1. this guy always impresses me … no sound bytes… well thought out … well presented … and it makes enormous sense …. shorting apple would be an idea if i could ever face the share market again …. 
    no i’ll stick to silver 

  2. Reggie Middleton is awesome.  I especially enjoyed his analysis of the indoctrination system, err I mean education system on a previous Capital Account episode. 😀

    Reggie’s analysis of Apple being overbought and over-represented in the Nasdaq is indicative of Apple being a possible Black Swan.  When Apple begins to lose its lustre in the eyes of the big institutional investors and they begin to hit the sell button, the result could bring down the Nasdaq. This in turn could open a whole new can of worms.

  3. iPhone, iPod and there other gadgets are just distractions made by the big and rich corporations to keep the others hypnotized by these. Also, who cares if Apple got sued by Samsung? Oh yeah, the others does because they won’t be getting their gadgets!

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