Bloomberg’s Lunch Money segment featured an interview with McEwen Mining CEO Rob McEwen discussing his outlook on the gold and silver markets.
McEwen points out that the dollar has lost 85% of its purchasing power in the last 11 years in terms of gold.   When questioned regarding his price outlook, McEwen stated that over the medium term, gold is headed to $2,000 certainly next year, and that silver will test $50 again when gold reaches $2,000.
For his long term outlook, McEwen states that gold is headed to $5,000 and silver to $200 in the next 4 years
(we agree with McEwen on that timeline, as would the legendary Jim Sinclair).

McEwen states that its getting harder to find and mine gold and silver, mainly due to government risk of more regulations, and higher taxes. As does SD’s own SRSrocco, McEwen also points out that ore grades are declining, and that many mining projects are not coming on as advertised, and will be curtailed, greatly decreasing the supply for gold and silver in the coming years.

Full MUST WATCH interview below:

    • According to the Federal Reserve, it’s the demand of the US dollar that makes an ounce of silver worth 200$ and it’s the declaration of the US dollar’s values. Other than that, trading pieces of paper for a physical ounce of silver is not worth it.

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      To tell the truth doc Charlie is right and I feel SD should make make it a priority to get the system right. We used to be able to express our selves here, we used to be abel to post other pertinent information with links backing up everything. You had many eyes searching out obscure stories world wide bringing them to this site.

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      We used to be able to post Vids & Photos with ease but now it’s such a hassel nobody dose. Most of the time it’s just the link witch then we have to leave you site to view.

      I ask you this what other than your hard work brought you the recognition you receive?

      In my view it was the SD forum with the readers commenting uncensored witch you would actively participate in, you know doc like a family. Now in no way am I trying to offend anyone but the forum site is censoring to much. And is running way to much Hype, Fear and Conspiracy Theory. All to generate fear hate and panic in order to sell silver.   

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  2. @427: Just to let you know, any conspiracy theories being promoted on this site are not the ones I’m working hard to write about. My posts sit pending for hours, in fact, one of what I consider the best posts i’ve written on this site that was a comment in the forum on stack size is stuck somewhere, the only place it shows up is in part on my personal list, but all I can do with it is delete, I can’t see the entire post to copy it to repost and I don’t feel like figuring it out again to rewrite. At minimum, the site owners are walking a fine line between user content helping to promote the site and that same content, as the owners are interpreting it, pushing the reputation of the site as perceived by the larger audience, in a direction they don’t want it to go. That’s at minimum, but then, ya know, I am a conspiracy theorist, and when you yourself experience watching a link you found to some incredibly damning material recently posted to the web, when you personally see that bookmark snatched away, deleted from your computer, and the site of origin disappear as well, then you’ll begin to understand how deep it goes.

  3. My opinion here is there just keeping the price of silver an gold down to by time. Time to concure the world. Because in a capitalist system true wealth is never destroyed just changing  hands. stockmarket tanks along with housing an also the banks have no paying interest on your money. So only thing left is silver an gold. They say it doesnt pay interest but it isnt taxed either an now days the taxes are going to go through the roof. Any way back to what i was saying about keeping the lid on the price of pms. You couldnt get away with it the goverments breaking up the countries without the pms going to the moon they wont let it. If they let it run the price of gold an silver would never stop. people would sell everything they have to buy it. It make the housing bubble look like it never happened an also the national debt not seem that bad. $50,000 an ounce gold an silver $500 could actually be hit if the crimex an gov were gone. Right now i think the true price of gold should be what the stock markets are doing. dow is dold an the sp is silver. equaling $gold 13,000 an silver $1,300.

    • If gold and silver also go high, it’s also due to the price of gasoline rising that helps producing more commodities faster. There will also be a peak oil which drive all commodities’ prices higher as it will be harder to produce them like before.

  4. @Dang: Yep, keeping the price of PMs down forces everyone to other stores of value, if you can call anything beyond a tangible asset such a thing, but try relocating with one of those tangibles hanging around your neck. These assets are stripped of their value as a prelude to the PM run, which is a staged event, past, present, and future. They’ve been layiing the groundwork and its ultimate goal, once their victims have been herded in that direction, will be to steal every last nickel and dime behind every single couch cushion. There is a window in there for people, who, by serious thought and action or by the grace of their guardian angels, will have opportunities to escape the trap. It would be advisable to constantly monitor for windows in the ongoing situation in case you can’t find the door out of wherever you might be at the moment.

  5. A modest proposal… how about creating an unmoderated mirror of this site that is only open to those who fund the site, say by donating an oz. or two of silver annually?  It would have a few basic rules that basically mean “behave yourself” by not saying anything that you would not say to the face of a guy twice your size.  Other than that, people would be free to state their opinions, photos, videos, and links.  Any breaking of the simple etiquette  rules would result in a warning to knock it off.  Repeat offenders would be banned for a week.  Any further offending would result in longer and longer bans.  Is this workable?

  6. Predictions mean zero as long as the cartel/government suppress prices. We won’t see a take off until a trigger point is reached like the US dollar being removed as the petrodollar or losing reserve currency status.

    • You’re right! Predictions are now kinda useless because the markets are manipulated so it’s like looking at illusions. The US dollar will soon get removed from the petrodollar because of inflation, the Canadian and the Australian dollars became the global reserve currencies and more countries are accepting the Chinese currency.

  7. I am and many of us are with you MaryB.  Most of this recent activity doesn’t mean squat.  
    There will be a defining moment(s) and when it happens, LQQK out.  Silver and the premium
    to purchase will be practically prohibitive.  Stack while you can. 

  8. Now, I see silver’s direction positive because it recently went up by 2$ in less than a week. After that, silver went a little bit lower which was at 33.70$ per ounce and finally now, it is back to 34$ per ounce. I guess I did a good thing at buying some silver two days ago. 🙂

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