Jamie DimonIn the latest Keiser Report, Max talks to Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com about Mark Carney and his merry band of bankers as the Lone Ranger box office disaster, they’ve all made their fees while the shareholders and stakeholders eat the losses.
Kirby also predicts lower rates due to central bank intervention via Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements.


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    • Wow, I’m not a guru, but let me givr this a whirl: 
      Rates went down due to fed intervention, like all stimulus before it, it has a lesser effect over time, hence repeated and larger intervention. Everytime the fed pumps didgets (not right to call it money) into the markets, the rates drop, when the high passes, they climb back up as the markets struggle to find some sense of normalcy, and balance…. THUS they HAVE been going up! And WILL go up, or not now, when the dollar is trashed. It’s a FACT not a conspiracy. Printing money out of nothing, and giving it to banks for free to loan for gain while the rest of us labor and produce to earn money, THAT’S THE CONSPIRACY!

    • I’m personally in the rates going up camp, however reading about Japan and deflation there one will find some similarities to the US currently.

    • If we get much more of this “deflation”, a lot of us won’t be able to afford much of anything.  Oh, wait!  Any deflation around here is based on the funny numbers created out of thin air by the Fed and the BLS to hide the current 15% unemployment and 9% INflation.  It’s so hard to keep up with all these bogus numbers these days.  I liked it a lot better when it was all based on something simple, like math, rather than on something fuzzy, like politics.  🙁

  1. Bail out banks from their underwater mortgages, while Uncle Bob and Aunt May get stuck underwater for the next thirty years, THAT’S the conspiracy! People make markets, not banks, that’s the propaganda your looking for…. Mandon’t get me started. 
    Want a good conspiracy? Change the laws and remove citizens rights to file chpt 7, less than one year before they drown in underwater mortgages, but keep chpt 7 for businesses (like banks). Why change the bankruptcy laws after 100 years? ….because they just felt like it? Coincidence? No, they knew the people would dust their hands off from the bubble markets the banks created, and they would be stuck with the creature of their making. We can’t have that, let’s make it legal to STICK the people.  NOW bail ins are legal? No one puts on a jimmy unless their going to f**k.

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