ron-paul-dont-steal-government-hates-competitionAppearing last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that he could not say the threat from al-Qaeda is any less today than it was ten years ago. It was a shocking admission. Does he mean that the trillions of dollars spent fighting the war on terrorism have resulted in no gains? That those who urged us to give up some of our liberties to gain security have, as Benjamin Franklin warned, lost both?
There may be reasons Director Clapper would want us to believe that the threat from al-Qaeda is as strong as ever. An entire industry has arisen from the government’s war on terror, and for both the government sector and the security-industrial complex the terrorist “threat” is big business.

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By Dr. Ron Paul:

Economic pressure has thus far not affected the military or intelligence sectors – despite false claims that the sequestration cut military spending. However, emphasizing continued high threat levels without being able to openly explain them due to secrecy requirements is one way to keep the security budget untouched.

Also, emphasizing the continued high threat level from terrorists overseas is a good way to frighten citizens away from their increasing outrage over reports of massive domestic spying by the NSA. Unfortunately Americans may still be more willing to give up their liberties if they are told that the threats to their security remain as high as ever.

What if Clapper is telling us the truth, however? What would this revelation mean if that is the case?

For one, it means that we have gotten very little for the tremendous amount of spending on the war on terrorism and the lives lost. We are told that the military and intelligence community can protect us if they are given the tools they need, but it appears they have not done a very good job by their own admission.

More likely, it may mean that the US government’s policies are causing more al-Qaeda groups to arise and take the place of those who have been defeated by US drone and military attacks. Clapper does mention that there are so many different al-Qaeda franchises popping up it is difficult to keep track of them all, much less defeat them. But why is that? A former State Department official stated last year that every new drone strike in Yemen that kills innocent people results in the creation of 40-60 new enemies. Likewise, the young girl from Pakistan who had been brutally shot by the Taliban for her desire to go to school told President Obama during a White House meeting that “drone attacks are fueling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in these acts, and they lead to resentment among the Pakistani people.”

Are there more al-Qaeda groups out there because our policies keep creating new ones?

On that point, Clapper said to the Senate that in Syria the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front “does have aspirations for attacks on the homeland.” It is all the more disturbing, then, to have also read last week that Congress voted in secret to resume sending weapons to the Syrian rebels, who are dominated by al-Qaeda-affiliated groups. We have read about US-supplied weapons meant for “moderates” in Syria being seized by radicals on several occasions, and the Voice of America reported last year that our Saudi “allies” are arming the same al-Nusra Front that Clapper identifies as a threat to the US. Is the US Congress arming the very people who will commit the next attack on US soil?

Why is al-Qaeda as much a threat as it was ten years ago? Perhaps it is that we continue to fight the wrong war in the wrong manner. Perhaps because we refuse to consider that many overseas are angry because of our government’s policies and actions. After ten years of no progress, is it not time to try something new? Is it not time to try non-intervention and a strong defense rather than drone strikes and pre-emptive attacks?

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  1. When our Arizona senator John McCain went to Benghazi, Libya to meet the ‘rebels’ he actually shook hands with an ‘official’ of the Al Quada rebel group there who, it was later revealed, allegedly PERSONALLY KILLED 7 of our US soldiers in Fallujah during the Iraq War!!!!    And the dumb sunuvabitch had the gall to coo about how it ‘moved’ his heart to see Democracy sprout in Libya  (I paraphrase – I can’t remember his exact worlds, but it was in a CNN video.  It was about a week later when the story came out in the alternative media about who the guy actually was….

  2. If McCain was red wine he’d be vinegar by now.  That sumbitch is stark staring crazy   He ran for president with Palin?
    one small part of my brain says we were better off with Obama than that Pair and her  2008 running mate
    Al-Queda Vu?

  3. We need to pull ALL the troops home, close all the small bases and just keep the big strategic bases open. Stop exporting hate for America with every gunshot and drone strike. Let them go back to killing each other and deal with the winner.

  4. “An entire industry has arisen from the government’s war on terror, and for both the government sector and the security-industrial complex the terrorist “threat” is big business.”
    Yep, there’s just nothing like having a “war” on something to generate hundreds of billions of up-for-grab dollars, alright.  We’ve had the war on poverty and the war on drugs.  After spending trillions of dollars on these, all we have are miserable failures.  The problems that these were supposed to address are worse now than ever.  No, I am not buying into the B$ that “they would be worse than ever if we hadn’t done what we did”.  There is no way to prove what did not happen, so this is a specious argument.  
    But wait!  Now comes the “war on terror”.  If it really is a war, then find out who is responsible and nuke the bastards.  There.  End of war.  And on terms that are recognizable as victory and not the usual more-of-the-same nonsense.  But, those in charge do not want an end to a war… any war… because it is a profits trough for industrialists, financiers, and empire builders in the gubmint and those hawgs have their heads in there clear up to their ears.
    “What if Clapper is telling us the truth, however?”
    I am willing to bet on those odds.  I sincerely doubt that Clapper has the remaining ability to recognize the truth, even if he should accidentally stumble over it.  The Boston bombing should tell us ALL we need to know about the value of NSA spying as a way to interdict terrorists BEFORE they can cause harm.  So, Mr. Clapper… why didn’t you fellows prevent the Boston bombing from happening?  You have resources that the Gestapo and the KGB could only dream of, a rubber-stamp court that hands out search warrants and wire tapping warrants like popcorn at the movies, and a president who absolutely will not hold ANY of his minions accountable for their lawless acts.  So, WTF was stopping you from stopping them???

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