In the wake of the European melt-down in progress thanks to the botched Russian bank heist in Cyprus, the Fed will likely not to be able to afford the luxury of spewing any more MOPE propaganda about QE Fexit in today’s FOMC release (almost an afterthought with the events of the week thus far), but as is tradition here at SD, ahead of Bernanke’s public appearance-


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  1. A statement from
    them is scheduled to be released at 12:30 EST.  At 2:00 EST, the FOMC
    will release their projections for the economy
    and the federal funds rate and at 2:15 EST, Federal Reserve Chairman
    will hold a press conference. 


    The Fed Announced No QE3 Interest Rates Remain Unchanged. 

     They Extended Of Operation Twist Through The End Of Year buying 6-30, selling 3 years or less treasuries

  3. 16,300 contracts so-far on first silver knee-jerk down. Man—I thought they’d rally this a few minutes after the knee-jerk, but maybe I was right from yesterday that Operation Twist wouldn’t be enough to rally it. They want a drop in the markets so they can be COMPELLED to implement real QE programs.

  4. Gold and Silver are now taking a turn award. I actually taped Big Ben’s meeting today. He is being slammed at times and Schumer, who can be flaky at times. Pretty much told him to get to work on QE. Senator Toomer asked, him did he know about Libor rigging in 2008. Sure he did and yet he stated No!

  5. Senator Toomer asked, him did he know about Libor rigging in 2008. Sure he did and yet he stated No!”

    What a perfect time to ask, “You mean to say that Mr. Geithner knew all about this but withheld the information from you?”.
  6. I punted that idiot through 13 rounds and gor a final score of 6031 !!! 

    There were a couple punts where he actually caught fire on re-entry from outerspace.

    This is an awesome game…..probably not going to get anything done at work.

    The secret is to kick his punk ass at about a 42 – 47 degree angle and firmly plant the point of your boot up his ass.

    Anyway,,,,,thanks for the comic relief….very much needed.

    • His info are four months old by the way. Plus, he hasn’t been active for a long time so I think he left the SilverDoctors website. “Like always” isn’t always anymore lol!

  7. Damn got 1406. Need to try harder. Watch this space.
    Any chance of a Jamie Dimon version. Fucking smarmy cunt.

    Forgive me, I enjoy a few swear words every now and then, especially when preceded by the words Jamie Dimon, Jon Corzine, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Benanke etc etc. 🙂 

  8. As expected, we get the obligatory pre-speech smack-down. God! These people are SO predictable it’s getting downright boring. A good thing the only PM market participants are robots or blood would be splattered all over the trade-floor. ‘It does not compute … it does not compute’

  9. Aww, you guys are nuts.  Nobody can punt Bernanke.  I know that this is true because he is a well known “Bippy”.  For those who don’t know, a Bippy is 5 lbs. of BS in a 3 lb. bag.  One kick and it goes SPLAT! all over you.  😉

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