When the debt bubble collapses there is a real possibility that millions of people will die because those goods essential to survival will simply be unattainable for the masses.



By Joshua Krause, ReadyNutrition via SHTFPlan:


Editor’s Note: Though the US Dollar is stronger now than it has been in recent memory, the massive monetary easing from the Federal Reserve will eventually come to a head. As Joshua Krause notes in the article below, we are already see signs of inflation here in the United States but nothing of the sort we can expect when the all of those printed US Dollars are released into the open market. It will be a deluge and one that will lead to rapid price increases across the board, especially in essential goods. For evidence of how a currency collapse will play out look no further than our northern neighbors, where Canadians are now paying $32 (CAD) for a bottle of Tide, $15 (CAD) for a box of Frosted Flakes and $12 for a package of bacon. Can you imagine that scenario in the United States?

Analyst Greg Mannarino has warned that when the debt bubble collapses there is a real possibility that millions of people will die because those goods essential to survival will simply be unattainable for the masses. When the cost of food becomes 50% or more of your income, it’s not that difficult to imagine such a scenario happening.

Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse
By Joshua Krause (ReadyNutrition.com)

It’s no secret that America has a serious inflation problem. Though the Federal Reserve insists that our inflation rate is only at around .5%, we’ve all seen the price of food, rent, healthcare, and energy skyrocket over the past 10-20 years. However, this has been a gradual shift. Canada on the other hand, has just seen the price of every day goods rise precipitously over a very short period of time.

The crash in oil prices has crippled their economic growth, and led to the decline of the Canadian dollar, as well as a predictable increase in the cost of imports like food. For those of us living in the US, this provides a really good example of what life may be like should the dollar take a plunge in the near future. Here’s what our northern neighbors have been dealing with:

It is often said that a free-floating currency acts as a shock absorber.

But when Canadians go shopping for groceries these days, they’re getting nothing but the shock—sticker shock, that is.

On Tuesday, the Canadian dollar, commonly known as the loonie, broke below 70 U.S. cents for the first time since May 1, 2003.

For America’s northern neighbor, which imports about 80 percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables its citizens consume, this entails a sharp rise in prices for these goods. With lower-income households tending to spend a larger portion of income on food, this side effect of a soft currency brings them the most acute stress.

James Price, director of Capital Markets Products at Richardson GMP, recently joked during an interview on BloombergTV Canada that “we’re going to be paying a buck a banana pretty soon.”

Canadians took to twitter this week to share their collective horror over the rising cost of food. Cucumbers are $3 each. A head of cauliflower is $8. A large container of pepper cost $19 and some Canadians are paying $16 for a single bell pepper. A container of laundry detergent is $32.




canadacollapse3(Images Via Zero Hedge)

This gives us a pretty good idea what would happen in the US, even if there was a minor shock to the value of the dollar. Despite the rising cost of goods and services, our currency has been doing really well on the global stage for the past two years. I shudder to think of what will happen when our economy runs into another recession, which we are way overdue for. When it does hit, the cost of our imports will rise the most, much like they have in Canada.

So what are our main imports? Fortunately, most of our food is homegrown, but there are quite a few American food staples that are also raised abroad, such as bananas, coffee, nuts, and seafood. And even though we’re one of the world’s largest meat producers, we still import a lot of pork and beef from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. However, that doesn’t mean homegrown food wouldn’t become more expensive as well.

Even though we’ve become one of the world’s leading oil and natural gas producers in recent years, we still import a significant amount of oil from abroad. Since our agricultural industry is heavily reliant on oil, we could expect the price of all our foods, both domestic and imported, to rise.

If you want to understand how our economy would hurt from inflation or a dollar dump, take a look a this list of America’s biggest imports. We ship in a ton of electronics, which are worth about $315 billion per year. For a high-tech society like ours, this would be crippling.

The other items that stand out in that list are healthcare related. When put together, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals amount to 6.3% of our imports. Our medical system is already the most expensive in the world, so a plunge in the dollar’s value would make that situation significantly worse.

All told, a dollar dump would be really bad. That may sound obvious, but when it happens you can expect our government and media to tell us the same thing the leaders in Canada are trying to tell their citizens. Here’s how Steven Poloz, the head of Canada’s central bank,is trying to spin this situation.

Nonetheless, Mr. Poloz insisted that the Canadian dollar, which has plunged to near 70 cents (U.S.), is helping to offset the billions in lost revenue from exports of oil and other commodities. The drop makes Canada’s non-resource exports more competitive in world markets. A lower dollar is generally beneficial to exporters because they pay for their inputs, such as labour, in Canadian dollars, while their sales are generated in the higher U.S. dollar.

This is how all central bankers talk. They could find a silver lining in any situation, even if there was blood in the streets. They’ll say the same thing in the US when the next recession hits and the dollar slips. But it won’t change the fact that everything we need for our survival will be more expensive, and the average person will be making less (or no) money.



  1. As a recovering Canadian born in Snowflakeville, on the gin and tonic coast of British Columbia, I’ve always been aware of high prices in Canada. With GST, PST HST at upwards of 18% to most retail products AND services, every purchase takes on banana republic prices.  What we are seeing is  a very hard down bubble on the commodity sector, something that Canada, as vastly resource rich country, is suffering from right now  And it will get worse.  The Loonie is 69 cents to the US so anything imported is going cost like a mother H.  In my life I’ve seen the Loonie at 65 and 1.06 and inadvertently traded the currency swings, sometimes to the positive and sometimes to the negative.  This sort of thing is painful to watch because I have friends and relatives in C who are being hit hard.   If there is any lesson to be learned here is that when a country or company stakes its fortunes on a single commodity or industry will suffer.  The US is far to reliant on the financial and personal service businesses and those are going Tango Uniform  if the first two weeks of of the markets are any indicator of what we will see in 2016

    But hey, we’re not Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil.


    Give us a little time and one more year of the moronic policies of KLUMMAC and his fellow travelers and we’ll be a close second to South America’s fallen single industry kleptocracies.  Wee are better than that and so are our brothers and sisters in Canada.

    • It is common that US prices are 25 – 30 % of the Canadian prices. Even with a low $Cdn, it is often cheaper to pay the highway toll, and HST.

      RTA kitchen cabinets made in China can be purchased in Ohio for about $2000. That same kitchen cabinet set is $15,000 in Ontario. It pays to rent a U-Haul trailer ! And those prices are without installation !

    • “It is Amusing that Another Recession is on the way as we have been in aconstant Recession since and before 2008!”

      Agreed @Ranger.  In fact, if all the lies are removed, a Greater Depression began in late 2007 and here we are 8 years later, still feeling the effects.  This was NOT a recession.  Recessions last about a year and then MANY good jobs are created as we come out of it.  A depression, on the other hand, lasts about a decade, and it is a good long while before significant numbers of REAL jobs are created.  The so-called employment reports that come out monthly are sheer nonsense… fantasy numbers dreamed up out of thin air and fabricated for political expediency.

      Of course, even in a depression, there will be places that still do well.  Wall Street and Washington, D.C. happen to be the two places that are doing well under Obama’s reign.  Main Street, USA?  Not so much.

  2. I hope Peter Schiff gets some reprieve from the insulting beatings he took in the news for suggesting that the Federal Reserve may “likely” reverse its direction and DROP rates.

    This is exactly what the NY Fed head is suggesting this morning, and they were mocking Peter like he’s a hack.

    F-n [email protected]! I hope they choke on their morning doughnut while taking heavy losses this morning!


    • Agree. While he was certainly early on his call the scenario Schiff has been talking about for years now is clearly starting to play out. I can’t wait to see what those clowns at the Fed do in the face of plunging oil prices and a collapsing stock market. Will they lower rates and therefore lose all remaining credibility?

      They beat the living daylights out of precious metals for five years to paint a pretty picture for the dollar. That trade is clearly exhausted so will they finally be forced to let gold and silver rise? 2016 is going to be an interesting year to say the least.

    • @Powerball notice in the beginning when he says “We gathered 30-35 economist, all (brushes his nose) left, right, center….

      Brushing his nose-signifying hes lying. There wasnt a balanced group there, they were all crooks of the same Corzine-feather.

    • @Shamus001


      “There wasnt a balanced group there, they were all crooks of the same Corzine-feather.”

      Of course there wasn’t a balanced group.  These people don’t know anyone who isn’t part of their little circle jerk group.

      I’ve long thought that the only difference between Jon Corzine and Bernie Madoff is that Jon was smart enough to share some of his “winnings”.  Bernie got greedy, did not share, and ended up in prison for life while Jon struts around living the good life with others people’s money.  Carefully analyzed, I see little to no difference between the activities of these two men.  And some still say that we are a nation of laws and not men.  HA!


  3. U.S. stocks traded sharply lower Friday after a slew of disappointing U.S. data, a fresh plunge in oil to below $30 a barrel and a sell-off in Chinese stocks that added to mounting concerns about slowing global growth.

    The Dow Jones industrial average briefly fell more than 400 points in morning trade to dip below the psychologically key 16,000 level.

    Financials led decliners in the S&P 500 as the major averages held about 2 percent lower.

    “Obviously it started with growth concerns overseas and now we’re (hitting) ourselves with the same growth concerns as retail sales were weak and Empire manufacturing that collapsed,” said Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group.

  4. Preston James, Ph.D on January 13, 2016 http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/01/13/putins-dilemma/

    Is it time to cut the head off the Khazarian Mafia snake that has been parasitizing the World and trying to destroy and enslave Russians for over 1,000 years?

    by  Preston James and Mike Harris

    Saddam unjustifiably invaded Kuwait as an act of outright aggression and this was viewed by the US Administration, Congress and the American People as a serious war crime in and of itself because they had been misinformed.

    The American people were never told the truth about this by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

    As usual there is always more to any story like this behind the lines that never gets told in the CMMM, the main propaganda arm of the USG and the Pentagon which both have been deeply infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

    The actual thing that set this invasion of Kuwait off like a match to kindling was the secret deployment of horizontal drilling into Saddam’s main oil field by Kuwait, and then his being informed of that illegal act by April Glaspie, the US Ambassador.

    This actual cause that set off Saddam to invade Kuwait was unknown and unpublished at the time except by Intel insiders and those in the top positions of the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department and the Administration.

    This was all part of a sophisticated US covert operation on the KM’s behalf to take America to war in the Mideast for Israel further the KM’s “Greater Israel Plan”.

    On the one hand the US Administration along with other NATO nations had been selling huge amounts of arms to Saddam to regain oil dollars spent by the West purchasing Iraqi Oil and were helping him arm to the teeth. Other sophisticated covert operation were conducted by the KM using Cutouts inside the Pentagon and Israel to encourage Saddam to wage war against Iran to weaken both Iraq and Iran.

    The purpose of all this was to create chaos to destabilize the Mideast as part of the 50 year “Greater Israel Plan”, and to sell lots of armaments and war supplies to make huge continuing profits for the large KM related Defense contractors and banks.

    The US used Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait as an excuse to wage a limited war with Iraq and to set up a no fly zone to maintain a control position for later pre-emptive invasions which were planned by the KM and it’s set of Sayanims in PNAC.

    On one hand the US was running a “no fly zone” and using fake Intel to set up another war with Saddam, this time ending in a partial invasion of Iraq.

    This invasion part way into Iraq caused the destruction of its infrastructure and its society and the mass-murder of over one million innocent civilians. It was as if the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. But this confusion and counter purposed tasks always accomplished some main goals. It kept the American Military Industrial Complex profitable.

    The attack on America on 9-11-01 was an engineered staged, Gladio-style False-flag attack run by Israel on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia with the cooperation and support of the US Administration, the JCS, the USAF, NORAD and the FAA.

    It was an operation planned by PNAC, a bunch of rabid Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens run by the KM. These parasitical slime balls are KM Cutouts, American stooges and Traitors of the first order, real enemies within the Gates of America who have been functioning as secret agents of espionage for the KM.

    This 9-11-01 false-flag attack was blamed on Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan along with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. But also blamed were all radical, extremist Islamics which were referred in a way in the CMMM as if that was most Islamics not just a small minority.

    US Intel was conjuring up fake Intel to support these conclusions and to use this 9-11-01 attack on America to justify pre-emptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of Israel and the KM.

    It was also used to justify the assassinations of alleged (but never tried in a court of law) Islamic Extremists. Some journalists suspected VP Dick Cheney made all these decisions of who was to be assassinated without Bush2 even being involved since he controlled JSOC.

    Official US Military “Playing Cards” were printed up and distributed to US Forces deployed to the Mideast. US soldiers and allies were encouraged to kill any “terrorist” listed on the cards.

    These pre-emptive Mideast wars were waged under the rationalization, “they attacked us first”, and “we need to get them over there because they will eventually come here and get us here on our home turf”.

    These were big lies, and were actually US Administration and Pentagon war propaganda, “big-lies” created by the PNAC Dual Citizens and top NeoCons on behalf of Netanyahu and the KM.

    In fact all of these Mideast wars have been surrogate wars on behalf of Israel, the Khazarian Mafia and its associated corporate buddies in Big Banking, Big Oil, and Big Defense including the Pentagon which is a revolving door with the largest defense contractors.

    Putin’s situation with Syria is different, radically different than the USA’s relationship with Israel. 

    Israel and its Sayanims, PNACers and top NeoCons have claimed that Israel is America’s best friend and the only true ally in the Mideast.

    The exact opposite is true. Israel is America’s secret avowed enemy that attacked America on 9-11-01 and has been actively engaged in espionage to asset strip Americans of their hard earned wealth for many years.

    America has been functioning as both Israel’s sugar daddy and Israel’s military protector. It has also become Israel’s whore due to all the AIPAC payoffs made to Members of Congress who actually are engaging in foreign based espionage on behalf of Israel and the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

    Perhaps they don’t even realize the seriousness of their actions or the long term damage they are doing to the American way of life, but they are in fact doing this to America and it must be stopped before America is destroyed by this KM parasite that devours everything in its past like a cloud of locusts.

    Syria is a long term ally of the Russian Federation. When Syria’s President Assad asked Putin to help defend his ally Syria from terrorist attacks, Putin agreed. Unlike Israel and America, Syria and Russia are real allies. Syria is not a parasite on Russia they have mutual interests for serious trade and joint economic development projects.

    Putin’s agreement to honor Syria’s request and come to its defense by attacking Syria’s invader ISIS has not been pre-emptive war by the Russian Federation.

    And these terrorists attacking Syria were created, trained, financed and supplied by Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and some

    • “… and then his being informed of that illegal act by April Glaspie, the US Ambassador.”

      Oh, it’s even better than that.  Glaspie told Saddam that any conflict between Iraq and Kuwait would be seen by the US as a subject upon which we have no opinion, hence Saddam’s willingness to invade that country.  He simply thought that he could get away with it.  He thought that because he was led to believe it.


    • Thanks for the article @SilverDagger

      It is all corruption, from the top down, and we have yet to understand all that 9/11 was really about, but most realize it was not accomplished by a guy living in a cave in Afghanistan.

      We have been lied to so often that we do not know who to believe any longer, but that should be a good thing because then we will not allow any of these animals to shape our opinions for us such as the media, who are simply the mouth pieces for global governments, and the cheerleaders for their wars.


  5. OK 1st off, the article is B.S. I paid 1.99$ for bacon not 11.99$ @ Giant tiger, they always have sales on it. The prices shown, are in a place called Nunavut, that’s way up north, so far north that things need to be flown in. The wages there, are also higher, as it’s so far north, and mostly government. The ones not working for the government don’t pay that, they hunt. Food and rent are going up, and the price at the pumps for gas, have not come down much, considering the price of a barrel of oil. People look at Canada as a Commodities based country when Commodities only represent 12 percent of the economy, so we are more then that.I think in a global collapse, Canada will do fine, during the great depression Toronto was one of the best places to be. This low dollar is happening because the US dollar keeps going up not the Canadian dollar falling, its a global thing. Long term, this can’t be good for the US of A

  6. LOL another phony post..  look at the prices…  it is utter bs.  terrible photoshop job guys!!!!  before getting caught up in another phony scare tactic I recommend you look at vancouver’s walmart’s specials this week.


    Hey look outside the sky is falling!!!!!!  luckily i’m selling cucumbers this week at a grave discount.  $34 a piece.  LOSERS you all believe what you want to believe and ignore the facts!!!!

  7. Nunavat, Northwest Territories is at the end of the road.  Way at the end…way, way, way…at the end.  it is as far from the farm as any place on earth.  ZH has been sensationalizing a bit lately.

    Anything fresh takes mega transportation to get it there.  It is probably high all the time.

  8. As a Canadian myself, I’ve always wondered why the Loonie has been beaten down…..we are not printing money here with a printing press as is being done in the USA, in fact I believe our fundamentals are much stronger….anyone know why ?

    • As a Canadian myself, I’ve always wondered why the Loonie has been beaten down…..we are not printing money here with a printing press as is being done in the USA, in fact I believe our fundamentals are much stronger….anyone know why ?

      a) Second largest country in the world with only 36 million people.  Basically no one lives here in comparison to the rest of the world.

      b) No countries world wide hold Canadian currency. No need to print polymer.

      c) Our currency is not the world reserve.

      d) The Canadian Guv protects ROGERS, BELL, TELUS and others from competition. As well as banks, ie. Scotia, Bmo, Cibc, Td.  Don’t forget Scotia Maccota is a bullion bank and major factor in Gold manipulation.  When you cow tow to the powers that be – your protected.

      e) Canada is basically a Socialist nation.  Give – Give – Give.  Just like Quebec, but they did not sign up to the Canadian accord. That’s why anything goes over there. ie. mining pollution, deforestation, mob crime etc..


    • The Canadian dollar is not being beaten down its just that the world reserve currency is getting stronger, it’s the same here in Australia, were at approx the same rate as you guys. Luckily for me all my savings are in physical silver and that has acted as a hedge to our currency slip, cheers.

    • “Luckily for me all my savings are in physical silver and that has acted as a hedge to our currency slip, cheers.”

      Well done, mate.  It’s good to see people using silver as a form of financial insurance.  Lots of blokes talk about this or that crisis but often overlook currency crises.  They can be just as painful as most others.  Cheers to all our friends up North and Down Under!  🙂


  9. Go for the food. Go long.  Stock up. Got it.  I hacked a bean recipe that I found on u tube.  Add one heirloom tomato to the mix and all of a sudden I can eat those darn things. Dried peas change color over time in storage. That’s my experience. It’s a waste to stock up on things you don’t eat right now.  It’s a waste because over time it all goes stale.  I probably suck at food storage though.  Don’t listen to me.  Stock up on stuff that you actually eat and rotate your stash.  Here’s my dilemma.  I want to stock up on garlic salt and dehydrated onion.  I never use them. I use fresh stuff.  It would be nice to have some around in an emergency though.  It would be nice to have some that wasn’t stale that is. Go long beans and rice.

    • @andrewjames.  Look on line or any grocery in your neighborhood that sells bulk.  You should be able to buy any of it a lb. at a time in a vaccum-sealed metallized bag.  I buy it this way.  Way more fresh and cheaper.  I also buy cumin, chili powder, turmeric, curry, garlic powder, etc.  I buy Redmond salt in a 25 lb. bag.  Less than $3 bucks a lb. that way.   http://www.beprepared.com is a great place to shop.

    • @andrew james.  Come on brother, all that other spice stuff kills all the bugs that get into one’s system via others systems!  Cancer as well.

      Being from the old school, I grow most of our food and supplement it with local farmers.  I built an old school root cellar and am able to have fresh garlic, onion, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, apples, various squash and beets year round.  I also can lots of great stuff.  A “solar” recipe for dill pickles was past to me and I have adapted it to lots of other veges and requires no fossil fuel…only the sun.  All of it keeps without problem for a long time.  Years.

    • @lastmanstanding I cooked up some turmeric based medicine.  It’s in the fridge.  I just don’t need it.  I’m not ill in the least.  I live in the city so there is not much luck trying to find a place to grow.  I have attempted to do so in the past.  After all is said an done I have a stack of provisions as well as PM’s. No worries.  You left out essential oils like thieves oil and tea tree oil.  Those are must haves for any first aid kit.

    • @andrew james.  Nice on the spice bro!  Spices also (as your well aware) used to be money or barter…or hell, an item of great value.

      Essential oils, now were talking.  We mix our own and use them regularly.  The theves oil we use daily during the cold and flu season.  Mixed in a small roller-ball dispenser and applied to bottom of our feet.  Another way is to mist it into the air.  Kills all the bugs in one’s system.  We also make our own hand sanitizer, dish soap, glass and counter spray cleaners out of it.  We are constantly subjected to it.  We even make our own laundry soap with it.  Just to many out there with sh4ty hygiene…or none at all and after 3 years of going this route, we really don’t get sick at all.

      We aren’t really germ freaks, just cutting out corp co., doing it naturally and saving a ton of money.  We are also on a septic.  All that corpco crap reeked havoc with the tank and filter.  If people only realized what all of that detergent does and where it goes.

      Lots of folks buy Doterra oils.  Good but way to expensive…got to pay all those participant commissions!   Check out  http://www.bulkapothecary.com   Depending on the oil, about 60+% cheaper and the same quality.  Commercial grade oil is commercial grade oil.

      Take care brother.

  10. what a bs.   the Saudis keep pumping  on demand of the federal reserve. low  oil price means you can hoard oil cheap.  a lot of oil is now bought cheap and paid in US dollars. that keeps the highly inflated us dollar high in value. It is a gamble and a crime  that goes above any comprehension.  Everything is rigged.  an artificial depression is produced to create a smoke screen for average Joe who has no clue what is happening.  Do you know how many people will suffer?  Good luck all of you.

    • Agreed, the idea that they can lose control of the stock market is naive, believe me, they have everything hooked up to their computers and tell it exactly where to go. It is a contrived market crash.

  11. there are some interesting stats on the Canadian economy   Commodity/natural resources are around 20% of GDP, service sector is 75%   Using 20% in the natural resources, lumber, mining, oil, and related sectors appears to be larger than most.  If the rest of the economy hinges on the  business of heavy lifting and every part of that 20% is being hammered, this does concern me.

    • @AGXIIK


      ” If the rest of the economy hinges on the  business of heavy lifting and every part of that 20% is being hammered, this does concern me.”

      As well it should concern us all, Bro.  The transportation sector is flailing badly right now.  The Baltic Dry Index and other things that track shipping activity and prices for bulk shipment are telling us that something is terribly wrong in the world today. The US Transport Index is also falling.  If things aren’t being shipped, they they aren’t being produced or sold either.  World business activity is grinding to a halt in many ways.


    • Good points guys. I think we are watching a very heavily managed systemic “crash”, the idea being managed to try and avoid both stock shock and bank crisis if that is possible. Strange times we live in.


      I hope you guys are well, @Ed_B and @agxiik


    • @Truthlives


      “I think we are watching a very heavily managed systemic “crash”, the idea being managed to try and avoid both stock shock and bank crisis if that is possible. Strange times we live in.”

      Indeed they are… “interesting times”, as the Chinese say.

      Good thought on the managed crash aspect of this. I had not thought of it in that way but it makes perfect sense.  The elites of the world profit immensely from the world and its many systems.  The last thing they should want is for those systems to collapse, allowing the world to reform without them.  Controlling it, whatever its condition happens to be, has to be of paramount importance to them… and to many of us as well.  Utter chaos doesn’t help anyone but the real predators out there.  They are few in number but capable of causing great harm to us all.


      “I hope you guys are well, @Ed_B and @agxiik

      And the same to you, Jim.  We really are all in this together.  As long as we keep that in mind, we should be OK.  It might become very difficult before it gets better but hard work and careful planning will improve most situations.

  12. Ok so this article is nonsense. The above prices are taken completely out of context. Those prices are from a store in the far far north of Canada where the food has to be taken in by plane and is inhabited by aboriginals that are living in sub standard living conditions. This story appeared on the CBC over sic months ago.

    Just to clarify, i just bought cereal today and it cost about $4.50 a box.  I bought bacon for $3.00 on sale. regular price is $5.99. Tide is about $7-8 bucks.


    So yes prices of food and other stuff is going up but lets be completely open about the backround of the story.

  13. This article is complete and utter BS!


    Does anyone know where this place is that they are talking about?? It’s up in the [*******] arctic circle in the middle of nowhere!

    The price of food up there is 3-4 times what it is in a major metropolitan area and fuel is like double. The way its always been!

    The guy writing this article has NO clue.

    I’m starting to think these PM guru’s are writing the same way, to sell the doom & gloom porn even though prices were tanking just to sell PM’s.

  14. I’ve been laughing about this article since it came out. First off, to clarify, the OUT OF CONTROL prices are from Nunavut, way far north. Things are ALWAYS hideously expensive there. I said first thing that most americans would just assume that ALL canadians pay those prices, which absolutely couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Do we pay more? Absolutely. Have some of the prices gone up? Absolutely. Are they anything like what is reflected in this article? Not even close.

  15. More click bait by a web blog that is sliding into the ditch , these prices are from the far , far north , where everything including sun light must be trucked in . Sad to see a site like this turn into a check out news tablet .over the time I have been on here I have seen many good posters leave and I guess it just takes more BS  like this to get more out the exits

    • Yup. I’ve lived 1/2 my life in Canada and still suffer from sticker shock. But this is nonsense, and I am telling you so from Calgary. The large economy sized Tide is $19.95 and if you know where to go organic ripe bananas are $.40/lb. those pics are from the great white north, poor bastards. They’ve been paying like that for years.

      Today’s price at the pump, $.81/ liter.

      Casey’s newsletter carried the same fantastic story, makes one wonder…

  16. @Polarxena

    Sorry to see you’re still getting hosed on those gas prices…

    Here in Montana…just south of Leathbridge… We are currently paying $1.93 USD for gas/reg and $1.92/gal USD for D-2… With that exchange rate at $1.43 Can to $1 USD, do the math…nearly 10 cents per liter high on your side… We are paying 50 cents per gal in taxes here..it’s in the price noted above.

    My old way of really comparing things was to check the price of a REAL Hudson Bay Blanket, double bed size… the bleached white ones… Use to have one of the really old “brown/natural” ones from back in the 30’s… (Lived for a couple of years in Ft St John)..

  17. @slg

    yeah my thoughts exactly.These prices are extreme examples and have been sources from northern/geographically isolated communities.

    To convey to the reader the majority of Canadians are paying 32 bucks for a jug of Tide detergent is complete and utter sensationalized bullshit.

    I live in South Eastern Canada and I can assure readers the prices quoted are complete B.S if the writers intent is to imply these prices are nationwide.

    Sure there has been an escalation in the prices of some imported products most notably food products.




  18. it’s great the a few people have identified the misinformation being pushed our way.

    take note that it is pushed via SHTFPlan.com, as is a lot of other fear mongering crap.

    people need to watch where this stuff comes from, and see which sites can be considered trustworthy.

    and remember that the financial power of CIA, mossad, MI6, banksters, and all the top criminals around the world are so vast that they have infiltrated much of the alternate media too. one needs to be careful. but in fairness to some of the alternate media sites they just re-publish articles from a lot of different sources, however they should check the facts otherwise they lose credibility.

  19. The Loonie floats so it changes as the US dollar changes. The prices quoted are correct but only for the far North where Polar Bears roam. It costs a lot to ship fresh vegetables into the Northern regions. That is where the extra costs come from. Many year go (60 or more) when I lived in Northern Ontario, my Mother always planned her dinners around the availability of food and the cost thereof. So in the Winter for every fresh lettuce based salad we had , we ate 10 cabbage based ones. Did we suffer? If we did, we didn’t know it! You live based on the situation at the time. Sure it is wonderful today that fresh fruit and vegetables are available Summer or Winter but we can acclimatize ourselves to many different scenarios and have done so successfully in the past. Canadians are not suffering and we expect to get through this latest problematic situation with aplomb.

  20. Keep in mind this story is from a fellow with “Ready Nutrition” and SHTFplan. Both stand to benefit from this manner of story. This is not to say there is not a coming problem, or current problem, but again we see why this info may have been a bit hyped.


  21. @truthlives   Jim, all is pretty good here in the snowy highlands of the Sierras.  No one has dispatched the MRAP to haul me away (yet).   Business is good if I can get these freakin’ banks to fund my client loans.  Looking to buy more silver—I like these prices.  A BOB member and I are looking into a 31 ft Fleetwood Bounder motorhome as a bug out RTLV  One local ad has this model with 63,000 miles for $10,000   Watching the movie in the distance as that slo mo financial FUBAR unfolds to either another 4 years of ‘ Nothing to see here, more along’  Or some mushroom like cloud of bank and financial failures within this year, maybe before July.

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