Greg Mannarino has released a special update discussing the collapse of the Iranian currency the Rial, brought on by stifling economic sanctions placed on the nation by the US and its allies.
Mannarino states that exactly as occurred in Iraq and Lybia, Iran is being attacked over it’s audacity to attack the Petro-dollar by accepting alternative currencies such as physical gold in exchange for oil.
Mannarino states that the riots in the Iranian streets due to the collapse in the Rial and the unavailability of basic goods and necessities are a preview of the events COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU in the US, as the US Treasury bond bubble bursts and the dollar collapses.

When currency collapse and hyperinflation arrives it is too late to make preparations and protect your financial assets.

  1. “light the world on fire….” great choice of words! Maybe that would awaken the American public, shudder to think.
    “shudder to think…..”
    something that you say when you do not want to think about something because it is too worrying or too unpleasant.

  2. Soon, iran’s president ‘I’m a dinner jacket’ (Ahmadinejad) will have his name changed to ‘I’m an ashtray,’ and iran’s stores of PM’s will be melted in a thermonuclear blast.

    But politics aside – with the Euro still the ‘ugliest girl in the room’ – the US$ has support from this.  But some sort of trigger event may indeed sent the US$ into a plunge.  And one event that can make this occur happens to be if iran goes up in flames and the fire spreads to the middle east.

    Us folks here at SilverDoctors see the writing on the wall, so if you are reading this you have no excuse for not being prepared.


    • “But politics aside – with the Euro still the ‘ugliest girl in the room’ – the US$ has support from this.”

      Actually, the euro is rising against the US dollar.  Ugly she may be but she is not the only oinker in the room!
      Compared to the US debt problem, the problems in Europe almost seem trivial… or have they simply not revealed the true extent of their financial problems yet?  That could be.

      I don’t know if Israel has any H-bombs but it is a virtual certainty that they have a number of A-bombs.  I am wondering if they will use one of them to plaster the Iranian weapons development site such that anything not totally destroyed there will still be unusable for the next 1,000 or so years.   They could also use an A-bomb to EMP Iran and knock out their RADAR, communications, and computer capacity.  This could be attractive as it can be done without killing anyone directly or irradiating anything on the ground in Iran.

      “Us folks here at SilverDoctors see the writing on the wall, so if you are reading this you have no excuse for not being prepared.”

      Agreed.  Unfortunately for many, seeing / reading is not necessarily believing.  A lot of people may know in their heads that the S is about to HTF but until they know it in their gut, they will not act.  Too bad, that.   

    • With the rial down 37% in a week and exchange rates blacked out, along with the closure of the grand bazaar, Tehran’s biggest market, the president’s name is now being interpreted as: “Ah-I’m-In-de-John”.

  3. Who is this Mannarino guy?  He describes the petro-dollar as “the most dastardly scheme ever”.  He acts like he has this breaking news that the U.S. involvement in the Middle East is all about oil, the dollar, and U.S. hegemony.  Where have you been Greg?  This has been agenda item 1 since the mid 1960’s, intensifying in the early 1970’s, and coming to a head in the early 1990’s.  Glad you finally noticed.

    The problem with these young commentators is they have no life experience and limited education.  They have no clue what embargos and gas lines are.  They think gas comes from a gas station.  They have no concept how you can control entire countries by simply controlling their currency.  They have no idea how the global financial system works and who controls it.  They don’t know what war is about or why it really happens.  

    But, they are experts.  Especially if they wear a tie on a YouTube video. 

    • Greg may seem a little behind the times, just because most of the inhabitants here are the “choir”.  It is as if a math PHD came across a video of an algebra lesson.   What matters here is he right,not only in this video, but his other vids and his book.  Will it help or hurt those that are looking for explanation of what is going on. There are many folks outside of SD that do not know this stuff, and videos like this are very helpful. I have personally shared these and other videos with friends and have had the pleasure of having them come up to me and show me their shiny little coins they just bought. They now get it. I believe it is the goal of many here to want to see as many people as possible get through this intact, and Greg’s videos are just one more tool we can use to do it. And I like the tie and back drop. It’s a good schtick to create a continuity between videos.

    • “…no one has the balls to invade iran or even bomb it…”

      I wonder if the Germans and the Japanese in the 1930s thought that way too.

    • We don’t have to invade, strangle their economy until they push back. That is called starting a war but the US will blame Iran because they will fire the first physical shot. But the US (and the rest of the countries that went with) started the war with the economic stranglehold.

    • That’s also what I though. China and Russia said that they will be helping Iran if it ever gets attacked by a country physically. If the USA invade Iran, WW3 will start because China and Russia are going to join in the fight.

  4. I like Greg but ALL the commentators from Max Keiser on down focus on the Problem but hardly on the Solution. Yes, stacking is obvious but the Root of the problem…besides eating the rich….and talking collapse and reset are pretty out there. I would recommend to Iran to get together with China and Russia and all the BRICS+ Group and get a Gold backed currency and a new SWIFT type system going and I mean Today!  Have it on my desk in the Morning AD-O!!

  5. Why not introduce a silver-only currency? Zero backing, only the real thing. As a second currency, for large payments, as it’s cumbersome for a tray of eggs or a loaf of bread. Especially when silver finds it’s proper placing against other commodities.
    We used to all have silver in our pockets, until late 60’s. That silver is gone, or at best in vaults. If a hurting nation like Iran sells a day’s oil production for silver bullion, could they not introduce a silver-only currency practically overnight? It would halt inflation immediately, and reverse it, in my simplistic thinking. As it would also make a real hit on global silver reserves.
    It doesn’t need to be an interbank currency for gazillions of Euro’s worth, it could start as a grassroots system, for the people now demonstrating in the streets, with good reason. they’re being empoverished. Economic assasination, only because they can’t be trusted with possible future nukes, when they’re the last country in the region to get them. And trigger-happy Israel has hundreds all ready with no predidential password needed, just a quick press on a red button and all the Arab capitals and especially holy places are nuked. But Iran, not having attacked another country since before the invention of railtracks and bicycles, by a margin, is supposedly dangerous. They’re like Iraq, lots of noise, but only a terror to some of their own. They are a very sohpisticated nation. Average IQ surpasses most of the West I’m quite sure. And their prime minister is the only politician I know to speak the word of truth. Ron Paul is very modest and evasive in comparison. 

  6. Hello 🙂
    Interesting comment “UglyDog”; but it goes back even further in history. In WWII, the Nazi strategists wanted to take over the Black Sea Region oil fields  etc. and take complete control of resource-rich areas, and they blew many fuses when Hitler told them to go and take Moscow instead. WWII might have taken a different turn if Hitler had listened to his master tactician/strategist officers. Germans may be overly serious workaholics, but they sure know how to run things.
    But even throughout all history, governments (good or bad) have always used the control of resources to wage war. That’s what sieges were all about. Nothing new.
    So the USA, Europe etc. waging economic war on Iran (well, actually most Europeans are still clandestinely trying to keep the doors open to trade with Iran, and even the Americans secretly want to keep that door open… only Israel, Canada and a few other countries are serious about crushing Iran’s economy… which Mahdi-loving Ayatollahs care little about anyway).
    And I’m sorry, but Iran is ABSOLUTELY NOT A VICTIM HERE. Sorry Jim Willie. A quick example: Canada recently kicked out all Iranian diplomats and withdrew all Canadian diplomats from Iran. Most of the Canadian-Iranian community was ecstatic, showering praise on Canada and begging the rest of the world to do the same. They have fled that nutty Iranian regime, and they understand its dark repression. Iran has since then thrown anathemas at Canada and accused it of being Islamophobic. HAHA. What a joke. These are clowns. Albeit, Extremist, Mahdi-awaiting apocalyptic clowns seeking nukes.

    • Why can’t Iran have one single nuke? The USA is telling that Iran is a treat to the world peace because of its uranium program while the USA has thousands of nukes. Now who’s the treat to the world’s peace? The only apocalyptic clowns seeking nukes are the people running the USA. The USA’s comment about Iran is very hypocrite just like your comment is. It’s not a surprise to hear that from an hypocrite that comes from an hypocrite country.

    • Why can’t Iran have a single nuke?
      The only apocalyptic clowns seeking nukes are the USA?
      I’m ashamed to waste my breath answering those comments, but needless to say, the Ayatollahs of Iran are apocalyptic twelvers who practise taqiya. Taqiya is a religious duty in their extremist shia.
      As for the USA, lol, well, I don’t for one second claim that it is an angelic country (do find me one), but it is a country to which sound-minded secular Iranians flee and defect. How many sane, secular Americans are fleeing to IRan and defecting because America’s leadership is made up of wild-eyes religious extremists who hurl angry anathemas? None of course.
      As for hypocrisy: that term comes from ancient Greece. A hypocrite was an actor who would switch roles throughout an open air play and who would wear different masks depending on the role he played.
      Find me one person or one nation who has never personally engaged in deception in one way or another, and I’ll be impressed.
      If you can identify exactly how I am more of a hypocrite than anyone else here, I’d like to know. I always seek to improve my faults.
      As for the country I come from: please inform me as to which country I come from and how you came up with that information. :).
      Have a nice weekend.

  7. Hello hadi800 🙂
    I hope you’re having a nice day.
    Not seeking to be contentious with you, but you’re dead wrong. The mighty Zionists (Zion being an alias for Jerusalem, God’s eternal capital) have the guts.
    Zion may have superior warriors (in war games Israeli soldiers are always amazed at the inferior training/superiority complex of their American counterparts), may have phenomenal intelligence agents, may have the best avionics in the world, may have chem/bio/atomic weaponry flowing out their ears, and may have the best commandos in the world (in international special forces competitions and training, the top special forces rankings are usually in this order:
    1. Israel’s Sayeret Matkal [Prime Minister Netanyahu used to be one of its officers]
    2. UK’s Special Air Service
    3. Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 [good luck finding info on these guys!!!!]
    4. America’s Delta Force)
    So Israel has all this, plus the guts to do the right thing when the rest of the world cries like little babies about their gas pump prices.
    But let me tell you this: all these things don’t matter, because Israel has a special asset that is guaranteed to give it 100%, resounding victory over Iran and Russia…. This asset is irreplaceable and undefeatable.
    You know what this asset is? The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Holy God of the Bible!
    And let me assure you, when He decides that He’s had enough of Iran’s taunting of His people Israel, and when Iran makes the fatal mistake of trying to take on Israel, watch out! Iran will get c r u s h e d by the one true Trinitarian God of the Holy Bible!

    • Well, Proverbs, they sure did a H*ll of a job on 9/11 blowing the b-jezuz out of the WTC and Bld 7. Oh, and don’t forget the USS Liberty they bombed in 1967, killing our military people. Ya, I guess they are real cool, especially how they pinned it on the Arabs. Too bad for them, that the truth on it came out. Darn.
      I say we ought to save our money and let the Israelis send their own to Iran for some more killing…especially since people like you think they are so superior.

    • Hi cindy,
      are you continuing the train of thought on Iran vs. the West (Israel etc.) or just doing a tit-for-tat to get a few words in against Israel?
      With regards to 9/11: I thought the theory was that it was an inside job? Last time I checked, NYC is in the USA, not the Middle East. So was it an inside job or an evil Zionist plot?

      With regards to the USS Liberty… hehe… you know Cindy, it is sad that many innocent sailors on board died… maybe you knew some of them or knew people who did? I don’t know. But you know Cindy, this world is not as black and white as some might think. You know, 1967 was a genius victory for the Israelis, miraculous really. Now, it is one thing to call yourself an ally, but it is another to back-stab your ally using a sophisticated intelligence-gathering ship with the latest technologies on board to spy on your ally and then transfer that info over to your ally’s enemy in the heat of battle (namely, giving the info to the British on Cyprus who then beamed that info to the Egyptian High Command). Sad to say, but those young sailors were on board a ship which was costing Israeli lives. Remember, at this time, the Soviets were Egypt’s ally, and America wanted to draw Egypt to itself. Israel took care of that problem and won the war in 6 days (they would have taken Cairo and Damascus, but Washington, Moscow, Paris and London ordered the Israelis to stop their advance).
      Israel is not superior in terms of morality; Israel is made up of winful human beings, just like America is, just like Iran is. But Israel is still God’s nation, and her enemies will regret attacking her (or backstabbing her while pretending to be her friend. May Canada continue to be one of her only true friends.
      But, aside from this 9/11 and Liberty business, have you ever set foot in Israel cindy? Has Alex Jones ever been to Israel? Look cindy, there are many well-meaning truth-seekers out there, but the reality is that there are even more nefarious types who exploit the truth-seekers to lace their worldview into the info they give them. The Russians are masters at this (which is why it bothers me to see RT and Iran’s PressTV being so prominent in the gold/silver community… the Russians know who to exploit).
      Second question cindy, apart from not having spent time in Israel, have you ever spent much time with Iranian expats? And I’m not talking about you friendly neighborhood Shiite jihadist (Hezbollah etc.). I mean real, every day, Westernized, friendly secular Shiite or Christian Iranians who have fled the maniacal regime for greener pastures. If you haven’t I suggest you do, and then take a trip to Israel to see things on the ground for yourself. I guarantee you, 100%, that the Russians and their friends know how to bend information to make themselves look good. Which brings me to another point, how many Russians do you know personally cindy? Do you have any clue how corrupt a country it is? How many former Red Army Spetznaz officers have you met? How many tough Russian dudes do you know who have fled Russia with their families because they feared death at the hands of organized crime/government crooks?
      Have a good night 🙂

  8. Actually, this whole petro-dollar / Iran sanctions nonsense only amounts to a hill of beans IF Iran needs what the West is selling and can’t get it elsewhere.  Clearly, they can do business with China, India, Brazil, and other countries to trade oil for their domestic needs.  I agree with IS on this. It is a perfect opportunity to start a new chapter in the world that does not include the US dollar.  It will not be necessary to topple the dollar by force when ignoring it will be just as effective and MUCH cheaper.

  9. All Iran tried to do is to become a powerful modern country by Ahmadinejad but the western doesn’t a powerful country from Middle East. Then, when the rial will collapse, the western mainstream media is going to blame it all on him. I think that Ahmadinejad is a very good leader because he went against the most powerful country in the world which is the USA, a corrupted country.

    • Well,
      I fail to see how going against the most powerful country on Earth makes one a good leader/government.
      Did going against the evil Soviet Union led by Stalin make Hitler a good leader? Are the Taliban a good government for opposing the mighty USA?
      Is the Muslim Brotherhood and good government because they overthrew corrupt megalomaniac leaders?
      I would say no.
      So if your criteria for Iran (and Russia etc.) being a good country with good leaders and government is that they resist America, God help us, we’re all in trouble.
      Though I’m no fan of America’s corruption, I’d rather live in the USA any day of my life than in China, Russia or Iran! There’s a reason most Chinese people’s biggest dream is still to move to the USA. Red Dragon restaurants are a dime a dozen in China, but they do well in America haha. Ok, a bit of racial humour thrown in there.

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