imagesOur friend Sean from is back with Mark S. Mann. He’s a cop on the ground in Connecticut and he has a LOT of QUESTIONS about the contradictions and inconsistencies of the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre – and resulting gun grab.

Full interview below:

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  1. First it was Hurricane Sandy then Sandy Hook Elementary.  Kind of reminds me of 9*1*1 and then 9/11.  Such weird coincidences to uncomprehensible tragedies? 
    Maybe the only part which is not surprising is they already had legislation in hand and ready to go.

  2. Did I hear that right… this guy with “the real scoop” on Sandy Hook is a firearms exec?
    Yes apparently I did… great to finally get some unfiltered information on the subject from an unbiased third party on this obvious left wing nut  job conspiracy!
    BTW… I have a brother-in-law who lives in DC… let me know if any of you want the real scoop on what’s going on behind the scene in congress… I mean, the guy can practically see Capital Hill from his house!

    • If you had been following the Doc’s previous posting from SGT, you would have heard that the firearms exec is also a police officer with inside access. 
      If your brother-in-law works for someone in congress, I would like to hear what he says.
      Your sarcasm overwhelms your post.

    • OJ… he has no inside access (he’s a “part time” officer somewhere in Conn… tell me, how many part time cops with full time exec positions do you know) and is nothing but a gun industry shill filling your paranoid head with idiotic garbage to keep the natives restless (great for sales… but kinda hard on the 30,000 gun victims a year). Finally, I see you’re a Palin fan unable (or unwilling) to see the sarcasm in the Capital Hill comment… happy hunting!
      BTW, please let me know when you and your buddies plan to take on the gubberment with your AR-15s… the beer & popcorn’s ready, and the cable news is up and ready to go!

    • SRV people like you are the shills. You have to be blind to not see where government is headed and it isn’t in our best interests. When it happens sit back with your popcorn and then send me a postcard from the detention camp they cart you off too because those who don’t fight will go in for re-education.

    • MB… I do not, and would not live or raise a family in a country full of brainwashed psychopaths willing to sacrifice 30,000 lives a year to feed an insatiable corporate appetite for profit (or defends healthcare for corporate profit as “freedom from tyranny” resulting in millions more deaths, for that matter), believing they are somehow protecting the integrity of the founders (all victims of the $millions$ the NRA and their media shills spend each year beating that drum).
       . The 2nd ammendment argument is simply laughable in the context of modern warfare. It has been used by the gun lobby (and meadia shills… hey Rush) to create a climate that makes it political suicide to challenge any gun control measure… and all the good little soldiers, fixed in an antebellum south fantasy, fall in line come voting day.
       . It is a fact (and even though the Romney campaign said publically, “we will not let fact checkers influence our message,” and it appears the gun lobby has adopted their policy, I’ll throw it out there anyway), that you or a loved one is at greater risk if you do have a gun in your home.
       . It is a fact that free, democratic countries with universal gun ban policies (UK, Japan, Australia, S Korea, Chile, Poland…) have as few as 5 gun murders a year (what twisted mind refuses to believe the scientific correlation between gun ownership and gun death).
       . The self serving concerns and paranoia of the gun crowd in the wake of the SH murders is simply breathtaking… all we on the outside can do is look on in wonder, and take solice in the fact we live in a community where sanity trumps corporate fueled ideology.
      If you truely believe your government would massacre (or manage the evidence involved) 20 small children to justify taking your guns away (they did not) how on earth can you continue to live and raise your children in that country… really, how can you?

    • SRV, I pity you.  Your responses have been so invictive as to show how you cannot use facts, but must resort to name calling, sarcasm, degradation, hysteria and mean spiritedness to attempt and make your points. 
      What have you done in you life to give you the basis of such animosity and colored world view.  Are you a veteran or active duty military?  Are you a police officer, firefighter, medic?  It is clear you know not of what you speak and seem to be  trolling rather than interested in true discussion. 
      Grow up and realize the world is not a safe place and thousands of people, including children, are killed everyday all over the world.  The constitution does not grant you freedom from danger.  It gives you tools to become a free man beholden to no one and to carve your way through life.  If you do not desire to be free, there are other alternatives everywhere else in the world.
      I believe, based upon your response to Mary, that you do not live in America and therefore have no basis, other than your home country’s paradigm, from which to base your comments.  If that is correct, continue to live the “safe” life wherever that may be.  For me, give me liberty or give me death.

    • Good question.  Another one is why are there no crime scene photos being splashed all over the news right now.  But please, don’t give me any BS about the media being sensitive to the concerns of the families who lost people in the shooting withholding those photos or video for humanitarian reasons.  We all know that if they had any, they would be all over the news 24/7.  Problem is, if they release a bunch of fake photos to generate sympathy, someone would recognize that the place filmed was not Sandy Hook Elem and the whole charade would be well and truly blown.

  3. SOMEONE has to pursue this travesty, who has the authority and backing to get necessary information in order to logically, accurately explain each and every question that has arisen.  Without that, we are DOOMED to be SLAVES to the ogliarchs.

    • So lets say the power indeed did go out …
      Where is the circuit breakers/power distribution panel?  Does anyone really believe that it could be tripped when the one supposed shooter was probably not in that room?  How would Adam Lanza even know where that box would be located in the school?
      I think they’re going to end up bulldozing the school because they don’t want people investigating this independently….  just like post 9/11 — While its still a crime scene and before people can investigate and research it themselves, they need to hide the evidence by shipping it offsite for destruction/recycling.

  4. We have lost the Judicial. We all know we have lost the Executive Branch. We all know we have lost the Legislative Branch. But the point to all these stories is that we have lost the third branch and that is the part we must focus on. Write to every Judge you know. Write to every Lawyer you know. Ask them what shall be done within their “Bretheran.”

  5. Right from the get-go, I had an unusually intense feeling that these SOB ghouls in the Administration set this incident up and most of the points raised in this interview only served to solidify that feeling. God in Heaven, what despicable scumbags.And there’s the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach laying on a friffin’ beach in Hawaii. I say take the whole lot … load them up in a C-141 … strap parachutes on them and toss them off the loading ramp over the Sahara.

    • Ostupid has no compunction or morals, you are talking about a guy who orders drone strikes on wedding parties with kids present and other places with kids then goes for breakfast.

    • I agree, Pat, but hold the ‘chutes.  Those might be needed by our brave paratroopers somewhere.  Just toss ’em out and let’em go SPLAT! somewhere.  If anyone asks what happened to them, just say “we let’em go”.  No need to add details.  😉

  6. Everyone yells about gun laws and the motives behind everything, but who’s making use of their 2nd amendment? I hear of lots of robberies and outright crime and shyt, but not about Americans making a fist against the non-sense their fed. Why is no-one storming the school building to demand independant FOREIGN investigation, and to get the main stream press to broadcast their own discrepancies? Storm the school (or the next ground zero undoubtedly to follow), wave huge white flags, and to make a point: don’t fire a single round, just wear protective clothing.
    When does the average 2nd amendment fan intend to use their rights? After they’re erased out of the lawbooks? Or is it to defend yourself from military forces going through streets to collect bullion “for national security”? Really, your AK47 is going to keep the military out of your house? What’s your house made of? Ever seen a tank up close? Realise that your PMs unlike $$$$$$$$$ painting actually take a hit really well? As in: tank granate. You coins and bars will nog lose as much as a gram of meltable contents. The tank driver is not going to be very impressed by your rifles, like a gas station robber might be.
    Good luck with your politics there. Wave some white flags in the form of banners. Try itt someone, just don’t be alone when you march towards the white house. Read recent history. People HAVE stormed their govt buildings, and kicked out administrations. Perhaps before you use your 2nd amendment, you might need to practive your 1st amendment a bit more effectively. I can hear ya up here in Europe, but can your neighbours hear it? More Americans singing actively in church choirs than can be gotten to yell oneliners in a peaceful demonstration.
    OK thanks, that’s a great relief. Rant off. Feel free to flame me after you’re read it twice. I am not trolling, but trying to offer some less bipartisan views. Watch out for the black vs wite arguments you’re being talked into. They’ll give you the 2nd amendment, but take something else you were also not prepared to give up.

    • @XC Skater: We are not interested in FOREIGN interference in our affairs! Justice is coming and soon! We won’t be doing it the socialist way or the Foreign way. Signs only work here once the fix is already in! We’ll do it our way. When we take it to the streets you will know. To many people still believe the governments lies and really think they are the good guys. I mean family, freinds and neighbors! They are armed too. We don’t want a civil war. The government does. Counter-Revolution is difficult enough (peaceful or otherwise) without it being wrapped in a 2nd civil war. Not a war between states. We are trying to deny them what they seek. Information is the first most effective weapon. If we can expose them for what they are and what they are doing “we are doing just that” it may not have to come to an armed conflict.

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      I prefer the peaceful solution of it exists. My concern is : is the awareness among the (armed or unarmed) people progressing fast enough to not end up with a disarmed nation by the time the real austerity hits, and is only to be written in all-caps?
      So much ado about the 1st amendment, but what did the people let come of OccupyWallstreet, the most unique thing of its kind to happen? Totally smuthered (sp?), and the people allowed it to be.
      They action of your govt cannot be prevented, they are beyond the point of no return. When this becomes apparent, they prefer not to be shot at, so the gunlaws are a logical target now. It’s not about killing the US people, they’ll get extinct soon enough via Bill Gates’ population-reducing vaccinations anyway. And if that doesn’t do the trick, western foods (of which USA is the top consumer per capita) will bring sterile wannabe parent within a generation or 2 anyway. But, the govt can’t wait for that. This problems is imminent NOW. So they need to disarm you before you realize where your pension money has gone. Or even what it means to live with an intact pension when prices even for bad foods go through the roof.
      The problems is perhaps not the govt taking your rights away, but you not exersizing them until it’s really too late to bother. The white flags will be too late when the tanks reach your block. Your free speech won’t be heard over your neighbours’gun fire.
      Don’t let it come that far!

    • @XC Skater; The OWS was a gov. psy-op to begin with. They were using anti bank sentiment and calling out their rent a mob marxists into the streets to lobby for marxism. But it turned on them due to Ron Paul and the liberty movment. We won that battle! The Federal Reserve was being threatened so they cracked the heads of the very people they sent into the streets & had to shut it down. You think we don’t see the rioters (mostly unionized workers, socialists… not the non union private workers) all over Euroland in the streets? Have they won anything but more austerity? TPTB don’t care if you carry signs! They don’t give a damn about molitov coctails! They will only crack more heads and raise taxes. We have to let the government make its moves and show it’s hand. Just as we did in the OWS sham. TPTB will never peacefully give into the rights and demands of “worms”. It will take force. It will go a lot easier if we can keep our police and military on our side. To do that we need to expose the politicians and the corrupt criminal organizations that own them. Would it be nessesary for the government to call our veterans domestic terrorists or to keep them from voting in elections if they had the hearts and minds of our soldiers? It’s the soldiers and veterans that are the most awake or waking up faster than the rest of the people.

    • That crime scene was scrubbed clean and sanitized within 24 hours I bet. You won’t find anything there, even fingerprints that should be there will be gone.

  7. Raising taxes would actually be sound, yet way too late. The utter lack of gas taxing in the US baffles me. It promotes low productiveness by senseless riding around, in polluting 3 tonne cars. Because, who cars? It’s only gas. 
    in Euroland gas is crazy expensive. That keeps some cash flowing into the government. We are a naughty nation if we’re more than 3% behind balancing a budget. The US is laughable in comparison. And dollars it fantasizes into existance, to spend on govt salaries, bankster bonusses and foreign oil, are costing the rest of the world more than the USA themselves. If a county such as Poland (doing fine) would print money out of control, it would itself be the one getting ALL the hurt. US having the weapons of mass destruction backed world reserve currency, is in the position to steal from the world by just printing their “own” money.
    A few billion in austerity measures they say, wooooooh. While they’re printing $85bln per MONTH to monetize debt. It’s just crazy.

    Really from what I’ve seen US taxes aren’t that high. There are few jobs due to low productiveness. Made in USA products aren’t even good anymore, on average. Sure there are exeptions. BUt few Euro’s were even willing to buy the greatly discounted cars landing on our shores when the USD had a weak spell. Bad car products in a country mad for the car.
    End to tax cuts not the problem, living like kings off money you’re never going to actually earn even in the distant future, IS.

    • EU countries have balanced budgets? LMAO yeah right that is why Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland to name a few are in such deep trouble.

  8. We have a criminal government bent on betraying us. Stealing our wages. Over taxing commodities to pay for our own inslavement baffles you? That baffles me, lol. Jesus said give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. Nothing was Ceasars! He was a dictator. He believed everything was his. The same goes for government. What you earn is yours. There is nothing sound about giving dictators something that isn’t theirs or the means to put chains on you feet! That was our grand parents greatest mistake. They didn’t see these people coming!

  9. I hear politicians saying how a tax cut would cost the government to much money!  Well if a tax cut costs the government money. Then a tax hike saves the government money. If that is the case, then the government owns EVERYTHING and they are only letting us peasants keep a some!!!!

  10. Perhaps I’m not so anti-tax because my local govt is giving me some sort of value for money. The money they spent they got from me, I prefer them over them stealing it from me and everyone else.
    Undertaxing is bringing many nations to their knees. And not all (just one) can use a superarmy to collect taxes abroad in the form of oil and drugs.
    Just heard a good argument: US should call their troops home, that’d cut the deficit by a nice amount. And who really NEEDS the US acting like police, judge, and executioner? Only the US and Israel need that. And many Americans support it, because it a money making machine for a cruel few.

  11. Maybe it isn’t the undertaxing but the overspending. I only expect one thing from government. Help me defend my liberty! That all. It shouldn’t even be called government. You may consider it government giving but I’m sure you have a neighbor that’s being forced to “give it” to the government first! If it is all about giving then why have government do it? They Take it in, slosh it around the system, pay the minions, put it in their own pockets and for every $ put in you get back 30 cents in “services” rendered. So you give to the gov. so they can hire overpayed bureaucrats to give it back to you. Doesn’t sound very efficient! If or when you ever come to the conclusion that you have “given enough” you will see them in the streets threatening to burn it all down if you don’t fork over more! When they threaten blood in the streets, it’s your blood they are talking about! Thats what is happening all over Euroland. It’s a scam.

  12. Praying for the better is great, but a god needs to use someone’s hands. Don’t wait for a god to help you out of this mess.
    Even seen a movie? The hero gets to do it him/herself. Praying doesn’t make things happen, EVEN in the movies. Think about it.

  13. Awesome post SRV!
    Not sure a govt official arranged the Sandy Hook killing, but the govt sure had a bag over their head when it comes to investigation of mass civilian killings. The source is likely some suit not considered part of govt, but pulling some big strings anyway. For fun, check how many Israelian citizen are in key positions in the USA. No other double nationality is allowed. Unrelated to this tragedy, but part of the same messy place.
    I’ve heard of some people leaving the US. Feeling uncomfortable there as individual thinkers. Or modest living gays. Having a lying through their teeth government would be valid as anything, but not heard it.
    The govt didn’t have those 20 kids killed, just these half million, by their own admission, for the greater good…
    MUST SEE : 

  14. its the nature of the times people feel powerless and oppressed guns in the  hands of an oppressed people are a scarey reality for the elite … every incident of terrorism and lunacy will be further evidence that guns need to be controlled and withdrawn … ultimately depower the people so the oppression continues … was the crime committed by a lunatic … probably … are the elite happy to use that to remove guns from the people definately … no conspiracy here just the elite using another incident to further there own cause …. there good at it … if its amoral and protects their interest they will do it… the sad part despite all the ranting and raving they will accomplish most of what they set out to achieve… literally nothing but the destruction of the banking system and the end of the false democratic process in the usa (where multi millionaires vie for power against other multi millionaires …) is going to make one jot of difference to those of us in the bottom 90% … we are here to feed the elite and i feel them sucking on my marrow

  15. @binahmax
    Agree with everything you say… except the elite coming after your guns! Do you really believe they care, or feel threatened by individuals with a few guns? Seriously? What they do fear is our ability to speak the truth to one another… to exchange critical thinking as we are right now.
    Now we find out that Wall Street sat down with the FBI and Homeland Security to orchestrate a violent takedown of the organised, peaceful disent of the OWS movement (once they realized the corrupt misinformation campaign through the corporate controlled media was fading)… it is free and open disent they fear,
    The campain against any gun control is driven by corporate greed. They use the tried and true fear, divide and conquer strategies along with the usual bribery and threats against Congress. Guns are great for the elite… they keep the rabble distracted and divided, keep the corporate prisons full, and demonize the victims (the poor) of the elite’s criminal greed.
    If there were no guns there would be no gun deaths (period). I spent over a month in Tokyo in /05 and did not see a single gun, anywhere… they have as few as 4 gun related murders a year in Japan (and they have the same video games, see the same violent movies, and live in a very stressed culture of work, work, work, and have the same mental illness issues with high suicide rates)… and of course the 2nd Amendment has been obsolete for at least 100 years… the elite use it to convince you to give them your money.

    • Quite the scoop RRG… the slimeball (or just metally challenged) site you got this revelation from is playing games with the gun worship crowd (surprise, surprise) and it seems they have a loyal following with the successful ruse.
      If you search Google for United Way Sandy Hook and use the Search Tools; then under “Any Time” select “custom” you can select the date Dec 11 (which they did). If you notice, all of the results are identified Dec 11 because that date was used as a From & To date in the custom range. Simply a quirk in the Google Search platform… but maybe it’s “a sign!”

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