PutinAfter adding 6,700,000 ounces (208 tonnes) of gold to her reserves in 2015, and 700,000 ounces (21 tonnes) in January 2016, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced today that it had added another 300,000 ounces of gold (9.33 tonnes) to its reserves in February 2016:


Submitted by Smaulgld:

The report indicated that Russian gold reserves increased by 300,000 ounces from its January 2016 report to 46.5 million ounces (1,446.3 tonnes).

russian gold reserves from 2015 -february 2016

Since 2009 Russia has added more than 822 tons of gold to its reserves more than China who added (734 tons) during the same time period.

Overall Russian Reserves

According to the Russian Central Bank, January official reserves assets were $371,559.1 million of which foreign currency reserves were $302,759 million. In February official reserves assets grew to $380,544.3 million and foreign currency reserves increased to $311,094.4 million.

Russia’s foreign reserves, were the only major emerging market central bank that showed a gain over the past year.

The Russian Rouble hit a 2016 high earlier this week as the price of oil rose from its low of $29 a barrel to over $41 a barrel.

In January 2016, Russia added 700,000 ounces of gold to its reserves while also adding $4.8 billion of U.S. Treasuries.

Russian U.S. Treasury Holdings

Russia’s U.S. Treasury Bond Holdings January 2014-January 2015

As of January, 2016, Russia held $96.9 billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds down from $131.8 billion in January 2014 but up from $66.5 billion in April 2015.

Russian US treasury holdings january 2014 to January 2016

Gold vs. Roubles

Increasingly, Russia has been buying up more of their gold mining production, in effect converting roubles into gold.

Russian gold mining vs gold reserves 2006-2016

Adding gold to reserves has helped Russia offset the loss of value in the rouble vs. gold over the past year.

gold vs russian rouble feb march 2016

From August to January 2016 China added 111 tonnes of gold to its reserves, while Russia added 158 tonnes, or 42% more.

Russia and China additions to gold reserves 2015-2016 february

gold reserves by country top ten feb 19 2016

Russian Monthly Gold Purchases June 2014 – January 2016

Russian Gold reserves June 2015 February 2016

  1. Meanwhile, Obama adds another 300,000,000,000 to America’s national debt


    LOL… we need more paid liars to come forth and tell us how great Obama is… and how evil Putin is… need many more of those people NOW, the narrative is at risk

  2. An entire year growth in Gold and Silver wiped out in a few hours by a Tribe with the use of paper faud.

    People writing articles on this site have no better idea of what is going on in the world of gold then the man in the moon!

    Until the reins are pulled from the The criminals running the Federal reserve this shit will continue.

    • and its gone! – Because nearly every fed official has come out in the past two days talking about a rate hike in April. I stay away from price predictions and try to stick to what is happening in the physical markets- not that it influences the price the way things are structured

    • @mfltucson – here is a post from you 2 months and 1 week ago where you ascribe all these amazing powers to the cartel, predicting gold plummeting to the obscene…

      it turns out you were wrong, and the cartel was weak… because gold is the best performing asset of 2016 and is vastly ahead of stocks. so all of you insincere postings telling us how powerful the cartel is are nothing but blather… read your own posts from the past and see just how wrong you’ve been.

    • @mfltucson , here is a chart to help you… the orange dot is when you posted “gold and silver will plummet to the obscene” 2 months and 1 week ago and the red dot is where we are today. any questions?

  3. Stuart thomson was right when he predicted gold would rise following the rate rise in december, very few were saying that.  The fed is trying to con with their threatening rhetoric.  Thats all they have.  In gold bull markets with negative interest rates gold will suprise to the upside after rate hikes.  Lets see if the fed raises rates again.  Bring it on.

  4. “The fed is trying to con with their threatening rhetoric.” agree this is what I predicted would happen in Why the Fed Raised interest Rates- in which I predicted the fed WOULD do a rate hike last year THEN start the back and forth talking about doing another one or two or four in 2016. https://smaulgld.com/fed-raises-rates/


  5. China and Russia are doing the right things… they are buying gold instead other paper money. In the crisis paper is nothing and gold has still it´s value! Makes no sense to collect paper money in a box…. in 100 years you will have another currency…but gold is still epensive… 🙂  More and more German investors are learning this lesson.

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