fiscal cliffCNBC invited retiring Congressman and former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on to discuss the lunacy of the fiscal cliff negotiations going on in Congress.  In this MUST WATCH interview, Paul informed the CNBC host that the resolution of the fiscal cliff is meaningless, as we have already passed the point of no return where we can get our house in order.   Nobody wants to talk about military cuts..the safety net is always available, there has been a recent hurricane, there will be no hesitation whatsoever to spend that money ($100 billion) without any offsetting spending cuts...

This will be just like the Greece debt deals where there is agreement after agreement, but nothing is ever really fixed.  There is no admission that there is a fiscal crisis. If they don’t admit it they can’t solve the problem, Congress is like a bunch of drug addicts seeking another fix!

Paul goes on to state that: “They pretend they are fighting up there, but they really aren’t. They are arguing over power, spin, who looks good, who looks bad, all trying to preserve the system where they can spend what they want, take care of their friends and print money when they need it.”

Paul’s full fiscal sanity below:

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Paul’s interview begins 5:50 into the clip on the fiscal cliff:

  1. Watched the clip on zh basically what I would expect someone with common sense to say. Until we admit that people on social security and medicare are stealing money we can’t resolve this. Until we admit that the armed forces aren’t protecting us from anything in their bases in 130 countries around the world we can’t solve this. Until we admit that the corporation is the worst thing that has ever happened to individual freedom we can’t solve this. Until we admit that education and all other responsabilities of the parent, should be the responsability of the parent we can’t solve this. Until we admit our gov’t has been hijacked by a wicked group of international banking cartel scum we can’t solve this. Until we admit that we the people are the problem, we can’t solve this. In other words we’re doomed. Pray and repent and maybe we can solve this. Yeah, I just don’t see any of it happening, not when these things have been burned into americans for at least the last forty years, we have a deserved and well earned judgement coming, and it’s probably coming very soon. 

    • Wait a cotton picking minute! I am on Social Security and have worked hard all my life paying into that system. If I am stealing, it would be my own money I’m stealing. The government forced me to invest in my retirement through them when I could have invested that money myself and retired well on same. You want to talk about stealing? The social Security fund was supposed to be invested and untouched except for what it was intended to pay for but our thieving government over the years has dipped into this fund and stolen it for other purposes. Had “MY MONEY” been left alone and invested like it was supposed to be, there would be plenty of funds to cover the bill
      I take direct offense when people refer to social security as a hand out or thievery because you are wrong, it is an “entitlement” which means I am entitled to it!. Read your history. I would bet you are nowhere near retirement age by the way you talk. When you do retire, and if you still get your benefit by then, you will no longer see it as thievery once it is your investment you are benefiting from. If you do not receive it after paying for it, you will be pissed that you paid in all that money for nothing. If we want to have a solvent fiscal system, we only need to bring all the troops home and close all those 150+ military bases word wide. If that were done, there would be no fiscal cliff and there would be plenty of funds for the benefits we paid into.

  2. ron paul has had his day …. he did a great job getting his message across and everything he says rings true because he believes in what he preaches …. unfortunatley he couldnt hit critical mass and start the revolution … its time for someone else to take the lead… always good to hear ron paul

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