Apparently Mitt Romney has decided he should at least pretend to be on the side of the American public against the Fed…at least until he’s elected.
In this FoxBusiness interview, the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee blasts the Fed Chairman over QE2, states that he is against QE3, and also states that Bernanke ‘should go‘.
We couldn’t agree more about that last part Mr. Romney, but why stop with just the current Fed Chairman? Why not abolish the entire institution altogether and return the power to mint the nation’s money (gold and silver, not debt notes) back to the Treasury as the Constitution requires?

Full interview below:

  1. Ok. Here is an idea.  As much as I hate to think about going to work for someone after being self employed for 20 plus years I will throw my hat in the ring for Chairman of the Federal reserve.  My BS degree is in finance.  Not Harvard but ok–for party U. My GPA was 3.0 and I am bad at math, as anyone who has read my posts can attest too. That should work quite well.

    I am a former and recovering banker and have an ardent hostility to Wall Street.   If selected by Romney and approved by Congress, I promise to shut down the Fed, shift the US currency to gold and silver backing and see to the active and aggressive prosecution of the criminals who have caused such financial damage.  That  would include my predecessor, Tim Geithner, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Jon Corzine and anyone else who shafted the US public.  I will accept my salary in silver and have all my own hair.
    Wake me up until the RNC is over.  Better yet, wake me up in 2016.  LOL

  2. The character of Mitt Romney is played by the JEWISH actor, Richard S. Jenkins. This and many more have been proven by ear analysis ( Ear analysis is better than fingerprints which is why the US police always take mugshots from the front, looking right and looking left.

  3. That’s nothing for Bernanke compare to Ron Paul. Ron Paul wants to shut down the whole Federal Reserve system while Mitt Romney only wants to fire one person. Bernanke has more nightmare about Ron Paul than Romney.

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