Russian gold reservesRussia announced Saturday the addition of another 600,000 ounces to its gold reserves in December, bringing the total gold officially added to Russian reserves in 2012 to 3.2 million ounces!

Somehow we doubt a single ounce is being stored at the NY Fed, the BOE, or JP Morgan.

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Russian gold reserves

Chart courtesy Nick Laird via JSMineset

  1. While I am not saying that Russia would never fudge its figures, Russia is still the largest country on the planet and is rich in natural resources – so it is indeed likely to possess quite a bit of Gold. 
    In the image below, ‘Mad Vlad’ seems to be wondering where the rest of his Gold is, while the grinning, soon-to-be-sent-to-Siberia banker next to him is not about to tell him.

  2. Hey all!
    Okay, sometimes I am Grumpy concerning all the hype posted here, so forgive me for that.
    Got some really good news about Precious Metals from an adverse source that I never suspected.
    Gold and Silver are getting ready to virtually explode upwards in price without any doubts.
    My wife was at the Nail Salon today. It was so hard to believe that the Nail Salon lady was telling my
    wife how she and her husband had sold their Iron and Steel business and putting the money into Gold and SIlver!
    (My wife found out that sometimes the Nail Lady stays home to take in ironing while her husband is out stealing.)
    Wow, now that was remarkable I thought. Seems that the Nail Lady’s son’s daughter-in-law’s boy friend who mows
    lawns ran into a distant relative in Guadalajara  who has a pottery shop and he mentioned the fact to the boy friend
    of the Nail Lady’s daughter-in-laws boyfriend that during a tribal ceremonial fire,the chief told his fold that Gold and
    Silver were absolutely going to skyrocket! The Chief is also a Mayan decendant by the way and the boyfriend (Leroy) asked
    why nothing happened on December 21, 2012? The Chief (Rufus Turk) told Leroy that the error was leaving out leap
    years and that the time was actually 2029. He explained that the shortage in the timing should be April 11, 2029 when
    asteroid 2004MN4 crashes into the earth totally destroying everything. Now I feel so much better about the coming rise in
    Gold and Silver, that we all have 16 more years to spend the spoils of the wrecked Fiat currency system!!
    So in Reality my buddy stackers I am very excited about the coming rise of Gold and Silver and it will be very soon!

    • The chief probably has more credibility than what I read coming from the supposed silver analysts that post here and on other sites. Heck, the boyfriend mowing the grass probably has as much insight.

  3. Wow, they picked up about 4% of the gold produced in the whole world this year by themselves!   That cost them about $5B @$1600US.   A central bank can print $5B and use it to buy gold as easily as I can go to the gas station and buy a candy bar.   I’ll bet the reason why they don’t even buy MORE gold at a faster rate is because if they did gold would catapult to another much higher level.   The CBs aren”t stupid, they want to accumulate more gold without the price running away from them.   They know the Fed and the shorts are giving them the cover of night and the opportunity for the time being, they don’t want to push too hard and start the run yet.
    THERE WILL BE A RUN TO GOLD.   Nothing we have seen so far is a “run” to gold, more like power walking.   The smart money is like those old ladies who exercise by walking around the mall pumping their arms like robots, not a full blown frenetic Black Friday stampede.

    • @ Slvrizgold
      In Russia many own gold mines. They are increasing their gold reserves by increasing the production of gold.
      They want to make a lot of commemorative coins and bullion for sale at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. But they give it a very high premium. If they do not lower your premium, then I will not buy these Russian coins so expensive.

  4. Now who really believes that Russia would ever remotely reveal the truth of what they are up to? I am becoming somewhat bored with the non-news events some seem to promote in hopes it will be the holy grail of info that will kill the goose who lays the golden turd. 

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