banker treasonIn this in-depth and wide-reaching interview with Elijah Johnson, Rob Kirby (one of the industry’s foremost experts on the OTC/IR swaps derivatives market) discusses precisely how preciously metals market manipulation is likely to end, the super-nova shock to the US financial system that will result in the subsequent spike in interest rates, and the subsequent eventuality of a full-fledged hyperinflation descending on the US.
Kirby advises listeners that “If you don’t hold GOLD, you’re committing financial suicide“, and also discusses how the long-anticipated wealth grab by a desperate federal government is likely to play out.
Rob Kirby’s explosive interview on derivatives, gold, hyperinflation, and gov’t confiscation is below:

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sic semper tyrannis

  1. Kirby shouldn’t blame crooks in the U.S.S.A. for the actions of the crooks in Cannabis. They are all part of the same cabal. If other nations were not part of the cabal, the “one bank”, as Jeff calls it, they wouldn’t have criminal central banks too. Canada would never have sold all of It’s Peoples Gold to help continue the ponzi scheme! The elites in Canada & Europe are up to their eyeballs in all of this crap (crap being currency devaluations, wars, currency wars, market manipulations… ALL OF IT, as well. When the one bank ordered the attack on 9-11 there would have been Canadian bankers in on it! This is a global mafia. Getting the world to hate The United States and Americans by extension is part of it. When the NWO invades Main Street America it will help if they hate our people. Easier to commit atrocities & to live with the atrocities they will commit! Just like the atrocities the “coalition of the willing” have been doing in the mid east for the last decade and the atrocities the mid east counties have committed on others. Asia, Africa, central and S. America have been doing it too. Right here in the streets of the U.S. and Canada. That’s what the drug gangs are really all about. Terror, fear, atrocities in the streets of our cities! These gangs get their drugs from governments and then they pass laws restricting our ability to fight these crime waves, and restrict our rights in the name of protecting us from the very criminals they unleashed on us! Main St. Canada and Europe are on the mafias chopping block too. To bad most people here in the U.S. and outside the U.S. can’t understand these insidious bastards and what it is they are doing! Humanity right now is completely and utterly fractured and divided by these elites. They exploit every difference and open every old wound. Religion, color, nationality, wealth, sex, culture, past conflict… the list is to long to list!

    • I agree!!!
      Everyone seems to “think” [at least the ones capable of still thinking] that there is no connect between governments and/or central banks. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been blatantly obvious for quite sometime now that there is a conspiracy at the deepest levels of governments and what we are witnessing is the best acting I have ever seen. So much so, that I think these governments deserve an oscar for best wool pulling. Now I’m sure that most of the sheep do not agree with me and they “think” [haha] that there is no way the US would work with other governments to create this mess. By dividing us agaisnt one another in EVERYTHING they have been able to almost complete the NWO without us even looking up from the TV. As Maxwell Smart would say… “The old divide and conquer.”

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