal governments spending far beyond its means;  the general public spending well beyond its means or future generations racking up debt before they have something to spend it on.
    Why should these rat bastards, Dem or Repub, care about debt.  We, the people, can’t, won’t and don’t.  We are addicted to debt so why should the people who we elect to public office care about debt.   It’s all the same.  Debt piled on debt. 
    Our elected leaders just do what we demand  of them.  Spend more, save less and then point fingers when things don’t work out. We’ve paid them for 30 years to play fast and loose with our future. Now the bill is due and we complain that taxes should be higher.
    Politicians aredoing what we told them to do. Spend more, tax more and to heck with what happens tomorrow.

    • “I can count on one hand the number of politicians who care anything about our national debt and deficit.” Very well said! I would say that this is a very good quote that speaks out the truth and it will also be a good quote to wake up the sheople.

  4. Yes indeed AGXIIK! I think we are past the point of majority sensibility. All some of us can do is to stack high, prepare constantly and ready ourselves for the collapse. Hope it never comes but I seriously have my doubts. LOL. Politicians. Best joke I’ve heard in a year or two.

  5. He is right of course. If lower middle class and working poor make say 50,000 – 30,000 YoY. They may not pay much in direct income tax to Uncle Sam. However again that 10% YoY inflation for 5 years has taxed them 50% of their earnings! Of course as sales taxes and the other big one that is rarely discussed, the cost of regulations adding to the price of everything they must buy is just busting them “us”! If corparate taxes rise it’s reflected in the price the consumer pays too. Many companies base a pay raise on inflation. If the true inflation is 10% but the government hides (lies, which of course is a crime) the real inflation rate as we know they do and says it is 2% in order to hide what they are doing. The employee only gets the 2% hike in pay. That is the government robbing them of potential wealth!

    • A lot of people from the middle and the poor classes will start selling illegal substances to gain more cash to pay their taxes, fees, debts and their needs because they won’t have any other choices. Inflation is our main concern because it is way higher than the official rates.

  6. Most of the people in Congress are corrupted so the Congress itself is also corrupted because it is run by these bad people. Ron Paul is an honest man so he kept a big part of the Congress away from the corruption but ever since he left, the Congress became a very bad place.

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