ESFRob Kirby and Andy Hoffman join Elijah Johnson for a MUST LISTEN interview on Sunday’s silver smash, which saw 10% shaved off the silver futures price in only 4 minutes in a massive waterfall raid taking the metal to $20.30. 
Kirby had this to say about the raid:

The take-down in precious metals is a contrivance, and it reeks and absolutely stinks of desperation on the part of the protectors of the world’s reserve currency, and that would be the US Treasury in cahoots with the Federal Reserve.
I want to take the gloves off here.  Let’s just get this right up on the table.  JP Morgan’s positions aren’t JP Morgan’s positions.
JP Morgan’s positions are the positions of the exchange stabilization fund, which is a branch of the US Treasury.  When the US Treasury intervenes in the markets, they do so through the trading desk of the NY Fed, and their positions are executed by the NY Fed, who farm the trades out to the big derivatives banks.  In that context, JP Morgan is the Federal Reserve.  They are one and the same!

Rob Kirby along with Andy Hoffman’s MUST LISTEN interview on silver manipulation is below:

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  1. Refreshingly honest. If a few hundred million more people realized this our beloved store of wealth would not be getting the piss beaten out of it. Given that the fed now has what a trillion out to foreign banks, if the sh!t hits the fan, then EVERYTHING goes down, so not surprisingly, they are getting more desperate and brazen.

  2. Yes, indeed, one and the same.  The FED is a cartel of 12 large banks, including JPM, GS, BoA, and the rest of the usual suspects.
    They aren’t assisting the nebulous FED, they ARE the FED.  This is why they have unlimited funds to cover any damages from the raids and slap us around.  The FED is just a board of directors, each tied to one of these banks, except for Bernanke, who is the government’s liaison.
    The only way to get at them is to remove all the bullion from their vaults.  That’s it.

  3. You have heard about the 1% who Lord it over the rest of us and you have seen them demonized by the media and this administration? Well those of us who have carefully protected our savings over the years by buying precious metals are eventually going to be classified in that category, I fear. That is because we are also approx. 1% of the population. They will be able to blame the silver shortage on us “hoarders” because silver is much needed in the manufacture of many essential products that all mankind needs and benefits from. Those nasty 1% er’s have gobbled up all of the physical metal instead of using the preferred method of paper and when they pass the executive order for confiscation of silver, the 99% will be in agreement. No mention of the fact that the 99% laughed and scoffed at us every step along the 10-15 year path to wealth destruction. They flipped houses, invested in stocks, some bought paper metals against our warnings, they had the latest gadgets..etc. Now they will be sore losers and angry that someone else has something left while they have lost everything. Let us hope that this is not our future but it would not surprise me at all in this time of lawlessness.

    • Yeah, I can see it now… “We can’t give out any more free Obama phones because those damned silver stackers have hoarded it all and there is none left for our vital electronics industry!”.  OK, so if something is in short supply, raise the price until it is not.  lol

  4. Whats hidden behind the lies of the gov would amaze you. The worst  lie i believe is the 85 billion printing every month to buy treasury bonds. It more like 10 times that much. The gov put it in banks an then can loan out 10 times that much making it more like 580 billion to buy treasures each an every month. through  jpm an other huge banks. The other answer to is why keep the price down. Simple because if they let it rise people would be alot harder to control. An the gov well soon to have to deal with there manipulation when mother earth has no silver left to mine a cheap price. The housing an market crash of the past with the big banks crashing could have been adverted easy. Just by having the gov print up to 100 billion deposit into banks an this instantly takes them out of being insolvent. By law they now can lend out 10 X that amount. 1,000 buillion. An if the banks down lend the gov could pull there deposit an let the bank fold an deposit into another bank. There making problem more intense then tha=ey should be.

    • True, but much of this is going back to the FED and garnering a higher interest rate than any bank pays out. 
      I thought only when it goes into the public arena, does the “fractional reserve” multiplier go into effect. But 
      those rules may be suspended, as most other rules have been since the “Banking Reform Act of 2009”
      What a misnomer… Reformed, my @$$!
      It’s a classic case of the fox guarding the chicken coop! 

  5. Or the Fox guarding the chicken soup.  Put a folk in us, we’re done.
    The Few does have some problems and one is the refi of about $4 trillion in US notes coming due.  Will those notes find new money buyers from Japan or Europe.  Will the rate be positive or slightly negative.  Something tells me that with the problems in the world, overseas money will wash up on our shore.  Europeans are getting out in bank runs.  Japan is creating 1-2 trillion in new FIAT and wants a yield, any yield and some safety  It would not take much to get them to invest here.  Tens of billions are being invested in east and west coast real estate at the monieed parties in other countries closest to those coast are trying to escape.  
    Even though we see the emperor for what he is, I think it is entirely possible that the confirmation and normalcy biases of the central bankers and private individuals of other wealthy countries will iether fail to see what they are getting into investing here, thinking real estate bubbles and all, or simply don;t want to see that their money is in harm’s way
    It is becoming clearer that the Cyprus invasion was the start of a herding process intended to drive funds to the US and the UST bond markets, stock markets, and other investments.  It is quite possible that our government and central banks, the Fed and treasury know that the jog is nearly up.  We won’t be buyers of USTs.  The Fed could exhaust its capacity to buy since it is clear a the largest and most fraudulent self licking FIAT ice cream cone of all time.
    CDL, I smell the stink of desperate,  brazen and craven, the actors  utterly willing to do or say anything to keep the  band playing a little longer.  This administration has continued to play the same tune and the notes are getting very stale. 

    • Well, let’s all look at it like it is… the Fed whaps up from thin air billions of dollars in fake fiat money.  They then trade this to the Gov that has whapped up  billions of dollars worth of UST bonds, also out of thin air.  One agency trades its thin air product to another agency for its thin air product. Somehow, that seems perfectly fair to me… symmetrical, even.  Just do NOT get involved in it.  Stand well clear because there WILL be a POP! in this thin air bubble contest at some point and anyone who does not want to get splattered had best be invested in something that did NOT come from thin air manipulation.  Got PMs?

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