“This Trading Pattern is EXTREMELY Bullish for Gold & Silver.”
President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Rick Rule Explains Gold, Silver, and the US Dollar RARELY Trade How They Are RIGHT Now:

Sprott Legend Rick Rule Joins SD For An Exclusive Interview. 

Gold, silver, and the US dollar are all trading higher.
This trading pattern is extremely bullish for gold and silver, Rule says.

Rule also notes the current strength in the US dollar is not reflective of economic strength. He explains why the US economy is actually weak. In addition, US dollar strength won’t last. With a national debt nearing $20 trillion and unfunded liabilities above $100 trillion, long term there is no practical option out of this debt besides devaluation.

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  1. Remember, you people who are continually bullish on the precious metals also thought Trump was going to change things, and it looks like Obamacare stands and the wars in the Middle East stand.


    You are just wrong over, and over.  I’m calling you guys out on all of your BS.

    • Yep, I remember saying on this blog that if Ze-Trump was going to unwind the Obama gold and silver capping scheme we should start seeing price relief somewhere between December and March.  Instead we have record or near record amounts of paper to metal ratios.  Then he lines his office with Goldzzzman banksters!

      I subscribe to TDV (The Dollar Vigilante) and they alluded to the fact over 2 months ago he had started reversing course on multiple fronts and appeared to be politics as usual.  Looks like they were correct..

    • I would trade peace for profit. However I don’t think we’re going to have peace so I guess I need some profit yeah..  it’s all by Design.

  2. Gee Whizz, the price of Gold/Silver is rising. Trump failure will be good for metals; bad for the country. How high do the metals need to go for the troll flush to occur.

    The FED will win. They will use their balance sheet to buy real assets cheap!


  3. Rick Rule is a rich liar. He never made a lot of money from his own investment ideas. Why did he sell his company to Sprott? That was probably his largest pay off.

    Rick is a salesman, not a successful fund manager. Did Rick warn his investors about the 2008 sell off? No. Did Rick warn his investors about the 2011 bear raid? No.

    Hear the desperation from all of the investors who had private placement of special warrants from Rick. They are pissed off and a lot poorer.

    Rick is just as dumb as us. Unlike Rick, we just have more integrity than money. Just buy physical metals and avoid the lying executives from the mining companies.

  4. Unfortunately, Rick is a smooth salesman above all. “The dollar strength is a function of weakness in other economies” (paraphrased) Hmmm – what about outstanding debt denominated in US$ creating outsized demand for both funding and settlement? – seems a self proclaimed credit analyst would underscore this fact.

    Ricks diatribe is full of holes. He thinks he can banter about financial terms and baffle the audience – so far it works; what a guy. Follow Rick and the Sprott boys at your own risk. Good luck


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