Here come the bankster calls for a gold standard.

Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels
As the twin pillars of international monetary system threaten to come tumbling down in unison, gold has reclaimed its ancient status as the anchor of stability. The spot price surged to an all-time high of $1,594 an ounce in London, lifting silver to $39 in its train.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

gold nuggets and barsOn one side of the Atlantic, the eurozone debt crisis has spread to the countries that may be too big to save – Spain and Italy – though RBS thinks a €3.5 trillion rescue fund would ensure survival of Europe’s currency union.

On the other side, the recovery has sputtered out and the printing presses are being oiled again. Brinkmanship between the Congress and the White House over the US debt ceiling has compelled Moody’s to warn of a “very small but rising risk” that the world’s paramount power may default within two weeks. “The unthinkable is now thinkable,” said Ross Norman, director of
Fed chair Ben Bernanke confessed to Congress that growth has failed to gain traction. “Deflationary risks might re-emerge, implying a need for additional policy support,” he said.
The bar to QE3 – yet more bond purchases – is even lower than markets had thought. The new intake of hard-money men on the voting committee has not shifted Fed thinking, despite global anger at dollar debasement under QE2.
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  1. Jay H. Gomez says:

    That college educated dumbass Chopper Ben doesn't think so.I guess they just lie until they get it over on us.I'm too wise for that stuff,I got Silver.

  2. Jay, that's 'the ticket'. The 'gold standard' is what got us here. By 'de-monetizing' copper, then silver; the next step was to 'keep the gold safe in their vaults' and get us addicted to paper slips, then finally to 'monetize' their stupid Plantation Scrip and continually de-value that until we became economically enslaved. 'We don't get fooled again … no, no … don't get fooled again.

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