ChinagoldsearchIn today’s modern world, there may not be a better gauge for overall public sentiment than Google search engine results.
With gold and silver nearing 2 years of bull market correction, gold and silver search terms and traffic in the US are roughly 40% of the levels seen in 2011.
In China however, google search trends for gold  are a completely different story

2013 Silver Eagles As Low As $2.59 Over Spot
2013 Silver Eagle


h/t Battle Beagle


US search traffic for gold price is approximately 40% of levels seen in 2011:



Meanwhile, 10 Year China Gold Price Search Trend reveals Chinese searches for gold price are at an all time high for the entire bull market:



US google searches for silver price languishing at 40% of level seen in early 2011:



Interestingly, this does not appear to be replicated by Chinese searches for silver price (recent drop to zero likely a data error)


Combine the google search data with recent Hong Kong gold import statistics, and it certainly appears that while Americans are busy cheering all time nominal market highs and dumping gold and gold shares, the Chinese are Stacking the Smack at a record pace.

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  1. Well hell the Chinese don’t know what we know, that the value of Silver is heading up more so than that of gold. When it reaches closer to  the 1 to 1 ratio then maybe I’ll buy some then just to deversify.  Until then, Silver for me. Lol

    • Actually, Charlie, they probably do know that.  Their problem is that they have MOUNTAINS of US dollars to rid themselves of and only so many things that are useful that they can buy with them.  Converting a few thousand dollars into PMs is one thing.  Any number of us here do that from time to time.  But try doing it with billions and billions of dollars.  Hot-cha!  Suddenly, it gets MUCH more difficult.  Heh, maybe one of these days, they will join forces with their Russian buddies and buy Alaska back?  Now THAT would require some serious bucks!

    • I’ve heard that before, the Chinese government has banned the silver ownership which is a reason why the Chinese don’t pay much attention to it. But recently in 2011 or in 2012 I think, the government has allowed again so the silver demand should go higher now.

  2. Just in 
    The Sequester Jester just approved $55,000,000 for new TSA uniforms.  $1,000 per TSA employee.  Rumor has it that the TSA will pay in silver;  30 ounces per set.  $1,000 for uniforms?  Of course! 
    They have that scosch more room in the butt and nut.  Epaulettes and Eaglets will be manufactured of the finest faux gold.  Peaked caps made with the best recycled plastic drinking bottles. 
    Hecho en Mexico.
    Reason for new uniforms?  
    The average TSA employee has gained 45 pounds in the last 3 years. 
    How is this relevant to the movement of gold and silver?
      It’s not. 
    This is just more of the Sequester Jester rearranging the decks on the Titanic:  Except for the wastage of tax payer money.  TSA;  the only federal agency that sets up its job fairs between the fat farm and  sheltered workshops.

    • Excellent video!  It is ironic that in this day and age the younger people–those who think independently and research their information over the Internet–seem to have a better grasp of the concept of money than the supposedly wiser and better-educated older folk.  Deception runs deep among those who have put their trust in the paper Dollar all of their lives…
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  3. Battle Beagle,
    Please feel free to use the systematic Google Trends reviews on gold and silver which I posted at a couple of weeks ago. I am a linguist and did local-language searches for many countries, comparing interest in gold and silver. The overall message is that interest in silver is growing relatively more quickly over the last 8 years. Anyway, feel free to use / copy the data.

  4. PS Battle Beagle,
    Please note that in many languages either “gold” or “silver” are synonyms for money, and character sequences are also problematic e.g. in Mandarin because they may not capture the essence of the English query. My French and Spanish results are probably contaminated by this effect and definitely show higher results for “buy silver” than one would expect. For the whole world, however, the picture is clear and using English a lot as you have done does capture a lot of data even in non-English speaking countries.

    • @Tyrannyofthepresent
      Thank you for your thoughts and I have added your website to my favorite list.

      “Please note that in many languages either “gold” or “silver” are synonyms for money, and character sequences are also problematic e.g. in Mandarin because they may not capture the essence of the English query.”

      That explains the divergence between the English and Mandarin results. Thanks!

      I appreciate your expertise very much!

    • I’ve checked with Google Translate to see that in Spanish, gold means “oro”, silver means “plata” and money means “dinero”. So if you used the words “oro” and “plata” for the Spanish results, then your results shouldn’t be contaminated. As for French, gold means “or”, silver means “argent” and money means “argent”. So, your french results sure must have been contaminated. The Spanish results are the only good results.

  5. Sheep remind of Schmoes, that creation of Al Capp in the cartoon Li’l Abner.  Every part of the Shmoe/Sheep is edible or usable.   The first tyrant to the land figured this out.  The people are sheeple and that is sad.  Too often they walk to untimely ends because they don’t realize that is in store for them.  Soylent Green is the logical conclusion to this.  North Korea is already there.

  6. 2 comments about the Google graphs.  First, it would be interesting see how many people are more interested in getting PM’s, ie “buy silver” and “buy gold.” And maybe for the heck of it “sell silver” and “sell gold” to track overall sentiment trends.
    Second, the search volume is based only on the history of that term(s.)  If 100% happens to be 10 people, we ain’t talking much here.  Getting volume in context such as silver searches as a percentage of all searches or even silver vs ‘dancing with stars schedule’ could be interesting.
    Ok, I guess there’s 3.  Keep in mind that Google is a political creature.  If they are told to fudge numbers I do not doubt they would.

  7. It’s not a really big surprise. In the USA, people are encouraged by the mainstream medias to sell their gold pieces. Meanwhile in China, the Chinese government is encouraging its people at owning physical gold pieces.

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