Ron PaulCongressman & former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul joins the show this week, discussing:

  • Putin’s response to US sanctions with economic retaliation- implications for US economy & the US Dollar- It is very significant, dumping of US dollars has begun…The dollar can’t be maintained.  One reason the dollar has been sustained as well as it has been is who wants to buy yuan or euros?  But ultimately they will buy the real money, and that’s gold!
  • Paul on the Coming collapse of the dollar & all fiat currencies:  Officials in charge of monetary policy are very aware of what’s coming– they believe as long as it is orderly they will be ok…The problem is when people lose confidence in a currency, they lose confidence completely.  There’s nothing orderly about it!  There’s always a panic, and that’s hard to manage.   There will be a day when people will panic in the financial markets, not only in the dollar, but in the world-wide system!
  • The former member of the House Financial Services Committee explains why his nemesis at the Federal Reserve works so hard to discredit gold, and what he wishes he would have asked Ben Bernanke during his grilling of the Fed Chairman at his House Hearings on the Fed’s Monetary Policy

The MUST LISTEN SD Metals & Markets with Former Presidential Candidate, Sound Money & Freedom Champion Ron Paul is below:


Many Americans long for a bygone era when politicians were held in higher regard.  Today, the US Congress struggles

with the lowest “approval” ratings in living memory – in the range of a pathetic 7%. Sadly, this dismal approval rating is entirely justified.

But there is one former politician a growing multitude of Americans have come to see as a true statesman, a man who served with integrity and firm conviction deserving respect.  The man?  Dr. Ron Paul!

The Doc and I had the honor to interview Dr. Paul today, and we’re confident you’ll find his comments and analysis insightful.

We discuss the long-term outlook for the trade and reserve status of the US Dollar, Dr. Paul’s thoughts about his colorful questioning of former Fed Chairmen, the health of the “liberty movement” as something that inspires optimism and a handful of other subjects.  I’m not going to spill the beans in my write-up.  You’ve got to listen to the interview to truly appreciate Dr. Paul’s wisdom.  I will say those 15 some-odd minutes speaking with Dr. Paul flew by remarkably fast.  Time flies when you’re having fun — and when speaking with a man possessing profound insight.


Precious Metals Stabilize

I took some flak for stating on last Friday’s show my expectation that precious metals would stabilize this week.  Certainly, there was much risk for further downside.  Charts looked horrible and with requisite humility, we underscored the potential for further *limited* downside.  But the fact is, huge buying interest lurks down at sub $19 silver and sub $1250 gold, while the cartel has limited ability to mobilize physical metal to sustain prolonged moves much below current levels.

We’ve seen this pattern play out before.  This week’s trading is nothing new.  While the cartel dutifully shows up following key events like today’s jobs report, they have totally failed to generate much downside bellow current levels.  Physical market demand is simply too strong, regardless of mainstream financial media malarkey about declining Chinese gold investment demand.

QQQ - June 6 Intraday

Meanwhile, as the ECB launches an unprecedented negative interest rate policy regime, we see the US stock market reaching new highs.  Just take a gander at the performance of the top 100 largest domestic and international non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq as reflected by the PowerShares QQQ Trust chart above.  Fundamentals are not driving this move.  The dog-piling into US equities will most likely reverse very soon.  My call remains that we’re going to see a stock market decline of at least 9% within 90 days.  A deeper decline is justified.  But I suspect downside will be capped because the Fed is going to squeal with fear and “jawbone” dovish psychology by first talking about a halt of further tapering, and then become more accommodative thereafter.

Bottom-line:  be careful out here.  Things are not as the mainstream would have Americans believe.  But you already knew that.  That’s why you’re here rather than catching the latest episode of “The View” or some other drivel that passes for infotainment.


Switching Gears:  The Question Of Federal Control Over Public Lands

I mentioned to Dr. Paul that I’m an organizer for my local chapter of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.  I also serve as the executive director of Stop Land Grab, a non-profit advancing education about public land policy.  This weekend, Utah state representative Ken Ivory will be in my neck of the woods to detail strategies advocated by the American Lands Council for the return western state lands under federal control.  The conference is worthy of national media attention.  But odds are, you will only hear about it from The News Doctors.  On a related subject, we’re going to have on-the-ground reporting from the Cliven Bundy ranch next week.  

What does this have to do with precious metals, you ask?  A great deal!  The federal government has proven to be a poor steward of these lands, and that’s having a material impact on the US economy.
Keep your eyes on SD & The News Doctors this weekend and next week.  We’ve got access and boots on the ground.  We’ll be publishing exclusive stories you will not want to miss.

I’ll toss out one additional link to a “must-read” article for your weekend perusal:  Alasdair Macleod’s “Asian Gold Strategy Clarifying.”  Alasdair’s geopolitical analysis and speculation in his latest missive is sublime and likely right on target.

Enjoy the weekend!

— Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

Ron Paul is a former Congressman and Presidential candidate. He regularly contributes his thoughts and ideas to the Ron Paul Channel. Dr. Paul launched the channel in 2013. Learn more at

Check back this weekend for an exclusive interview with Eric Sprott (available here now), as well as the second interview with Jim Willie, which features the most shocking claim The Golden Jackass has ever made in his illustrious market forecasting career!

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  1. Ron Paul would make an awesome President.  I would vote for him again in a heartbeat.
    I’m positive Dr. Ron Paul and Thomas Jefferson would have hit it off and been great friends!   Maybe in the next life…

    • I’m positive Dr. Ron Paul and Thomas Jefferson would have hit it off and been great friends! 
      Very unlikely, seeing  Thomas Jefferson  did not believe  Jesus Christ to be the image of GOD in flesh, where as Ron Paul rightly holds to this belief and is  the foundation of his faith.   

    • A big thank you to Ron Paul for coming on to Metals and Markets.  I hope you guys enjoyed the show.  I’d also like to thank all the loyal SD following who have been with us since we started on blogger.  The Doc and I never dreamed that we would be conducting regular interviews with Eric Sprott, Jim Willie, and the like.  We absolutely never expected to be bringing Ron Paul on for an interview.  We also never had plans for SD Bullion when we started SD.  It was only started after realizing your interest level when The Doc and I proposed a group purchasing effort to acquire low cost silver.  Our knowledge of the underlying market has grown 10 fold since starting SD Bullion.  This is knowledge that will be passed on to you in the coming years.  SD is just getting started, but we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for your continued support!


    • @BullRun
      You’re most welcome.  There is MUCH to be learned here from the articles, comments, and links that are posted by posters as well as those who submit articles.  This site pretty much embodies the term synergy.  It is a group effort but there is no pressure applied to anyone to think in certain ways or to post in certain ways.  When you guys say “SPEAK YOUR MIND”, you REALLY mean it… unlike any number of lesser web sites out there.  For that, as well as all else you do here, THANKS A LOT!  🙂

    • I always think of Ron Paul as the un-politician.  Unlike almost all other politicians, Paul was always looking for ways to enhance liberty. That was his mission in this life and he was tenacious about it.  
      I have mixed thoughts about him not becoming our president.  That would have been a marvelous thing, yet I cannot ignore history.  IMO, his life would have been in serious jeopardy had he become president.  Everyone in politics who calls out the banksters seems to end up assassinated.  Old Hickory was too tough a nut to crack but Lincoln and Kennedy were not.

  2. Dr. Paul reminded me of this simple description of current affairs:  Many thieves around the world point a gun at someone and say, “give me your money.”  USA points its guns at people and says, “take our money.”

    • “USA points its guns at people and says, “take our money.”
      Then I need to move to one of those places and start collecting.  Last April 15 was unusually painful.  🙁

  3. I met Dr Paul some years ago. I was going to have my picture taken and my wife could not get the camera to fire. I told Dr Paul that I would get out of line because he was so busy to which he responded it is no problem Sam. We stood and talked and I got my picture. Then 20 minutes or so later, I overheard a man saying he wished he could get his picture made with Dr Paul. So I told him I would be glad to take it and email him the pic. Dr Paul overheard our conversation and turned to me and using my name told me that was nice. 
    Can you imagine Hillary not pushing me out of the line when the camera would not work? OR- remembering my name?… I think not!
    This is a truly good man!!

    • “I get to my God through Christ.

      Christ to me, is a man of peace. He is for peace. He’s not for war. He doesn’t justify preemptive declared war. I strongly believe there is a Christian doctrine of Just War and I believe this nation has drifted from that, no matter what the rationals are, we have drifted from that and it’s very, very dangerous and I see in many ways being un-Christian.

      And to justify what we do in the name of Christianity I think is very dangerous and not part of what Christianity is all about. Christ came here for spiritual reasons not secular war and boundaries and geography. Yet we are now dedicating so much of our aggressive activity in the name of God, but God– He is the Prince of Peace. That is what I see from my God, and through Christ, I vote for peace.” Ron Paul

    • To each their own, Pat.  I am glad that this is helpful to you but I prefer written articles.  I can read faster than I can listen.  😉

    • @Ed_B
      Have you ever noticed that Biden looks exactly like an Evil Uncle Sam?
      look at the resemblance in that pic. All he needs is a Goatee beard (I think he already has small horns he hides under his hair).
      If Biden is Uncle Sam then Barack is Uncle Tom (It’s the truth after all, he works for TBTF and GE etc…)

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “Have you ever noticed that Biden looks exactly like an Evil Uncle Sam?”
      No, I can’t say that I have, although, now that you mention it, he does!  lol
      Obama is half Uncle Tom and half Manchurian Candidate.  Now, either of those is a real SOB, so he is a double shot of it.

  4. If the FED has been so long busy to suppress metals, even selling them off…why not just do the opposite?
    Use their self-printed money to secure all the gold in the world. Foreign mines. Allow prices to go up, but allow no-one to get in on the action? They could have done this decades ago. Now FED is giving up all its chips one by one.

    • Yes, they COULD have done that but that would not fit into their narrative… which is, paper is good and PMs are not.  They can print paper money all they want but can’t print an oz. of gold.  Gold to a central bankster, especially in the hands of the people, is like a cross shown to Dracula.  One look and he will hiss, cower, cover his face with his cape, turn, and quickly disappear into the foggy night.

  5. Sam520
     I must be a real  wacko.   When I think about being in a photo op with Hillary, I’d use  the line
    ‘Watch for the flash, Mrs Clinton’   That was not a flash bulb or a camera BTW.   
    WillNotBeASlave.  Ron Paul could not become president because the military/bankster complex could not stand the loss of revenues. Name one innovation that’s come from Joe Biden?
    Skiddypants The man from China who bought gold from Ghana is probably the one who banks with Nigerian internet banks
    Great poem the other day
    I’d name it   “Whattaya gotta lose when you chose”

    • How in the name of common sence could ANYONE buy gold out of Africa. I mean no offence, but if a band of outlaws can make off with 200 young girls, and no one can stop them, how in the hell is your money safe.

    • @AGXIIK
      “Name one innovation that’s come from Joe Biden?”
      OK, how’s this?  “Now, if anyone comes into your house, you just step onto your porch and you fire a couple of rounds from your double barreled shotgun.  That’ll scare him away“.  Unfortunately, that happens to be illegal in most places.  Idiot.  lol

    • @AGXIIK >>>Name one innovation that’s come from Joe Biden?
      Hmmm … how about a new level of hypocrite?
      He has to have created a new product in Hypocrite… he’s been beating KLUMAC lately by a long mile.
      We could create a Biden Hypocrite Index (BHI) and sell some Futures Contracts on it as an innovative product… it would start to bubble immediately, and as long as Biden is in office it could not fail to rally.
      Lawmakers who don’t know the Law! Who would have thought.
      And if someone’s already in your house why would a person step out onto the porch? He’s such a senile useless liability.
      I REALLY don’t like Joe Biden.
      INNOVATIVE PRODUCT: Joe Biden Dart Boards! I just found a use for Joe Biden 😛 …or Joe Biden Toilet Roll!

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “Lawmakers who don’t know the Law! Who would have thought.”
      Yeah, that is pretty hard to imagine… unless you are Awake And Aware!  lol
      “And if someone’s already in your house why would a person step out onto the porch?”
      Well, that’s to make sure that nobody gets hurt!  lol
      Meanwhile, a REAL person would confront a home invader with their shotgun aimed at the guy’s face or crotch while smiling and saying, “Your move, mother****er!”.  Or not.  Maybe the only appropriate comment at that point is, “BLAM!”, followed by, “Honey, would you please call the sheriff?  Tell him that there’s no hurry.”.   😉

  6. Interesting words from the Pied Pipper. Despite being treated as a political oddity during his pres campaign runs, his messages have provoked an awareness that otherwise may not have been there. His wider scope has certainly seen a growth.
    Ultimately the Markets are much more powerful than the central banks it’s just that it’s so disruptive and timing is impossible to predict (in regards to PM manip)”

    Scaring/discouraging investors and entirely suppressing/cornering a market is entirely different. I agree with this. Certainly if the market wants $1700 Monday it could have it. 

  7. @AGXIIK
    Whats with these Nigerians anyway ???
    Yea, or possibly,  NIRP blues…..
    Just like to say thanks for the education I am recieving from yourself and many other contributors,
    Economics/finance never made so much sence until now.
    Keep Stacking

    • “Whats with these Nigerians anyway ???”
      This is a variant of the Somali pirates’ method of making a living via hijacking and kidnapping.  While this IS a tragedy, I do not see what business it is of the US Gov.  Africa has a LONG history of tragedy.  I don’t recall anyone in the Obama regime getting all misty-eyed when tens of thousands of Christian Somalis were being butchered by blood-thirsty Muslim Somalis.  Yet, a few school girls get kidnapped and held for ransom (to which there is NO end if anyone pays), it is suddenly “our girls” who need saving.  This is an African problem and Africans should solve it.

    • @Skiddypants
      “Whats with these Nigerians anyway ???”
      It looks to me as if this might all be contrived in order to justify strengthening AFRICOM.
      The Mali re-occupation by France (Main NATO partner together with UK) on the pretext of ‘Terrorism’ was also interesting.
      WHEN WWIII is started with China and Russia by the peanuts in the White House, Africa will be a lynchpin of US Resource extraction especially oil, because they know that extraction from ME countries will be disrupted.
      You can see that US Foreign Policy is not only on an ‘Asia Pivot’ (what are they ballerinas?? LOL) but that there is an Africa Pivot going on as well.
      AFRICOM needs to be justified and strengthened in order to protect the Anglo-American Trans-National-Corporations that rape and pillage Africa and install pupped leaders … and because of Washington pressure to budget cut which is being directed squarely at the Pentagon, TPTB need to justify keeping resources in Africa … Thus AlCIAda and it’s many daughters pop up all over the place just in time to justify it – right on cue as always.

  8. Capital Punishment: Iran Billionaire Executed Over $2.6B Bank Fraud

    TEHRAN, Iran — A billionaire businessman at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam in Iran, the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed Saturday, state television reported.
    Authorities put Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, also known as Amir Mansour Aria, to death at Evin prison, just north of the capital, Tehran, the TV reported. The report said the execution came after Iran’s Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.
    Khosravi’s lawyer, Gholam Ali Riahi, was quoted by news website as saying that the death sentence was carried out without him being given any notice. Death sentences in Iran are usually carried out by hanging.
    “I had not been informed about the execution of my client,” Riahi said. “All the assets of my client are at the disposal of the prosecutor’s office.”
    State officials did not immediately comment on Riahi’s claim.
    The fraud involved using forged documents to get credit at one of Iran’s top financial institutions, Bank Saderat, to purchase assets including state-owned companies like major steel producer Khuzestan Steel Co.
    Khosravi’s business empire included more than 35 companies from mineral water production to a football club and meat imports from Brazil. According to Iranian media reports, the bank fraud began in 2007.
    A total of 39 defendants were convicted in the case. Four received death sentences, two got life sentences and the rest received sentences of up to 25 years in prison.
    The trials raised questions about corruption at senior levels in Iran’s tightly controlled economy during the administration of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    — The Associated Press
    In this picture Feb. 18, 2012 photo, released by the Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, Mahafarid Amir Khosravi speaks at his trial in a court in Tehran, Iran. Khosravi, a billionaire businessman at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam, the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed Saturday, state television reported.

  9. Why Are Big Banks Hiding This Secret Account That Earns 30 TIMES MORE Than Your Regular Deposits?

    1.31.2014    BY ESTER ABRAHAM

    Did you know that big banks like Chase, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo are investing their money into secret accounts that pay 30 times more than the bank accounts they offer you?
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    You should know that generating HUGE returns off of your money in these hidden accounts is 100% legal.
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    The IRS calls these accounts the “770” account…and until recently only the ultra-elite like the Kennedy family and JC Penney knew about it.
    Why haven’t you heard of a “770” account?
    Because the government restricts the advertising of these accounts—even though they are 100% legal.
    It makes sense that the government would try to keep it hush-hush since they can’t make a dime off of these accounts.
    The government’s cover up has worked so well that only 0.07% of the entire American population has a “770” account…while almost everyone else in the country has a standard bank account that pays them pennies.
    This free video, that you will NOT find in the mainstream media, reveals this little known and lucrative income investment.
    This “770” account is not only a money generating machine…it is also an incredibly safe investment. Safer than stocks, mutual funds, real estate, or gold.
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    That’s why the Kennedys used it.
    That’s why U.S. Presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding, and FDR used 

    • Screw the “hidden accounts”.  Just buy some AT&T or Altria stock and you will get your 5% dividend or close to it.  Any share appreciation will then be icing on that cake.

  10. @ Bullrun
    “I’d also like to thank all the loyal SD following who have been with us since we started on blogger.”  
    -I started visiting this website after seeing some stories at b4 it news. Saw a lot, read a lot, and learned a lot some of which I am going to share.

    “The Doc and I never dreamed that we would be conducting regular interviews with Eric Sprott, Jim Willie, and the like.”
    -Come on guys. Doc left medical practice to inform the masses? You left Wall Street to start a blog? You guys had to have started the blog knowing where it will lead to.
    “We absolutely never expected to be bringing Ron Paul on for an interview.”
    -Being a community organizer for Ron Paul (E. Dubin at Campaign for Liberty) is as good door opener as you will get.
    “We also never had plans for SD Bullion when we started SD.
    -This is where your calculus goes into negative minima. You guys had to have known that the US Mint requires five years as a coin dealer or silver related news information website, being well known in the silver arena, to get approved for US Mint bulk purchases at “a small markup” for authorized dealers. The website sure is a legitimate launching point to become “authorized” in five years. Further more, you guys invested much treasure, time, and walked away from careers that were satisfying financially. On top of this, investors were either brought in or were part of the plan all along to start a blog, get a unique website, become an US Mint authorized dealer, and start selling bullion. Why? Maybe a 10% markup on sales of minted coins and bars? It was about making money as a silver dealer from the get go.
    “It was only started after realizing your interest level when The Doc and I proposed a group purchasing effort to acquire low cost silver.”
    – Our interest levels were fanned by the flames of a corrupted D.C. and their subsidiaries. Buying coins at a minimum 10% markup (2008) now as high as 20% and only getting spot prices for selling uncirculated coins back was enough for me to see that there is nothing new under the sun. Buyer beware applies to anything you pay for.

    “Our knowledge of the underlying market has grown 10 fold since starting SD Bullion.  This is knowledge that will be passed on to you in the coming years.”
    – Not sure what to make of this, but who has “coming years”? Why tell us anything? There are one hundred reasons to tell me our economic system is corrupt. The congealing of entire market sectors owned and operated by 1% tells me that PM’s are not a strong anti-1% position to hold since they make the rules and have stolen America’s wealth. There is no safe haven for the 99% unless God Himself comes back to Earth and takes His 1% with Him sending the other 99% to hell. 
    “SD is just getting started, but we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for your continued support!”
    – Yea, well this is not entirely true unless our clicks and your ad revenue paid the bills initially. You guys and your investor pool posting on the stories do deserve credit for your successful business. Your internet franchises and bullion bank is good for your posterity. For our gentle readers, unless you are good in algebra, calculus, possess a reading comprehension at the college level with writing skills you will not be good investors or entrepreneurs or anything approaching being in control of your destiny. You can learn these skills right now by looking up college syllabi, buying corresponding used textbooks, and seeking free tutorial help on the net. Doc, Bullrun, Eric, AGX, Ed, Marchas, and Pat all possess these skills and are to be congratulated for scratching out an existence using their learned skills in the silver sector. PS–@ BoP, I swear I know you. G-A Unit ring any bells? If you are vested in this company, I know it will thrive.

    Good luck but please, I do not need your bullshit. There is a fine line between bragging and accomplishment. It is best to say nothing until others honor us with their praise and acknowledgement for our hard work.

    • What a brilliant fellow you are, Thomas.  You are able to tell people what they are thinking when even they do not know.  Well done.

    • I am part Cheyenne…it is what we do.

      As for Ron’s insights, he is partly right. They released from Gitmo the masterminds for the next 911…most likely after the 2014 elections. The 1% is in equities and that is where I am. Being Catholic, not of the worldly, satanic types in the Vatican (watch Pope Francis resign very soon), but of the humble believers of the power of Apostolic Succession in my diocese, the 7 Sacraments, and the Holy Spirit, the Son, and the Father as written in my Douhy-Rheims Bible carefully translated from the Latin Vulgate, I would advise making our peace with our Creator soon. We are all about to be put in our places.

    • @Thomas
      Do you have a popular blog where you offer your own research wisdom for free, and where you sell Silver for under 10% markup? …heck maybe you do and you sell it on for Zero markup? do tell.
      When did making money and earning a living whilst popularizing the decentralization of PM’s into public hands become a crime?
      Are you kicking the tires???

    • “I would advise making our peace with our Creator soon.”
      No can do.  He and I have been at peace for more than 40 years.  🙂

    • Thomas,

      What I said was the truth, every single word.  I don’t need an interpreter. 10% margins?  Outside investors? Direct mint purchaser when they are currently on allocation?  


  11. He should run as an independent in 2016.  The Republicans are just going to pull the rug out from under him if he runs with their party again.  Silver is out selling Gold by 102 to 1.  Dr. Paul’s normalcy bias favors that barbarous relic.  More Silver please. 

  12. WillNotBeASlave   The Bergdahl 5 trade, now in the air, was nothing more than a well executed but poorly promoted means for the AlQCIADA to get 5 generals back into the ranks.  The AlQCIADA is alive and well, doing its overlord’s bidding.  9-11 was a set up where the ALQ and its runners were set up to be blamed for a phony Kristalnacht that gave The Shrub and his Daddy near complete control of America, allowing them to use fear and diversion to frog march us into a neo-fascist state that has grown increasingly more lapidary year over year. 
    The musloid retard called Barack Hussein Obama (Whiskey Tago Foxtrot, how could over half the people in this country be so forking stupid as to elect a musloid as commander in chief), is run by the ALQCIA and the Muslim Brotherhood
    IMO we, the citizens and people of this country, are so far down the Blue Mosque Califate that I fear we will not be able to wrench ourselves from this Islamo-freaking paradigm without a massive Crusader Holy war against the Moon Unit demi god Mohammed and his cast of mentally deficient retards.
    Why do I call the average muslim a retard?
     Because 1,400 years of marry cousins and inbreed does not improve the genetic of a people.
    We end up fighting The Riders of the Yellow Bus. 
    I read your post.  
    You have no clue about the evolution of SIlver Doctors, Doc, Tyler, Eric and the many others who put aside their jobs and, given the nature of the subjects presented on Silver Doctors and The News Doctors, their safety given the nature of the TPTB.  I’ve gotten to know Doc, Tyler and Eric on a personal basis.  We talk or email nearly every day.  
    I view Silver Doctors from an entrepreneurial standpoint, one where a person puts their family finances on the line along with more 18 hour days, something you have probably never experienced, and have done it unrelentingly for 5 years
    Try that some time, as I did when I started my business 22 years ago, and then come back and post
    That is, if you are successful after 5 years and can talk the talk
    To me you are little more than a slick talking nebbish who never put his ass on the line
    Until you walk a mile in someones shoes and been through the hell that Doc and company have endured making this site successful despite all odds,  kindly shut the fork up.

    • Speaking of O-mojo, it just baffles the bejesus out of me that the libtardians that I know, despise Christianity to the ‘nth degree, yet will defend the mohammedans day and night, and also cannot see that “the blessed one” is actually is one of them -something most Middle-easterners have no problem deciphering. 

    • Good point, Dan.  But then, those silly libtardians were miswired at birth, such that everything in their lives really IS bass-ackwards.  😉

  13. Grover Cleveland was considered the ‘last Libertarian President’  and known by one defining trait.  Honesty and he  vetoed any legislation passed by Congress which he saw as unconstitutional. This led him to be called the “veto president” and the “Guardian President” This parallels the political work of Dr  Ron Paul who has been given the nickname “Dr. No” for the scores of legislation he voted against which he deemed as unconstitutional.
    Dr. Ron Paul has also said that Grover Cleveland is the President he most admires most and even has a picture of him in his office.
    “It is God Who gave us life. As He is free, so are those He created in His image. Our rights to life and liberty are inalienable.”

    “…My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator.”

    “We have, as a people, lost our confidence and our understanding of what true liberty is all about and where it comes from …It doesn’t come from the government. Our liberties come from our Creator.”

    • @~~good&evil~~:>>It doesn’t come from the government. Our liberties come from our Creator.
      Well said. I love your faith. I should personally express it more myself.
      I’m not sure about Cleveland being so great though. He was mixed up with the Skull & Bones crew that worked at Stetson, Jennings & Russell (the law firm that became Davis Polk & Wardwell) which was J P Morgan’s main legal henchmen. John W. Davis was personally JP Morgans main lawyer defending him in the infamous 1933 Pecora Commission.
      From his Wiki article: “Cleveland was the leader of the pro-business Bourbon Democrats who opposed high tariffs, Free Silver, inflation, imperialism, and subsidies to business, farmers, or veterans.”
      … so he opposed Free Silver … what a hero???
      Cleveland was acting as a Libertarian whilst carrying the one policy that JP Morgan required to bring in the Federal Reserve … to Kill Silver Money as Currency. He may have been a dupe, but he was definitely no hero when it comes to protecting American Capitalism from the coming Fiat Dragon.
      It is thus ironic that Ron Paul who supports Silver Coinage would interpret Cleveland as being the best President. The Free Silver movements only real problem was their fixed 16:1 Silver to Gold push, which seems to have been injected into the politics of their movement on purpose by their opponents in order to portray them as impractical twits as the true ratio at that time was approx 32:1 … the real problem was that they were trying to denominate Silver and Gold in Dollars on the coins themselves whereas they should have simply made the coins Commodity Money, ie, floating values based on availability of any point in time, but this causes other problems that speculators could manipulate.
      Basically, Cleveland may have been a good guy, but he was completely surrounded by Skull & Bones shills working for JP Morgan, and using him as a Trojan Horse to the Libertarian Movement.
      What is one to do when we live in a world of such centralized wealth that whatever free-market moves we can move towards can be cornered by such big players? This is the real problem we face even with Silver and Gold coinage being used by the masses. The fight against immoral scum bags never ends.

    • As with all things worldly, circumstances and ones perception of them dictate ones actions, I was not bolstering up G.Cleveland to be  great, or any  hero, these are your words not mine. I was merely drawing ones attention  that Dr R. Paul and G. Cleveland  have similar character traits as they also share  similar understanding of GOD and country, which Dr Paul himself  testifies  to.
      The quotes I gave are Dr Paul’s words, which I am in agreement with, as are you
      As for Cleveland opposing free silver back in the eighteen eighty’s when silver was fixed 16-1 ratio with gold and silver was in abundance back then as this was when large deposits where being discovered, would have caused a run on gold by simply swopping one silver for the far more valuable gold,  not to mention free money for  mine owners and debt reduction for farmers and subsequently inflation for the have knots ,which would have lead to a lack of  confidence in the dollar as it was pegged to gold, and this would have negatively affected Cleveland’s plan of free trade through tariff reform etc etc  
      However in saying these things be they but a small   part  of a multi faceted  narrative , to me and my understanding of this realm/age /breath we have bean scattered into, these aspects are  of little importance, seeing that GOD directs the steps of all men and works in them both  to will and do of His good pleasure .     

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