Rob Kirby joins our friend Sean from to explain the depth and breadth of the MASSIVE LIBOR rigging crimes, which started in 2007-2008. Rob says Barclay’s involvement is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that the crimes of LIBOR began at the U.S. Treasury and the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).
In Part 2, Rob describes the very dire outlook for America when the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. Rob also expresses his fear for America’s citizens given the ever-expanding police state. Rob says he will never step foot in the United States again, at least not until Liberty is recovered.

Full interview below:


Part 2

  1. What will all this deceipt from the highest level be called in our grandchildrens’ history books? We need a strong unifying name for it, to let it go viral.
    I’ll have a go at it: The Milenium Deceipt. I’ll let someone else pin-point where it started. It may have been when the Titanic (was) sunk, it may have been the conclusion of WWII.

  2. I continue to doubt the complete collapse scenario.  I believe we’re headed into a high inflation 1970’s scenario versus hyperinflation.  Either way precious metals are a great hedge but hate the edge of cliff, everything collapses tomorrow type of interviews.
    Five years of 18% inflation rates would reset the system similar to what was experienced around 1977 – 1982. 

    • I agree.  Even though the Fed/Treasury are trying to devalue the dollar as rapidly as possible (James Rickards thinks the goal is around 40%), there are massive deflationary pressures at play as well (de-leveraging from private sector).  In addition, the US is still one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated economies in the world (ie. no rivals to US’s military-industrial-complex, Hollywooed, Silicon Valley).  

      I’m also thinking high inflation for a prolonged period, lost of sole-reserve-currency-status (to replaced by multiple reserve currencies/basket of currencies),  and a secular decrease in the standard of living for Americans due to massive loss of purchasing power of the dollar (it was all artificial and  undeserved anyway).

    • That would be much preferred to an end to everything scenario.  Getting to enjoy a small piece of the labor placed into this effort would be nice touch.  It is such a same that powers that have almost everything have to insist on grabbing everything they possibly can.  I think they may have some issues and should seek counseling in the highest degree.

  3. Here is a thought that you will never ever see or hear from the LameStream Media… the farther and farther we get from the steadiness and value of gold and silver as money, the more bizarre and unsustainable become the typical financial instruments.  🙁

  4. There is more to being ready for this collapse than gold and silver. It is just a part. Get out of big cities to very small towns or farms. Stack food, weapons, bullets, water, whatever is needed to survive an entire year. Use your stock of food and replace as you use it to keep it fresh. Learn to garden and preserve foods. Cities will turn into war zones when the welfare payments stop or become to little to buy food.
    I see the timeline as early as next year, after the election things will really start to deteriorate.

  5. Thank goodness that I was able to see the whole iceberg itself. Silver buyers from YouTube dragged me and showed me the below of the iceberg. The deeper I went down the iceberg, the more I discovered the whole thing. What I mean is that at first, when I saw videos on YouTube about people recommending others to buy gold and silver, I didn’t know what was the point of buying them. The more videos I watched, the more I became aware.

  6. @44 mag  I recently read an article that said everything, emails, phone calls, etc, that can be captured are being stored in a beautiful mountain, hollowed out for protection from a nuclear blast, somewhere out west.  Colorado Rockies come to mind but the specific location wasn’t indicated or known.  While it is against the law to listen or read these items without a warrant, they are not breaking the law by simply storing them for future use if needed.
    If you come up on the radar at some point then a warrant would be issued and all material stored under your file, including this most likely, will become available for their reading and listening pleasure.  Call it Big Brother Is Watching or whatever else comes to mind.  But I have no trouble believing this because of all the other evil we have seen.  I’m sure they are not going to let someone as trivial as me or anyone else get in their way.  We are simply allowed to play at this time until our playing hits the wrong nerve.  So when we start vanishing we may get to see the inside of that beautiful file cabinet.  I don’t recall the author but he did a nice job of laying it all out.

  7. Mr. Kirby’s fears (along with all of his compatriots) is reasonable, only if no alternative to banknote currency appears for the ‘public’ to find logic in.
    Banknotes have a logical ‘residual value’ measured in metal that we all have fairly ready access to … copper. Since the American banknote, in particular, has declined 97% in purchase power, it’s metallic equivalent is thus 10 grams of copper, or three 1912 ‘cents’. If every community, large and small, organizes the facilities to collect, smelt, roll and stamp these ‘dollar equivalent’ trade pieces, then simply substitute them for banknotes, copper, silver and gold exchange ratios will quickly emerge and significantly eliminate most (if not ALL) of the underlying causes that would otherwise impel social strife borne of a general impoverishment.
    Although I’ve been making this proposal for years, sadly, no one of any appreciable audience (such as a Max Kaiser or Alex Jones) has seen fit to present the idea to their followers, even as a ‘point of discussion’. All I can suppose is that fear is a better sales tool than practical solutions, although I’d expect that SOMEone ought to see that a ‘franchised’ string of such ‘coin’ operations in every city, town and boro would occur to at least ONE ‘type A’ entrepreneur exposed to the notion.

  8. Allinagau  What you refer to is called the “Utah Data Center’   It is an NSA project so you know that won’t be a good thing for the average Joe.
     It may have more nefarious names but like Eschelon, the CIA data sifter, a one acre underground computer complex that can listen in on nearly any phone call, land line or cell,this $2 billion black ops data sifter has capacities that seem to approach the quantum computer that supposedly ran the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701.  
    The basic stats on the center is that it cost $2 billion, North Am Rockwell is a lead contract, it uses a 512 qubit quantum computer and can process and store 500 yotta bytes.  A yotta byte is 10 to the 24th power bytes or 1 quadrillion gigabytes. 
    The quantum computer uses atomic level processing with quantum entanglement taken to a molecular level that allows the system to process and store every email, text, tweet, Faciabook entry, cell and hard wire call.  Skynet/Sentinel will  come on line Sept 2013 but given the fact the Brandon Raub’s postings on Faciabook were culled from the 700 million FB users, I suspect the Beta testing of Sentinel is up and active.  If you believe that smart phones and other internet connected devices can be accessed without permission of the user and the FBI now has facial recognition that can process 1 billion faces, indentifying to a 2-3 face accuracy from a field of thousands of faces, this 500 yottabyte quantum computer could conceivably be hooked to every video camera, private or public, along with all license plate monitoring systems aboard police cars and allow the government to track every human on the planet with 24 hour a day accuracy, recording every sentence, word and posting we utter. This computer is named “Vesuvius” 
    The government has had some success with neural mapping of the human brain and remotely scanning us with the millimeter wave cameras and ‘always on’ scanners similar to the ones used by the TSA at the airport.
    Given enough money the government can buy or produce any technology that we could possibly imagine.  The computational power of government computers and extremely well paid contractors, along with nearly unlimited black arts and ops budgets, even Big Brother is paranoid.   Now we know where the $125,000,000,000 a year that SecDef Rumsfelt said we lost in the 10 year Iraqi war was spent.   

    • @AGXIIK  Thanks for the “Stephen King” type details.  This is really pushing the paranoid button.  I’m starting to think that unless a band of really mega rich, metal loving, patriotic types don’t set up a line in the sand we are all toast.  Let’s face it, we are just mere humans trying to survive against the mad scientist with the most sophisticated weapon systems, that we haven’t thought of yet.
      This is world domination in its finest form and we (everyone on this site and throw in several others) aren’t even a spec on the rump of the bull elephant.
      Alrighty then.  Let’s take a break and smoke em if you got em.  Good info and we should be seeking Divine intervention.
      Thank you!

  9. Arresting the “Right People” will do no good if those doing the “Arressting” are bought and paid for by TPTB  – as are the Courts which are absolutely littered with Corruption and lacking anything remotely related to JUSTICE!

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