stormIn this interview with Paul Sandhu, exotic derivatives expert Rob Kirby explains why a complete systemic financial collapse is CERTAIN, with full-fledged bank system holidays & martial law coming!

Rob Kirby’s full interview is below:

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  1. I’m convinced Obama is counting on this – soon.  NO WAY does Obama plan on moving out of the White House.   Picking a national emergency such as this is his perfect cover for declaring Martial Law, suspending the Constitution and all future elections, until further notice.   The US borders will serve more for keeping Americans and their assets IN the US than keeping anyone out.
    Then, it’s time for asset forfeiture and hauling dissenters to the FEMA camps…

    • If you still think party affiliation makes any difference, then you are part of the problem.

      With your face 2 inches from the screen, you cannot see that they are just the opposite wings of the same vulture.

      Take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture. This is textbook “divide and conquer”. While the slaves are distracted from pointing fingers and bickering back and forth about public truth, the bankers are formulating the real truth.

  2. Doesn’t matter who you vote for. There’s no democracy in the Western World any more. You’ve got programmable voting machines your side and we’ve got unaccountable postal voting. You’re getting Hillary Clinton next, no matter who you vote for. Ukraine got Poroshenko — it took a Dutch media site to show pictures of the ballot boxes at polling station opening time. The boxes were already about a fifth pre-filled with neatly stacked ballot papers.
    Was it some wag on this site who works out that after your first black president, then your first woman president, they’ll give you (sorry – you’ll vote in) your first gay president, just to keep you (and the world) amused.

    • You bring up a good point.  Why I’m very distrustful of voting machines is there’s no traceability once you walk out of the room.  Every credit card company issues a specific transaction number which is traceable.  Why can’t these state-of-the-art voting machines spit out an individual code just like a credit card transaction that allows a person to go home and confirm via the internet their votes registered correctly?  This way there is traceability in the event of hacked machines or outright voting fraud.  I’m sure they could still find a way around or spoof the system but it would make it much more difficult. 

  3. I live in the USA but for the last 6 years I have not said I have a president and it’s sad .And what’s worse is if you talk to people that play the stock market they think he is wondering and there is nothing wrong with the USD . What drugs are they on ??? It all sucks yes I buy silver but it’s a shame to always know the day will come that the USA will fold up like a tin can and no one see this WTF !!!

  4. Kirby has much of it right. One point he still can’t come to grips with is globalism. He is stuck on Washington and the U.S. as the leaders of the NWO,  globalism/statism and ignores his own ideas! The globalists are GLOBAL! The Canadian gov. isn’t joined at the hip to the U.S. they are part of the same Global NWO.  Knee deep in the NWO shit, just as our government is. In fact the Canadian gov. was is/was ahead of the U.S. in all this NWO crap. The Globalists sold Canada out years ago, around the time of the beginning of the E.U. People are fighting back in the U.S. and in Europe. We are not as steeped in socialism which is one of the effective tools used by the globalists to advance their NWO but has been having great success since the 60s. with massive immigration. This will most likely lead to a war within the U.S. I don’t know what the serfs in Canada may do, the serfs here are ready to explode but as yet there is still no large scale organised opposition. At least none that I’m aware of. So much anger and tension everywhere, it’s hangs like a fog over everything everyday.

  5. Some folks have a knack for weaving entertaining allegories and allusions into their speech, which is delightful to listen to. But, when one has to haltingly struggle at such formulations, interspersed with interminable ‘umming and aheming’, they’re better off simply ‘straight-talking’. Worse, when two speakers fumbling around on the same rocky path go hand-in-hand, the result is multiplied beyond their mere sum.

    Mr. Kirby and his interviewer, together fell into this temptation here. Both had interesting questions, responses and comments that could rather have come across … far … more clearly had they stuck to plain conversation … to say nothing of that they’d have had more time to cover more ground.

    • Patrick, I cannot believe my eyes that it is you who is saying this… and clearly too!  Most of your prose is fully packed with interesting info but reads like a Websters 1st Edition Unabridged dictionary.  lol

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